A Discussion of Passion

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Notes: This log was created by Cordir as a mortal, in November of 1996. It was a discussion of the recent behavior of Keller. Notable participants: Tel, Emaleth, Foolkiller, Cordir, and Molo.

Someone forces you to 'save during intermission'.
Your effective level is 22
Version 2.76ao of TFC was introduced on 11/17/96

Emaleth gossips 'you are the most Un-groovy person I have ever met Keller :> I mean that in the nicest way possible'.
Emaleth gossips 'everything that groovy once meant, Keller is the antithesis of'.

Uncas gossips 'Emaleth, don't you think that's a little harsh?'.

Emaleth gossips 'Compared to what Uncas?'.
Emaleth gossips 'compared to him attacking us'.
Emaleth gossips 'compared to him believing he has the right to dictate our actions.'.

Uncas gossips 'Compared to the tone of the argument.'.

Emaleth gossips 'I think he should make a Plaque and put it in the GUild hall. Kellers Rules, but remember the weekly revision.'.

Uncas gossips 'He believes that he has the right to make you do whatever he wants. If he can force you, then he has that right, too.'.

Emaleth gossips 'He cannot, point made.'.

Borneo gossips 'Doesn't sound very blue to me then'.

Raiko gossips 'who does?'.

The Arch-Lich gossips 'Emaleth...'.

Emaleth gossips 'Yes'.

Unknown gossips 'I care :)'.

Emaleth gossips 'I amm done :>'.

KeZoN gossips '***HUG*** Arch-Lich :P'.

Emaleth gossips 'specially if you were going to tell me to hush *grin*'.

The Arch-Lich gossips 'You know If you continue to bash Keller...'.

Uncas gossips 'Borneo, that's blue if he is doing it to prevent Blues from getting hurt.'.

Ptarchyzk gossips 'Emaleth.. hush.'.

The Arch-Lich gossips 'I might start liking you'.

Pendor gossips 'It is quite simple...Rule 1. Keller is Always Right...Rule 2. If Keller is wrong...refer to rule 1'.

Emaleth gossips '*cackle* ACK!'.

SirPsycho gossips '*comfort Em*'.

KeZoN gossips 'hush hush thought I heard someone calling my name now hush hush :P'.

Uncas gossips 'Pendor, that rule would be correct if you substituted Uncas for every time you said Keller.'.

Emaleth gossips 'well, thank you for your encouragement Mr. Lich *bow*'.

Cordir gossips 'The question that I would ask is this - when does the Passion of One, have the right to override the Passion of another?'.

Emaleth gossips 'Never. Unless you count Brute and I do mean Brute force'.

Emaleth gossips ':>'.

Borneo ftells 'Good one cordir! =)'.

Cordir gossips 'That seems to be a grey area not addressed by the Paladin's arguements of the right to defend and act on his Passion..'.

Pendor gossips 'When the passion of One is true....'.

The Arch-Lich gossips 'It has been a while since I had an ogre for a snack Kezon...get something to garnish your corpse so it won't be so bland later for my dinner'.

Atma gossips 'i believe that question is best left to the philosophers...'.

Emaleth gossips 'Yes, though they change weekly'.
Emaleth gossips 'before you were not allowed to kill the baker and the like'.

Foolkiller gossips 'Passion is found within onesself - it has the right of expression but not always the right of pressure. IMHO'.

Emaleth gossips 'and now we have the ssubclause :>'.

KeZoN gossips 'Umm ok I got that scented tp mm gave me :P'.

Tel gossips 'You forget something I once told you Cordir..nothing evil can be a _true_ passion'.

Pendor gossips 'Most of us canot compare to Keller's convictions....so for that I applaud him'.

Someone gossips 'how so, Tel?'.

Emaleth gossips 'as Keller may not be TRUE good'.

Cordir gossips 'Lord Tel, did You not say that ALL Passions are Yours.. even the Dark ones? Anger, Rage...'.

Emaleth gossips 'maybe I am not True Evil'.

Foolkiller gossips 'Evil is a passion IMHO Tel - Just as good is a passion, as anything you feel strongly about is a passion.'.

Pendor gossips 'For no one is TRUE good...but we can strive to attain it'.

Someone gossips 'passions come in ALL flavors - good, evil, and mixtures of each'.

Tel gossips 'Passion in itself is good but evil has found ways to twist some'.

KeZoN gossips 'then corn nuts are a passion :P'.

Judas gossips 'can I have vanilla Passion?'.

Emaleth gossips 'Yepper. And unfortunately Keller and I have long and verbal passions :>'.

Tel gossips 'this will take some time to explain'.

Someone gossips 'passion in itself is neither good nor evil'.
Someone gossips 'the subject of one's passion defines the goodness or evilness'.

Foolkiller gossips 'Passion exists to differentiate strengths of emotions. If you dont feel passionate about anything how can you know what is important to you?'.

Pendor gossips 'Evil can never have a true passion....in that they will always be distracted by some other factors'.

Atma gossips 'passion is a primal urge, of no alignment'.

Emaleth gossips 'Pendor you are wrong, but nice thought'.

Keller gossips 'might I suggest before you all define what you believe Passion to be, you allow M'lord Tel to give his view, as he is the Lord of Passions?'.

You gossip 'Pendor, I would give you the example of Pestis - who is PASSIONATELY TRIAT, even though Triat was labeled "evil"'.

Tel gossips '(is lagging)'.

Strider gossips 'not so Lorna now belongs to the triat'.

Tel gossips 'Passion in itself is like and energy the suffuses us all'.

Pendor gossips 'Pestis is an honorable person...and his faith to the Triat is not based on GOOD/Or evil but on the values the Triate hold'.

IMPLEMENTOR ECHO: Erlock - who let you out?

KeZoN gossips 'heh ya know what now that my str is back up I can carry many barrels of beer...'.

You gossip 'Lorna represents Thaygar's triat when pigs fly over the moon, in my humble opinion... forgive the discourtesy, but I see that not at all.. and do not support her claim'.

Pendor gossips 'Excuse my misspelling'.

Emaleth gossips 'Oh, Erlock is here, heh, someone else for me to harrass.'.

Foolkiller gossips 'Please folks - Let Tel speak :)'.

Pendor gossips '*SALUTATIONS* Weaselboy! Congratulations from the Passionate on attaining level 10'.

Someone ftells 'gratz WB'.
You ftell '*bow* Grats, WB'.
Weaselboy ftells '6 pracs'.
Borneo ftells 'Gratz! =0'.

Tel gossips 'it is very extreme in nature, much like people themselves are'.
Tel gossips 'while Passion, _true_ passion, is mine to do with as I wish, the power of immortals is such that some can corrupt the latent passion within mortals'.
Tel gossips 'anger, hatred , these things are not passions in the true sense, merely distortions created through the easily swayed hearts of mortals'.

KeZoN gossips 'But, what is truth except what the indivigual make it...'.

Atma gossips Is the dark side more powerful?.

Foolkiller gossips 'Depends on your perspective.'.

Atma gossips No, faster, more seductive....

Foolkiller gossips 'The Dark side exists...it cannot be erased - it must exists as must the light to counterbalance each other.'.

Tel gossips 'sigh'.
Tel gossips 'connection kinda stinks tonight'.

DoPeY gossips 'because that is the way of the force'.

Cordir gossips 'I would humbly put forth that all passions are but mirrors of each other.. hate a hair's breadth from love, faith from denial..'.

Emaleth gossips 'Nod'.

Nogrod gossips 'dark is merely the absence of light..........'.

Borneo gossips 'The light is mearly an intruder into the darkness'.

Foolkiller gossips 'Not true - many evils have light in them, as goods have dark in them.'.

Cordir ftells 'Nod Borneo'.

Tel gossips 'aye they are close, but it is only the manipulations of evil dieties that can pervert the gift I have given you all in being able to be passionate'.

Keller gossips 'MM, may I have a tell if you're not busy?'.

Borneo gossips 'Those deities are the Prometheus in this case, Tel'.

KeZoN gossips 'Day defeats the night night devides the day...'.

Tel gossips 'OOC : Huh Huh, fire!'.

Borneo gossips '*chuckle*'.

Tel gossips 'But anyway, anyone not get my drift here?'.

ODog shouts 'HAILKNOWLEDGE~!'.

Cordir gossips 'M'Lord Tel, the concern that seems to be expressed is that your Paladin seems bent on dictating which are "proper" and "worthy" passions for those NOT in his domain.. '.

Tel gossips 'if i didnt respond to anyones points or whatever it cause i missed em'.

Foolkiller gossips 'I think we understand Tel. Whether people agree is another matter - Just spitballin mind you.'.

Tel gossips 'I know FK'.
Tel gossips 'Well, Keller is supposed to be an exemplar of the truest of passions, and nothing can be purer than having in your heart the love for your fellow beings to protecting them'.

Cordir gossips 'But that protection seems to extend towards limiting the freedom and faith and beliefs of others.. which seems.. rather.. evil to me.'.

Emaleth gossips 'I would agree, but that does not mean that demanding another desist in Thier generally harmless passion is fair.'.

Tel gossips 'No one ever said any Mortal was perfect, or has to be even, we learn from our mistakes, and if keller has occassionally slipped up, it is only because he tries so hard'.

Emaleth gossips 'Nod. I usually agree with keller, unless he suddenly changes the *general* rule.'.

Foolkiller gossips 'Learning from mistakes is the key to avoiding the path of the fool.'.
Foolkiller gossips 'Just had to throw in my own statement - heh'.

Tel gossips 'I dont think he intends to limit evveryone to his own beliefs, he is just trying to be an example for others to follow'.
Tel gossips ':)'.