Room of Records

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This room contains the most permanent, on mud record of significant achievements throughout TFC's history. For many players, it is a defining moment to achieve mention.

Blowing off the dust, you can make out some writing:

                        TFC Plaque Directory
    Plaque1:  Tynian                   Plaque2:  IvoryTiger
    Plaque3:  Maurice                  Plaque4:  Madman
    Plaque5:  The Great Quest          Plaque6:  TFC Explorers
    Plaque7:  TFC Bravery Medal        Plaque8:  Grimdale's Gold
    Plaque9:  The Demon Debacle        Plaque10: The Executioner's Demise
    Plaque11: 36 Hours of Insanity     Plaque12: 1500 for a Practice Sword?
    Plaque13: Do you dare?             Plaque14: In Search of a Scooby Snack
    Plaque15: Ozymandius' Battle Royal Plaque16: Toonse's Epic Adventure
    Plaque17: Scavenger Masters        Plaque18: Syrinx's Honor
    Plaque19: Welverin's Quest         Plaque20: The Quest Master
    Plaque21: To the Testers           Plaque22: 1998 Scavenger Hunt
    Plaque23: Coins and Slayers        Plaque24: The Golem Wars
    Plaque25: The Kobold Movers Quest  Plaque26: Team PK Contest
    Plaque27: First level 40 Muggle    Plaque28: First Avatar Quest
    Plaque29: New Years 2006           Plaque30: Black Conclave of Nashite
    Plaque31: Call For Action          Plaque32: Freedom Quest of 2010
    Plaque33: Laborin' Quest of 2010   Plaque34: Heavy Hittin' Weekend 2010
    Plaque35: No Frills Labor          Plaque36: Zombie Quest 2011
    Plaque37: Could this be you?       Plaque38: Third Generation Player

Players Listed: