Playing with Palmer

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Back Story: Palmer had a very bad habit of spying upon the Goddess of Fate. First, she asked nicely. Then she asked not quite as nicely. Finally, she resorted to magic and brute force....

(Palmer's Point of View)
The Lower Hall [Exits: north up]
Chronic was last here, traveling up.
(White Aura) The newsboy stands here selling newspapers.

You hear footsteps behind you.

Palmer ftells, 'anyone else get those emotes?'.

Chronic ftells, 'nope'.

You attempt to move silently.


Hallway [Exits: north east south west down]
This hallway must have been built by giants! It is huge! Then again, there are more than a few giants that belong to The Guild, so it may just be so. There are doors to your left and right leading to other places in the guild designed to serve the needs of all adventurers. A stairway leads down to a hallway below.
A delicious magic mushroom is here.
Palin was last here, traveling down.
(White Aura) The newsboy stands here selling newspapers.
(Purple Aura) Oshee is here.
(Purple Aura) Faille is here.

>hug oshee
You hug her.

Oshee smiles at you.

The back of your neck begins to prickle...

(Purple Aura) Faille is here.
(Purple Aura) Oshee is here.

Kundun arrives from the west.

Faille shivers uncomfortably.

Palmer says (in common), 'i'm in trouble AGAIN'.

You snicker softly.

Soulseeker arrives from the east.

Oshee laughs.
Oshee says (in common), 'what did you do this time?'.

Palmer says (in common), 'i never do anything!'.

Faille says (in common), 'what did you do this time Palmer.'.

You hear the faint sound of a blade being drawn in the darkness.

Faille grins neutrally at Oshee.
Faille giggles.
Faille rolls her eyes.

Palmer hides.

Faille pats you on your back.

Oshee says (in common), 'I think Palmer would be happiest if everyone believed him innocent and harmless'.

Palmer says (in common), 'Cordir said i was spying on her, but i was just stretching my eyes'.

Dark figures rise out of the corners of the hallway, flitting around the thief.

Faille giggles.

You nod in recognition to Oshee.

Boyardee arrives from below.

Faille says (in common), 'Methinks you're in for it now Palmer.'.

Oshee says (in common), 'ouch'.

Faille winks suggestively at you.

Palmer rubs his chest, already sore from the last pummeling.

The newsboy says, 'Palmer.. you better hide!'.

Faille giggles.

You poke him in the ribs.

The newsboy pokes you in the ribs.

Boyardee looks at you.

Palmer says (in common), 'quiet newsie'.

The newsboy says, 'I heard you're in trouble with a capital T!'.

Palmer says (in common), 'i'm innocent i tells you'.

Oshee says (in common), 'What would a newsboy know?'.

The newsboy leaves down.

Palmer says (in common), 'and you can quote me on that'.

The newsboy rolls his eyes.

Faille laughs.

>Look Newsboy

"Get yer paper...Get yer paper here!" he screams. Noticing you, he
says, "Hey - want to buy a paper?"
The newsboy is in perfect health.

You ponder the question.

Palmer says (in common), 'newsboy aint gettin no christmas gift from me'.

The newsboy snickers softly.
The newsboy says, 'I don't want a christmas gift from you, thief.'.

Borneo leaves north.

A small spider crawls down the wall from the ceiling.

Palmer says (in common), 'i hate spiders!'.

The spider crawls over towards Palmer.

Palmer screams.
Palmer says (in common), 'get away!!'.

The spider pauses, then waggles a foreleg reprovingly at Palmer.

Palmer takes off a shoe.

The spider says (in spider) 'Bad thief!'

Palmer says (in common), 'i'll whack you!'.

The spider scurries away.

Palmer says (in common), 'i love pretending to be brave'.

The spider heard that...

Palmer puts his shoe back on.

You snicker softly.

Boyardee now follows you.
Boyardee says (in common), 'I'll save you!'.

You grin evilly at him.

Palmer says (in common), 'spider stew!!'.

The spider says, (in spider) 'I have no argument with you, Chef.'
The spider says, (in spider) 'But the Lady of the Web is angry with ... him.'

Boyardee says (in common), 'You aren't a manifestation of Lolth, are ya?'.

The spider wiggles a leg in Palmer's direction.

Boyardee says (in common), 'Oh'.

Palmer screams!

### Rudy killed by a large spider at In a Twisted Forest

Boyardee says (in common), 'In that case, carry on'.

Palmer says (in common), '### Rudy killed by a large spider at In a Twisted Forest'.

You snicker softly.

Boyardee says (in common), 'hehe'.

Oshee laughs.

Palmer says (in common), 'spiders everywhere!!'.
Palmer shivers.

The spider wiggles a foreleg, reminding you of its presence.

Palmer says (in common), 'ACK!'.

Palmer hides behind Oshee.

The spider glares at the thief, and mutters, (in spider) 'I am watching you, little thief...'

Oshee gets a dark robe of the mist from an egg casing.
Oshee gets a black spider silk dress from an egg casing.
Oshee gets a black spider silk cloak from an egg casing.
Oshee says (in common), 'look what i got'.

The spider eeps.

Palmer says (in common), 'ok, if you want, but i never do anything wrong'.

You cheer Oshee on, confident in her abilities.

Oshee says (in common), 'i got yer clothes spider'.

The spider scuttles away.

Palmer says (in common), 'you saved me Oshee'.

You kiss her.

Oshee says (in common), 'you think so?'.
Oshee puts a black spider silk cloak in an egg casing.
Oshee puts a black spider silk dress in an egg casing.
Cordir tells Palmer, 'have fun?'.

Palmer tells Cordir (in common), 'ya, i think Oshee and the Chef got a kick too'.

Cordir tells Palmer, '*grin*'.

And yet another occasion...: Cordir's Point of View

Ptarchyzk cants, 'Cordir.. you seen your thief of ranking?'.

You cant, '*frown* Not of late, much to my sorrow.'.

Palmer cants, 'but she gets to see me alot'.

You cant, 'I fear that he was carried off by weasels, or something.'.
You cant, 'I'll relay to him that you're seeking him.'.

Ptarchyzk cants, 'Palmer.. the way I hear it, you see more of her than vice versa.. you peeker.'.

You cant, '*ahem* True. Sadly, true.'.

Palmer cants, 'no no no, i was just stretching my eyes that time'.

You cant, 'Despite my courteous pleas...'.
You cant, 'despite threads, cajoling...'.
You cant, 'sending emissaries and strong arm spiders...'.
You cant, 'He just _won't stop_'.

Palmer cants, 'those were accidents'.
Palmer cants, 'i tripped'.
Palmer cants, 'i was just climbing the tree, i didnt know'.

Ptarchyzk cants, 'uh huh.'.

Palmer cants, 'Evil Shaman!'.

(And another...Palmer's Point of View)

Cordir enters the room in a blast of icy, howling wind.
Cordir gestures, and the winds surround Palmer, slamming him against the wall.

WitchBlade says (in common), '3con sash'.

Cordir stalks over towards the thief, her eyes dark and angry.
Cordir gestures, and slowly rises into the air until she is of a height to look him in the eye.
Cordir pokes him in the chest sharply with one finger.

Palmer says (in common), 'AAAK!'.
Palmer oofs!

Cordir growls through clenched teeth, 'Little thief... you WILL show some respect, and stop spying on me!'

Tyrall hugs Cordir.

Cordir growls through clenched teeth, 'Or I swear, by all I hold dear, that... that...'
Cordir breaks off her tirade, and slumps a bit, shrugging dis-spiritedly.
Cordir says quietly, 'I'll do nothing. Violence just isn't my way. But you nearly drive me to it, thief....'
Cordir turns her back on the thief, gesturing absently as she does so.

Tyrall smirks.

The winds cease abruptly, dumping Palmer on the floor.

(Cordir departs)

(And Another.... Log begun mid rant. Palmer is currently hiding under Corri's cloak, to escape the wrath of Cordir, who he has spied upon yet again. Log is from Cordir's perspective.)

Corri pokes palmer, making him sqwak.

Cordir gestures, and Corri's cloak is blown by the wind, revealing the thief hidden.
Cordir narrows her gaze. 'THERE you are.'

Corri mutters something about immortal benefits.

Cordir rises up into the air until she is at eye level with the Thief.

Corri whistles innocently *tm palmer*

Palmer says (in common), 'i cant control my info's, really i cant'.

Cordir fixes Palmer with a steely glare.

Palmer ducks.

You say, 'Palmer.... what did I tell you about snooping on me?'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

You say, 'Hmmmm? What did I say, Palmer?'.

Palmer says (in common), 'you said.. it once a day??'.

You glare icily at him.

Corri snickers softly.

Palmer lags.

You say, 'No, that's NOT what I said.'.
You say, 'I said, DO NOT do it any more!'.

Corri says (in common), 'you probably say it atleast once a day.. .. ...'.

Cordir grabs Palmer by the back of his collar and shakes him like a rag doll.

Corri speaks up shyly.

Palmer says (in common), 'oh yeah, maybe that was it'.

You nod.
You say, 'I said, 'Do not do it any more....

Corri says (in common), 'er... Lady Cordir?'.

You say, 'Yes, Corri?'.

Corri says (in common), 'i'm kindof fond of the thief...can you not break him?'.

Cordir pauses a moment in her shaking, and looks over at Corri.

You ponder the question.

Corri says (in common), 'and..well..Deamhan and he are friends, right.. >.?'.

Cordir drops the Thief in a pile upon the floor.

Corri hopes the two of you haven't broken thing soff, or she is sunk.

You sigh.
You say, 'Aye....'.

Palmer says (in common), 'i wont do it anymore!'.

You say, 'My husband does enjoy Palmer's company...'.

Cordir affixes Palmer with another glare.

You say, 'Though I cannot imagine why...'.

Palmer un-crosses his fingers.

Corri looks visably relieved.

You say, 'Palmer.....'.

Palmer says (in common), 'you didnt see that'.

You say, 'You owe Corri much today....'.

Palmer looks around.

Cordir sighs in exasperation.

Palmer says (in common), 'i've always owed her'. Palmer grins evilly at Corri.

Brenick says (in common), 'awww corri, i wanted to see palmer kebobs....'.

You say, 'What _am_ I going to do with you, Palmer?'.
You say, 'I ask and I ask and I ask...'.
You say, 'I shake you, throw you into subterranean torture chambers...'.
You shrug. You say, 'Ah well.'.
You say, 'I wash my hands of you.'.

Palmer's Point of View:

The Lower Hall [Exits: north up]
This hallway must have been built by giants! It is huge! Then again, there are more than a few giants that belong to The Guild, so it may just be so. A stairway leads up to another hallway above.
(Magical) A pair of padded cloth peasant pants has been left here.
(Red Aura) Palmer is here.

You get the sense that someone is watching... maybe you should go somewhere more crowded.

You attempt to move silently.
[Exits: north east south west down]

[Exits: north east south west]

Recall Room
[Exits: west]
Tares was last here, traveling west.
(Purple Aura) Shon is here.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Tares is here.

>grin shon
You grin evilly at him.

Shon smiles at you.

Palmer cants, 'heehee '.

A shimmering web appears in the air.

From within the web, an _enormous_ black spider appears.

Palmer ducks!

The spider drops from the web on a bit of silk, to land before you.
The spider scuttles over towards The Spymaster, Palmer, and glares.
"You aren't going to be bothering my Mistress today, are you?" it says (in spider).
The spider taps its front two feet impatiently.

You say (in common), 'i'm not! i promise!'.

The spider snorts. "I figured you'd say as much, THIEF! As much a liar today, as last time..'

You say (in common), 'no no no, i'm serious this time'.

Tyrall arrives from the west.

You say (in common), 'i'm busy pking people'.

The spider glares again, and mutters (in spider), 'A likely story... She is having a rough day... be nice and leave her alone tonight!'

Shon giggles.

You say (in common), 'i will do that Mr. Spider, i'm always glad to oblige'.

Tyrall grins happily.

Shon says (in common), 'i am afraid of spiders'.

The spider snorts in disbelief.

Shon sulks in the corner.

Tyrall says (in common), 'I understand spider!'.

The spider slowly crawls back up its thread, and onto the web.
The web slowly fades into nothingness.

You say (in common), 'silly spiders'.

Shon is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Shon says (in common), 'i hate spiders'.

Palmer cants, ':] '.

Shon tries to stomp on the spider.

A spider bites Shon! Shon feels very sick!

You laugh.
You say (in common), 'dont mess with the spider'.

Tares chuckles, evidently amused.

Tyrall smirks.

You say (in common), 'i never do'.

Shon says (in common), 'ok i got my doggs here want to take this outside spider'.

The spider sticks its head out of a bit of shadow and nods at Palmer.
The spider says (in spider) 'Finally... he speaks some sense.'

You nod.

Shon has lost his link.

You say (in common), 'i didnt take his link'.

Shon says (in common), 'disconnect me eh?'.

The spider snickers (in spider) 'That's what you get for messing with me...'

You grin evilly.