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Ananasi Aletrios (I)
Apprentice of Sombra
Created April 28, 1999
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Hometown Cillidellia
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2004
Followed Cordir


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

02/09/2002: A lithe form glides silently along with inhumanly fluid grace. Her skin is a rich brown, so dark as to be almost black, and contrasts dramatically with her brilliantly colored yet simple clothing - a tunic woven of the sun's dying rays, and loose pants of the light under the Maelmordian Seas in a summer's storm. Her dark hair is cropped very close to her head, emphasizing her pointed ears. She sees you looking at her, and bows slightly with grave courtesy. As you glance again at her tunic, enthralled with the changing hues, she smiles and says with a lilting Elvish accent, "My journeyman project for Lady Sombra. I hope to become a Master one day."
The last thing you notice about her is a tracery of faint silver lines down one side of her neck, disappearing down her back. Ananasi has a special twinkle in her eye.
Ananasi is in perfect health.

Ananasi is using:
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) a carved ring of ebon jade
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) (Woven) firelight and water
<worn around neck>  (Token magic) (Woven) midnight clouds and moonlight
<worn on head>      (Artifact magic) (Woven) patience and the silence of the desert
<worn on arms>      (Artifact magic) (Woven) undersea light and the scents of autumn
<worn with pride>   (Purple Aura) (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen
<worn with pride>   (Woven) the scent and feel of rain

Who Lists:

Elf [. . Ma:15 Ra:10. . ] Ananasi Aleitros mutters, 'Duck! Duck!'               06/21/1999
Elf [ Th:15 Ma:15 Ra:11 ] Ananasi Aleitros, journeying weaver [Fate]            08/11/1999
Elf [ Th:16 Ma:17 Ra:11 ] Ananasi Aleitros, journeying weaver [Fate]            08/23/1999
Elf [ Ra:25 Ma:25 Th:25 ] Ananasi Aleitros, She-Who-Dances-With-Monkeys [Fate]  06/02/2000
Elf [ Ma:26 Th:26 Ra:26 ] Ananasi Aleitros: O porci ignavissimi! [Fate]         08/12/2000
Elf [ Th:27 Ma:27 Ra:26 ] Ananasi Aleitros: O porci ignavissimi! [Fate]         12/28/2001
Elf [ Th:27 Ma:27 Ra:26 ] Ananasi Aleitros. Dark closet. No scorpion. Cordir    02/04/2002
Elf [ Ra:27 Ma:27 Th:27 ] Ananasi Aleitros. Dark closet. No scorpion. Fate      07/23/2002
Elf [ Ra:27 Ma:27 Th:27 ] Ananasi plays harmonic hieroglyphics [Fate]           07/27/2002
Elf [ Ra:27 Ma:27 Th:27 ] Ananasi plays the harmonica. [Fate]                   08/04/2002
Elf [ Ma:28 Ra:27 Th:27 ] Ananasi Aleitros juggles the Weasels of Fate.         09/08/2002
Elf [ Ra:28 Th:28 Ma:28 ] Ananasi Aleitros: Say "Moosey Fate!" [Taoiseach]      12/01/2002
Elf [ Ra:28 Th:28 Ma:28 ] Ananasi Aleitros: Say "Moosey Fate!" [Taoiseach]      01/12/2003
Elf [ Ra:28 Th:28 Ma:28 ] Ananasi Aleitros: Say "Moosey Fate!" [Taoiseach]      03/05/2003
Elf [ Th:29 Ma:29 Ra:28 ] Ananasi Aleitros of Fate                              05/26/2003
Elf [ Th:29 Ma:29 Ra:28 ] Ananasi Aleitros. The seamonkey has my money. Fate    06/18/2003
Elf [ Ra:29 Ma:29 Th:30 ] Ananasi Aleitros talks like a pirate every day.[Fate] 10/01/2003

Character History:

Ananasi Aleitros was apprenticed to Sombra at a very young age; Sombra noticed Ana had been hanging out around the looms on top of Cillidellia a lot anyway and seemed to be entranced by the whole light-weaving process, so she spoke to Ana's parents about it and took Ana as her ward when the child was 5 or so. Her tasks at first were pretty light, of course, but eventually she began to actually study the Weaving and was good enough at it that her journeyman project was finished when she was 16. She and Sombra decided that since essentially her whole life had been spent learning to Weave, it was time she took a break and discovered more of the world before beginning Mastery studies. So she went to Adventurer's School to learn the wandering arts, and naturally took to magic as well since it was so closely related to light-weaving - at least, the way she looks at just sort of look at the world as it is, and think about how you want it to be, and Weave things that most people think you can't weave... She has no siblings. She's always been a little set apart by her dark skin, unusual among non-Drow elves. The calm patience and solitude required for weaving have given her a reserve and gravity beyond her years, which often get her attention and respect greater than that ordinarily given a young journeyman. But she'll let her guard down and be funny with people she trusts, or when she thinks no one's looking. She has been known to quack softly to herself from time to time. She hasn't yet decided what she wants to do for a Masterwork, but isn't in any rush to get it done, figuring she'll see the world first. She's been spending a lot of time on the isolated island of Tier Sh'Halen, thinking about perhaps doing a tapestry to tell that story, someday.


  • Ananasi was a member of the Taoiseach - the Council of the Chosen of Fate.
  • Ananasi's nickname amongst the Chosen was the "Anananananananananasi monster," affectionately given to her by Palin D'henoke
  • Dalaran was named Rabhadh for his attack on Ananasi, as was Sparky.
  • Ananasi is specifically mentioned in the Names in The Sanctuary of Fate.
  • Ananasi took part in the Binding of the Tainted.
  • Ananasi is specifically mentioned in the journal of Garvax.
  • Ananasi showed up just to provide food for the reception, when Katrana and Rashiel were wed.
  • Ananasi assisted with Kennet's Quest.
  • Ananasi had a thing for weasels: Ananasi finds Cordir easily and ruffles her hair with a weasel.
  • Ananasi helped with the brainstorming and quest for Oook's restring, (Woven) songs of power and the Three Names.
  • Ananasi submitted an entry for the "What If" quests: What if Thaygar had gone Good?
  • Ananasi regularly kept the Chosen in stitches on Ftell: Ananasi ftells, '(ooc, new motto! Cordir: She's Like Oxygen)'.
  • Ananasi wrote restrings for herself and others, including: (Woven) Starlight and Incense, (Woven) patience and the silence of the desert, (Woven) moonlight and shards of ebon crystal.
  • Restrings Worn: <wielded> (Artifact magic) a small monkey

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

April 28, 1999: Ananasi is created.

July 24, 1999: Ananasi Ascends to effective 20th and joins the Chosen.

October 30, 1999: Cordir holds a Storytelling Contest in the Amphitheatre: the contestants are Ananasi and Talmud.

June 6, 2000: Ananasi reaches level 22 Thief and level 22 Mage.

January 28, 2000: Ananasi's security monkey wreaks havoc and runs amuck. Shortly thereafter, over 100 monkeys invade Lorna's office, making off with some of her belongings.

January 29, 2000: Ananasi reaches 22nd level Ranger, gaining a Train. (RN-22/TH-22/MA-22)

Febrary 26, 2000: Lorna ends her Worn With Pride contest. Ananasi of the Chosen of Fate is the winner, with honorable mentions to Nyx of the Chosen of Fate and Skeeve of the WarDancers.

April 1, 2000: Ananasi levels to mage 24th AND thief 24th. Her mage level gains her a train.

July 27, 2000: Ananasi levels, bringing her to Ra:26/Th:26/Ma:26.

July 28, 2000: Khore runs a contest: the first to bring him 5 fruits in a bag wins a chance to be teleported five times, and if they survive all five, they win a restring. Ananasi Aleitros of Fate survives the five teleports, and Khore offers double or nothing. After the ninth teleport, Khore grumbles that it hasn't been exciting enough (read, "Ananasi hasn't gotten killed"), and Ananasi makes the mistake of commenting, "Bring on the tenth, fangboy." Khore rifts her; thus, she loses the contest one short of two restrings. He decides to award her one restring for amusing him anyway.

August 11, 2000: Ananasi slays Captain Karn for MM41.

December 28, 2001: Ananasi of the Chosen of Fate returns to the Realm, restored by Tynian.

July 8, 2002: Ananasi of Fate levels to Ra:27\Ma:27\Th:27.

July 27, 2002: Abe levels to Th:20\Ra:26\Cl:26, and as his very first cant... Abe cants, 'I hear people talking. I need an exorcist.'.. To which Ananasi cants, 'Yes...yes, soon the voices will be telling you to paint yourself purple and streak Elemental'.

September 15, 2002: Tamar auctions a restring for the most entertaining bid, which is won by Ananasi.

September 29, 2002: Ananasi Aleitros ascends to Th:28\Ra:27\Ma:28 and gains a precious train so she can restore her Charisma to its highest possible level.

November 5, 2002: Ananasi Aleitros ascends to Ra:28\Th:28\Ma:28.

April 19, 2003: Ananasi reaches Ma:29 Th:28 Ra:28.

May 7, 2003: During the very early AM, a team CR was performed for Kylanea in the Vile Rule. Although no one could carry the entire corpse, Ihsahn, Pitt and Ananasi of Fate managed the retrieval.


Ananasi's Monkey (Co-Written between Cordir & Ananasi)

Short Description: a small monkey
Long Description: A small monkey looks at you curiously.

Look monkey: 
The monkey only comes up to your knee (and that's if he stretches).
He seems very interested in you - sniffing your knee, pawing boots,
leggings, cloak, and whatever else he can reach.  Just as you start
to wonder if he's up to something, a tall, dark elf appears. "There
you are!" Ananasi says.  "You wandered off again - stop that!  Take
your hands out of his pockets, monkey.  No stealing today."  With a
disappointed sigh, the monkey scrambles up to take his usual place,
perched on Ananasi's shoulder.  She patiently unwraps his tail from
around her head, and they go off to find another adventure.  If the
monkey gets his way, it will involve waving capes at bats.

Look keywords
Keywords: monkey
Extra Descs: Monkey Fez Squeezebox Tassel Beltpouch Pants Sign

Look pants:
No self respecting monkey would dash about in the nude, therefore
Ananasi had a pair of very nice soft cotton pants created for her 
pet monkey. They are neatly pressed and clean, and are striped in
a subtle pattern of many shades of gray upon black. That seems an
unusual choice for a monkey with a fez and squeezebox, but as you
shrug philosophically, the monkey winks at you audaciously.

Look pouch beltpouch:
Encircling the monkey's trim waist is a small black beltpouch
made of soft leather. It has a drawstring top, but is bulging 
outward with the quantities of peaches, kiwi and mangoes that 
have been hidden inside.  A few odd pieces of pale, perfectly 
square paper, perhaps for origami, also peep out of the pouch.

Look tassel:
The tassel is made of midnight threads, ornamented with bits 
of dark grass.

Look squeezebox:
Ananasi's monkey dropped this squeezebox when he got distracted. 
Lots of buttons and levers make you wonder how someone as easily
distracted or scared as a monkey could ever learn how to get any
music out of this thing.  There are pawprints all over it.

Look fez:
This fez looks like just the right size for a small monkey. It's
got a tassel on the top that swings just so - perfect for a tiny
monkey to play with when he's not distracted by something else.

Look sign:
A sign reading "Ananasi's monkey" has been dropped by the monkey.
The letters are a bit wobbly, as though the monkey wasn't holding
the sign very steady while Ananasi was trying to paint it for him.
There are also stick figures of the elf and the monkey, and a bat.
The monkey appears to be bravely waving a cape at the bat.