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The Chosen of Fate
Led By Cordir
Holy Symbol (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen
Alignment True Neutral
PK Model Initially, Hearth. Changed to Sentry when Hearth removed. Converted to Sword so Sentry could be removed.
Attendants Elladan (02/00), Legionaire (06/00), Plato (01/01), Torchbearer (09/01), Myronides (05/02), Zarous (08/02), Mystaya (08/05), Isolas(09/05)
Future Immortal Followers Adso
Boromir: Nexus
Clue: FoLK
DarkClaw: Lost
Isolas: Magi
Katrana; Wyld Hunt
Schwartz: Choice
Solaron: Mafia
Rufus: Monks of Blood
Drakar: Sodality
Ordained Mortals Aslan, Clue, DarkClaw, Kaldred, Kethran, Lanfear, Myst, Noctus,Nyx
Allies Bliss, Boromir, Clue, Isolas, Katrana, Kerriariadne, Majere, Mystaya, Thaygar, Tripper
Enemies Katrana, Molo, Torchbearer
Temple Within the Tapestry of Fate
The Sanctuary of Fate

Following Description:

(Written in 1999, taken from the Chosen of Fate website):
The Chosen of Fate is a Neutral Order on the Final Challenge Mud. Its roots are heavily based in Celtic and Greek mythology, as well as the TFC mythology of The Triat, created by Paul Lowe-Hlavacek (Thaygar, once Master of the Ebon Hand, now leader of the Servants of Death). Grateful thanks go to Paul for allowing derivational use of his lore.

The mythos behind the Order of Fate is relatively basic: There are three Aspects to existence: birth, life, and death. These correspond to the Triat Incarna of the Wyrm, the Weaver, and the Wyld. Someday, there will be an Order of Fate for each of the three Aspects... but for now, there is simply the Chosen of Fate, led by Cordir, the Weaver of the Tapestry.

The Chosen's purpose within TFC is simple: As servants of the Weaver, they believe it is their task to prepare the young of the Realm for the rigors of life. Both by actual assistance and through example, they hope to aid as many as possible through the trials of The Final Challenge.


October 1, 2001:

Cordir, leader of the Chosen of Fate, Greater Power of the Sentry.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Neutral.
The followings of Kerriariadne, Tripper are considered allies.
The Chosen of Fate is a non-aggressive Neutral following, dedicated to the teaching of the young, personal growth, and devoted service to the Realm as a whole. Its rules and requirements for entry are challenging, but the personal growth and camaraderie found there more than repay the price of duty.


Cordir, leader of the Chosen of Fate, Greater Power of the Sentry.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Neutral.
The followings of Bliss, Kerriariadne, Tripper are considered allies.
Brief following description:
The Chosen of Fate is a Neutral following dedicated to the teaching
of the young, personal growth, and devoted dservice to the Realm as
a whole. Its requirements for entry and rules are challenging, but
the close knit, supportive, teaching environment and cameraderie found
within more than repay the price of duty asked. The Chosen range in
experience from 2x playtesters to those new to mudding. Internal programs
of apprenticeship exist to teach and share knowledge, and an outreaching
Council is in place so that all opinions are heard and heeded.

July 14, 2002:

Cordir, leader of the Chosen of Fate, Greater Power of the Sentry.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Neutral.
The followings of Tripper, Kerriariadne, Bliss are considered allies.
The followings of Myronides, Torchbearer are considered enemies.

October 16, 2004:

Cordir, leader of the Chosen of Fate, Greater Power of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Neutral.
The followings of Clue, Kerriariadne are considered allies.
The followings of Torchbearer, Katrana are considered enemies.
The Chosen of Fate is a Neutral following dedicated to the teaching of the young, personal growth, and devoted service to the Realm as a whole. Its requirements for entry and rules are challenging, but the close knit, supportive, teaching environment and camaraderie found within more than repay the price of duty asked. The Chosen range in experience from 2x playtesters to those new to mudding. Internal programs of apprenticeship exist to teach and share knowledge, and an outreaching Council is in place so that all opinions are heard and heeded.
Chosen Website: - Click on the spiderweb.

Changing PK Model:

The Chosen of Fate were initially of the 'Hearth' PK Model. This was the most restrictive of all of the models. Members were unable to initiate combat of any kind, unless individually justified to do so. At that time, Cordir required her followers to flee if attacked, without exception.

Later, when Tynian wished the removal of the 'Hearth' PK model, the Chosen of Fate changed to the 'Sentry' model. This allowed use of FJUST, a 'following justification' that allowed the entire following to avenge attacks or deaths of their brothers and sisters. Because the Chosen of Fate remained true to the original goals of the PK model, they were allowed to retain it long after other new followings were not allowed to select it.

[ 11] Cordir: SWORD
Mon Mar 1 11:15:05 2004
To followers of: Cordir

Our PK model has been changed. Every Chosen has a 30 day window in which to decide if they will stay or they will go. WHY?

1) Tynian has expressed in the past his wish that Sentry - and PK Model as a whole - go away. He has checked with me now and then to ask if I'd changed my mind. While I DO NOT know this to be true ... it has occurred to me that perhaps there are many things that he wishes to do with TFC that he cannot, with PK model in his way, coding wise.

2) It would happen eventually. I wanted it to happen on my own terms. Bluntly, I don't know if I am long for this realm, and I want to shake it to its foundations while I can. If you ask why I would think that, I have but one word for you. Majere.

What does this mean for you?

  • MY RULES GOVERNING PK AND YOUR INVOLVEMENT IN PK HAVE NOT CHANGED. Hands / Blades / Mystics are the only ones who should be getting in conflict. Same rules apply - only help those who are hunting Anathema or Wyld Hunt.
  • It means we need to watch out for one another more. Watch over our little ones. Keep them safe. They no longer have Fjust -- But they do have the focused attention and protection of our entire following.
  • Treat Ally Anathema as you have: No harm, but no aid. Offer to help them with removal from the Anathema list.

If you have questions: ASK BEFORE YOU ACT.

Entry Requirements:

1. Change your title to: 'walks the path of the Wyrm.'
2. Reach level 10, minimum.
3. Gain the sponsorship of a current member of the Chosen.
4. Write a character history. Your sponsor will tell you where to send it.
5. Present yourself for a one on one interview with Cordir. (Here's one example of The Fifth Requirement)
6. Spend a `year and a day' of TFC time (two hours RL) assisting the young and new to the Realm with spells, eq, advice, and guidance.
7. Learn eight of the racial cities of your home continent. Be able to prove this knowledge by obtaining a unique item from each city.
8. Select three Geasa and discuss their suitability with your sponsor.
9. Find the Sigil Draktha in the Ruins of the Citadel in the North. Be able to reach it from your home city.

Why Those Tasks? (From the Chosen of Fate website)

The point of this quest is to show me that you're capable of fulfilling the primary mission of the Chosen of Fate - helping the mud to grow by assisting new players. I fully acknowledge that some of the tasks are challenging for level 10 characters. If you have questions about what assistance you can have, ask your sponsor. For other details, read on...

  • "Spend a `year and a day' of TFC time (two hours RL) assisting the young and new to the Realm with spells, eq, advice, and guidance." Get used to it - you'll be doing it a lot. That means being in the guild and actively checking the who 1 10 list. Corpse rescues, obtaining newbie gear, giving directions, advice, spelling them up, etc, is all appropriate assistance. I recommend you take note of whom you help and how. There may be a quiz later. :)
  • "Learn eight of the racial cities of your home continent. Be able to prove this knowledge by obtaining a unique item from each city." Does this mean I want you to take a 10th level character to each of these cities? No. I wish the player to be educated, not simply the character. You are encouraged to start a newbie of each race, in order to learn the home town and the surrounding area. Take a look at the TFC World Map on the TFC Web Page to see how areas and home cities inter-connect. I want you to be knowlegeable of the Realm you adventure in. The tokens may be obtained either by your Questing character in person, or through honorable trade or purchase, or asking help from a Chosen.
  • "Select three Geasa and discuss their suitability with your sponsor. " You may be asking yourself, 'What ARE Geasa?' In answer, Geasa are an ancient tradition by which voluntary bonds are placed upon the individual. They are best chosen by you, for you; they act as tests of your strength of will and self control. A Geas is an action that's prohibited or required. An example of a Geas of Prohibition would be: I swear NEVER to eat food from a shopkeeper, never to enter the vortex, never to slay an Ogre, etc. An example of a Geas of Requirement would be: I swear to ALWAYS give aid to anyone who asks it of me, no matter the task or the petitioner, or Always visit Cillidellia each log in and pay respects to Queen Mariel or Always speak the truth. Inappropriate geasa would include things that are already required of Chosen, bound by mud rules, or simiilar sorts of things. The more specific the geasa, the better.

Special Circumstances

Cordir set forth 'special circumstances' rules, that would allow a potential follower the ability to bypass some elements of the Entry Quest. These were:

  • The individual helped or befriended Cordir when she was a mortal.
  • The individual had an alt that was already in the Chosen of Fate.
  • The individual had an alt that was an Immortal (past or present).
  • The individual was a playtester for a new class.

On one occasion, Cordir had a follower (Bastian) leave the following, because they were so outraged that someone else received 'special circumstances' and didn't have to complete the entire quest, feeling that it 'cheapened' the following to give such 'preferential' treatment. (In a bit of irony, Bastian later immorted as another character, and gave much the same preferential treatment to others.)



Cordir: The Chosen of Fate - 3/7/00
Type: board messages
To followers of: Cordir
The following is a list of all of the Chosen of Fate,
in the order they were accepted and at their rank at the time:
Nyx, Shadow of Fate    -  Thief/30
Talmud, Servitor of Fate    - Warrior 9 / Mage 10
Deamhan An-Shalach   - Cleric 21
Amblin, Child of Fate - Thief/11
Durin, Seeker of Fate - Cleric 21 / Warrior 21
Marvadoc, Lost One of Fate * 
Gregar, Child of Fate - Shaman 6
Kennet, Seer of Fate - Thief 24 / Warrior 18
Ananasi Aleitros, Journeyman of Fate - Thief / 6, Mage 16 / Ranger 11
Palin, Servant of Fate - Warrior 20 / Mage 19
Cerberus, Child of Fate - Cleric 10
Natalie D'Augustine, Child of Fate and Priestess of Aralene
Mireya An-Shalach, Daughter of Cordir & Deamhan
Helati de-Orilig - Mage 15 / Thief 14
Adso, Child of Fate, Mage 9 / Warrior 16
Cirth the Pale, Scribe of Fate - Mage 24
Lataal (who's title and level I don't have handy)
Elaina, Child of Fate, Mage 10
Trakker, Elven Emmissary of Fate, - Thief 24 / Mage 25 / Ranger 26
Serenity, Child of Fate, Shaman 12
Bastian, Child of Fate, Cleric 10
Fuzzy, Grizzled Thief of fate. Mage 4 / Ranger 9/ Thief 9
Kalee - Warrior 16th / Cleric 23th
Angeline - Shaman 12th
Garvax, Mage 11th / Warrior 9th
Khorlan Farseer, Alchemist of Fate - Ranger 15 / Mage 25
Azmoth, Cleric 11th
Cistercian Silverleaf, Servitor of Fate - Warrior 10th
Elladan, Immortal Attendant to the Chosen of Fate
Noctus, Cleric 10th
Gillfen, Servitor of Fate - Cleric 13
Boromir Fated to be Dragon-Chased and Shark-Bait - Th:16 Ra:15 Ma:18
Dalmiera the Servitor of Fate seeking answers - Ma:10 

At this time, Tyrall is not an official following member.
However, he still plans to fully join us at a later time.
Additionally, followers Gernoul, Teine, and Storivad were deleted
and are thus struck from our roll.  As well, Allyena has asked for 
has asked for and received a Rejection from the Chosen.

Let there be no strangers among us.  Seek out and introduce yourself
to all of your sisters and brothers.

Cordir An-Shalach

(See Also: Category:Chosen of Fate) The membership of the Chosen of Fate is broken into the two times Cordir was an FLI:

First Ascension

In Order of acceptance: Nyx, Talmud the Theologian, Deamhan An-Shalach, Durin, Marvadoc, Amblin Dirado, Gregar T'Sarran, Ananasi Aleitros, Kennet D'Augustine, Gernoul, Cerberus, Palin D'henoke, Natalie Rose D'Augustine, Allyena, Mireya An-Shalach, Helati de-Orilig, Teine, Adso, Cirth the Pale, Lataal, Boromir, Tyrall, Storivad, Irgaak, Elaina, Bastian, Trakker Longbow, Fuzzy, Kalee, Serenity, Angeline, Garvax, Khorlan Farseer, Azmoth, Cistercian, Saran Cerementi, Gillfen, Trevor, Dalmiera, Flutter, Dazzle, Ringo, Sarabos, Noctus, Dwarvenheld, Harmony Skylore, Clue, Tirayel Vairhyn, Cleon Venabili, Celia, Tien Shihan, Alex, Dracos, Aslan T'Sarran, Bancor, Lanfear Daermon N'a'shezbaernon, Aphrodite, Morgaine, Kethran, Solaron Al'Veeran, Kaldred, Rigel, Ambrose, Ordeith, Aerith, Kettri, Katrana, Ebonie, Taibh, Anduin, Shylok, Myre, Ghazkull

Second Ascension

In Alphabetical Order: Abe, Aerith, Alleron, Amblin Dirado, Ambrose, Ananasi Aleitros, Angeline, Aphrodite, Arcanum Dra'sai, Arianos, Arieda, Asher, Aslan T'Sarran, Avatarr, Aviendha, Avoozl, Azilix, Azmoth, Balin, Bancor, Belsambar, Boromir, Brick, Cadee, Calivax, Celia, Cerberus, Charles, Cirth the Pale, Cistercian Silverleaf, Cleon, Clue, Corbin, Corri, Coyul, Dalmiera, DarkClaw, Dart, Dazzle, Deamhan An-Shalach, Delan, Deyanira, Diver, Doc Demento, Dracos, Dragan, Drakar Grimward, Drazuk, Drizzt Do'Urden, Drystan ap Aran, Durin, Dwarvenheld, Ebonie, Elaina, Erian, Esariston, Eulamarkeize, Faile bat'Kael, Fearghus, Fling, Flutter, Furnock, Fury, Fuzzy, Galatea, Garland, Garvax, Gaul Stone, Ghazkull, Gillfen, Gloom, Gregar T'Sarran, Gryffen,Harmony Skylore, Helati de-Orilig, Ihsahn, Illek, Indiga, Ink, Innovindil, Isolas Starleaf, Jet, Jun, Kaldred Kandrell, Kalee, Kaltar, Katrana, Katvis, Keenare, Kenlo, Kennet D'Augustine, Kethran, Kettri, Khorlan Farseer, Kirith Whitefire, Korran Strongbow, Lanfear Daermon N'a'shezbaernon, Lataal, Linkin, Marvadoc, MikGub, Mireya An-Shalach, Mnaramenth Vidrion, Morgaine, Myre, Myst, Natalie Rose D'Augustine, Nobbs, Noctus, Nyx, Oook, Ordeith, Palin D'henoke, Pardoquilian Beoluve, Persephone, Phoras, Pitt, Poit, Pol O'Song, Preston, Ptarchyzk, Qeiri, Quarnel, Quaroth, Quathros, Ramza Beoluve, Rigel, Ringo, Rufus, Salomar, Sarabos, Sarai, Saran Cerementi, Saruman, Schwartz, Scrye, Sharn, Shilea, Shylok, SirPsycho, Solaron, Straezan, Syrinz, Taibh, Talmud, Tarathiel, Terenas, Tien, Tirayel, Trakker, Tranquility Rose, Trap T'Sarran-Sturdivant, Trevor, Tripletriztz, Tyanna, Tyb, Tybalt, Ungrim, Urso, Wardrof, Weket, Wisp, Wistom, Witchblade, Witchdoctor, Xylos, Ysild.

  • OnceAMadman <- Yes, that was the Implementor Madman, visiting as a mortal in June of 2004.
  • Ivarr <- 2x Triat Master coming for a visit on 09/30/2000.
  • Maurice <- Yes, that was the Founder, who stopped by for a visit.

Additional Notes/Trivia:

  • The Chosen of Fate were the longest running Neutral following on The Final Challenge, spanning 9 years.
  • Most of the Ordained titles and special phrases were in Gaelic.
  • Regular meetings known as the "Fateful Hour" and Bardic Circles were held, sometimes with guests, for specific role-play or storytelling events. (See logs below!)
  • The mortal leaders of the following were known as Taoiseach (Councilors).
  • Those who attacked following members once or twice, were known as Rabhadh. Enemies of the following who had attacked or stolen from a Chosen 3 times, or slain a Chosen, were known as Anathema.
  • Individuals who were recognized as friends of great standing to the following were known as Destined. These included (at various times) Abender Stormreaver, Vecna, Jahiliya of Veladorn, Clumsyfool of Mirth, Trap Sturdivant T'Sarran, Typhon, Ivarr, Mael and Gaul Stone
  • All members were required to take on Geasa, a roleplayed prohibition or required action, which were witnessed by Cordir's "pet", the Guardian Spider . Saran Cerementi, Nyx and Tirayel took on the most, with nine each. These vows could range from never eating meat to never using the gossip channel, to being required to perform IDs upon request or visiting a specific zone each log in.
  • The Chosen of Fate's Avatar (for Avatar Wars in 2004 & 2006) was Lanae, based on Lanfear. Their Snowman, for Snowman Wars, was Phraustea. Kethran was particularly instrumental in building both Avatars and Snowmen.
  • Sub-groups within the Chosen that dealt with attacks on the following included the Blades of Fate and the Hands of Fate. (Not to be confused with the Selected of Fate)
  • Those who joined in 1999 - 2000 received a Chosen Welcome email.
  • More individuals from the Chosen of Fate have gone one to become FLIs in their own right, than any other following in TFC's history.

Timeline Logs - Joining Ceremonies:

Aerith, Allyena, Ambrose, Ananasi Aleitros, Anduin, Angeline, Aphrodite, Aster, Bastian, Celia, Cistercian, Cleon Venabili, Clue, Diver, Dracos, Drakar, Ebonie, Elaina, Flutter, Garvax, Gaul, Gernoul, Ghazkull, Gillfen, Gryffen, Harmony Skylore, Helati de-Orilig, Isolas, Kaldred Kandrell & Katrana, Kalee, Kennet D'Augustine, Kethran, Kettri, Lanfear Daermon N'a'shezbaernon, Marvadoc, Morgaine, Myre, Natalie Rose D'Augustine, Persephone, Quarnel, Rigel, Saran Cerementi, Solaron Al'Veeran, Taibh, Tien Shihan, Tirayel Vairhyn, Trakker Longbow, Tybalt, TranquilityRose/Serenity, Trap, Trevor, Wardrof,

Timeline Logs - Chosen of Fate Special Events:

1999 - 2000

8 Chosen: A Record, Matters of the T'sarran Family, Dinin's Gift to the Weaver & Deamhan, Kennet & The Dracolich, Fate's Debt (regarding the Dracolich), Heartless No More (restoring the heart of Silonch), The Stormreaver is Destined, Two Boys Go Fishing (Or, how to burn through 600 of Cordir's Mana), Trakker & Friends vs Captain Niall, Cordir Ascends to Lesser Goddess. Cordir's Challenge to the Chosen, A Storytelling Duel (Ananasi Vs Talmud), A Fowl Tale (Lorna's Story Quest).
Rites of Renewal, Wyld Goings On, Trakker & Friends vs Scairz, Vows Renewed (Cordir & Deamhan's second vows), The Theologian Departs (Talmud says his goodbyes), Trakker reaches Level 50!, Gregar's Shame (and rejection). Talmud's Reward (for completing a quest), Bastian's Tale, Serenity's Vision Quest, For The Triat (a poem by Cirth), Cirth Teaches of the Triat, Thaygar's Tale at a bardic circle, which was followed by Khore's Tale, Cirth's Vision of 'What If'...

2001 - 2002

Corri endures the Weaver's Mirror, A Vestal Oath Broken (Cordir speaking with Gavin & Tranquility), Adso Ascends! (The first Chosen of Fate to Immort), Cordir Reads the Pattern for one of Life's Blood, A Declaration of Silliness, Tranquility's Thoughts on Neutrality, Minar's Opinion of Fate, Torchbearer is Chosen (becomes Fate's Attendant), Aslan's Oath, A Reading of the Threads, Aslan's Geasa, Nakka's Proclaimation, Weaver's Disgrace (Cordir's Retirement/Removal from Play), Cordir's Disgrace: Reactions, Cordir's Apology, Restoration (Tynian's Announcement), Weaver Re-Ascends (Cordir reaches Demi), T & N (a poem by Noctus). The Second Annual Golem Quest (Fate's Golem reaches the finals, but is defeated by Dark Chocolate), Cordir runs a Silly Weapons Tournament, The Quest of the Shaman, Tirayel's Storytelling Contest, Nakka's Tale at the Fateful Hour, Lanfear's Past, Handmaiden's Shame (the 10-02-2001 Fateful Hour), A Visitation of Ancient Spirts at the 10/9/01 Fateful Hour, 11/7/01 Bardic Circle - Part 1 (Performances by Drystan, Artanis, Tranquility, Athorne, Zaaris, and Belsambar) and Bardic Circle - Part 2 (with performances by Solaron, Katrana, Kaleyah, Clue, Tsumemasa, Sethvir, and Cordir), Drystan sings of "The Great Chocolate Battle", Fate Reborn: 1st Bardic after reinstatement, with performances by Drystan, Ysild, and Cordir. The Rededication of the Sanctuary of Fate.
Aslan & Talyn are Wed, The Rejection of Galatea, Noctus Proposes, A Wedding Invitation, Mordith's Confession, A Fated Takeover, Safeguarding the Child, The Vows of Tranquility & Noctus, The Ultimatim: Give up the cake, Boromir! A Note Regarding Nyx, Lanfear's Punishment, Clue is Embraced by Khore, Acting a Bit Too Wyld (or, Kaldred Gets In Trouble. Again.), The Ordainment of Lanfear, The Second Ascension (Cordir reaches Lesser again), Clue's Immortality Petition, Solaron reaches level 40!, Nyx takes an Apprentice, Katrana reaches level 40!, Abe's Honor Duel, Elven Attendant (Myronides), Dalaran's "Discussion", Salomar Hates Fate! (and here's why), What Fate Is, or is Not, a note by Cordir. Oook's Song of Power, The Wardancer & Fate Accord, Oook Performs an Ancient Ogre Ceremonial Song, Katrana's Immortality Petition, The Vows of Katrana & Solaron, Adventures in Attendancy (Zarous), Abe reaches level 50! Abe is named Champion of the Elves (even though he's human), Katrana is promoted to Ambassador, Ananasi & Her Monkey, Fate's Debt to Valance, Jet's Departure, Durin's Release, DarkClaw's Ordainment, Kaldred's release from Ordainment, Explaining the Sacrifice (Sharn asks about the Gentleman's Sacrifice), Kaldred reaches level 50! Solaron's Departure, DC & Garland's Wedding Invite. Noctus' Proposal Quest for Tranquility, Bad, Bad Danger Twins (a poem by Ty), Golem Wars III (Fiesty Fiend vs Wyrm's Leviathan), Cordir runs A Scavenger Hunt, Leaving a Calling Card - a quest for thieves, A Pair of Quests, and A Mud Knowledge Quest. What If... I had not joined the Chosen of Fate? (a story writing quest), and the The Thief Quest are followed by Yet Another Scavenger Hunt. [ Jan 15 Bardic Circle with performances by Drystan, Solaron, Artanis, Nobbs, Xavier, Esariston, The Disco Birdie, and Ysild, The March 19th Fateful Hour - Nyx's Deordainment & the offering of secrets and sacrifices, the April 2nd Bardic Circle with performances by Drystan, Saruman, Clue, Cordir, Tranquility, and Natilena, The Binding of the Tainted, The Bardic Invasion: Performances by the new Bard class: Aviendha, Kirith, & Oook. Also, Kaldred asks for Indiga's hand in marriage and Aslan departs the realm.Oook sings a Song of Power, Oook performs an Ancient Ogre Ceremonial Song, and 'Der Shiny Fishy Song'.

2003 - 2005:

The Vows of DarkClaw & Garland, A Top 10 by Pol (the LEAST likely overheard things on TFC), Lanfear reaches level 50!, Fooled (Lanfear & Noctus play tricks on Cordir), Ty's Thank You, The Streaker's Release, The Black Kismet, Rath's Oath, The Weaver's Bind (poetry by Solaron), The Weaver's Poem (Poetry by DarkClaw), Star's Apology, Ptarchyzk Sells Himself (and Fate has the highest bid), Lanfear Retires, Joining Fate: Tybalt's Quest. Cycles - a poem by Cordir. A Telling of Tales, Oook's Demon Stomping Song, the First Bard Review Ever - by Oook, of course! Oook's second and third Bard Reviews. Oook & Eliste Perform. The Avatar Quest - Fate slays Tagnik'Zur and The Fonz. Cadee gets into the Bardic Swing of things, with her First & Second bardic reviews, and her third and fourth reviews. Snowman Wars begin, and Phraustea defeats all challengers.

Timeline Logs – Triat References/Events:

Thaygar's Unretirement, The Ordainment of Nyx, Nyx's Triat Mastery Quest, Nyx's Triat Mastery Completion, Weaver's Punishment, Adso's Triat Mastery Quest, Noctus' Triat Mastery Quest, Nakka Speaks of the Triat, The Acolyte Gives Guidance, Solaron's Vision, Clue's Ordainment, Gregar takes on Geasa, Kaldred's Triat Mastery Quest, Cirth writes of the Triumph of the Wyld, Cirth writes of the Wyrm's Challenge, Cirth writes of the Weaver's Embrace, Rites of Renewal & Nyx's Release from Ordainment, Kaldred's Completion & Ordainment, Solaron's Triat Mastery Quest, The Night of Wyld Praise, Katrana's Triat Mastery Quest, The Wedding of Katrana & Solaron, The Wyrm Incarna Acknowledged, The Purification of Electra, The Ogre Bard sings of Fire and Darkness, A Poem for the Wyldess, The Tides of the Hunt, Cycles



9 players.
Gno [    Cl:30 Wa:30    ] Noctus (Assistant Ambassador) *Tranquility* *Fate*
Elf [    Ma:25 Ra:25    ] Lanfear: IN XTC!  *FATE* *CHOSEN*
Hum [    Wa:28 Cl:30    ] Clue(Mrs Rigel) Weaver Priestess, favored of Fate
Elf [    Cl:26 Wa:25    ] Solaron, Wyldling of Wisdom.   -Fate-
Hum [    Ra: 7 Ma:15    ] Bancor,Apprentice of Fate -=[Chosen]=-
Gno [    Sh:27 Wa:23    ] Katrana, Bladed Shamanic Adept of Fate
Aar [    Wa:11 Sh:30    ] Gregar the handy-dandy bag machine *tiger-fate*
Hum [    Ma:11 Ra: 9    ] Ebonie the Patient.    *Fate*
Aar [    Th:20 Sh:21    ] Tranquility Handmaiden to Cordir. *Fate*Noctus*


7 players.
Aar [    Sh:25 Th:22    ] Tranquility guildbound birdie of Fate. *Noctus*
Ogr [       Wa:24       ] Jun Warrior Strong Fate!
Hlf [    Wa:12 Cl:12    ] Kenlo: One Soul, One Life, One Meaning. *fate*
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Clue, blood-daughter to Lord Khore.[Cordir][Fate]
Hum [    Cl:28 Wa:15    ] DarkClaw, Fated Star.    -= Garland =-
Hel [    Cl:28 Wa:20    ] Quarnel:  Does this armor make me look Fate?
Elf [     Attendant     ] Myronides a.k.a. John Wayne


9 players.

Dwa [    Th:30 Sh:30    ] Doc Demento, Wyld Hooligan of Fate {config -nash}
Aar [ Th: 2 Wa:25 Sh:25 ] Fury the Prettybirdboy of Fate (Nidea)(Karma)
Aar [    Th:30 Sh:30    ] Tranquility rises to the call of Fate. *Noctus*
Hum [ Ma:13 Wa:30 Th:30 ] Ptarchyzk, Fate, Kindred, Justice.. Mischief!
Hum [ Ma:17 Ra:15 Th:15 ] Asher, Master of the Micro-Magi -Fate- *Inny**SOH*
Elf [    Cl:17 Wa:18    ] Alleron Defender Of The Fate
Hel [       Th:30       ] Nyx: Faileas Dhan, Ebon Hand of Fate.
Aar [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ] Pitt, Mystic Hand of Fate (Taoiseach)
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[ 16] Cordir: Life, the Universe, and Everything
Sun Jun 22 21:34:40 2008
To followers of: Cordir
So. Um. Yeah.I've written this a couple of times in the past, but this time it's actually sticking. :)

I will not be returning to TFC as an active FLI. Life, the universe, and everything (translation: a new house 3x the size to keep clean/unpack/make into a home, a 10 year old girl in my life, and a husband who deserves more time than I've given him in the past) have all come together to convince me that now is the time to retire.

I had some thoughts of going god+, and had even gotten the green light for that. That was an awesome gesture on Tynian's part, and I appreciate it.

June 20 was the 9 year anniversary of my becoming an FLI for the first time. I think that's a rather nice, Triaty sort of number.

Next Sunday (June 29th), probably mid day, I will be logging in and requesting Retirement. I would love to have as many folks from Fate (members now, and members from the past) there to say good bye. I'll bring a box of Kleenex, if you will. :)

Fate has changed TFC. We've been a force to be reckoned with, we've been a group doing things that no one else could do, or had ever dreamed of. I have had the pleasure and honor of serving you as your immortal, and it has enriched and changed my life. Thank you. Each of you. Many, I've had the pleasure of calling friends. In some cases, close friends. In one case, beloved. My life literally would not be the same without this game. It's been a long, fun ride.

So. Enough with that, I'm starting to get boo-hoo'ey. Hope to see ya on every now and then - I do plan on visiting, and will log in a few times between now and then hoping to catch folks in person. I'll happily log in on specific requests, via messenger or email if I get it in a timely fashion. I'm also planning on working up a Triat Mastery quest for Corri, since she made it to 50 before my deadline.

Take care, and know that I adore ya all.

Best wishes,

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