PK Change June 1994

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(Tynian's notes: Taken from a raw notes file and wikified. This was a post discussing upcoming code changes, primarily a PK change)

Sender Tynian
Date Fri Jun 10 04:50:49 1994
To all
Subject PK CODE CHANGE / Bug fixes.

There has been a modification in the PlayerKilling code. Now, if you attempt to PK someone, both you and your victim are unable to immediately quit out of the game. The reason is this: Someone tries to PK another player. The victim, whether just having bad luck, or is simply overmatched, fears that he will lose the fight. He flees, then quits. For a MUD that allows PKing, this is not an ideal situation. In fact, there ARE no idea [sic] solutions. <grin> However, this seems to be the most fair. In essense, the one who attempts the PK will be unable to quit for the number of ticks equal to his level. The reason for this is so that the poor victim has a chance to either 1) seek revenge against his attacker, and/or 2) gather a posse to hunt the player down. The victim of a PK attempt will be unable to quit for the number of ticks equal to half of the attacker's level. This is to give the PKer a fair chance to finish the dirty deed. This will defeat victims from escaping via reality check. :) Currently, the room with the healer is a "safe" room, and so at this time, one may quit at any time from that room, so neither attacker or victim is truly "trapped."

Food, water, and drunkness is fixed.

A bug with the spell invisibility has been fixed.