The Trinity Halloween Costume Contest

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This log was created and edited by Foolkiller.

The Temple of the Foolkiller
[Exits: west]
DARKNESS!! Have you gone blind? No - giving your eyes a moment to adjust to the lighting, you realize that the Temple of the Foolkiller is not dark, but neither is it brightly lit. A faint blue light shines from the top of each wall, illuminating words, scriptures and pictures that draw your eyes and tantalize your mind. Above, you see moonlight streaming down over all, yet wasn't it daytime when you entered here? Under you, a luxuriously carpeted floor crawls out to each corner of the room, the color of the carpet is indistinguishable, yet the carpet itself reflects the blue light from the walls in such a way that it appears a fine mist rises from the floor. The walls appear to be dark and foreboding, yet the give off a nourishing warmth and feel that removes your cares from your soul. You see various furnishings selectively placed around the room for your comfort and enjoyment. It is obvious that the owner of this temple regards this as a place of sanctuary and learning.
( 7) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
(Blue Aura) An Orb containing the All-Seeing Eye of Eternity floating
within sits on a marble pedestal in the center of the room.
(Blue Aura) Poit is here…. (Blue Aura) Feril is here…. (Blue Aura) Tyrall is resting here.
(Blue Aura) Gunny is here…. (Blue Aura) Silence is here…. (Hide) (Blue Aura) BRaKaN is flying here.
(Blue Aura) Beige is here…. (Blue Aura) Crysania is here…. (Blue Aura) Adrienne is here.

Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - The Log has begun - Let the Party begin!'
Beige ftells, 'eep! Not yet :)'
Adrienne smiles happily. Adrienne giggles. Adrienne bounces around. Adrienne dances around.
FoolSlayer chuckles, evidently amused. FoolSlayer tries to break dance, but nearly breaks his neck! FoolSlayer sweeps Adrienne into a romantic waltz. FoolSlayer sweeps Crysania into a romantic waltz.
Adrienne giggles. Adrienne sweeps FoolSlayer into a romantic waltz.
Kinky bounces around the room with glee.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Oh no worries - you'll have plenty of time to finish your costumes :)'
FoolSlayer says, 'anyone else wanna dance before I go?'

An eerie melody begins to play, you look to the corner and see a group of skeletons playing bone instruments

FoolSlayer sweeps Foolkiller into a romantic waltz. FoolSlayer blushes. Foolkiller chuckles.
Adrienne shudders from the sheer thought of it.
Tyrall sweeps Foolkiller into a romantic waltz.
Adrienne nudges Gunny over to a corner.
FoolSlayer chuckles, evidently amused.
Silence starts doing Russian splits..... and rips open the seat of his pants!
Beige says, 'I figured i should fit into the guess-my-costume category'
BRaKaN cawws at the sight of his old shipmates.
FoolSlayer ftells, 'ok, my humor isn't in style tonight, *sigh* sorry all, hehe, Fare Well, and good night.'
Silence blushes.
Foolkiller ftells, 'heh - take it easy brother'
FoolSlayer waves happily. FoolSlayer leaves west.
Beige says, 'can anyone guess what i am? Don't say it out loud.' Beige smirks.

### [Aringar says, 'all offenses i have taken from others i forgive them']

The witch dips up several mugs from the cauldron and hands them to Foolkiller
Tyrall eyes Foolkiller warily.
Foolkiller nods to the witch.

### [Shoya says, 'okay.. hmm. where is sewer generally located?']

Foolkiller ftells, 'Who wants some Grog?'
Beige ftells, 'me'
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Beige.
Crysania ftells, 'grog?'
Feril says, 'Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'
FoolSlayer ftells, 'can you toss me a cup for later? :)'
BRaKaN ftells, 'ME!'
Tyrall nods in Foolkiller's direction.
Feril ftells, 'I want a double'
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to BRaKaN.
Silence questions Tyrall's movements.
BRaKaN ftells, 'I didn't fly up here for ginger ale'
Feril throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Beige drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog. Beige says, 'yum' Beige smiles happily.
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Tyrall.
BRaKaN drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.

Adrienne motions Gunny over to the corner.
Tyrall freezes. Tyrall slinks back to the corner.
Beige says, 'The worms feel interesting going down your throat'
BRaKaN says, 'Now THAT'S a drink!'
Gunny walks over to the corner and leans against the wall.
Adrienne whispers something to Gunny. Adrienne kisses Gunny on the cheek.
Gunny beams a smile at Adrienne. Gunny kisses Adrienne on the cheek.
Silence nods to FK, eager for a little refreshment!
Tyrall sips carefully at his drink, looking over it in Foolkiller's direction.
BRaKaN snaps up an errant worm.
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Silence.
Tyrall drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Crys? Want some Grog?'
Crysania ftells, 'sure why not' Crysania smiles happily. Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Crysania.
Gunny looks into Adriennes eyes and smiles and hugs her warmingly.
Adrienne leans her head on Gunny's shoulder.
Kinky ftells, 'hmmm... i seem to recall grog from somewhere.... maybe a sip will Grog my memory'
Tyrall ftells, '*grin*'
Feril sniffs sadly. Feril says, 'grog'
Silence walks over to Tyrall and stares at him...
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Kinky.
Poit ftells, 'ok fellaws let's PArty !!! *shimmie*'
Crysania ftells, '*laugh*'
Foolkiller ftells, 'chuckle - uh oh - look out...'
Tyrall says, 'May I help you Silence?'
Poit arrives from the west. Poit giggles. Poit says, 'Hi fellaws......'
Silence sticks his tongue out at Tyrall, trying to make him smile!
Tyrall kisses Poit's hand. How continental! Tyrall says, 'Greetings, Lady' Poit kisses Tyrall passionately.
Adrienne smiles up at Gunny.
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Poit.
Gunny smiles at Foolkiller.
Adrienne looks at Poit. Silence hugs Poit.

### [Huey says, 'we seem to have run into a problema']
### [Callisto tells Lionel , 'you can get to the guild from here?']
### [Nephi says, 'type get shield']

Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Gunny.
Poit blows all the men a kiss !
Tyrall looks at Poit. Silence looks at Poit. Feril looks at Poit. Beige looks at Poit.
Feril chuckles, evidently amused.
Foolkiller chuckles.
Poit winks suggestively at Foolkiller.
Gunny drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Tyrall says, 'Poit's come as POIT!' Tyrall giggles.
Beige says, 'heehee'
BRaKaN looks at Poit.
Foolkiller blushes as he sees Poit here.
Poit says, 'hey baby !!!!'
Beige says, 'Poit strikes you as something only a mother could love.'
Poit smiles happily. Poit giggles. Poit says, 'My mommy does love me *giggle*'
Adrienne looks at Tyrall. Tyrall winks at Adrienne. Adrienne looks at Beige.

Foolkiller ftells, 'Feril - I gave you a mug didnt I?'
Beige says, 'I like the reflection of charisma in descriptions now'
Silence blushes and continues to stare...and drool at Poit.
Adrienne says, 'you didn't give me one Father'
BRaKaN says, 'You look like you would fit in in a sailor's dream, Poit. Too bad You're not my type. Otherwise I would have to drag you back to the ship w' me'
Poit giggles at BRaKaN's actions.
Poit says, 'hey..... *smile*' Poit giggles.
Tyrall says, 'You old enough for that Adrienne?'
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Adrienne. Foolkiller says, 'She is tonight'
Gunny says, 'yeah thats it FK'
Tyrall is sure he didn't get one... Tyrall looks at Foolkiller expectantly.
Gunny says, 'oops' Gunny shakes Foolkiller's hand.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Gotta save 3 of em :) 2 more mugs of grog left'
Feril bursts into tears. Feril says, 'I didn't get one..'
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Tyrall.
Feril sulks in the corner.
Silence beams a smile at Poit.
> > Tyrall sacrifices a mug of worm-ridden grog to Foolkiller.
Feril mutters something under his breath.

### [Somewhere, Huey salutes zain]
### [Bad says, 'I have invis high level']
### [Aringar says, 'by my passions, by tel, and by my name, i so swear']

Adrienne giggles. Adrienne drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Silence points at his title as well as his description...
Adrienne looks a bit woosey.
Gunny looks up warningly at Foolkiller.
Foolkiller says, 'Dont sac the mugs to me - keep em'

Beige looks at Silence.
Foolkiller gives a mug of worm-ridden grog to Tyrall.
Beige drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Gunny helps Adrienne to a chair. Adrienne giggles. Adrienne bounces onto Gunny's lap. Adrienne smiles happily. Gunny smiles happily.
Feril sniffs sadly. Feril looks at his immaginary mug of grog. Feril tries to drink from it to no avail.
Poit says, 'hey boys ?!'
Beige says, 'Hey girl?'
Poit quickly flashes everyone in the room! Poit giggles.
Gunny chuckles, evidently amused.
BRaKaN beams a smile at Feril.

Luthien bows before Silence.
BRaKaN says, 'Little tipsy there mate?'
Feril says, 'no'
Gunny says, 'good thing I am sober now'
Feril says, 'Nothing to drink yet'
Adrienne whispers ' I can do that too....wanna see??'
BRaKaN says, 'No?'
Tyrall prays , 'I'll sac the spare?'
Feril says, 'Never got any grog'
Beige says, 'I'm more interested in sheep' Beige drools on himself.
BRaKaN laughs.
Beige says, 'Err'
Adrienne looks at Gunny. Adrienne beams a smile at Gunny. Gunny shyly looks away.
Beige says, 'did i say that part about sheep outloud?'
Feril pats Beige on his back. Beige says, 'doh..'
BRaKaN says, 'OH!!'
Tyrall looks at Foolkiller.

The witch hands Foolkiller a sack

Beige looks at Beige.
Adrienne blushes.
BRaKaN says, 'I know what you are Adrienne!!'
Poit winks at Silence.
Adrienne says, 'I'm drunk' Adrienne giggles.
BRaKaN says, 'beyond that'
Silence drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Gunny chuckles, evidently amused.

Foolkiller ftells, 'heh - I think the witch wants you all to see better'

Silence hiccups loudly. Maybe he had too much to drink?
Adrienne turns slightly green then returns to her normal color.
Beige says, 'Oo! I know!!'
Poit says, 'I bet money I could make Silence make some noise! *giggle*' Poit smiles happily.

Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Adrienne.
BRaKaN throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Beige says, 'Youre a level 8 thief and level 10 shaman!'
Adrienne blushes.
Poit pokes Silence in the ribs.
Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Crysania. Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Beige.
Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Silence. Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Gunny.
BRaKaN has his hands full.
Beige eats a gelatinous eye.
Feril says, 'not as good as grog'
BRaKaN snickers softly.
Gunny pulls out a Jack Daniels bottle.
Silence cringes in terror!
Gunny eats a gelatinous eye.

### [Huey says, 'i want one too']

Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Tyrall. Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Feril.
Feril gives a packet of beer nuts to Adrienne. Adrienne giggles. Adrienne eats a packet of beer nuts.
Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Poit. Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Luthien.
Feril gives a packet of beer nuts to Tyrall.
Adrienne eats a gelatinous eye.
Poit is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.
Gunny has a double shot and hands the bottle to Brakan.

Adrienne says, 'I just.....I just....ate....'
Foolkiller says, 'You ate an eye Adrienne'
Luthien smiles happily.
Poit says, 'like Cool I got an eye !'
Feril smiles happily.
Silence sways back and forth...Obviously, he can't hold his grog!
Poit pokes Silence in the ribs. Silence smirks.
Silence hiccups loudly. Maybe he had too much to drink?
Tyrall ftells, 'Heh, had to ditch all my str gear for this costume'
Feril chuckles, evidently amused.
Tyrall eats a gelatinous eye.
RaKaN says, 'How were we suppossed to do the guessing again?'

Adrienne runs over to the corner and let's the grog flow forth.
Foolkiller chuckles.
Gunny says, 'ack!'
Beige says, 'oo, more grog!'
Luthien looks at Foolkiller.
Gunny hands Adrienne a wet towl.
Tyrall eats a packet of beer nuts.
Adrienne takes the towel.
Adrienne smiles happily. Adrienne says, 'thank you'
Gunny nods. Adrienne beams a smile at Gunny.
Luthien looks at Tyrall.
Beige runs over to the corner looking for leftovers of the eyball.
Feril drops a packet of beer nuts. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash. A thundering voice screams, 'Feril HAS DESECRATED HOLY GROUND!'
Feril *** BONKS *** the thundering voice! Feril says, 'oops'
Luthien looks at Foolkiller.
Tyrall belches. Tyrall says, 'Excuse me'
Adrienne walks back over to the couch.
Luthien looks at Beige. Beige looks at Beige. Beige says, 'anyone know what i am?'
Poit says, 'are we go'
Silence FALLS flat on his face... No more grog for him!
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - I know some of you need to go shortly... So first off... Who is in the costume contest?'
Gunny leans back and closes his eyes briefly.
Beige says, 'me'
Adrienne raises her hand.
BRaKaN ftells, 'I am'
Luthien says, 'I suppose i am'
Tyrall says, 'Drunk?'
Adrienne looks at Luthien.
Lynain arrives from the west.
Luthien looks at himself and chuckles.
Beige looks at Luthien.
Silence raises a hand to FK's comment.
Poit ftells, 'Like most definately me *giggle*'

### Marisa killed by the ghostly woronin at In the Temple of Isiira
### Closing link to TigerGrrrl.
### Closing link to Marisa.
### Marisa has lost link.
### Marisa reconnected.
### [The screaming, filthy harpy says, 'Ye shall DIE!']
### [Bad group-tells , 'oh huey']

Lynain rests.
Tyrall looks at Lynain.
Feril ftells, 'I might as well.. '
Adrienne leans against Gunny. Adrienne smiles happily.
Silence raises a hand to FK's comment... if he didn't notice before.
Tyrall raises a hand almost imperceptably.
Foolkiller gives a gelatinous eye to Lynain.

### Furnock killed by the ghostly air elemental at Raging hurricane.

Feril sniffs sadly.
Lynain says, 'hmm thanks Sir .. hmm very hmmm'
Poit looks at Feril.
BRaKaN whispers in Foolkiller's ear.
Adrienne says, 'if anyone guess my costume at ALL i'll give them somehting.' Adrienne smiles happily.
Beige says, 'I wish my weapon was a gelatinous eyeball' Beige smirks.
Feril says, 'note the same'
Feril drops a barrel of beer. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash.
A thundering voice screams, 'Feril HAS DESECRATED HOLY GROUND!'
Feril *** BONKS *** the thundering voice!
Beige says, 'thatd be cool'

Luthien whistles at the sight of Poit.
Foolkiller ftells, 'i have Brakan, Beige, Adrienne, Silence, Poit, Feril, Tyrall, Luthien, Crysania - who am I missing?'
Adrienne looks at the floor.
Poit giggles.

### [Nicholai says, 'ok']

Adrienne drops some gold. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash.
You hear a voice say, 'The TFC Poor Gods Fund thanks Adrienne for the offering.'
Adrienne giggles.
Feril ftells, 'Lynain! *point*'
Feril pokes Poit in the ribs. Poit says, 'hey that ticke's big guy'
Foolkiller ftells, 'You in the contest Lynain?'
Lynain ftells, 'hmm no not this year sir ' Lynain blushes.
Foolkiller ftells, 'ok'

### [Somewhere, Shushila sighs happily]
### [Granger says (in elven), 'why i feel that we are ']
### [Marisa tells Tokugawa , 'not yet']
### [Callisto tells Inthar , 'lost 2 levels']

Silence slowly picks himself up off te floor and leans on Poit to regain his balance.
Luthien calls some mist around him and takes a short nap.
BRaKaN says, 'GROG!!'
Foolkiller ftells, 'ah - Gunny :)'
Feril sniffs sadly at the way Lynain is treating him.
Kalli ftells, 'hiya all'
Adrienne looks at Gunny.
Lynain ftells, 'a funny thing happened to me on the way to the Halloween party/'

Luthien wakes and stands up.
Tyrall says, '4am... again :)'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Hi Kalli'
BRaKaN says, 'I need more grog'
Adrienne lies down on the couch.
Feril sniffs sadly at the way Lynain is treating him.
Feril slaps BRaKaN across the face, leaving a red handprint.

### [Huey says, 'baldric..']
### [Rubicant tells Valin , 'whats ya doiin im bored ']
### [Zain says, 'we can kill a few of the guys for sure']
### [Avarice says, 'fol self']

Adrienne tries keeping her eyes open.
Silence offers Poit some grog...but decides to drink it himself.
Poit accuses Silence of a horrible misdeed. Poit says, 'well fine!'
Silence hiccups loudly. Maybe he had too much to drink?
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - We now have the 10 people needed to qualify for the winner to get a restring'
Adrienne ftells, 'how will it be judged?'
Beige ftells, 'Im sure ill get 10th'
Lynain examines the cup of grog very cautiously.
Poit hikes up her cloak. Poit giggles. Poit says, 'you like ?'
Tyrall examines Lynain's cup of grog very cautiously.

Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - First up is Adrienne - Everyone take a look at her, and I will ask each of you in turn to FTELL your guess'

l adrienne
Adrienne appears to be wearing a symbol of every race.
She seems to have combined all races perfectly.
Her smile warms your soul as she asks you one question.
What is she?

Adrienne won't win any beauty contests.
Adrienne is in perfect health.

Poit smiles happily.
Feril says, 'as soon as poit hiked up her cloak.. my armor ran out.. "you feel more vulnerable"'
Feril says, 'I thought that funny..'
Silence looks for his pretend chair but can't find it.
Lynain pulls a squirmy worm out of her cup. Lynain says, 'ewwwwwww' Lynain shivers uncomfortably.
Feril BLAAAAAAaaaaassss!
Adrienne stands up and models.
Adrienne holds her mug out to Foolkiller for more.
Foolkiller says, 'Go to the cauldron Adrienne'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Crysania - Do you have a guess on Adrienne's costume?'
Kalli winks at Adrienne.
Tyrall drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Adrienne goes over to the cauldron. Adrienne twiches her nose.
Crysania ftells, 'hmm...'

### [Somewhere, Corri has no idea]
### [Shoya says, 'common 50's act...']
### [Aringar says, 'i'm beginning to think that they moved jack somewhere else']

Crysania ftells, 'she's a DNA strand!!! *laugh*'
Silence is plagued by the All-Mighty Mime's invisible box...again! Silence bursts into tears.
Crysania ftells, 'i have no clue...'
Tyrall ftells, '*giggle*'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Beige - your guess?'
Beige ftells, 'HelfElfDwarHumGnoHalfelfOgreGiantMinoAarak ShamanThief!'
Beige ftells, 'Ayup'
Foolkiller ftells, 'uh huh'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Silence?'
Feril ftells, '*cackles*'
Beige sniffs sadly.
BRaKaN looks at Adrienne.
Crysania ftells, 'do we get 1 guess or 2?'
Silence sighs 'I have no idea! :)'

Lynain absently sips from the mug
Foolkiller ftells, '1'
Poit looks at Adrienne.
Lynain grimmaces.
Silence signs even.
Beige ftells, 'I take it i was wrong :('
Foolkiller ftells, 'Gunny?'
Adrienne begins to blush under the scrutinous eyes of the following.
Gunny ftells, 'uh I get two guesses?'

### [Zain yells , 'woo woo']
### [Avarice yells , 'heheh']
### [Zain yells , 'from the room itelf e s']
### [Zain yells , 'actually, its a rod, south west corner of the second floor']

Foolkiller ftells, '1 guess'
Gunny ftells, 'or just one? Oh well,um I was thinking Music'
Foolkiller ftells, 'The two was so you could choose which you liked best'
Gunny says, 'ok don't laugh'
Feril says, 'ohk'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Tyrall?'
Beige says, 'I will'
Tyrall ftells, 'Unity/Acceptance'

### [Somewhere, Volos scratches your back to reveal 3 matching symbols....he wins the jackpot!!!!]
### [Seylana says, 'I never win more than $1 on scratchers.']
### [Shoshana yells , '*grin* hiya']
### [Avarice yells , 'i did..i'm in the corner']
### [Avarice yells , 'nod']
### [Avarice yells , 'found him']

Lynain says, 'hmm Tyrall your cup looks kind of empty ' Lynain quickly poors the brown squirmy liquid in Tyrall's cup. Lynain says, 'there ya go'
Tyrall drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Silence sighs as he shows everyone his empty cup.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Poit?'
Gunny smiles happily.
Tyrall grins happily.
Lynain ditches her cup under her armor.
Poit ftells, 'well I thinki saw this a monster movie once *giggle* like some kind of mutant ?!'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Luthien?'
Feril whispers to tyrall, "She's trying to get you it..!".. Feril snickers from a shadowed corner. Feril looks around innocently.
Luthien ftells, 'Intricate, colorful, decorative.......certainly unexpected. Hmm perhaps the final step of racial harmony or assimilation? If that can be a costume'
Silence draws pictures in the dirt on the floor.
Poit adjusts her breats. Poit sighs loudly.
Tyrall ftells, 'THATS the word I was loking for *doh*'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Feril? Lynain?'

### [Inthar tells Corri , 'Thanks.']
### [Shoya says, 'silverback gorrilla']
### [Gunny tells Adrienne , 'I would have said love but thats not really manly you know ']
### [Marisa tells Tokugawa , 'ragons point?']

Feril ftells, 'give me a sec.. I'm thinkin '
Lynain looks up startled. Lynain says, 'hmm yessss??'
Gunny suddenly realizes his mistake and slaps himself.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ill come back to you'
Lynain says, 'emo ajusts the cup so its not so noticeable'
Tyrall says, 'Too much grog, Lynain... Let me take that mug.' Tyrall swiftly swiped the mug. Lynain says, 'eeek'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Kalli? Brakan?'
Silence places his hand over his eyes so as not to see Poit's "adjustment"..... but secretly peeks.
Feril ftells, 'I'd say the world..but that can't be a costume.... '
Foolkiller locks the gate to the west. *Click*
Foolkiller ftells, 'Locked the temple so I dont ask the same follower twice'

Poit giggles at Silence's actions.
Feril mutters somthing under his breath.
Lynain says, 'ah oh '
Feril looks around afraid. Feril says, 'closed in spaces!' Feril bangs his head against the wall. Feril snickers softly. Feril says, 'jk'
BRaKaN ftells, 'I think she's a flesh golem who had a very good surgeon (and make-up artist)'
Poit says, 'You're soo cute Silence *giggle*'

Tyrall tries the door. Tyrall mutters under his breath.
Lynain picks the lock.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Kinky? Kallo?'
Feril 's hand is stuck in the door.
Poit says, 'I better not get tied up ?!' Poit giggles.
Silence grabs Poit's hand and declares a thumb-war!
Poit says, 'ohhh neato I did this in like 3rd grade'
Silence loses miserable to Poit... obviously she has talented thumbs.
Poit says, 'I've heard that before......who was that guy ?'
Foolkiller tells Poit, 'heh - talented thumbs eh? snicker'
Poit tells Foolkiller , 'I"m very talented *giggle*'
Gunny hands Braakan a can of worms.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Sorry - Kinky? Lynain?'
Lynain ftells, 'hmm sorry sir what was the question?'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Whats your guess as to Adrienne's costume'

### [Adrienne tells Beige , 'that are right in a VERY literal sense']
### [Inthar says, 'Hey Jaator you know what bird town a food vendor is in?']
### [GemAlli says, '?']
### [BaconBits tells Einskaldir , 'owzit goin?']
### [Zain says, 'junk']

Lynain says, 'ohhhhh'
Lynain ftells, 'umm a unicef worker?'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Did I miss anyone?'
Lynain says, 'what??'
Kalli gives a thumbs up to gunny.
Feril says, 'I gots no clue'
Adrienne ftells, 'you missed yourself' Adrienne pokes Foolkiller in the ribs.
Foolkiller ftells, 'My guess is a T1000 terminator - what the hell :)'
Gunny says, 'looks like it kalli'
Lynain bounces around.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok Adrienne - What are you?'
Adrienne ftells, 'wow FK got it!!!'
Tyrall ftells, 'Ah! FK got it!'
Adrienne ftells, '*chuckle *just kidding'
Beige ftells, 'Heh'
Poit really nervous.
Silence giggles. Gunny smiles happily.
Kinky ftells, 'either harmony or a roster of employees at DC area convenence stores'
Gunny says, 'I am in DC right now kinky' Gunny shivers uncomfortably.
Silence gives a drum-roll.
Adrienne ftells, 'what am I.....something I have always peace.'
Feril ftells, 'thats a costume?'
Lynain tosses the eye up and down nervously.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Well, 1 person got it'
Adrienne ftells, 'that's my costume'
Feril says, 'I live near DC'
Tyrall ftells, 'Who got it?'
Feril says, 'I guessed the world...*ponder*'
Tyrall nods.
Silence applauds Adrienne's actions.
Tyrall nods in recognition to Feril.
Feril says, 'just didn't add peace.. '
Poit says, 'who needs world peace, I know what i want'
Gunny says, 'traffic sucks huh feril'
Beige ftells, 'Damn, I coulda sworn it was a HelfHumaGnoLingCowGiantBirdOgre'
Poit pokes Adrienne in the ribs. Feril chuckles at Poit's joke.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Adrienne has 1 mark against her'
Lynain's eye drops on the floor. Lynain quickly kicks it under the couch. Lynain whitles innocently.
Feril says, 'Who guessed world peace?'
Feril ftells, 'heh..nope'
Adrienne nods.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Brakan - You're up - '
Beige ftells, 'Heh' Beige ftells, 'Never'
Luthien ftells, 'I wish i did'
Adrienne says, 'who guessed world peace?'
Poit says, 'like no one honey'

l brakan
The Pirate captain's parrot has gotten loose!
With a large patch over his left eye, he looks at you with his right. He snaps his beak open and closed a few times so you can see it's golden shell glinting. He wears a blood red bandanna on his head just as his captain does. An oversized white shirt, opened to to waist, billows slightly when the wind catches it just right. Some rough pants show the passage of time with all of it half-sewn patches.
The Pirate Captain's parrot says, 'Hope the cap'n doesn't notice I flew the coop. I haven't been given shore leave in years.' The pirate's parrot snaps his beak open and closed a few times in thought. The Pirate Captain's parrot says, 'Keep a watch out for me while I get an ale, will you?'
BRaKaN is in perfect health.

Lynain ftells, 'well uncicef has to do with that dont it?'
Tyrall loves no one honey.

### [Huey says, 'inventory flagged?']
### [Somewhere, Furnock sits on a white fur cloak]
### [Zain says, 'lemme id it']
### [Feril tells Adrienne , '*sighs* oh well']
### [The lookout yells, 'Reef off the starboard quarter!']

Poit giggles at Tyrall's actions.
Tyrall says, 'much better than regular honey'
Feril says, 'whos costume we guessing now?'
BRaKaN refuses the craker, wanting more grog instead!
Foolkiller ftells, 'Adrienne - your guess?'
Adrienne looks at BRaKaN.
Poit taps Silence on the shoulder and run around him in circles!
Adrienne ftells, 'a pirate captains parrot'
BRaKaN keeps mum.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Crys?'
Silence watches Poit run... BOING! BOING! BOING!
Poit says, 'Like is this alcohol ?'
Crysania ftells, 'a pirate captain's DRUNK parrot :)'
Poit holds her breats. Poit says, 'do they really bounce that much ?'
Feril says, 'heh' Feril feels drunk.
Feril says, 'If they hit both the ceiling and the floor when you walk..yes..'
Feril says, 'hehehe..Jk'
Adrienne tries to stay awake.

Gunny says, 'ack' Gunny stumbles a bit.
Tyrall drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Beige, Silence?'
Crysania drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Beige ftells, 'Hrm,'
Luthien slaps himself over and over.

### [Shushila says, 'caves of where I think']
### [Granger group-tells (in elven), 'you ok love?']

Poit says, 'good :) *giggle*'
Luthien says, 'Just messed my entire description up...hrm'
Lynain says, 'ohhh opps ' Lynain trips and the brown liquid spills all over Tyrall.
Beige ftells, 'As a guess just to be different... Vahzlune's Parrot!' Beige ftells, ':)'
Adrienne looks at Luthien.
Poit tells Foolkiller, 'who are we lookoing ?'
Silence signs 'Polly, the pirate parrot'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Let's save some time'
Beige ftells, 'Err, Whichever one of those mean pirates has one'

### [Granger group-tells (in elven), 'drop star']
### [Callisto says, 'same here']
### [Callisto says, 'only 33679 til I level']

Feril ftells, 'ohk?'
Lynain rummages through her bag Lynain says, 'hmm lets see . hmmmm '
Luthien says, 'never try typing 'desctiption -
Foolkiller ftells, 'Those of you in the temple, ftell ONE guess - ONLY one - do two it wont count'
Beige smirks.
Foolkiller ftells, 'What is Brakan's costume?'
Lynain says, 'ah ' Lynain pulls out a cloth and tries to whip up the mess.
Adrienne ftells, 'a parrot'
Kalli ftells, 'a HUMAN'
Silence ftells, 'in sign language 'Polly, the pirate parrot
Gunny ftells, 'a alchoholic parrot'
BRaKaN eyes Kalli oddly. Kalli winks at BRaKaN.
Adrienne falls asleep on the couch.
Poit ftells, 'like a bird .....'
Tyrall ftells, '(drunk) (glowing - blue) A Pirate Captain's Parrot' Tyrall winks suggestively.
Crysania ftells, '*laugh* :)'
Silence ftells, 'in sign language 'I must leave soonSilence bursts into tears.

### Deamhan has connected.
### [Corri says, 'Deamhan!']
### [Somewhere, Corri frowns...everyone runs away!]
### [Oghma tells GemAlli , 'It's me, Oghma. :)']

Foolkiller ftells, 'nod - youll be next Silence'
Tyrall ftells, 'How's that for identifying it?'
Silence nods. Crysania comforts Silence. Poit looks at Silence.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - time is runnin out. tick tick tick tick........ding!'
Feril ftells, 'A wooden parrot that came to life like pinochio..or somtin..'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Brakan - what is your costume?'
Feril ftells, 'one sec late. 'ohwell'
Poit says, 'it's ok little guy *grabs him* You're great' Poit kisses Silence passionately.
BRaKaN ftells, 'A Pirate Captain's parrot'
Feril ftells, '*heh*'
Beige ftells, 'Heh'
Silence eyes bulge!
Feril ftells, 'I didn't think it was that obvious..kept looking for somthing weird'
Beige ftells, 'Nodnod'
Foolkiller ftells, 'heh - ok....3 marks against you - 3 people guessed parrot - snicker'
Poit says, 'how are you homey ?'
Beige ftells, 'I guessed Vahlzunes Parrot :)'
Feril ftells, 'I guessed parrot!.. just.. a wooden one..*looks around innocently*'

Foolkiller ftells, 'Silence is next - Look at him, and ftell ONE guess'
Silence struts proudly.
Adrienne ftells, 'A Mime'
Crysania ftells, 'mime'
Tyrall ftells, 'A mime'

l silence
Before you stands a slim figure, dressed in black from head to toe... Only the pure white gloves and the white of his face show. As you look at his face, you notice the fine contours of his face under his makeup and a small blemish under a drawn-on tear. A smile comes over his face as he tries to escape his tiny invisible box.
Silence is in perfect health.

Poit ftells, 'a mime....they're soo cute :)'
Feril says, 'mime'
Beige ftells, 'He's a mime.... a silent mime!'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Mime'
Tyrall growls at Crysania. Better leave the room before the fighting starts.
Luthien ftells, 'mime'
Poit grabs Silence's cheek!
Lynain ftells, 'a mime '
Tyrall says, 'You beat me Crysania...'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Hmm - You a mime Silence?'

### [Palmer tells Corri , 'me? no...i'm handsome']
### [Inthar tells Shoya , 'Lineaoth Valley. Who dis?']
### [Huey says, 'mine are ac 4']

Feril says, 'I want to create a mob.. a Telekenetic Battle mime.. that throws invisible walls at you that do damage'
Lynain shakes Feril's hand. Adrienne giggles at Feril's actions.
Silence nods. Silence giggles.
Gunny ftells, 'a cockroach in a Roach motel?'
Gunny says, 'damage'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Silence?'
Gunny rests.
Adrienne pokes Gunny in the ribs.
Silence ftells, 'in sign language 'exactly right!
Kalli looks at Gunny.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - I think I got 9 guesses on that one'
Adrienne ftells, 'no I think he said he is Silence'
Silence yells DOH!!!

Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Crysania - You're up'

l crysania
Is dressed in all black from head to toe
with silly lil black wings protruding from her back.....
take care to stay outta her way.....
because you just may get ran over from her going WAY too fast!
Crysania is in perfect health.

BRaKaN ftells, 'A mime with a nose for fashion'
Crysania bounces around. Gunny looks at Crysania.

### [Somewhere, Shoshana stomps her foot]
### [Corri tells Palmer , 'You're telling me!!!']
### [BaconBits tells Anwar , 'Gratz!']
### [Zain says, 'lockes pen east']
### [Anwar says, 'oops']

Lynain looks at Crysania. Feril looks at Crysania.
Poit pokes Silence in the ribs.
BRaKaN looks at Crysania. Crysania looks at Crysania.
Adrienne ftells, 'the sounds of silence.....Hello darkness my old friend...'
Silence thinks Adrienne's comment was cool!
Poit says, 'y i didn't know they could talk at all!'
Beige ftells, 'I'd say a bat...'
Poit says, 'Silly me *giggle*'
Adrienne holds her empty mug out. Adrienne says, 'there's nothin in the cauldron'
Silence looks at Crysania.
Gunny ftells, 'I would say a Big Black Brat'
BRaKaN ftells, 'The batmobile!'
Poit says, 'anyone want this groggy stuff or somthin ?'
Gunny snickers with Crysania about their shared secret.
Tyrall looks at Crysania. Adrienne looks at Crysania.
Tyrall ftells, 'Batman'
Lynain ftells, 'hmm a bat with hmm kind of fast motorized action' Lynain nods at herself; she must be getting senile.
Silence ftells, 'in sign language 'batmobile
Tyrall ftells, '*shrug* No clue ;)'

### [Callisto tells Valin , 'may I get some ids from you?']
### [Shoya says, 'inthar?']
### [Somewhere, Corri looks at herself]
### [Shushila says, 'You are even']

Feril laughs. Feril pokes Lynain in the ribs.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok Crys - what are you?'
Adrienne ftells, 'um....a bag with fear' Adrienne ftells, 'er bat' Adrienne sniffs sadly.
Poit ftells, 'BAtmoblie'
Kalli looks at Crysania.
Crysania ftells, 'Bat Outta Hell (basically how i drive) *grin*'
Feril ftells, 'bat'
Lynain grins happily at Feril.
Adrienne ftells, 'MEATLOAFG'
Poit giggles. Lynain bounces around.
Foolkiller ftells, 'chuckle - cute'
Adrienne ftells, 'er Meatloaf'
Tyrall giggles.
Poit says, 'that was soo neato !'
Feril ftells, 'Meatloaf?'
Lynain bounces around. Gunny snickers softly. Adrienne giggles. Poit giggles.

### [Zain says, 'water']
### [GemAlli group-tells , 'I love you. ']
### [Corri says, 'good luck!']

Foolkiller ftells, 'Gunny - yer up next'
Gunny says, 'oh oh'
Lynain looks at Gunny. Beige looks at Gunny. Feril looks at Gunny.
Poit bounces in other places!
Silence ftells, 'in sign language 'I must go... please post all results... may i leave, sir?
Kalli ftells, 'water'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Use my recall Silence'
Silence prays for transportation! Silence borrows some of your power to recall. Silence disappears.

Beige ftells, 'Time?'
Lynain ftells, 'I KNOW I KNOW'

l gunny
I am the seed of life
I am the taker of life
I am everything that is not whole and is
I shall live past all that is present past and future
I can slay kings and I can move planets
I kill bee's tree's and everything
nothing in this universe can escape my wrath what am I
Gunny is in perfect health.

Lynain ftells, 'FK impersonator'
Silence ftells, 'in sign language 'bye everyone...happy halloween!
Lynain ftells, 'bye Silence'
Feril ftells, 'heh'
Tyrall ftells, 'Time'
Poit ftells, 'Like a watch or time or something ?'
Feril ftells, 'bye silence'
Feril ftells, 'I'd say matter'
BRaKaN ftells, 'Time...'
Lynain bounces around. Lynain bounces around.
Tyrall ftells, 'Or perhaps 'nothing
Luthien ftells, 'chaos'
Lynain nudges Tyrall impatiently.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok Gunny - who are you?'

### [Lionel says, 'i can be quite witty at times']
### [Somewhere, Marisa nods at Mr Right]

Gunny ftells, 'time' Gunny shrugs.
Beige ftells, 'Woo'
Feril is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.
Tyrall hugs Gunny.
BRaKaN says, 'HeHee...'
Foolkiller ftells, 'I got 5 guesses of time'
Gunny beams a smile at Tyrall.
BRaKaN says, 'oops.' BRaKaN says, 'ARG!'
Feril says, 'yeah..that makes sence'
Gunny says, 'I was thinking FK hungry' Gunny shrugs.
Lynain sniffs sadly.
Beige ftells, 'Me now! Me now! Hehee :)'
Lynain is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it. Lynain is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Beige is next'
Gunny looks at Beige. Feril looks at Beige. Poit looks at Beige. Kalli looks at Beige. Beige looks at Beige. Lynain looks at Beige.

### [Somewhere, Corri triumphantly recovers her marbleYELP]

l beige

Before you is something of a mystery.

It by itself, unmoving, is weak.
But in a group of many,
It can create wonderous things.

The first of its letters quickly stings you!
The ssecond runss after the next of the letterss
The third looks a lot like you, and can very well be seen with it.
The fourth needs the third so it can ...
The fifth, when followed by illness, is deadly.
If the previous clues don't help.

I should toss myself at you.
And by the way, I'm as smart as me.
Beige has a special twinkle in his eye.
Beige is in perfect health.

### [Callisto says, 'just comp'n it']
### [Marisa tells Tokugawa , 'we could visit: dragons pt, shrine of isiir, or on the mtn']
### [Inthar tells Shoya , 'do you know where the food vendor is?']
### [Somewhere, Corri dusts off her marble and fills the hole back in]
### [Avarice says, 'go vis i can't tell what's going on']

Gunny ftells, 'SPERM!' Gunny snickers softly.
Foolkiller ftells, 'yeesh - you got me on that one'
Lynain ftells, 'a virus'
Poit ftells, 'he's cute and cute'
Beige ftells, 'Damn gunny, yer good'
Luthien looks at Gunny.
Beige ftells, 'Wow, heh, thought everyone would get it'
Crysania says, 'who we looking at?'
Luthien says, 'Hmm who are we guessing now?'
Beige says, 'him' Beige pokes himself in the ribs, looking very sheepish.
Tyrall ftells, 'Brick'
Feril ftells, 'heh.. Ohk..Sperm?.. *looks* *ponders*'
Poit says, 'Sperm did i here sperm ? Sperm ?!' Poit licks her lips!
Lynain smirks.
Tyrall grins to himself.
BRaKaN ftells, 'I was thinking bacteria.'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok Beige - what are you?'
Feril ftells, 'Yeah.. yeah..'
Beige ftells, 'World peace' Beige ftells, 'Err, a brick :)'
Foolkiller ftells, 'which is it Beige - no joking'
BRaKaN ftells, 'a brick?'
Beige ftells, 'Brick'
BRaKaN says, 'heh'
Tyrall ftells, 'And you missed the K Beige'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Tyrall got it'
Gunny hands Poit some hormone pills.
Poit says, 'I have plenty thanks *give them back*'
Beige ftells, 'missed the K?' Beige ftells, 'nod' Beige looks at Beige. Beige ftells, 'The k is the fifth letter'
BRaKaN ftells, 'Who's next?'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Poit is next'
Feril ftells, 'what was it?'
Luthien looks at Poit. BRaKaN looks at Poit. Tyrall looks at Beige. Kalli looks at Poit. Gunny looks at Poit. Crysania looks at Poit. Beige looks at Poit.

Beige ftells, 'Pamela anderson?'

l poit
Poit is wearing a blond wig that flows over her beautiful face. Her bright blue eyes roam the room , searching for men. A tightly strung cloak is wrapp
ed around her wonderous gifts, bringing about a bit of cleavage!
She has jet black panty hose on , and from the look of things , it's all she has on underneath!
Pamela's infectious smile urges you to say hello. You can really tell ehat she's looking for.....
a really good man!

  • wink* *blows you a kiss*

Poit strikes you as something only a mother could love.
Poit is in perfect health.

Feril looks at Poit. Lynain looks at Poit.
BRaKaN ftells, 'A Bar wench!'
Tyrall says, 'sorry, went off page last time' Tyrall ftells, 'Poit!'
Feril laughs.
Luthien ftells, 'Pamela Anderson'
Tyrall ftells, '*wink*'
Kalli ftells, 'nod pamela anderson'

### [Somewhere, Corri rubs at her eyes]
### [Somewhere, Corri rubs the afterimage away form her eyes]
### [Oghma tells Einskaldir , 'I'm gonna catch up to you with lights. :)']

Stalkr ftells, 'hiya'
Kalli ftells, 'hiya stalkr'
Crysania ftells, 'Hiya Stalkr'
Stalkr ftells, '*bow* hiya Lord'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Hello Stalkr'

Feril ftells, 'pamela...'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok Poit - who are you?'
Gunny ftells, 'marylin monroe'
Luthien ftells, 'Pamela's infectious smile? :P'
Feril ftells, 'ya.. that sorta gave it away'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Poit musta lost link'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Feril - you're up'
Luthien looks at Feril.

l feril
He Gleams golden in the pale moonlight, gazing around. Gold plateing covers his whole body, almost fitting to him. He looks around oddly and wiggles his nose, sniffing the air.
His ears perk up as he hears your approach. He screams at your approach. he runs away in fear.
A sweet smell hangs in the air after he leaves..
what the heck was he.. ?

Feril won't win any beauty contests.
Feril is in perfect health.

Feril ftells, 'she lost link. She was on my ICq list..and now gone'

### [Corri says, 'and how does *that* work???']
### [Avarice says, 'where are they?']
### [Somewhere, Corri refrains from spitting on the ground, as it is a temple.]
### [Marisa tells Tokugawa , '*comfort*']
### [Clue says, 'not gonna quest?']

BRaKaN looks at Feril. Lynain looks at Feril. Tyrall looks at Feril.
Gunny says, 'think I just broke my record for the amount of time I have been on in about 3 months'

### Poit reconnected.
Poit says, 'OOC I' sorry ogt booted' Poit smiles happily.
Feril ftells, 'mynes not a very good have to use your immaginations'
Poit tells Foolkiller , 'Did you go to someone else ?'
Tyrall sits down and thinks deeply.
Poit giggles.
Foolkiller tells Poit, 'nod - We'll come back to you in a sec. Feril is up'
Lynain ftells, 'hmm lets see a streak of moonlight'
Poit looks at Feril. Kalli looks at Feril.
Luthien ftells, 'A golden retriever?'
Feril ftells, 'sorta threw it together'
Beige ftells, 'leaves?'
Poit ftells, 'candy bar :) I eat them all the time *gigglw*'
Beige ftells, 'Or a big green sporecloud for my non-counting guess'
Luthien ftells, 'or perhaps a bird of some sort?'
Foolkiller tells Feril, 'heh - I havent been guessing really :) Ok - what is Feril?'
Feril ftells, 'Choclate bunny.. animated choclate bunny.. that come in the little gold wrappers'
Beige ftells, 'Umm...'Beige ftells, 'Heh' Beige ftells, 'Interesting :)'
Gunny says, 'well folks I am out of here. I will be on this weekend' Gunny waves happily.
Luthien ftells, 'A golden bird of some sort'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Not bad Feril'
Feril ftells, '*chcukles* *shrugs*' Feril ftells, '*chuckles even*'
Beige ftells, 'I didnt know those could run :)'
Feril says, 'Animated choclate bunny!..'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Tyrall - you're up'
Feril says, 'and its justa costume..I'm not going to sit here'
Kalli says, 'he does look pretty tasty'

Look Tyrall:
He whispers for you to be quiet and to go away - this is HIS mark.
Tyrall is in perfect health.
Tyrall is using:
<worn on body> a black tunic
<worn on head> a black hat
<worn on legs> some black pants
<worn on feet> some black boots
<worn on hands> some black gloves

Luthien looks at Tyrall.
Feril winks at Lynain.

### Gunny has quit.
### [Corri says, 'actually..its slightly different than that, shosh...']

BRaKaN looks at Tyrall. Poit looks at Tyrall. Feril looks at Tyrall. Tyrall smiles happily. Kalli looks at Tyrall.
Foolkiller ftells, 'A thief would be my guess'
Beige looks at Tyrall. Lynain looks at Tyrall. Luthien ftells, 'thief'
BRaKaN ftells, 'Tyrall is a Librarian!' Kalli ftells, 'thief'
Poit ftells, 'he's the undertaker !!!! I watch WWf all the time *giggle*'
Tyrall prays , 'Close, but I'd guess no cigar'
Foolkiller tells Poit, 'YER KIDDING!'
Kalli ftells, 'na democrat'
Poit giggles.
Feril ftells, 'the undertaker?'
Tyrall winks suggestively.
Beige ftells, 'A guy who spilled black ink all over himself!'
Lynain ftells, 'someone who doesnt like trick or treaters'
Foolkiller tells Poit, 'You like wrestling?'
Poit tells Foolkiller, 'no........I do in RL , so does Pamlea :)'
Feril ftells, 'Madman's shadow'
Crysania ftells, 'he's a sharp shooter on the swat team'
Poit tells Foolkiller, 'it's fun to watch but big time fake'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - What are you Tyrall?'
Tyrall ftells, 'Well, wanted to be Tynian, but couldn't get a look, so I came as the Cat Burglar from Harpers'

### [Huey says, 'oh yeah, very bad']
### Kinky killed by a cockatrice at A Thick Jungle
> > Kinky has fallen to level 23.

Lynain ftells, 'oooo'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Heh - 2 guesses of thief :)'
Tyrall ftells, 'With full costume ;)'
Feril ftells, 'theres a cat burglar in harpers?'
Poit ftells, 'What's that'? *stupid look*'
BRaKaN ftells, 'heh. Yeah'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Nice costume :)'
Lynain laughs at Feril mercilessly. Feril grins happily at Lynain.
Feril ftells, 'is that the one that kicked my butt a while back? with full sanc and all?'
Tyrall goes for authenticity.

Lynain shakes Tyrall up and down trying to get her lost money.
Feril laughs. Feril enthusiastically cheers Lynain to victory.
Foolkiller ftells, 'BTW Poit - what were you?'
Stalkr ftells, 'it's killed me before'
Tyrall ftells, 'Yeah, relieved him of his clothes when we went up there for you'
Feril chuckles, evidently amused. Feril says, 'cool'
Tyrall gives Lynain some gold. Lynain says, 'wow!!!' Tyrall ftells, 'Would have worn the dagger, but hey...'

### [Huey says, 'tuff the champion..']
### [Zain says, 'helm and boots look too cool']

Poit ftells, 'me ? ! * gets out a small black book* I'm Pamela Lee Anderson '
Feril hops around.
Poit is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.
Foolkiller ftells, 'nod :)'
Tyrall enthusiastically cheers Lynain to victory.
BRaKaN ftells, 'I told you she was a bar wench!'
Poit hikes up her cloak, and adjusts her cute bonnet!
Beige ftells, 'Oh, LEE, none of us guessed that'
Feril ftells, 'heh'
Beige ftells, '*snicker bracken*'

Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok Luthien - yer up :)'
Feril looks at Luthien. Lynain looks at Luthien. Tyrall looks at Luthien. Kalli looks at Luthien.

Xaviera ftells, 'hello all :)'
Luthien ftells, 'Hello Lady Xaviera'
Crysania ftells, 'Hiya Xa!'
Foolkiller tells Xaviera, 'If you hurry, you can still be in the contest'
Xaviera ftells, 'temple is locked?'
The portal opens.
Feril closes the portal.
Beige ftells, 'Xaviera... Foolslayer... Foolkiller... then luthien!'
The portal opens.
Feril closes the portal.
Beige ftells, 'Hiya Xaviera btw'
The portal opens.
Feril closes the portal.
The portal opens.
Feril closes the portal.
The portal opens.
Foolkiller ftells, 'FERIL'

Poit ftells, 'she's a mirror, I look in thta a lot !'
Xaviera arrives from the west. Xaviera giggles.

Feril ftells, 'what?' Feril ftells, 'I didn't do it'

Foolkiller closes the portal.

Tyrall ftells, 'Doppelganger?'
Luthien ftells, 'Actually I'm a he *chuckles*'
Foolkiller locks the portal.
BRaKaN ftells, 'Who's up now?'
Feril ftells, 'oh.. did my trigger start going?' Feril says, 'I"m sorry'

Lynain ftells, 'hmm one of those vapor ,, vipor things'
Feril says, 'I was scrolled up reading' Feril cringes in terror!
Poit ftells, 'ohhh *looks stupid....again* sure'
Luthien ftells, 'Me i think'
Foolkiller tells Xaviera, 'Ok - Start yer costume :)'
BRaKaN looks at Luthien.
Feril says, 'I'll erase it..'
Stalkr ftells, 'gee, glad i knew ghosts could kill you in recall'
Feril says, 'used it a while use now'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Luthien Is up'
Tyrall ftells, 'You OK Stalkr?'
Stalkr ftells, 'thanks to Einskaldir I am. Didn't know i had a ghost until I quaffed outta Mithas and went to sleep'
Poit tells Foolkiler, 'I miss all the voting , beacuse of booting , did anyone guess me ?'
Foolkiller tells Poit, 'nod - several did'
Poit tells Foolkiller, 'k thanks *wink*' Poit tells Foolkiller, 'this is a lot of fun !'

### [Somewhere, Palmer ducks]
### [Marisa says, 'of bugs?']

l luthien
Looking toward Luthien all you manage to make out is a condensed mist floating across the temple. A beautiful young woman rises from it, grinning broadly at you undernearth golden locks. Just as fast she dissapears, and a decrepit old man arises, snarling at you with a toothless maw. Then you see another figure rising....Only this time it's the immage of your own God, Lord of the Trinity, Foolkiller himself. He cackles a bit, then dissolves back into the mists. This time another figure Every move you make, it seems to follow. Every facial gesture changed, also does it...... Almost like a mirror of sorts. Then your replica dissolves into the mists, and the mists dissapear.
Luthien appears in a flash, flamboyantly flipping his sword around. (and dropping it on the temple floor a few times accidentally)
Luthien has a special twinkle in his eye.
Luthien is in perfect health.

Poit looks at Xaviera.
Foolkiller ftells, 'DO NOT LOOK AT XAVIERA'
Poit says, 'well ok........but don't yell....*sniff*'
Beige ftells, 'Ok...'
BRaKaN says, 'Hmm...'
Stalkr ftells, 'i never have, heheh'
Luthien ftells, 'Awfully protective of people looking at your wife *chuckles*'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Her costume will be done shortly'

### [Shoshana says, 'revenge is mine!']
### [GemAlli says, 'but together we can make it through. *grin*']

BRaKaN rubs his beak on FK's hood.
Tyrall sighs at the sight of Poit.
Lynain says, 'hmm why have a mushroom when there is chocolate bunny around' Lynain looks at Feril hungrily.
Luthien ftells, 'Ahh'
Stalkr ftells, 'Huey reports: 105/413 hp 17/223 mana 138/285 mv 382797 xp.'
Feril wiggles his nose.
Poit smiles happily.

Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - What is Luthien?'
Kalli looks at Luthien.
Poit giggles at Foolkiller's actions.
Feril looks at Luthien.
Luthien ftells, 'Well it doesnt have any deep meanings. My costume is simply illusion'
Poit looks at Luthien.

### [Clue tells Einskaldir , 'i tried Luxan, and got Retribution for my troubles']
### [Somewhere, Corri giggles]

Poit looks at Luthien. Tyrall beams a smile at Luthien.
Luthien ftells, 'The guise which I like best *smile*'
Tyrall says, 'Good costume'
Feril ftells, 'Metaphisical things..*sighs*..'
Foolkiller ftells, 'heh'
BRaKaN snaps his beak open and closed a couple times, thinking.
Poit ftells, 'metawhatical ?'
Stalkr ftells, '*wave* happy fright night!'
Lynain snickers softly.
Feril ftells, 'I thinks I gots the correct word.. stuff that isn't tangable.. '
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - We'll wait a little bit for Xa to finish...'
Lynain thinks BRaKaN's beak need oiling.
Foolkiller ftells, 'In the meantime, I got some more munchies'
Tyrall enthusiastically cheers Foolkiller to victory.
Poit says, 'who want this groggy thingy ?'
Crysania ftells, 'MMmm.. MUNCHIES.... :)'
Feril ftells, 'I'll go for a bunny run..since Lyn is looking at me like that'

Foolkiller gets a spirit cookie from a girdle of many pouches. Foolkiller gives a spirit cookie to Tyrall.
Xaviera says, 'okay im dont'

### [Dorian tells Xaviera , 'good evening my lady ']

Lynain says, 'hmm thanks hmm ' Lynain enthusiastically cheers Xaviera to victory.
Beige says, 'done or dont?' Beige smiles happily.
Feril grins happily.
Tyrall drinks ale from a mug of worm-ridden grog.
Feril bounces around.
Foolkiller tells Xaviera, 'Take it outta yer title - it's a guessing game :)'
Lynain wipes her brow.

BRaKaN ftells, 'I don't have a guess for Luthien'
Lynain says, 'ahhh sorry Sir guess no time for the snacks'
Poit drops a mug of worm-ridden grog. As it hits the floor, it vanishes in a flash. A thundering voice screams, 'Poit HAS DESECRATED HOLY GROUND!' Poit sniffs sadly.
Feril *** BONKS *** the thundering voice!
Tyrall falls off his chair.

Anwar gossips , 'nash is dead. whee.'

Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Check out Xaviera's costume - her's is the last one'
Poit says, 'ooooo *shiver*'

l xaviera
The sweet young woman standing before you appears frightened and tugs at her blue gingham dress nervously. Her thick brown hair is plated into two adorable pigtails, which sway saucily as she walks. In her arms she carries a lace coves wicker basket in which rests a cute black terrier dog. On her feet you notice something unusual, a pair of red sequin pumps. She looks at you confused and says, I dont think we're in Kansas anymore"
Xaviera is in perfect health.

Beige looks at Xaviera. Feril looks at Xaviera. Kalli looks at Xaviera. BRaKaN looks at Xaviera. Luthien looks at Xaviera. Poit looks at Xaviera
Lynain stares at Tyrall in amazement.
Tyrall ftells, 'Apart from yours; obviously'

Foolkiller gets a spirit cookie from a girdle of many pouches. Foolkiller gives a spirit cookie to Poit. Foolkiller gives a spirit cookie to Feril. Foolkiller gets a spirit cookie from a girdle of many pouches. Foolkiller gives a spirit cookie to Beige. Foolkiller gets a spirit cookie from a girdle of many pouches. Foolkiller gives a spirit cookie to Luthien.

Xaviera smiles sweetly. Xaviera says, 'hello everyone'
Beige ftells, 'Dorothy!1'
Tyrall looks at Xaviera.
Xaviera giggles.
Kalli ftells, 'dorothy '
Lynain says, 'ohhhhh a cookie '
Feril ftells, 'Dorthy..'
Lynain bounces around.
Tyrall ftells, 'A VERY good Dorothy'
Kalli ftells, 'rom wizard of oz'
Beige ftells, 'From oz of course :)'
Feril ftells, 'I didn't spell that very well..*sighs*'
Luthien ftells, 'Dorothy *smile*'
Poit ftells, 'Dorthy from the Ozzy thingy.....'
Tyrall ftells, 'What, Ozymandius?'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok Xa - what are you?'
Tyrall shivers uncomfortably.
BRaKaN ftells, 'Dorothy'
A lava lamp goes out.
Xaviera ftells, '*blush* why thank you Uncle Tyrall..its good to be here. Theres no place like home'
Feril ftells, '*grins*'
Foolkiller ftells, 'snicker :) Cool :)'
BRaKaN smiles happily.
Xaviera giggles.
Xaviera clicks her heals togther and wishes.
Poit admire's Xaviera's hair!

Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - We have ourselves a little tie here...'
Tyrall says, 'Hey! What about you Lord?'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Luthien and Feril were the ONLY two who got no guesses on what they were. Im the tiebreaker'
Poit says, 'you have beautiful hair hony'
Feril wants a restring! *bounce bounce*
Foolkiller ftells, 'Feril - Luthien - Look at me' Luthien looks at Foolkiller. Feril looks at Foolkiller.
Xaviera says, 'wow idea'
BRaKaN looks at Foolkiller.
Poit feels Xaviera's hair.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Think carefully - ONLY Feril and Luthien can answer'
Poit says, 'and the texture !!! *giggle*'
Kalli looks at Foolkiller.
Foolkiller ftells, 'What Am I?'
Tyrall says, 'Feril was a choccy bunny (gold-wrapped)'
Tyrall says, 'Lutien was Illusion'
Xaviera says, 'a vampyre Luthien?'
Luthien ftells, 'the grim reaper'

Xaviera looks at Foolkiller.

Look upon the one before you, and see an eerie shadow,
A figure dressed in clothes of black
His face as white as marrow

Hair as black as ebon can get
Trenchcoat billowing behind
Ragged gloves, stained with blood
A wicked gleam upon his eye

Is he soulless, who can say?
Can anyone truly know?
But perhaps this soul has returned for yours
For crimes that you have done

So look not long upon this one
Or suffer the torments of hell
And hear in the distance a wailing call
Tis death whom you serve now

Tell me now oh learned one
With these clues to ponder
With your knowledge vast and intelligence great
Who am I, I wonder?
Foolkiller is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Foolkiller is in perfect health.

Luthien ftells, 'or death?'
Luthien ftells, 'Something along those lines i might wonder'

Beige looks at Foolkiller.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Feril?'
Feril ftells, '*poke one guess*'
Luthien says, 'A good guess lady xaviera'
Xaviera ftells, 'my love you are the Crow'
Lynain is ready to burst.
Luthien says, 'Vampires greatest guises is illusion. Thats what my costume was'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ummm.....Honey.....'
Luthien says, 'illusion'
Feril ftells, 'Heh...'
Feril ftells, 'Thanks xav..'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Feril Hadnt guessed yet'
Xaviera ftells, '*grumbel* im sorry'
Tyrall comforts Xaviera.
Feril ftells, 'A diff tiebraker? *chuckles*'
Lynain wrings her hands.
Tyrall says, 'I guessed it :)'
Xaviera says, 'i came to late i do not understand how to play'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Gimme a couple minutes to make another costume'
Poit hikes up her cloak.....again.
Tyrall says, 'Was on TV here about 2 weeks ago'
Foolkiller ftells, 'No prob hon'
Luthien ftells, 'The crow? only saw that movie once '
Foolkiller ftells, 'BRB'
Feril ftells, 'ok'

Foolkiller disappears suddenly, the room shaking as if thunder had struck, but no sound can be heard.

Kalli ftells, 'time to go'
Lynain says, 'ohh Brakan hmmmm'
Tyrall puts on a little music.
Luthien says, 'what were you again feril?'
Feril ftells, 'and i was gonna guess vengence'
Feril says, 'Choclate bunny' Feril bounces around. Feril hops around.
Lynain bounces around. Lynain bounces around.
Poit pokes Feril in the ribs.
Beige says, 'I coulda had a chance if you just wouldnt have said brick'
Lynain bounces around.
BRaKaN says, 'Hoist the missen mast'
BRaKaN says, 'Trim the main sail'
Beige says, 'I should have said i was a Gigantic purple walrus.'
Lynain bounces around.
Feril hides behind the couch.
Kalli quaffs a clear red potion. Kalli invokes recall magic Kalli disappears.
Lynain bounces around.
Poit licks Feril. Poit says, 'WOW you tatse great'
Lynain bounces around.
Tyrall says, 'Well, it WAS a little obvious, even if I did miss the 5th letter'
Xaviera pets her little terrier.
Beige says, 'the fifth letteR?'
BRaKaN squawks loudly.
Feril screams loudly!
Feril hides behind Lynain.
Poit says, 'ohhh come here cutie......I won't bite,.......hard'

Foolkiller appears from nowhere as the room shakes from something like thunder, but there is no sound.

Tyrall says, 'One being the clue for 5th letter'
Xaviera skips around the room happily.

### [Somewhere, Corri gives a bleary eyed, pajama'd grin]

Luthien looks at Foolkiller.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok -'
Lynain bounces around. Lynain bounces around.
Tyrall looks at Foolkiller. Poit looks at Foolkiller. Feril looks at Foolkiller.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Feril - Luthien - what am I?'
Lynain sits quietly on the couch.

Xaviera looks at Foolkiller.

Looking upon the one before you, your eyes doth start to tear
From brightness burning from corner to corner
and heat upon your skin
Foolkiller is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Foolkiller is in perfect health.

BRaKaN flutters over to beige's shoulder.

### [Marisa says, 'i always knew there was a reason to save practices']

Luthien ftells, 'The orb of the oblivion'
Beige says, 'Can i make a really dumb guess?' Beige snickers softly.
Luthien ftells, 'err eye of eternity'
Beige says, 'After they do?' Tyrall giggles at Beige's actions.
Luthien ftells, 'or whatever orb that is'
Feril says, 'bla bla.. I was gooing to guess Infinity.. or the Sun'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Feril?'
Luthien points to the orb.
Xaviera says, 'ill be right back...akf'
Lynain looks at the eye ball in her hand. Lynain looks at Foolkiller.
Feril says, 'yeah.> You said it to fast. I was still reading' Feril mutters somthing under his breath.
Foolkiller ftells, 'What am I? Your turn Feril'
Lynain ftells, 'a sight for sore eyes'
Feril ftells, 'I already guessed..'
BRaKaN looks at Foolkiller.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Not on Ftell'
Poit says, 'I think...well not...wait what was i gonna say ?'
BRaKaN says, 'He changed'
Luthien looks at Foolkiller.
Feril ftells, 'oh.. well.. said Infinity..since he didn't geuss it yet.. or the Sun.. *ponders* *mutters*'
Foolkiller ftells, 'One guess people'
Feril ftells, 'heh..tell him that'
Xaviera ftells, 'who gets to play?'
Feril ftells, ':)'
Poit giggles.
Tyrall ftells, 'Only those 2'
Lynain fidgets on the couch.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Still Between Luthien and Feril'
Poit walks over to Lynain.
Foolkiller ftells, 'They keep tossing out multiple guesses'
Luthien ftells, 'Hmm sorry. My one guess was the orb standing in the middle of the temple. just didnt know what to call it exactly'
Feril ftells, 'its ambiguous.. But I"ll try'
Lynain says, 'uh oh'
Feril sniffs sadly.
Lynain says, 'Hi Poit how's it going'
Poit says, 'like good and you ?'
Poit looks at Lynain.
Foolkiller ftells, 'Ok - Luthien is the Orb in my temple - Feril?'
Feril ftells, 'I'll guess a star...might as well'

### [Einskaldir tells Luthien , 'Have ya any enimies ya want to acid blast?']
### [Somewhere, Yvon pouces on Palmer.]

Poit says, 'you look soo cute *giggle*'
Lynain says, 'ah well hmm ya know ...hmm'
Foolkiller ftells, 'Congratulations Feril - you have won yourself a restring'
Feril ftells, 'Neto!'
Tyrall enthusiastically cheers Feril to victory.
Feril ftells, '*bounce*'
Beige ftells, 'whoah'
Poit beams a smile at Feril.
Lynain enthusiastically cheers Feril to victory.
Poit beams a smile at Lynain.
Feril ftells, '*bounces around*'
Poit hugs Lynain.
Lynain hmms the victory music.
Beige ftells, 'I was figuring the eye of eternity'
Feril ftells, 'Star was first thing that popped into my mind'
Tyrall thought he had it with Sun.
Lynain says, 'gratz Feril'
Poit says, 'soo like how's you day ?'
Feril ftells, 'but didn't know if he would skew that far from TFC'

(end log)