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Written by Cordir: 11/15/2001
A faint odor of dragon's breath permeates the air around the middle aged fellow who stands before you. Garbed in black robes with red and gold trim and auras that swirl and dance with power, it is obvious this is a mage of some ability. His brown hair and goatee are neatly trimmed, and only show the slightest hint of singeing (Really, it was an accident). His brown eyes ... oh wait... blue? Hrm. Well. His eyes, whatever color they are, hold a friendly, if discerning expression as he waits for you to speak.

A large green head peeps out from behind him - the horned head of a very young dragon.

You blink. Could it be? Oh dear. Now would be a good time to look for cover.

This must be Skeeve.

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Skeeve was great at what he did which was hoard eq, most he kept for himself but did hand out little things to fellow Tigers. He could take something with little worth and after trading it 10 times over come up with something that most people could only dream of. He did have good knowledge of the mud even though I don't remember him out of the guild much at all.

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