A Wyld Rebirth

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Notes: This log is HEAVILY edited, to allow the flow of the RP to be clearer. In actual time, these events covered about two hours. Items in italics are global echos.


11 players.
Gno [      Retired      ] Katrana:  Wyld Huntress.
Dwa [    Cl:20 Wa:20    ] Sagan hunts the cosmos. 
Hum [   Triat Weaver    ] Cordir: Ebon Goddess   [fiftythousandtearsivecried]
Elf [      Demigod      ] Rufus.  Leader of the Monks of Blood
Gia [    Or:20 Sh:30    ] Ianto, Augur of the Crimson Sun
Elf [    Cl:15 Wa:15    ] Grimm, Crimson Blood Lust.
Elf [    Ra: 7 Ma:19    ] Caebrym Marrok
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Bolaon Crimson Shield
Elf [       Ma: 1       ] Azore the Elf
Elf [ Cl:23 Ra:20 Th:20 ] Swyth'd'Elf
Hum [       Ma: 5       ] Aodhan Crimson Sun

Katrana gossips, 'Hello lovelies'.

Bolaon gossips (in common), 'hello Katrana'.

Guild Hall
[Exits: north east south west]
This huge room is the meeting place for all known adventurers of the
world. Due to special magics set upon the room, going north will allow
you instant transport to your hometown, no matter what your race may
be. The room is filled with many people, most of them wannabe
adventurers, but scattered amongst the throng of people you spot more
than a few living legends. It is rumored that even immortals visit
this place upon occasion.
A massive throne covered in glittering jewels is here.
The hollow eyes of a stag skull stare back at you, it's horns broad and sharp.
Sagan is here.
(Intense Light Red Aura) Katrana is here.


It is 6pm on Marisae the 22nd, the month of Celebration, in the year 3074.
TFC started up at Mon Apr 11 11 15:41:46 The system time is Tue Apr 12 11 18:31:31

The night seems somehow especially dark tonight, the moon overshadowed by clouds, and no stars visible in the sky.
The air is still and cold.

Katrana arrives from the west.

You smile at her.

Katrana smiles happily.

>l katrana
Her eyes, the color of hatred, the color of insanity, bespeak a horrible pain beyond
comprehension and an indomitable will to bear through it. Her hair, a wild black mane,
hangs low, to her waist. Its lustrous strands reflect the light, sometimes swaying as
though they were in the slightest of winds. Entwined in one such strand is a single
feather, its dove-gray aura and blood-spatters bringing up sudden questions...
questions which may never be answered.

A simple tiara fashioned from the jawbone of a dragon frames her hair around her
sun-darkened face - a face shining with childish glee, wizened with age, hardened
by hatred. Briars, some in full bloom and some gray with age and decay, twist their
way down her neck, peeking out from under her garments. Small droplets of blood, from
the myriad thorns, mingle with the small droplets of rain, giving them their sustenance.

A low, long clarion call sounds in the distant. A baying of hounds, eager for the Hunt,
comes to your ears. She looks at you, her eyes holding yours for an instant, sweeping
you away into a river of chaos. Floundering, you focus on the eyes and find your way. A
voice whispers in your mind, whispers of truth, insanity, hate, love and death.

"You.. you who blindly march in rank, you have already earned my contempt. I represent
change. Must you change? No... change is not mandatory. Neither is survival. They just
go hand in hand."

She releases you with a contemptuous flick of her eyes and disappears - but the image of
those two, ever-changing orbs is burned into your mind.
Katrana is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Katrana has many nasty wounds.

Katrana is using:
<worn on finger> (Moderate magic) the superb mithril ring
<worn on finger> (Powerful magic) the sonorous cherrywood ring
<worn around neck> (Moderate magic) the throbbing blue quartz amulet
<worn around neck> (Moderate magic) the hazy azurite amulet
<worn on body> (Potent magic) a scale mail shirt
<worn on head> (Moderate magic) a heavy cloth cap
<worn on legs> (Potent magic) a pair of quilted cloth commoner's pants
<worn on feet> (Moderate magic) (Bloodstained) Leather sandals laced to the knee
<worn on hands> (Potent magic) (Tattooed) an intricate pattern of briars and roses
<worn on arms> (Moderate magic) a pair of splint mail sleeves
<worn as shield> (Moderate magic) (Pacing) Two bone-white hunting hounds
<worn about body> (Potent magic) a quilted cloth lace-trimmed cloak
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) (Shimmering) A belt crafted of colored Threads
<worn around wrist> (Invis) (Moderate magic) an animal hide bracer
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the glorious ruby bracelet
<wielded> (Moderate magic) a broad sword
<worn with pride> (Red Aura) a brooch of a hollow-eyed mask bearing stag horns
<worn with pride> (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Goddesshood

Katrana says, 'Such a lovely evening!'.
Katrana giggles Wyldly.

You nod.

The clouds begin to fade slightly, allowing the deep crimson of a bloody moon to appear, heavy and full above the treeline.

Katrana gasps in astonishment.

Sagan gossips (in common), 'Spooky!'.

Kered gossips (in common), 'ok thats strange'.

Katrana gossips, 'It is such a lovely night!'.

Kered gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Ink gossips (in common), 'I like my women like I like my moons?'.

Katrana gossips, '*giggles Wyldly*'.

You say, 'heavy, full, and bloody?'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Katrana throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!

Ink nods in recognition to you.

You say, '... interesting.'.

Katrana says, 'Indeed Sister.'.

In the distance, you hear the slightest rumbling, like distant hooves upon the road.

Ink says (in common), 'sounds like a party...'.
Ink says (in common), 'a hunting party, perhaps'.

Katrana looks at you.

Ink sweeps Katrana into a romantic waltz.

Katrana giggles Wyldly.

Katrana gossips, 'Those hooves sound familiar...'.

Katrana sits down and thinks deeply.

Sagan gossips (in common), 'I thought it was my imagination...'.

The faint sound of a hunting horn peals in the distance.

Ink says (in common), 'aaaaaoooooooga'.

Pitic stands up.
Pitic shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Sagan gossips (in common), '*perks up* Whassat?!'.

Katrana gossips, 'What's that?!'.
Katrana gossips, 'It's call...'.

Pitic gossips (in common), 'What's that?!?'.

Sagan gossips (in common), '?!?!'.

Ashendarei, Hound of the Hunt arrives from a puff of smoke.
Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt arrives from a puff of smoke.

Ink hugs Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt.
Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt hugs Ink.

Ink hugs Ashendarei, Hound of the Hunt.
Ashendarei, Hound of the Hunt hugs Ink.

Pitic cuddles Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt.
Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt grovels before Pitic.

Ink says (in common), 'My friends!'.
Ink has missed them.

The rumbling draws closer, hooves pounding quickly, intensely, as quarry is pursued.

The sound of the horn draws closer, clear and ringing above the pounding hooves.

Katrana's roses in her black mane start to bloom.

Ink sniffs sadly at the way Katrana is treating it.
Ink sits down and thinks deeply.

Katrana laughs.

Ink says (in common), 'thats not quite the sniff I intended'.

Briars wrap the Wyldess' arms causing droplets of crimson to fall.

Katrana giggles.

Zeo says (in dwarven), 'bleeding is fun?'.

Ink says (in common), 'uhhh, Mistress, you may clean yourself with...'.

Zeo sits down and thinks deeply.

Ink gets a pair of water wings from a saddlebag.

Katrana laughs.

Ink gives a pair of water wings to Katrana.

Thorny vines spring up from the ground beneath your feet, the briars clawing at you, drawing blood.

Ink says (in common), 'Best I could do'.
Ink frowns.

Katrana hops through the briars.

Ink says (in common), 'ouch, i may need those back'.

Sagan gossips (in common), 'Ouch? :('.

Katrana gossips, '*cackle* It's so pretty!'.

The sound of the hooves, the horn, the hounds, is nearly deafening, causing the ground itself to shake.

Katrana gossips, '*giggles Wyldly*'.
Katrana gossips, 'Sounds like music!'.

Katrana's hounds bay at the calls of the Hunt, pacing beside their Mistress.

Pitic looks at Ashendarei, Hound of the Hunt.
Pitic looks at Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt.

Sagan pats Ashendarei, Hound of the Hunt on his back.
Ashendarei, Hound of the Hunt grovels before Sagan.

The Kitchen
[Exits: west]
Any experienced adventurer can tell you that it isn't always easy to
find food. For new adventurers this task is even more difficult.
Originally this room was built to feed those adventurers who could not
do it for themselves. Dues negotiations with guild members forced
cutbacks in the staff and building maintenance so that all that is left
now is a fountain where you can still get a drink.
(Powerful magic) The crystalline copper fetish lies here.
The corpse of Madge is lying here.
A plucked hawk is here.
A small white fountain gushes forth here.
A bone-white hunting hound awaits its Mistress' command.
A bone-white hunting hound awaits its Mistress' command.

The Wyld Hunt thunders into view, hellhounds and hunting dogs at its fore, sweeping fear into all who bear witness to it.


The Pattern shudders as an Incarna is Awakened once more!

(# Ink worships Katrana.)

Maeron gossips (in elven), 'whoooooo'.

Ink arrives from the west.

Sagan gossips (in common), 'Woo!'.

Blacky gossips (in drow), 'CONGRATULATIONS !'.

Darius gossips (in common), 'Gratz'.

Natilena gossips, 'Grats Katrana!'.

(# Sagan worships Katrana.)

Ink gossips (in common), 'WOOOOOOO!!!!!'.

You gossip, 'Congratulations, Wyldess, on your Rebirth.'.

Katrana gossips, 'Whee!!! Thank you my lovely Threads:)'.

Gwyrdain gossips (in common), 'Gratz, Katrana'.

Caebrym gossips (in common), 'Gratz!'.

(# Maeron worships Katrana.)
(# Fumbleduck worships Katrana.)
(# Daisy worships Katrana.)

      1. [Darius says (in common), 'still the sexiest fish youll ever see']

Ashendarei, Hound of the Hunt arrives from a puff of smoke.
Manatheren, Hound of the Hunt arrives from a puff of smoke.

Slim gossips (in common), 'well gratz on being back katrana'.

Katrana gossips, 'Thank you:)'.

You tell Katrana, 'I think you need to be rifting some lovelies.'
You tell Katrana, 'they haven't adjusted their titles. :('
You tell Katrana, 'shame on them.'

Katrana tells you, 'gasp, lemme yell at them!'

Dwa [    Wa:16 Cl:23    ] Pitic Hunt is a dwarf.
Gia [    Wa:15 Sh:30    ] Daisy: Giant Flower of the /HUNT\
Hlf [       Th: 1       ] Ijix the Halfling
Hum [ Ra:12 Th:10 Ma:16 ] Gwyrdain follows where his Lord wills.          [NASH]
Sah [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Darius the UA
Elf [    Wa:26 Cl:26    ] Blacky Noir, lone Drow of Crimson.
Min [ Ma:25 Wa:15 Tg:10 ] Daggoth the BULLy.
Gno [    Demigoddess    ] Katrana:  Wyld Huntress.
Dwa [    Cl:20 Wa:20    ] Sagan, Screeching Weasel of the Hunt. 
Hum [   Triat Weaver    ] Cordir: Ebon Goddess   [fiftythousandtearsivecried]
Elf [    Ra: 7 Ma:19    ] Caebrym Marrok, Drifter of the Blood Monks