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Fall, 1996: Notes -- At this point, Cordir was in the Black Conclave, and was being courted by Gwyrdain. Just prior to the beginning of the log, Cordir had asked to speak with Madman regarding a song she had written for Nevyn. He summoned her, and Molo tagged along for the conversation. The song's length was discussed, and mention was made that the Great Implementor hoped it wasn't a Thaygarian-length ode.. Molo admitted that Cordir _was_ one of those ex-Ebons… but that she made herself generally useful and even cleaned the Crypt… Madman then asked if he could borrow her, saying his office got a little messy some times, what with his pet demon and all.. Molo promptly offered Cordir's services to the Implementor, "free of any charge, of course." During this time, the Implementor was also running a contest. Anyone who could find the room in which he stood would win a prize. Individuals in the log: Madman, Molo, Cordir, Khore, Gwyrdain.

Cordir gulps.

Molo says, 'Especially after those ambassador promotions I bet'.

Madman nods.
Madman says 'demotions.. er…'

Molo nods.
Molo snickers softly.

Madman says 'yes. promotions.'
Madman nods.

Cordir says bravely, "My Lord Implementor, it would be my pleasure and honor."

Molo cackles gleefully at Cordir. Better keep your distance from him.

Madman says 'we shall see'.

Cordir says (in common), 'Let me know where to start scrubbing, and...'

Madman says 'touch my computers and you die, however.'

Cordir winces.
Cordir nods.
Cordir says , 'Of course, Lord Implementor.'
Cordir brightens at a thought.
Cordir says (in common), 'I take dictation... am a touch-typist of 80 wpm..'

Molo says, 'Your book shelves have an inch of dust I just noticed!'.
Molo gasps in astonishment.

Cordir says (in common), 'Do really well with phones... Sing..'
Cordir blushes.
Cordir says, 'I'm generally rather useful..'

Madman says 'ah. I don't like phones.'
Madman growls.

Cordir says (in common), 'I could save You from them, Lord Madman… keep them quiet at all times..'

Molo raises an eyebrow at Cordir.

Madman says 'the mud receptionist'.

Cordir giggles.

Madman says 'I like that idea'.

Cordir says (in common), 'I'm a trained professional… don't try this at home.'
Cordir blushes scarlet.

Molo says, 'You should hear her voice sometime Great Implementor of Executions and Slaying!'.

Cordir blushes and dies of embarrassment.

Gwyrdain tells the group 'gunna try a guess at MM's location'.

Madman says 'is it a evil hag sound, or a seductive one?'.

Cordir tells the group 'ok.. I can't say, though..'

Gwyrdain tells the group 'doh... nevemind... am cursed'.

Cordir blushes and mumbles, "I really couldn't say, sir.."

Madman looks at Cordir.

Molo says, 'seductive...rather pleasing to living creatures I would say'.

Madman says 'you really need a description'.
Madman says 'And how would you know, you undead thing you?'.

Gwyrdain tells the group 'My guess would almost necessitate recalling back'.

Cordir says (in common), 'I... had one. However ... much changed about me over the last few mortal days.. And I have not yet echoed them in my description.'

Molo has a Nashite 800# pager. <Note: This is no longer the case, to the best of my knowledge. For that reason, the # has been removed from this log.>

Madman snickers softly.

Cordir touches her neck where Khore's bite used to be and looks angry.

Madman says 'ah'.

Cordir nods to her Lord.

Molo says, 'Followers use it often'.

Madman re-echoes: No one is close yet.

Cordir says (in common), 'Has the Implementor heard the tale of the "Zara" message?'. Cordir blushes scarlet.

Madman shakes his head.

Cordir breathes a sigh of relief.

Molo smirks.

Madman re-echoes: You cant play Khore.

Molo got a message from "ZARA's House of Pleasure" one night.

Madman snickers softly.

Molo snickers at his own evil thoughts.

Madman re-echoes: This is a test of MUD Knowledge.

Cordir says (in common), 'Zara's Pleasure Palace.. actually..' Cordir blushes scarlet.

Khore appears from a blinding flash as a winged creature glides by and vanishes.

Molo nods in recognition to you.

Khore says 'I found you!'.

Cordir screams in fear.
Cordir hides from the Vampyre Lord.

Madman says 'calm yourself Cordir'.

Molo says, 'I was here first Sucker'.

Khore grins evilly.

Madman says 'its just our resident vampire'.

Molo glares at Khore.

Khore glares around him.

Molo beams a smile at Khore.

Cordir nods politely, but icily at the Vampire Lord.

Khore smiles happily.
Khore says 'She's not happy with me right now.'

Madman re-echoes: I already stated the clues.

Cordir takes a small step back away from Khore.

Khore says 'Having tried to kill her and all. :)'.

Molo says, 'I would bet not'.

Cordir nods in recognition to Khore.

Madman says 'Trying to kill the new Mud receptionist?'.

Molo nods in recognition to Madman.

Khore says 'receptionist? :)'.

Molo says, 'Cordir will be moonlighting as the Mud Receptionist'.

Khore says 'Cool, what does one of those do?'.

Cordir mimes picking up a phone.
Cordir says (in common), 'Madman's office.. please hold...'.
Cordir leaves them on hold for 100 years.
Cordir does her nails

Madman says 'and cleaning my office as well'.

Khore smirks.

Molo nods.

Khore says 'Can you clean the cave every other month?'.

Molo cackles gleefully at Cordir. Better keep your distance from him.

Madman nods in recognition to Cordir. Madman says 'excellent'.

Molo says, 'No Khore'.

Khore chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir winces at what Khore suggested.

Molo says, 'She is not to enter your cave'.

Khore says 'yes, I remember. :)'.

Cordir says (in common), 'Indeed not!'.

Khore is too tired to RP right now.
Khore says 'I'm not too tired to put holes in anyone.; produces his Puncturer-2000XL.'

Cordir says (in common), 'No holes in me.. I don't want to be a Swiss Witch..'

Khore says 'ack.'

Molo says, 'Heck, this town is HARD to find.'
Molo grins evilly.

Madman says 'I will summon you tomorrow for cleaning Cordir'.

Molo glares around him.

Khore smirks.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says (in common), 'I even have the proper tools..'
Cordir stops using a lock pick.
Cordir holds a witch's broom in her hands.

Madman re-echoes: I suggest you get some good armor - the demon gets feisty

Madman nods. Madman waves happily.

Cordir bows deeply and waves.

Khore waves happily.

Madman has transferred Cordir.

(End Scene)