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Solanthas (I)
Lord of the WarDancers
Status Retired
Retired 1st: Jan 17, 2001
Race Elf
Hometown Loth-Llorien
Classes Warrior
Last Seen May 20, 2003
Followed Rhina
Spouse Lania
Immorted Demi: 01/10/99 &
Demi: 04/21/02
Following Wardancers (x2)

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(written by Cordir:)
It is hard to look directly at the shining, still figure of the Immortal
Elf who stands with solid, panther-like grace and strength before you.
The sheer power of his presence is nearly overwhelming, and he seems
shrouded in a wake of hidden, dangerous movements only visible where
they dance in the corners of your eyes. His gaze falls upon you, cold
and silent, their icy blue depths as chill as the plains of the Northern
Wastes, and keen as a hunting falcon. His hair is as pale as a fall of
moonlight upon the snow, and is bound back from his face in twin braids.
Clothed in leathers, silks and armor of elven master-craftsmanship, the
Wardancer appears both at ease, and ready for the combat that makes his
blood sing. Upon the left side of his chest, a beautiful golden leaf
of exquisite and delicate elven work gleams, the symbol of the Dancers
he once led... and may yet lead once more into the glorious and deadly
battle they so enjoy.

Character History:

(Taken from the original TFC Player Pages)

Solanthas was born and raised in the fabled elven city of Loth-Llorien. He had a happy and peaceful upbringing, and he spent his time playing with his friends. Then one night Solanthas' life changed forever. Loth-Llorien was attacked by an orc warband. Solanthas' father was slain on this dreadful night. This event changed the young elf in many ways. Solanthas left Loth-Llorien to take revenge for his dead father. He wandered all corners of the world, killing goblinoids whenever he could find them.

One day when Solanthas was returning to Loth-Llorien, he stumbled across Rhina, the Goddess of Nature. From that moment, Solanthas knew what his calling in life was. He was to become a cleric of Nature and spread Rhina's teachings across the realm. Solanthas spent many years spreading Rhina's word, as well as improving his own skills. He travelled the world with his closest friends, Dalaran, Sleepy and Saltheart.

Then finally Solanthas reached his first goal. He had become High Warric of Nature. Solanthas wanted to quest for immortality, but the mightiest of Gods did not accept more immortals at that moment. During the following years, Solanthas spent lots of time in Rhina's tree. Talking to his friends and to his Goddess Rhina. Solanthas also met his wife, Lania during these years.

Then finally one day, the world as Solanthas knew it was forever changed. Word started to circulate about a new continent far to the south. People also said that the Gods was questing people to join their ranks! Solanthas rushed out into the new world. He found an old and wise man on the southern continent. The man told him that he had to find 3 items of power, if he ever wanted to join the ranks of the immortals. Solanthas felt his heart race in his chest. Surely this was an easy quest to fulfill. Solanthas found the first item no more than 5 minutes after talking to the old man. Unfortunately he could not use it! During the following months Solanthas realized that this quest was not so easy to solve. he searched all over the world, but all his time and effort spent was to no use. Solanthas begun to despair. Would he ever solve the quest?? After taking a few months off the quest, Solanthas regained his confidence. Solanthas put every waking minute into the search, and finally he was rewarded! He found his second item, and this time he could use it. After the first item was found, the other two were found much faster. Solanthas solved his quest and has now joined the ranks of the immortals.

Solanthas wishes to thank everyone that has helped and supported him during his mortal life.

Player Provided Information:

Solanthas was and is one of the greatest friends I ever made on TFC. Although I personally believe that he was one of the best immortals of all time, I'm sure others that really knew him would agree. He fit perfectly into the role of leader and mentor, which was no easy task when his following consisted of some of the most talented individuals in the realm. Yet, despite the talent in the following, Solanthas always looked over us with a watchful (and very wise) eye. Although Solanthas played several mortals successfully, his true talent was in immortality. He was quick--very quick--with keeping people alive and taking care of them during PKs. Solanthas loved Metallica and would often queue up "Seek and Destroy" during PKs--a tradition that he convinced me to adopt (although I changed songs frequently over the years). Hmmm, I haven't done this in a while though, perhaps its time to start it back up ;)


  • Solanthas is specifically mentioned in the temple of Bliss.
  • Solanthas taught four attendants: Artanis, Natas, Katrana, and Masher.
  • The first two ordained mortals of Solanthas were Berrin and Malin.
  • The Wardancers were the home of a majority of the good aligned player killers of the day

Personal Timeline:

  • Solanthas was made the Attendant of the Tigers in October of 1998.

[ 4] Solanthas: The WarDancer is gone.
Wed Jan 17 17:03:19 2001
To: all
I have decided to retire from the realm.
I will not bore you all with a long whiny note.
The people I want to thank know who they are.
So I bid you all farewell for now.

  • Solanthas unretired, and was made an Attendant for the second time on 03/17/02.

Memories of TFC

Solanthas stopped by TFC for a visit in October 2013, and was kind enough the share some information with Cordir about his TFC experience:

  • "I remember when I first logged in to TFC, and thought the prompt was some sort of word-compass system. Someone asked where I was, and I started repeating what my prompt said. I logged off in shame when I realized..."
  • "Azra was the scariest of the Conclave. You'd see that bird log on, and before you could get to a safe room, he was in your zone.."
  • "At level 19, I was PK'd by Vulcan in the Bazaar. It only took two rifts. It was one of the few times I was ever pk'd as Solanthas."
  • "My friend, Saltheart, logged on for a quick minute on New Year's Eve one year, and got PK'd by Zara. He spent the rest of that whole New Year's Eve begging for his stuff back. When he got none back, he decided to stay online and re-equip. He sat there playing the whole night, instead of celebrating with us."
  • "Ah, the curse of the trans-Atlantic lines! I played using a 288 modem. Half the time, we were so lagged all we could do is sit in safe and hear about other people's adventures."
  • "Before Welverin was deleted, it was so safe to EXP when he was on! He kept all the Black Conclave in safe. I grouped with him on occasion in the big Midgaard groups. He moved so fast (through the zone) that all us Swedes got spammed off."
  • "I found a (Immortality) Quest Item... it was a Hand Axe. I couldn't wield it, so I gave it to Tokugawa so he could Immort."
  • "There was a portrait done of Rhina by Polnevdra -- Rhina hated that she was portrayed as a blonde. She was brunette."

Player Information:

(As provided to the "Faces Behind The Names" project, circa 2000/2001):
Been playing TFC for 6-7 years. Got a wife and dog in RL, expecting first child sometime in January -2002. Work on newspaper with production of ads, been doing that for past 10 years. Live in small town in the north of Sweden called Luleå.

Best regards
aka Solanthas