Lanfear Daermon N'a'shezbaernon

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aka Lanny
Status Inactive
Race (Drow) Elf
Classes Mage
Followed Molo
Partner Dracos
Lanfear, Wyld Sorceress

Current Description:

Written by Cordir - November 19, 2001
Before you stands a woman dressed in white silk. Her fine robe with long sleeves cannot hide her slender figure. Silver brocade circles the cuffs, runs around her neck and down the front, woven silver belts her narrow waist. She is without a doubt the most beautiful Drow woman you have ever seen, with dark, smooth skin and long silver hair.
As she notices you staring at her, she looks at you with unflinching eyes. Her thoughtful gaze finally locks with yours. Eyes like dark, mountain pools, seem to read your deepest, most secret thoughts. A small, knowing smile curves her lips as she moves a bit closer to you. Though she moves with the grace of a dancer, her moves strike you as measured, precise and guarded.

Written by Cordir - October 7, 2003:

The stunningly beautiful Drow woman before you has the deadly and almost
hypnotic grace of a succubus, a black widow spinning her web, or a black
panther on the prowl through midnight forests. Her figure is slender and
lithe, but with the full curves that have tormented many a night's dream.

Her silvery hair cascades down her back, drawing the viewer's eye to her
slender waist and perfectly formed derriere. Garbed in a silken gown the
same shining color as her hair, she is a picture of unearthly loveliness.

Her eyes turn from the heavens, where she was heeding the Weaver's voice,
and meet yours. Staggering under the impact, you fall headlong into dark
pools of inky blackness that surely are deadly enough to drown in... but
what a sweet death it would be.  A small, secretive smile flashes across
her full crimson lips, and she takes one flowing, sliding step closer to
you.  One hand reaches out slightly, as if to touch, and you cannot help
but shudder, whether in longing or fear, you cannot tell.
Lanfear is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Lanfear leads a charmed life.
<used as light>     (Moderate magic) (Glowing) The Blessing of the Three         [gmGG|ac(-2) svs(-2) svb(-2) ]
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (woven) succubi dreams and sleepless nights [AGAEGG|2-1 hr(6) dmg(5) ]
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) (surging) Wyld magic, eager for release     [mAEGG|AC 0 hr(7) dmg(6) ]
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) (Glowing) a broach of life                  [gmb|AC 2 hp(50) ]
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) (Glowing Red) a pair of tiny fang marks     [|AC 3 ma(10) dex(5) ]
<worn on body>      (Potent magic) the bind to a vampire                         [emNR|AC 6 dmg(5) ]
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a fur hat                                   [|AC 3 dmg(3) hp(15) ]
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of heavy cloth commoner's pants      [m|AC 5 da(4) ]
<worn on feet>      (Potent magic) a pair of studded leather boots               [m|AC 6 ac(-5) dmg(3) ]
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) (Branded) The Sacred Glyphs of House DN     [|AC 3 da(4) dmg(2) ]
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of animal hide sleeves               [m|AC 3 dmg(3) ]
<worn about body>   (Potent magic) a quilted cloth mantle                        [m|AC 5 str(5) chr(2) ]
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a belt of woven dusk and twilight           [m|AC 2 hr(1) dmg(3) ]
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the dazzling citrine bracelet               [m|AC 0 svs(-2) svs(-3) ]
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the antique chalcedony bracelet             [m|AC 0 da(2) dmg(3) ]
<wielded>           (Emanating light) Dawn, Submission of the Dark               [ND|4-13 luc(-1) ]
<wielded off-hand>  (Absorbing light) Dusk, Withdrawal of the Light              [AGGG|4-15 ]
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Crest of the Dragon Riders    [m|svb(-3) ]
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Glowing) a painful-looking piercing        [m|svb(-3) ]

Score:March 7, 2003

You are Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic. *Fate/Mordith*
1296 years old (2568 hours), created Tue Apr 10 01 05:27:47.
(Ivyn the 9th, The Great Harvest, year 2465, 5am.)
You live in Loth Llorien and your race is Elf.
You are a level 29 Ordained, level 30 Mage, level 30 Ranger.
You worship Cordir, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have 544/544 hit, 439/439 mana, 616/673 movement, 109 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 34/38 items with weight 498/575 kg.
Str:  MAX. Int:  MAX. Wis:  MAX. Dex:  MAX. Con:  MAX. Chr:  MAX. Luc: AAVG. 
In increasing order: LOW BAVG AVG AAVG HIGH MAX.
MAX stats and luck are untrainable.
You are fairly lucky. 
You have scored 763063 exp (2090153 total), and have 53617 gold coins.
You need 50 exp for level 30.
Autoexit: yes.  Autogold: yes.  Autoloot: no.  Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 160 hit points.
You are standing.
You are slightly armored.
You are Lawful Neutral.
You are a reprisalist.
The linkdead combat command is set to: 
<ftell HELP... LD>.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'bless'.
Spell: 'bless'.
Spell: 'detect invis'.
Spell: 'improved invis'.
Spell: 'stone skin'.
Spell: 'armor'.
Spell: 'detect magic'.

WHO List:

Elf [    Ra:14 Ma:15    ] Lanfear.  *Chosen* *Fate* *Dracos*                       July 12, 2001
Elf [    Ma:17 Ra:15    ] Lanfear, Fated Taoiseach Mystic *dracos*                 August 20, 2001
Elf [    Ra:19 Ma:21    ] Lanfear, Fated Taoiseach Mystic *dracos*                 September 11, 2001
Elf [    Ra:23 Ma:25    ] Lanfear, Chosen Lady of the Dragon         *Fate*        October 10, 2001
Elf [    Ra:24 Ma:25    ] Lanfear awaits the return of her Lady *FATE* *CHOSEN*    October 24, 2001 (6)
Elf [    Ma:25 Ra:25    ] Lanfear, Daughter of the Night   *Fate* *EBG*            November 16, 2001
Elf [    Ma:26 Ra:27    ] Lanfear, Daughter of the Night *Fate*EBG*Cordir*         December 18, 2001
Elf [    Ra:30 Ma:27    ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.   *FATE*              February 19, 2002
Elf [    Ma:28 Ra:30    ] Lanfear, the Demon-Queen of Fate                         March 19, 2002
Elf [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Cordir*      April 25, 2002
Elf [    Wyld Dancer    ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Cordir*      May 4, 2002
Elf [  Wench:31 Brat:31 ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Cordir*      June 9, 2002 (1)
Elf [   Wyld Smutress   ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Blade*       July 3, 2002 (2)
Elf [    Circe Reborn   ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Blade*       July 6, 2002 
Elf [  Wyld Seductress  ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Blade*       July 11, 2002
Elf [     Ebon Wyld     ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Blade*       August 13, 2002 
Elf [   ..Emptiness..   ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Blade*       August 13, 2002 (3)     
Elf [  Shadow and Void  ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Blade*       August 13, 2002
Elf [        Void       ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Blade*       August 13, 2002
Elf [  ..nothingness..  ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.  *Fate* *Blade*       August 13, 2002
Elf [  Wyld Enchantress ] Lanfear.                        chosen/fate              August 15, 2002
Elf [  (Killer)(Thief)  ] Lanfear.                        chosen/fate              August 20, 2002
Elf [  (KILLER) (WENCH) ] Lanfear.                        chosen/fate              August 20, 2002
Elf [  Wyld Enchantress ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.                       December 11, 2002
Elf [  Wicked Sorceress ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.       *Fate*          April 11, 2003
Elf [   Caillagh Dhan   ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.       *Fate*          April 17, 2003 (4)
Elf [ Grander Sorceress ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.    *Fate* [OFC]       June 26, 2003 (5) 
Elf [     Ebon Witch    ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.    *Fate* [OFC]       July 4, 2003
Elf [ Weaver's Wyldling ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic. *Fate* [OFC]          September 3, 2003
Elf [  Ebon Seductress  ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic. *Fate* [OFC]          November 28, 2003

(1) Because Lanny goes to 31.
(2) The day Fate scared Myronides off Ftell, due to smut.
(3) She was sad, that day, as she had told Vex he could not be her Warder any longer, so he could focus on his new fiancee, Bliss.
(4) Means "Witch of Fate"
(5) In response to: Elf [ Grand Sorceress ] Zip
(6) During the span of time that Cordir was suspended from play and retired.

Character History:

(written for entry in the Chosen of Fate.)
You hear a sound behind you, and as you turn towards it, you see an elven woman step out of a hole in thin air as it closes up behind her. She looks around cautiously, taking in her surroundings. Then she looks at you and says "I was hoping to find You here, Lady of Fate". With a flick of her wrists, her snake whips curl up. She drops to one knee and extends the handles of her whips towards you. "I am Lanfear, and this day, I would like to pledge my life to You ....if You will have me". She pauses and looks up at You, waiting for some reaction. Seeing none, she gets up and continues. "You must be wondering who I am."

Lanfear frowns and absently brings her hand to her forehead. "My history is a long and painful story for me to tell, but I will tell you what I recall. Long ago, I was born in a Drow city far beneath the surface. I think even it's existence is forgotten for ages now. I was named Lanfear, which means "Daughter of the Night" in the old Drow tongue. I do not know who my father was, but in my House, the father was of no importance anyhow. My mother was the Ilharess, or Matron of House Faen Tlabbar, one of the ruling houses in the city. Since birth, I was raised to one-day follow in my mother's footsteps. All members of House Faen Tlabbar were devoted to Lolth, the Sealer of Souls, as were most of the Houses in the city. That is why I was being taught the ways of the Weaver.but my teachings came to an abrupt ending."

Lanfear clears her throat and swallows. "I am not really sure why and how it happened, since I was still a young girl, but one night, the world around me just went mad. Our House was under attack by at least three other houses. Before I was pulled away from the window I saw huge blasts of fire pounding holes in the walls around the compound. Thousands of warriors came thundering towards the gates, shouting battle cries. I was brought to my mother who sat in her throne, as regal as always. She told me I need not be afraid for things to come, but I could see the fear in her eyes. As the sound of battle grew closer and closer, my mother looked at me, forced a smile, and started praying to the Weaver. She made a gesture and suddenly my surroundings changed"

You look into Lanfear's dark eyes, which shine with unshed tears. She notices you looking at her and she hides her face. "I was alone, afraid and didn't know what to do. I seemed to be in some sort of temple. Suddenly, an image of a twisted face appeared in front of me and I heard thousands of sinister voices saying all at once; "welcome young Lanfear. I have waited many Cycles for the Blood that is shed today. On this day, the Weaver shall fall, and thus, so will the Triat."

Lanfear shivers uncontrollably, but continues her story. "Ah, but before you will die by my hand, I want you to know, your mother just died screaming, calling for her false god, Alak-Nacha" A wicked grin appeared on the distorted face, but as soon as it came, the grin disappeared and it looked startled all of a sudden. The voices thundered; "NO, not now!.why today!!..He can't recite it now! Not now!." Then the world seem to shrink and the twisted face grew uncountable tentacles that reached for anything that would keep the Adversary in this realm, including me. Some of the tentacles took hold of me and they pulled me along into the nothingness as the Adversary screamed the most foul things about a man called Nash. In the nothingness -there is not better word to describe that place- I was imprisoned, along with the Adversary. For reasons unknown to me, I could brush the pattern. I ..a thousand lives. I think I was somehow still linked to the Adversary, or maybe I was somehow just very close to the center of the pattern."

Lanfear shrugs, and seems to think. "Wait, let me show you."

Lanfear closes her eyes and whispers a few words as a part of the web behind her vibrates and forms a mirror. The strands turn dark and all of a sudden you see a young male elf donning a gold dragonscale on his armor, gleaming with pride. The elven boy's life flashes before your eyes.Then darkness comes...blink.

  • With a dark look the cleric touches his ebon sigil snarls and attacks while shouting 'for the Wyrm!!!" His life spins past..Then the darkness comes..blink.
  • A beautiful woman stands in her temple absently stroking a rod of learning that hangs from her belt. Again, events in the woman's life seem to go faster and faster until the darkness comes ..blink
  • The warrior woman snickers as she beams a smile at her God. She can't stop giggling about the pun just told and taps her mark of mirth while doing her best to get out of a very relaxing couch.. battles.loves.death.darkness..blink.
  • The idiot cackles and attacks, smearing his opponents blood on a panther's .death..darkness.blink
  • A small halfling thief yells "kalten!" and hides in the shadows..darkness.blink.

Lanfear releases the web and wipes the pearls of sweat from her forehead. "I don't know how long I have been in that place between life and death, for time simply did not exist there. I am the same young woman the stood cowering in that evil place of worship, but with so much more experience. What I learned from all those lives is, that no matter whom all those people worshipped, willingly or unwillingly they served the Triat. In the end, all are Wyld, Wyrm or Weaver. I have been all three countless times, while living other people's lives without those people knowing I was touching their thread. Since I am no longer bound in the nothingness, the prison that holds the Adversary is weakening and any time soon, He will break free from the prison and He will be able to touch this Universe again."

Lanfear shudders and paces along the web, her hand idly tracing one of the threads. "We must be ready for Him once the Adversary is free again!!" Lanfear seems to realize she is shouting and starts to blush. She continues in a hushed voice. "Once I was freed from my prison, the first thing I did was look for any signs of the man called Nash, since He was the One who saved me from certain death at the 'hand' of the Adversary. Everyone I spoke to, spat at the name Nash. Everyone, until I met Silonch and Katrana. They both worshipped a deity in favor of Lord Nash. I talked to them about their deity and decided to join their ranks to await the return of the Adversary and do battle against His forces. At first I did not notice anything wrong in the Black Conclave, because I was so busy with becoming more powerful so that I could better protect and preserve the Pattern from the destructive plans of the Adversary. But slowly it dawned on me that the Conclave was tainted by something very wicked. Fear gripped my heart, as I finally understood what was amiss. I thought the Black Conclave were Wyldlings, who spread chaos in the name of the Lich, but in the end still serving the Seeker of Filth and thus the Triat. But the more I heard their whispers among one another, the more I came to understand they slowly but steadily destroyed the pattern. Threads removed by the Wyld are rewoven into the pattern eventually, thus keeping the web well balanced. The threads destroyed by my Brothers and Sisters in the Black Conclave were ripped from the web and often were not replaced. Many Spirits left the Realm forever because of Conclave actions. Even prayers to the Lich could not take my fears away: The Adversary already touched the Realm and many Conclave members are His servants. I was shocked at the boldness of the Adversary to have his prison slowly weakened by people who thought they were serving the man who had put Him there; Lord Nash. I immediately left the Black Conclave, and now I wish to join You."

Lanfear suddenly stops near the western archway, her hand still tracing along the web. You notice she is looking at the unnatural form in the web. Her hand reaches for the sling-like shape to untangle it and restore the web.

You say, "don't" and Lanfear's hand freezes inches from the hammock.

Lanfear says, "sorry Lady of Fate, I only want to preserve the Web, as I was learned Epochs ago from my mother and her priestesses.I know I have still much to learn about tending the web. I was hoping You could teach me. I have met all the requirements that were asked of me. I have explored many cities and brought back something from every city as was required. I have helped many new adventurers with information, equipment and spells. Noctus, Your Guardian of Fate has volunteered to stand beside me if You deem me fit to be one of the Chosen"

Selecting three Geasa did not take me long.

The First and most important is that I will never use a spell that produces any kind of fire. Since I see it as my task to preserve and tend the Patterning of the Tapestry, I cannot risk harming the Web in any way. Since any Fire Spell can easily harm threads of the Web, I will refrain from using them.

My Second Geasa is that I will group with other people as much as I can. This will allow me to gain knowledge and also allows me to spread the things I know more easily. During my time in the Conclave I often lacked help from anyone, and there was no one to group with. These were two vital things I really missed.

Therefore the Third Geasa I will bond myself to, is to aid all who do not support the Adversary. I will use all my abilities to help others for at least one Moon upon entering and when I must depart from the Realm, and at least one Moon every 2 Years, or 26 Moons."

Lanfear breathes deep and stands tall. With a stroke of her hand she combs her long silver braid from her shoulder to her back, revealing a small ferret you didn't notice before on the exposed shoulder. The ferret looks around and chatters at a weasel that darts across the floor.

The ferret climbs down, jumps the last two feet to the temple floor and starts chasing the weasel in friendly play.

As You raise your eyebrow Lanfear chuckles and says, "Meet my familiar Velkyn. Her name means 'hidden' or 'invisible' in the old Drow tongue. You can see why. Velkyn and I stand ready to face the dangers of N'Kai if You wish it..All I wish is to serve and obey You, Lady Cordir.and to stand ready for the day the Adversary breaks free.."


  • Lanfear once paid off a 'soul debt' to Khore by giving him a lapdance.
  • Lanfear was Ordained without any warning whatsoever.
  • Lanfear was the inspiration for the Chosen of Fate Avatar, Lanae.
  • Lanfear is specifically mentioned in the temple of [[Katrana], Within A Grand Hunting Lodge.

Practice List

> prac
             absorb    (excellent)            acid blast       (superb)  
              alarm   (impressive)                 armor       (superb)  
              bless       (superb)             blindness    (very good)  
      burning hands     (moderate)       chain lightning         (good)  
       charm person         (good)           chill touch       (superb)  
       colour spray   (impressive)            comprehend       (superb)  
    continual light       (superb)           create food       (expert)  
      create spring   (impressive)          create water       (superb)  
     cure blindness    (very good)         cure critical       (superb)  
         cure light       (expert)              deafness       (superb)  
           darkness   (impressive)        detect disease    (excellent)  
       detect invis       (superb)          detect magic       (superb)  
       dispel magic       (superb)        enchant weapon    (very good)  
         faerie fog   (impressive)              fireball  (not learned)  
                fly       (superb)              identify       (superb)  
           immunity       (expert)     improved identify       (superb)  
     improved invis       (superb)           infravision         (fair)  
              invis       (superb)                  jump       (superb)  
     lightning bolt       (superb)         locate object       (superb)  
      magic missile       (superb)            mass invis    (very good)  
       meteor swarm         (good)             pass door       (superb)  
             portal       (superb)               refresh    (excellent)  
       remove curse   (impressive)           remove fear     (moderate)  
           sanctify         (good)                shield       (superb)  
     shocking grasp       (superb)               silence    (very good)  
              sleep       (expert)            stone skin       (superb)  
           strength       (superb)              sunlight   (impressive)  
             survey   (impressive)              teleport   (impressive)  
            tongues    (excellent)           true seeing   (impressive)  
            turning    (excellent)         ventriloquate       (superb)  
             weaken       (superb)           wizard mark       (superb)  
        waterbreath   (impressive)                 blynd       (superb)  
            butcher       (superb)                charge       (superb)  
             disarm       (superb)                 dodge       (superb)  
             engage   (impressive)                  hide       (superb)  
            imprint    (very good)                  kick       (superb)  
              parry       (superb)                rescue    (excellent)  
           retrieve         (good)         second attack       (expert)  
              sneak    (excellent)            sphere use   (impressive)  
       third attack       (expert)              tracking       (expert)  
             common       (expert)               dwarven       (expert)  
              elven       (expert)               gnomish       (superb)  
           halfling       (superb)             aarakocra       (superb)  
              giant       (superb)              minotaur       (superb)  
               ogre       (superb)                thoras       (superb)  
             kobold       (superb)                goblin       (superb)  
               drow       (superb)                   orc       (superb)  
              troll       (superb)                  info       (superb)  
You have 113 practice sessions left.

Memorization List:

You have the following memorized:

     attunement( 61)      (superb)          bear totem( 56)    (moderate)    
      blindness(  1)  (impressive)          boar totem( 51)     (average)    
  burning hands( 62)    (moderate)      call lightning( 66)  (impressive)    
 cause critical( 56)        (good)         cause light( 62)     (average)    
  cause serious( 66)     (average)    cloak of protection( 38)   (very good)    
   colour spray( 43)  (impressive)          comprehend(  1)      (expert)    
      confusion( 37)   (very good)      cure blindness( 23)      (expert)    
  cure deafness( 20)      (expert)        cure disease( 15)      (expert)    
     cure light( 62)      (expert)           cure mute( 52)        (good)    
    cure poison( 13)      (expert)        cure serious( 86)     (average)    
    detect evil( 47)        (fair)         detect good( 58)     (average)    
  detect hidden(  4)      (expert)         dispel evil( 37)   (excellent)    
    dispel good( 54)     (average)        energy drain( 46)        (good)    
    faerie fire( 15)      (expert)                harm( 62)        (fair)    
           heal( 68)      (expert)            immunity( 17)      (expert)    
       make bag( 40)      (superb)                mute( 40)      (superb)    
     naturalize( 18)  (impressive)           owl totem( 64)        (fair)    
 pass w/o trace( 45)      (expert)              poison( 24)      (expert)    
protection evil( 46)        (good)     protection good( 51)        (good)    
   remove curse( 52)  (impressive)         remove fear( 53)    (moderate)    
           rift( 49)      (expert)              sanity( 52)      (expert)    
          sleep( 21)      (expert)              summon( 15)      (expert)    
       teleport(  1)      (expert)             tongues(  1)      (expert)    
  unicorn totem( 56)     (average)        weasel totem( 69)    (moderate)    
 word of recall( 35)      (expert)                echo( 15)     (average)    
    hushed cast( 20)        (good)           inversion( 10)     (average)    
    permutation( 11)     (average)    reaffix engagement(  8)        (fair)    
     reflection( 22)     (average)    

(Every memorized spell at level 30 or higher (like hushed cast at level 36), except confusion (unknown.. probably level 9), inversion (lvl 22) and reaffix (lvl 20) )

Player Provided Information:

Having Lanfear as a follower was one of the joys of being an FLI. While she was a bit laisse fair about my rules governing interactions with Anathema sometimes, she understood that she held the honor of the Chosen in her hands when she served as Ordained. She did a very good job, and the day she left TFC, I wept at the loss of a friend.

Tranquility ftells, 'And Solaron says he wears mega saves now *because* of Lanny'. Heh. Didn't like her lovey acid baths, I am guessing. Pity. *smiles sweetly*'.


(Branded) The Sacred Glyphs of House DN

exa sacred:
Holy runes of an ancient drow house await their owner.
You see the following faint symbols: [|AC 3 da(4) dmg(2) ]

>l glyphs:
Burned into the hands of one drow noble, these glyphs offer protection to,
and hurt those who mean harm to the wearer. The brand depicts the insignia
of House Daermon N'a'shezbaernon, the ancient and formal name of the House
that is now known as House Do'Urden. It has the shape of a spider wielding
various devastating weapons in each of its eight legs.

l spider
On both hands, the eight legs of the branded spiders seem to move
with blinding speed. The abdomen of the spider on the right hand
is emblazoned with the words "House DN", while the left abdomen
reads "Lanfear, malla faern lueth sargtlin! (honored magician and warrior!)

(Emanating light) Dawn, Submission of the Dark

>Exa Dawn:
The nemesis of evil lies here, radiating bright light!

>l Dawn:
You take the white hilt in your hand and instantly you feel at rest, your
soul cleansed from all worries that keep you awake at night. As you draw
the blade from its scabbard, it makes a distinct, ringing sound. The
moment its is drawn completely out, the blade starts shining like the
dawning sun and you close your eyes to protect them from the bright light.
With your eyes closed you fumble the blade back in its scabbard.
You don't need another look....
it's immage is firmly imprinted on your retina.

(Absorbing light) Dusk, Withdrawal of the Light

>exa dusk
You see the following faint symbols: [AG|4-15 ]

l Dusk
You grab the inky black hilt and pain jolts up through your hand as you feel
a shadow falling over your soul. You grit your teeth and draw the blade a
few inches out of it's scabbard. Whispers...ever so soft... promising glory...
wanting blood... fill your head. The blade seems to make a soft wailing sound.
You feel Hatred build as you draw the blade completely out.. the wail ending
in a deafening shriek. The moment the blade is freed from it's casing your
surroundings darken, as if the blade is sucking the light and life around
you. You.. op the other hand.. have never felt more alive! Vissions of
power and battles won cloud your mind. With the last of your willpower and
all the fury you feel inside, you slam the blade back in its scabbard!
The whispers in your head fade away, promising death.. your death!..if you
don't draw the blade out now!
That was close... you almost lost it there.

(Glowing) (Humming) a rift in the Pattern

>exa rift
Here, an ebon darkness forms a rift in normal Pattern of things.
When you look inside, you see:
You see the following faint symbols: [hmNDGG|]

<547hp(547) 405ma(442) 678mv(50824) 166510gp >
You open a rift in the Pattern.

<547hp(547) 405ma(442) 678mv(50824) 166510gp >
Lanfear steps through the rift in the Pattern.

<547hp(547) 405ma(442) 678mv(50824) 166510gp >
You make the gesture necessary to invoke your spell.
Your vision dims to black. When it returns, your surroundings are different.

<547hp(547) 370ma(442) 678mv(50824) 166510gp >
You close a rift in the Pattern

ebon black, back-seamed gartered stockings

>exa stockings
These stockings of a deep ebon hue have a back seam for an extra wicked touch.
You see the following faint symbols: [GG|AC 11 hr(5) ]

(Glowing) The Blessing of the Three

>exa blessing
Multi-hued radiance surrounds the one with the Triat's blessing.
You see the following faint symbols: [gmGG|ac(-2) svs(-2) svb(-2) ]

l blessing:
Crackling with energy, this blessed light pulses with the forces that bind
the universe. It flows smoothly from one color into another, and seems to
include every hue of the spectrum. No matter how long you examine it, you
cannot discern a pattern within its fluid shifts, yet a voice within tells
you that there is.. a weaving beyond mortal comprehension, in which all is
one, and the infinate becomes incarnate.

(woven) succubi dreams and sleepless nights

>exa dreams
Flashes of starlight and wicked dreams stir the night sky here.
You see the following faint symbols: [AGAEGG|2-1 hr(6) dmg(5) ]

>l dreams
The night stirs with a hint of graceful movement, a subtle gliding
step as she approaches. The soft flow of hair brushes against you
like silk, tormenting in its sensuality. Images flash across your
minds eye: entwining forms, the glimpse of delectable curves, open
lips, teasing tongue... all illuminated by the glow of starlight.

(surging) Wyld magic, eager for release

>exa arcana
Summoned by a mistress of sorcery, Wyld magics surge and build at her command.
You see the following faint symbols: [mAEGG|AC 0 hr(7) dmg(6) ]

>l keywords
Name: Wyld Arcana
Extras: Wyld Magic Surging

Crafted with love and affection for Lanfear, at 10am on Jawiliea the
20th, the month of Reconciliation, in the year 2612 (09/08/03) by C.

>l 'magic' 'wyld' 'surging'
In constant flow like a miniature hurricane, this force cannot be easily
defined. Within it, you see the shifting colors of fall, the icy blue of
water, the gentle tones of spring, the blaze of flames running unchecked,
the glory of summer, the rich hues of earth, winter's icy grasp, and the
capricious, unpredictable shift of air. This is the Wyld Magic, which an
Adept alone of both Sorcery and the Triat Faith has any hope to mold: It
cannot be controlled, any more than the rising of the sun and moon - But
those who have an innate understanding of it can guide it, almost like a
torrent of a river at high flood is channeled by its banks. Do YOU dare
to wield it?

(Glowing Red) a pair of tiny fang marks

<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) (Glowing Red) a pair of tiny fang marks
>exa marks
Khore has left these fang marks on one of his favored.
You see the following faint symbols: [|AC 4 dex(5) ma(10) ]

the bind to a vampire

<worn on body> (Potent magic) the bind to a vampire
>exa bind
This bind, once assumed, can never be removed.
You see the following faint symbols: [emNR|AC 6 dmg(5) ]

a belt of woven dusk and twilight

>exa belt
A strange belt of undulating purples and blacks flows here.
You see the following faint symbols: [m|AC 3 dmg(3) ]

(Glowing) a painful-looking piercing

>exa piercing
Sharp pokey things... blood... ouch! This piercing looks painful.
You see the following faint symbols: [gmGG|mrk(26) svb(-3) ]

Personal Timeline:

6/25/01: Lanfear joins the Chosen of Fate. <LOG>
07/29/01: Lanfear shares a tale.
09/17/01: Lanfear is PK'd by Kain under what some feel are fishy circumstances. Kain posts a note on the topic. <LOG>
09/26/01: Lanfear reaches Ra:21\Ma:25
09/28/01: Lanfear reaches Ra:22\Ma:25.
10/18/01: Lanfear reaches Ra:24\Ma:25.
11/06/01: Lanfear mobdies 5 times, then has two bad portals and a bad recall. Her corpse is recovered with the aid of Charles.
12/04/01: Lanfear rejoins the Chosen of Fate
12/06/01: Lanfear reaches ranger level 26
12/10/01: Lanfear levels to Ma:26\Ra:27

01/16/02: Lanfear levels to Ra:28\Ma:27
03/11/02: Lanfear slays a monk for MM#44 and later tries to buy An Empty Foundation during an auction. (Details unclear)
03/14/02: Lanfear levels to Ma:28\Ra:30 and kills Ruftus the Librarian for MM#45.
03/16/02: Lanfear charms :::all::: the Elven Defenders of Loth Llorien, and brings them to the Chosen Temple.
03/24/02: Lanfear reaches Ma:29 Ra:30.
03/25/02: Lanfear kills Bregin for MM#52 and MM#53
03/29/02: Cordir posts a note that Lanfear is being punished for misdeeds. <LOG>
03/30/02: In a underhanded attempt to further Lanfear's Punishment, Lins and Kaern portal her out of the guild. Kaern later profusely apologizes, while Lins reports Lanfear for leaving the Guild to Cordir, without providing the slight detail that he was the cause and means.
04/05/02: Lanfear gossips (in common), 'I know why the Innkeeper in LL is such a moody guy'. 'Nevyn drops by EVERY - SINGLE - DAY.. telling him he is a viking'.
04/23/02: Lanfear kills the amethyst dragon for 1439 exp and MM#54, then later levels to Ma:30\Ra:30 at the beginning of the last Tuesday night Fateful Hour. <LOG>
05/03/02: Much to her shock, Lanfear is Ordained by Cordir. <LOG>
05/08/02: Lanfear works hard on Ascensions and Mob Mastery quests, reaching level three Ordained, as well as MM#57 - Lt. Oukri (1074 exp) #MM58 - The Guildmaster (1028 exp), MM59 - Unwro (1028 exp), but MM#60 she failed....
05/15/02: Lanfear completes MM#60 - Fennoch, #61 - a giant squid, and #62 - the guildmaster, and levels to Ordained 4th.
05/24/02: Lanfear kills a racoon for MM#63 and a huge mithril golem for #64.
05/28/02: Lanfear applies to become a Blade of Fate.
05/31/02: Lanfear reaches level 7 Ordained.
06/03/02: Lanfear kills a Drow Officer for MM#66.
06/04/02: Lanfear slays Fitzwalter for MM#67 and 1637 exp. Shortly thereafter, she kills the Midgaard armorer for Ordained level 8, and survives an encounter with the Tempest while trying to do a CR.
06/05/02: Lanfear, Sabella, and Emaleth have a lovely long visit in the Baths. <LOG> At the end of which, some strange things happen with mushrooms... <LOG>
06/27/02: Lanfear levels twice to reach Ordained 11th.
06/28/02: Lanfear of Fate levels to 12th Ordained.
07/02/02: Lanfear reaches level 13 Ordained.
07/03/02: Cordir gets a little silly with Lanfear's Classtitle. Elf [ Wyld Smutress ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic. *Fate* *Blade*.
07/05/02: Lanfear reaches Ordained level 14.
07/16/02: Lanfear levels to Ordained 15th, and Vex levels to Ordained 19th as the two kill Slue together.Lanfear kills a Drow Soldier for MM#68.
07/18/02: Lanfear works on her Mob Mastery skills, including #69 - Frisnor, #70 - Thomas, and Levels to Ordained 16th!
08/21/02: Lanfear ascends to Ordained level 17.
08/23/02: Lanfear of Fate levels to Ordained 18th.
08/28/02: Lanfear ascends to Ordained level 19, and slays a centaur bow maker for MM#71 and 2186 exp.
08/29/02: Lanfear of Fate does oodles of Mob Mastery quests, including #72 0 a guildmaster, #73 - a huge ice elemental, #74 - a Triton warrior, #75 - the Supreme Wizard, #76 - the Supreme Warrior, #77 - a huge iron golem, and #78 - Cromick, the centaur patriarch.
08/30/02: Lanfear levels to 20 Ordained.
09/01/02: Lanfear gets a painful-loooking piercing (Yeah, typo in the restring). The same day, Lanfear and Kaern visit Demon Realm, wander into Ebby, and Kaern dies. Lanfear grabs the corpse and makes it out okay.
09/10/02: Lanfear works on her mob mastery, gaining #80 - The Master Ranger (2219 exp), #81 - Chromican the paladin (2570 exp) (She wisely didn't try captain Vahzlune for 82, but waited out the ticks for ..) #82 - the Lineaoth Camp Leader (2570 exp). She tried for "the guildmaster" for 83, but time ran out after she tried warrior and cleric in Lloth-Lorien.
09/12/02: Lanfear of Fate ascends to Ordained level 21.
09/25/02: Lanfear completes MM#86 - the divine theologian.
10/16/02: Lanfear kills a camp leader for MM#88.
10/17/02: Lanfear completes 1050 spell memorizations. Cordir runs a trivia contest, and Sylarn and Lanfear tie for the win.
10/27/02: Two Ordaineds, Indiga and Lanfear, are out exp'ing together, and manage to both level on the same mob.
10/28/02: Lanfear reaches 23 ordained.
11/27/02: Lanfear ascends to Ordained level 24.
12/03/02: Lanfear, the Chosen Mistress of Magic, gains a TRAIN when she ascends to Ordained level 25.
12/7/02: Knowing her Goddess is upset, Lanfear offers to take a rifting. Cordir does so without giving the Wyld Enchantress a sanc, and to both their surprise, Lanfear survives.

01/10/03: Lanfear and Aslan both Ascend Ordain levels, on the same mob today: Lanfear gains Ordained level 26, and Aslan gains Ord level 12, by slaying Aivirt.
01/16/03: Lanfear ascends to Ordained level 27, "with BIG help from Tiberius".
01/21/03: Bevier of the FoLK completes an exploration quest with assistance of Lanfear.
01/22/03: Lanfear slays the guildmaster for 2531 exp and MM#89.
02/07/03: Lanfear advances to Ordained level 28.
02/21/03: Lanfear Ascends to Ordained level 29.
02/22/03: The Dutch GT is held in Amsterdam, with Adso, Whoz, Gytar, Robert, Saruman, Pitt, Tiax, Riella, Rhys, Lins, Lanfear & Azeworai (via phone) attending.
02/23/03: Pez announces the winners of Pez Quest 11. Pez realizes to his horror that he forgot to include Lanfear in his story, and as penance, creates a unique Pez-Trigger referencing her, and promises her a Mini-Pez-Quest of her own. Pez gossips (in common), 'Your Dwarven Prince has arrived to once again bring meaning into your lives.'. Pez gossips (in common), 'Pez Triggers activated, watch out Lanfear!! '.
03/07/03: Lanfear levels to Ordained 30, reaching effective level 50. <LOG>
03/13/03: Harkle reports that "Lins has nothing on Lanfear" and that she is 'invincible' for retrieving his corpse from Kimon, the Drow Weaponsmaster in Velalisier.
03/20/03: Lanfear slays Captain Meryl for MM#90, Scriem for #91, and Avangeline for MM#92. Lins reports that with the aid of Lanfear, he made three level 30+ zombies (of the Magistrate: lvl 32, 34 and 35).
03/28/03: Lanfear completes mobmasters 95 & 96 (the Tempest & Grandma Schon).
03/30/03: Noixas dies to the Blue Dragon. A group ponders the options of going in after the corpse, but Lanfear drops her bags and heads in alone and performs the CR. Lanfear completes mobmaster 97 (the Clerk).
04/01/03 - Noctus and Lanfear are both slain repeatedly by Cordir for pulling April Fools Day pranks on her first thing in the morning when she's not entirely awake. <LOG>
04/04/03: Lanfear completes mobmasters 98 thru 100 (the Magistrate twice and then the Clerk).
04/05/03: Lanfear kills the Clerk for MM#100. She is unable to kill Borlan for #101, as the mob is somewhere unreachable at current.
04/09/03: Lanfear completes MM #101 - the Guildmaster - gaining 2899 exp.
04/11/03: Lanfear dies in a lag spike to the Protector of Balance and loses a mob mastery level.
06/03/03: Lanfear & Noctus die in Jester's Keep. Kaldred performs the CR.
06/19/03: Lanfear reports that she 'didn't MUD for 3 STRAIGHT days!'
01/30/04: Tynian posts a note about version 3.130, which makes some changes that affect goods and evils. A bunch of self-deletions occur, many of which are little-played characters, but the major ones are Lins & Lanfear and Pug. <LOG>