The Dentist

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Tirant steps toward DarkClaw.

Cordir slowly arches one eyebrow.

whois tirant
1 player.

Elf [    Ma:29 Wa:21    ] Tirant, Malla Jabbuk Faeruk d'lil Veldrin

who 70

3 players.
Ogr [     Attendant     ] Okk, the Guardian Spirit
Hum [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Cordir, Lady of Fate.
Hum [      Demigod      ] Plato, Philosopher of Wisdom 

Tirant looks around nervously.

DarkClaw snaps at Tirant sharply.

You say, 'Tirant..'.

DarkClaw tells you (in common), 'Hehe'.
DarkClaw tells you (in common), 'He's funny.'.

You say, 'Darkclaw and I are nearly kinsibs.'.

Tirant utters the words, 'invis'. Tirant fades out of existence.

DarkClaw nods in recognition to you.

Tirant rests.

You say, 'Do you know what torments I will have Vorax inflict upon you'.
You say, 'If you harm ONE fang in that woman's head?'.
You raise your eyebrow.

Blackflame says (in common), 'Does that mean one day Cordir and I might be almost related or something?'.

DarkClaw winces. Ouch!
DarkClaw says (in common), 'Yes, love.'.

Tirant sits down in the corner of the room and sobs.
Tirant says (in common), 'can i just peek a little bit'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'What is your fascination with my fangs?!'.

Tirant spreads his fingers apart a small bit and shows you how little he wants to check.
Tirant says (in common), 'they are upside down!'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'They are not!'.

Tirant says (in common), 'your teeth are'.
Tirant says (in common), 'not your fangs'.

DarkClaw shakes her head.
DarkClaw laughs.

Tirant pulls out his fingernail file.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'ACK!'.

Tirant starts to casually file his nails.
Tirant whistles a little tune to himself.
Tirant whistles appreciatively.

DarkClaw gets nervous around files.

Tirant's eyes turn red.

You say, 'pardon me a moment.'.

Tirant looks over to DarkClaw.

DarkClaw nods in recognition to you.

You say, 'And Tirant, don't do anything foolish'.

Tirant says (in common), 'off you go, Cordir'.
Tirant waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.
Tirant steps closer to DarkClaw.

DarkClaw looks around quickly, unable to see Tirant anymore.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'Umm...'.

Cordir casually grabs Tirant by the scruff of the neck.

Tirant wiggles trying to get free.

Cordir shakes him like a dog does a rat.

Tirant whimpers.

Cordir casually shakes Tirant again.
Bones rattle and teeth jar.

Tirant plays dead.

DarkClaw raises a brow and grins, noting how odd Cordir looks shaking something invisible.

Tirant is dead or he'd laugh.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'I should go, love.'.

Tirant sniffs sadly.
Tirant wiggles trying to free himself.

Blackflame says (in common), 'night, love'.
Blackflame kisses DarkClaw passionately.

DarkClaw squeezes Blackflame fondly.

Cordir rattles Tirant's skull again.

DarkClaw kisses Blackflame passionately.

Tirant waves to DarkClaw.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Night, love.'.

Tirant passes out.

Blackflame says (in common), 'Night.'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Night, Cordir...Tirant.'.
DarkClaw hugs you.

You say, 'Good night, DC'.

DarkClaw beams a smile at Blackflame.

You say, 'Take care'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'I love you.'.

Tirant is passed out, still =(

DarkClaw says (in common), 'You too.'.

DarkClaw waves happily.

Cordir drops Tirant into a pile on the floor.

DarkClaw has left the game.

Blackflame says (in common), 'I love you too'.

Tirant wiggles all over the floor.
Tirant goes into a spasm.

Blackflame has left the game.

Tirant passes out again.

Pikonah has entered the game.

Pikonah bows before you.

You smile happily.

Ceremonial Room
[Exits: east]
Glittering gold inlay, black obsidian floors, and large amounts of
precious gems make this room one of the richest in all the realms. What
makes it even more impressive is the room is massive, easily large
enough to hold all the heroes of the world and have room to spare for
many more. This room is for all the special moments in a hero's life,
such as honor given by an immortal, marriage, reception of a major quest
prize, or even a really special party.
(Light Green Aura) Pikonah is here.
(Invis) (Dark Red Aura) Tirant is resting here.

Pikonah smiles happily.

Cordir glances down at Tirant on the floor.

Pikonah says (in common), 'How are you tonight?'.

You say, 'Did I make myself quite abundantly clear?'.

You nod in recognition to Pikonah.

Tirant coughs.

You say, 'Other than this brigand..'.
You say, 'I am fine.'.

Tirant tries to get up.
Tirant falls back down, due to all the broken bones and head injuries.

Cordir gestures and white filaments of spiderweb appear out of thin air.

Pikonah says (in common), 'That's good, this sounds like a bad time, should i leave?'.

The webs wrap around Tirant, neatly pinning him to the floor.

You shake your head.

Tirant gags on the webs in his mouth.

You say, 'Oh, I'm not busy at all.'.

Pikonah smiles happily.
Pikonah says (in common), 'seem'd like someone was getting in trouble'.

Tirant tries to move, but is tightly pinned to the floor.
Tirant sighs.
Tirant gives up.
Tirant surrenders his dentist tools.

You nod.

A tiny spider crawls out of one corner.

Tirant faints, falling into a heap on the ground.
Tirant screams and shakes frantically.

The spider crawls over towards Tirant.
It gathers up the dentistry tools.

Tirant's eyes begin to fill with tears.

Pikonah bows before Tirant.

The spider looks at Tirant with reproach in its eyes.

Pikonah says (in common), 'an id tirant?'.

Tirant plays dead.

The spider returns to the shadows, disappearing.

Cordir gestures, and the webs binding him vanish.

Tirant tries to get up, but his bones are still broken.

Pikonah says (in common), 'Tirant, can I have an ID?'.

Tirant mumbles, 'i am in no condition right now, Pikonah'.

Pikonah nods.

Tirant rolls over on his side and tries to stand.

Pikonah comforts Tirant.
Pikonah bows before you.

Tirant gets to his hands and knees.

Tirant casts invis on himself.
Tirant stands up.
Tirant utters the words, 'invis'. Tirant fades out of existence.

Pikonah humble and with respect walks out of the room backwards and with his head looking at the floor.
Pikonah leaves east.

Tirant's bones fade out of existence, and when they reappear, they are solid once again.
Tirant says (in common), 'yay me'.

Tirant lets out an evil grin.
Tirant silently slips the file back into his pocket with a mischevious smi.
Tirant says (in common), 'bleh, smile'.

Dezmond arrives from the east.
Pikonah arrives from the east.
Tirant utters the words, 'invis'.
Dezmond fades out of existence.
Dezmond bows deeply.

Tirant utters the words, 'detect invis'.
Dezmond leaves east.

Cordir glances over at Tirant.
You say, 'Do you honestly think I would miss anything?'.

Tirant sacrafices a file to Vorax.

Cordir arches one silvery brow.

Tirant sniffs sadly at the way you are treating him.
Tirant utters the words, 'improved identify'.

Tirant says (in common), 'no, Ma'am'.

You nod.

Tirant gives a splint mail girth to Pikonah.

You say, 'I may be many things, but a fool I am not.'.

Pikonah gives a gold potion with black swirls to Tirant.

You say, 'And these Immortal eyes see much.'.
You say, 'If ANY harm..'.

Cordir's voice lowers to a very low snarl.

You say, 'and I mean ANYTHING'.

Tirant shivers uncomfortably.

You say, 'Happens to DarkClaw...'.
You say, 'I am holding YOU'.
Cordir pokes Tirant in the chest.
You say, 'Personally responsible.'.

Tirant begins to cry.

Pikonah says (in common), 'that's all, thanks'.

What's bothering you?

Pikonah bows before Tirant.

Cordir hands Tirant a hankie.

Pikonah smiles happily.
Pikonah leaves east.

Tirant blows his nose all over the hankie. YUCK!
Tirant hands the hanky back.
Tirant thanks you heartily.

Cordir gestures and the hankie bursts into flame.
Cordir grimaces with disgust.
Cordir summons a cloudburst and cleans her hands.

Tirant giggles.
Tirant yawns.
Tirant rests.

You wave.