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Created 1995
Status Inactive
Retired 07/03/2003
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2003
Followed Syla
Spouse Triston
Partner Ephiny

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Let me take you on a trip, around the world and back
and you won't have to move...just sit still
Now let your mind do the walkin', let my body do the talkin'
Let me show you the world, in my eyes

I'll take you to the highest mountain, to the depths of the deepest sea
and we won't need a map, believe me
Now let my body do the moving, let my hands do the soothing
Let me show you the world, in my eyes

That's all...there is.
Nothing more than you can feel ... That's all there is.

Let me put you on a ship, on a long long trip
your lips close to my lips
All the islands in the ocean, all the heavens in the motion
Let me show you the world, in my eyes

Emaleth won't win any beauty contests.
Emaleth is hurt pretty badly.

Emaleth is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a neon blue flame
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the sparkling rock crystal ring
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the intricate adamantite ring
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of Anti-Theft
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the throbbing adamantite amulet
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) a steel breast plate
<worn on head>      (Invis) (Moderate magic) a black knight's visor
<worn on legs>      (Weak magic) a pair of ring mail leggings
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of splint mail boots
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of splint mail gauntlets
<worn on arms>      (Potent magic) a pair of mithril sleeves
<worn as shield>    (Moderate magic) a wooden buckler
<worn about body>   (Potent magic) a splint mail sash
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a leaf mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the grim smoky quartz bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a studded leather wrist guard
<wielded>           (Potent magic) a mallet
<worn with pride>   a beribboned token of a lady's favor

Standing with her back to a wall you see a statuesque warric, skin pale, from a lack of time spent outdoors. As she smirks in your direction, her amethyst eyes sparkle with Mischief. She wanders off, after smiling at you for no particular reason. Gazing at her back you see a large letter "T" burned into the backside of her well worn armor. It seems to shimmer between blue, red and then purple, only to return to blue and begin again.
She seems to feel your eyes, and half turns, saying merely "Better to have love, and be loved, than journey life alone. This is my reminder."
Emaleth won't win any beauty contests.
Emaleth is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Wa:12             ] Emaleth Bouncer extraordinare!                      12/31/1995
Hum [ Cl: 5 Wa: 17      ] Emaleth is pissing off the religious right          04/15/1996
Hum [ Cl:13 Wa:17       ] Emaleth is doing the Mischief thing (Syla)          06/30/1996
Hum [ Wa:21 Cl:22       ] Emaleth maintains her balance between int and wit.  12/12/1999
Hum [ Wa:19 Cl:24       ] Emaleth is engaged, dont even ask me "to who?"      10/11/1996
Hum [    Wa:22 Cl:22    ] Emaleth a Tiger in Mischievious clothing            09/15/2001
Hum [    Wa:22 Cl:22    ] Emaleth sings Godsmack, Whatever.  *Tiger/Amazon*   10/31/2001
Hum [    Wa:22 Cl:22    ] Emaleth sings Drops of Jupiter. *Tiger*             02/27/2002
Hum [    Wa:22 Cl:22    ] Emaleth its all about Control. *Tiger*              04/03/2002
Hum [    Wa:22 Cl:22    ] Emaleth needs to buy a kitty leash. *Tiger*         04/12/2002
Hum [    Wa:22 Cl:22    ] Emaleth lost her ... can she have yours? *Tiger*    01/21/2003

Character History:

Emaleth’s PLAYER was an intelligent and capable woman; Emaleth the character, however, had an abysmally low INT. She roleplayed this oftentimes, through extra ditziness: Emaleth ftells, 'Last time I hit the waves I met the ... what is it called...big thing, chews you up and spites ya out'.


  • Emaleth was mentioned as a Person of Interest during an Immortal chat about a possible ‘Girls of TFC’ pinup calendar…
  • Emaleth’s entry onto the mud caused a sound trigger to fire for Cordir: a Monty Python’s Holy Grail quote: “She’s got great TRACTS of LAND!” a fact that caused Emaleth no small amount of giggles.
  • An info of Emaleth was added to Edge’s Description (which was completely made up of Infos): ### [Somewhere, Emaleth wraps one arm around you, the other holding your head in place for a moment while she gazes at you]
  • Emaleth was listed in Pitts Non-Retirement Note on June 15, 2005.
  • A bag of Emaleth was part of Foolkiller’s mortal steak/bag collection.
  • Emaleth cheered when Gryphon was made an Ambassador.
  • Emaleth was a guest at the wedding of Syla and Pyros.
  • Emaleth signed the original TFC Guestbook:
  • Emaleth attended all of the Arizona GTs.
  • Emaleth is specifically mentioned in the temple of Triston.

Player Provided Information:

Tokugawa cants, 'I'm a confirmed bachelor! First Frostflower disappears, then Emaleth goes Evil. I gave up long ago, ;)'. (10/17/2000)

Emaleth wears a sheer gown of fine white silk on her body.
Gup says (in common), 'man, you know I have trouble with drooling'.
Gup says (in common), 'no need to make it worse'.

Sabella says (in common), 'You.... me.... Lanny..... Emaleth, what man could survive the experience?' (04/14/2002)

Rath says (in common), 'Lanfear's nothing but a decorated whore. Emaleth I like '. (10/19/2003)

Katrana answers, 'Okay, all hometowns will disappear and people will forever be stuck inside guild as their portal would be destroyed!'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'as long as i get to bunk with Emaleth, I'm fine with that'.

Personal Timeline:

12/22/96 - A large Christmas GT is held in Phoenix, with Sohcahtoa, Wyrm, Splat, Shinu, Caradoc, Aladin, Foolkiller, Xaviera, Tokugawa, Furnock, Shushila, Kell, Agape, Crysania, Emaleth, Cerebus, JohnPaul, Syrinx, Facade, Gwyrdain, Scroll, Darkmoon, Malaki, Larry, Jyslin, Lorna, Zrie, Madman, Tynian, Assilem, Wazoo, Phooey, Kaplin, Zipp/Voltron, Marisa, Sloan, Nayr, Jaxxon, Maltor, Syla, & Talia attending.
6/15/98 - Emaleth joins Tokugawa and Balance.
12/11/1999: Triston visits again, and is quickly chased around by a carnivorous rose bush, rifted for old time's sake by an invisible Immortal, and given a Head Gardener to tend to his rose bush. He departs after gossiping, 'I must depart these realms lords and ladys, know that you are still within my heart...and Im sure Emaleth will drag me back from time to time *hugs*'.
10/8/00 - Emaleth worships Tripper, joining the Tigers.
09/16/2001: When an empty corpse of their friend Silonch is auctioned, Emaleth and Ephiny and Sabella pool their gold to purchase it. It is bagged by Khore, and presented back to Silonch.
02/25/2002: Based on Triston’s unreasonable expectation that she never play any other characters and his pursuit of Lexie out of revenge, Triston and Emaleth divorce. (In a twist of Fate, two months later, Zahar’s husband renounces Lexie when he returns to find out she’s hooked up with Triston.)
05/22/2002: Tripper changes his title to “Tripper really is a gentleman...... really!!!!!!!!!!!” after a photo from the Arizona GT is posted with Emaleth and Sabella sitting on his lap and his hands are noted to be rather low on both their hips.
06/06/2002: Emaleth, Sabella and Lanfear have a much spied upon liaison in The Baths. Later, there are strange goings on with Emaleth’s mushrooms.
06/23/2002: ### [Somewhere, Emaleth peers into the void, considering horrible and dastardly things to do to Nicolas.]
07/03/2003: Emaleth utilizes the DELETEME command.
07/05/2003: Emaleth is re-created.

Player Information: