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Created 1996
Status Inactive
Retired 1997
Race (Wemic) Human
Classes Shaman
Followed Khore
Relatives Adopted sister to Deamhan


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

September 1996:
Well... whatever it is, you've never seen one, that's for sure.

She... yes... definitely she ... is covered in a short, tawny fur, dotted in a delicate leopard pattern. Her whiskers twitch above a black nose that quivers as it scans the air for your scent. Her tufted ears flick forward, catching the sound of your breathing, and she tilts her head to one side, gazing back at you with impossibly huge green eyes. A long tail lashes about her bare legs, expressing soundlessly her innocent curiosity and fascination with all things new and different.

What manner of creature IS she, you wonder, moving closer for a better look. As if your thoughts were loud enough for her to hear, she smiles shyly and whispers the answer. 'Wemic... Kindred.... Lena.'

Curious, gazing longer, you meet this strange creature's gaze and begin to see something in her eyes... something... something like the swirling of gray smoke over a pitch black sky... Somehow it comes to you - a revelation of the nature of what it is you see in those eyes - the Burden and Gift she bears, proudly, a sharing of the awesome responsibility her Lord Khore took on. Her Strength - Innocence. Her Burden - Stubbornness. Both borne, now as always, with all the honor, grace and dignity she can muster, along with the crushing responsibility to survive, to continue, and find a new homeland for her lost kin..

July 1996:
It's hard to tell just exactly what it is you're looking at... Positively humanoid... definitely female, but somehow more... short golden brown fur covers her body, with black spots in a lovely leopard pattern. Great green eyes gaze back and you from underneath impossibly long lashes.
Her body is clothed in tight bits of leather she has pieced together, which leaves little to the imagination, and her tail slashes back and forth through the air. You scratch your head, wondering what it is you see before you... When suddenly, a word pops into your mind... wemic.

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Sh: 9   ] Lena follows the trail of the Kindred Gatherers
Hum [ Sh: 10 ] Lena, Chyld of Ybarra, Kindred

Character History:


  • Despite a decision to retire and close the following, Khore retained some 'die-hard' Kindred, and accepted only one more: Lena.
  • Lena was a 'Gatherer' and 'Chyld of Ybarra,' which designated a Kindred Vampyric who would never engage in PvP combat of any kind.
  • Lena can be seen in The Brawl In The Hall log, chatting with the combattants.
  • Lena took Kalten to task for the behavior of his follower, after Cujo emoted that he 'peed' on the tiny shamaness. See A Foul Smelling Ivory Rose.
  • Lena was present for Khore's Interview with a Vampire.
  • Lena is one of the characters in the Remembrances, on Khore's page.
  • During a special Kindred Vampyric RP, Lena acknowledged her Strength (Innocence) and her Weakness (Stubbornness).
  • In BlissPoll 2000A, despite having been retired for three years, Lena received votes for Most Lovable Mortal.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

7/96 - Khore Semi-Retires, disbanding most of the Kindred. Lena joins the Kindred nonetheless.
9/25/01: Lena is recreated.

Player Information:

Lena was the second character created by User:Cordir. She was created expressly to join the Kindred Vampyric. She was based, in part, on a character played in a LARP called the IFGS.