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Cordir & Abe, 2009

Cordir, Summer 2012

This ancient kitteh is Radar (Abe's best buddy). For those who were in Fate, the sight of me pulling an item out of "a bag of Radar's back claws" or "a bag of Radar's front claws" meant they were getting + damage. He has a deep and abiding love of plopping himself down on top of my book of TFC area maps. In this instance, he decided to watch Ink clear the Master's Tower.

My TFC Beginnings

My very first character on TFC was Kestrel, a Mirthie. I followed her with Lena, a Kindred Vampyric. Both of these were based on characters I had in a Live Action Roleplaying Game called the IFGS. I decided that I wanted to create someone for TFC that would be unique and different and a whole new persona, not one I'd been playing for years in another environment. After meeting Thaygar in person, I had my inspiration, and Cordir was created. All my other characters dropped quickly to the wayside, until around 2000, when I needed a reminder of the mortal perspective. It was then that I created Brianna, who joined the Tigers.

I played The Final Challenge on a daily basis for nearly 13 years, and was a Following-Level Immortal for 9 of those years. I Retired as a Lesser Goddess in June of 2008, almost 9 years to the day of when I first made it to Demigoddess. After taking a break for about 2 and a half years, I unretired and was promoted to Goddess in January of 2011.

Mud Interests

Mud History has always been a passion of mine, and until a server crash, I hosted a nearly 1,000 page strong website dedicated to the Chosen of Fate and the Final Challenge's rich history. Many of those files, in the form of the TFC Time Line, were donated to the mud in 2005 and can be found on the TFC site. Those files were integrated by Marisa into the files she had collected, to create a detailed view of over 10 years of TFC's history. I'm very proud of that. Most of my postings to the Wiki are taken from my website, or from 5,200+ log files collected over the years. (If there was an event on the mud from August of 2000 to the current time, and I was online - I probably have a log. If you are looking for something specific: ASK!)

How TFC Has Affected Me

I have TFC to thank for many wonderful friendships over the years, and for the love of my life, User:Abe, whom I met there. I will always be grateful to Tynian and Madman and the God+ staff for giving me the opportunities I have had and continue to enjoy on TFC.

Additional Thank Yous

(Taken from my old web-of-fate website)

  • To Abe Stormreaver: For quatrains and promises kept to me and My Chosen. For making the Destined mean something for a change. For making Anathema mean something. For being a wicked temptation that will forever garb her in mourning black. For negotiations, for gifts, for kindnesses, for teaching. For stories. For possibilities... for the future.
  • To Nyx, Ebon Master, Ordained Shadow of Fate: for being willing to commit to a difficult Path. For being the first. For being the truest. For divine inspiration, for beautiful quests, the effort above and beyond, and giving me great joy in the Chosen.
  • To Thaygar for letting me play Cordir, encouraging me and being basically way cool folks, and for not flinching when I asked them to read yet another version. Thank you, Thaygar, for trusting me with the Triat. Thank you for inspiring it all.
  • To Tina Bronson-Lowe for all the years of friendship and encouragement. Thanks, Tina, for playing the characters you did. You enriched my TFC more than you know. = ) (beep, beep, beep!).
  • To Tripper: A good friend. A friendly ear. A strong shoulder. One of the most honorable players of TFC I've had the pleasure to meet, and work with. A gentleman. Don't ever let the bastards get you down.
  • To Tranquility Rose: For courage, for fire, for peace, for experimenting with a whole new type of character. For speaking when I could not, for being the epitome of Handmaiden. For being EBG's bitch, Weaver's Handmaiden, and my brain.
  • To Ptarchyzk: For hammocks. For advice. For being a pal. For listening, no matter how ludicrous the questions. For not laughing when I saw the light for myself.
  • To Gryphon: For many years, Gryphon listened to my ideas, read revisions, and listened to my geeky RP stories. Cordir wouldn't be the Immortal that she is today without his input. I wish him well, wherever life takes him.
  • To Tokugawa, Sir Psycho, and the rest of the Pasta Night Gang for providing encouragement, and not poking too much fun of my RP stories. Extra thanks go to Zarous and Sir Psycho for their detailed critiques of the website (now defunct) and my Temple.
  • To Madman for letting me play with Scar.
  • To Foolkiller for the encouragement and support Upstairs and Down.
  • To Tokugawa for the Sponsoring of a little Attendant and co-writing Kharad-Delving
  • To Darkmoon for asking C&D.
  • To Khore, your storytelling was an inspiration as well, in all my Incarnations. You are the mega-awesome. Thank you for taking the story of Lena and weaving it into so much more.
  • To Polnevdra Zrelendar for her incredible artwork and technical expertise, and for not flinching when I asked her to read yet another version. Also, thank you for permission to use your beautiful artwork.

Timeline O Stuff:

08/09/2000 : NC - Meet Lorna and Chronic, taking them out to dinner with Abe.

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