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Tel (I)
Lord of Passions
Lesser God
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Warrior
Last Seen November 25, 2009
Followed Splat
Areas Written Castle of Baron Marel
Immorted 1st AMB: April 1995
1st DEMI: May 1995
1st Lesser: February 1996
Following 1st:Passion
2nd:Order of the Golden Flame


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WHO Lists:

08/08/1996  Hum [    Lesser  God    ] Tel God of Passions, Protector of Good

Character History:

Tel's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Dedicating His entire life to vanquishing the spawn of night, Tel spent years rising to the immortal plane. Along his journey to immortality, Tel realized that His real Passions in life were destroying evil and helping those in need. His focus on these Passions is what propelled Him to the exalted rank of Paladin, His Passion, as well as His mighty God--Splat, are what made Him Great. Now Tel seeks to help mortals find their own Passions, thereby helping them to be the best they can.

The Tenents of the Passionate:

  • You must always seek the purity of goodness. Conversing with evils and neutrals is allowed but don't group with evils.
  • Help those who deserve it ... always and without question of personal gain.
  • Your following of Tel is a quest in itself. You are seeking your true passion in life, good luck.
  • If you find your passion (i.e. fighting evil, helping newbies, exploring, a person you love etc...), you must dedicate yourself to it fully and proclaim it to all.
  • Most importantly---Have fun!


  • As a mortal Paladin, Tel had 710 Hit Points (that's dual class, not triple, back in 2x when 400 was considered a sizable character). (For more:Tel chats with Gryphon about Paladin stats.)
  • Tel killed the Assassin solo for his final level, swinging triple Annihilates each round. While records are uncertain, this may be the first time the Midgaard Assassin was killed solo.

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