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Come Play The Final Challenge
Author: Joe Kathan <madman@Primenet.Com>
Date: 1995/04/02

Recently we experienced several technical problems with the machine we run the MUD on, and were up and down quite alot (down more than up much of last week)... I am happy to say the MUD has been transferred over to a different machine and it is now stable once give us a call... 4000

Come Play The Final Challenge
Author: Joe Kathan <madman@Primenet.Com>
Date: 1995/05/17

Just recently we brought up version 2.4 of TFC. This version brought in underwater breathing and special underwater effects as well as an area that is especially well designed to show these things off. This are is a TFC exclusive as are many of our areas. You will find no where else but at TFC. Our imps have also added a lot of new coding to make the game a lot more challenging and fun... More areas and updates are expected in the coming weeks as we strive to always have something new, different, or challenging for player to try out. In short, our "world" is growing... Come see if you fit in.

Come play The Final Challenge
Author: Joe Kathan <madman@Primenet.Com>
Date: 1995/07/13

Just recently we brought up version 2.52 of TFC. This version has spells of portal and animate dead, plus several other nice features.

TFC Version 3 is LIVE!
Author: Joe Kathan <>
Date: 1997/10/26

************************* TFC Advertisement v3.0 **************************

Come try out The Final Challenge, Global Center's Offical MUD. 4000 -or- 4000

Try out our TFC Original Areas!

Web Pages at:

************************* From The Dragon's Lair *************************

The dusty floor before you has no tracks upon sign of any
living soul having passed. But you and your party have heard the legends
and stories about the undead things... Pressing cautiously forward, you
take one step, then two. Suddenly the floor opens and you drop headlong
into darkness...

When you come to, you are alone. There are exits to the east, west,
and south. Prayers to your god for deliverance fall on deaf ears. Heading
south seems as good a choice as any, in fact there is a warm breeze coming
from there and on it you catch the smell of something cooking. Cautiously
you move out, staying close to the side of the winding passage. Up ahead,
flickering light illuminates a small room...and you quietly venture closer
to see what you've found.

Dragon fire blasts out of the room and narrowly misses you. You turn
and run down the corridor, the dragon's flames nipping at your heels. Back
where you started, you turn left and the westward passage now is blocked by
a steel door. To the east you see the same... Out of the southern passage
you hear the sounds of a dragon approaching. There is nothing left to do
but fight bravely or die like a coward. This is it...The Final Challenge!

**************************** About Our Mud *******************************

First of all, yes, an area that functions as described above IS available
for high level characters to try their skills on.

Second, we wish to invite you to come and play The Final Challenge, a mud
based on Diku code. Races, languages, and a God/Follower system are some
of the main features of TFC, but most of all, we are a MUD which wants to
attract the player who is interested in playing a Role - the alignment,
sex, race, and ALL aspects of the char to their fullest potential - and
without bringing any baggage to that role, such as things that have
happened to other characters they may play in the mud. We believe each
character is an individual entity and should be played as such.

Should you be interested in playing a mud for which still more new areas
are being developed for our world map which is different from standard Merc
muds, a mud which will be expanding further the spells, classes, and skills
that players are allowed to learn, which has a helpful staff of immortals to
help the new player get used to TFC and improve the MUD in general, then
fire up your telnet program and hop over to 4000 and give
the place a try...

We are now running version 3.0 of TFC, featuring over 11,000 rooms,
several with tricks, traps, and puzzles for the adventurer to figure out.
There is also an active volcano, a sailing ship, new skills, and has a
host of other surprises around each and every corner.

Also, we have an assistance program for new players included as a set of
specially written help files. Occasionally they are posted to the net,
and we also have them both online at the MUD (type HELP NEWBIE) and
available through or web pages (address below). New players are a
commodity that every MUD needs...these helps are part of our continuing
effort to help make learning how to MUD as painless as possible. In this
program, we have also made several areas especially for the new player to
help them get established and used to the concepts of MUD'ing.

So, come on over to The Final Challenge. 4000 -or- 4000

Our Web Pages are at:

The TFC Emergency Outage Announcement System can be reached by using
"finger" and will let you know of any known network
problems that may hamper your ability to access the MUD.

In addition to the MUD home page, there are pages for New Player Help,
TFC Classes, TFC Races, TFC Explorer's Society, and the TFC Wizlist.
Also, we have constructed an interactive imagemap depicting the TFC
World, allowing explorers to get their bearings before getting online.
More pages are under construction at this time dealing with various
other aspects of the MUD.

TFC Director of Advertising
TFC Area Coordinator
Implementor, Evil Alignment
God of Creation and Torture
God of Insomniac Torment
MADMAN: Nightmare Unleashed