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Cordir (I)
Lady of Fate
Triat Weaver
Ebon Bard
Created Fall of 1995
Status Active
Race Human
Hometown 2x:Midgaard
Current:Aerie Volant
Classes Mage
Last Seen writing another zone
Followed Thaygar
Spouse Keller Amberlin D'Augustine
Deamhan An-Shalach
Partner Gwyrdain
Children Kelton Trap D'Augustine
Mireya An-Shalach
Relatives Brother-in-Law: Kennet D'Augustine
Oathed Sister: Jahiliya of Veladorn
Areas Written (see List below)
Immorted AMBSDR: Jan 10, 99
ATTNDT: April 14, 1999
DEMI: June 21, 1999
LESSER: Dec 31, 1999
Suspension: Oct 23, 2001
AMBSDR: Oct 26, 2001
ATTNDT: Nov 6, 2001
DEMI: Dec 3, 2001
LESSER: May 22, 2002
RETIRE: June 29, 2008
GODDESS: January 22, 2011
Following Chosen of Fate: 1999 - 2008
Admin Duties TFC Website Admin[1]
Wiki Admin Staff (2011-present)
Cordir, the Weaver of Fate

Mud Contributions:


As a mortal, Cordir's primary contribution to the mud was as an RP catalyst and participant, drawing a wide variety of people into RP that didn't generally participate in it, including Madman himself, Molo, Daelin and Sirak. She wrote and posted poetry on a wide variety of topics, a collection of which is found in her Ebon Book. She was an active writer, creating two areas (see below), as well as writing colorful emotes, descriptions and props for mud-wide quests such as Lorna's Dwarven Pirate Invasion.


Cordir was extremely active in hosting mud-wide storytelling competitions, scavenger hunts and trivia contests, both large and small. She hosted "Fateful Hours" - a role-play focused gathering of her followers (and other guests) - and Bardic Circles on a semi-monthly basis for several years. She served as the officiant for a number of weddings, including those of non-followers (Whitehawk & Aoife, Jahiliya & Zrie, and Isolas & Erian.) She also crafted individual personal challenges such as The Great Race, Triat Mastery Quests, and co-authored/administered Class Mastery Quests. For the mud populace at large, her greatest contribution was the TFC Timeline, a personal historical project of hundreds of logs that was later donated to the MUD and merged with one by Marisa. This can be seen on the Home Page. While an FLI, she co-authored a zone with Tokugawa (see below). The Chosen of Fate lasted a remarkable nine years, and is the third longest existing following in TFC history, beaten only by the Black Conclave and Nexus.


As the Patroness of Bards, she enjoys the opportunity to preside over Bard Council Reviews and does so whenever possible. Cordir also focuses on the running of quests: Coded & uncoded scavenger hunts, Trivia, Cat & Mouse, Bug Hunt, Writing Contests and other challenges. Please note: If Cordir is running a quest, she has specific expectations for behavior -- that means, don't screw over others who are participating. While that might be cool with others who run the same kinds of quests, it is Very Frowned Upon when Cordir runs it. If you have questions; ASK. Participate and accept the challenge, and don't ruin it for others. She sometimes hosts auctions: Please read and understand Cordir Auction Rules before bidding. She is the leading contributor of content for the TFC Wiki with well over 3,000 edits and also serves as one of the Site Administrators. She has continued her prolific area writing, with a number of temples and offices and new zones (see below).

Additional/Ongoing Projects:

  • 189 Bard Memorization phrases in use.
  • 6 Newbie Advice entries (Algenara Help phrases)
  • Wrote four existing Socials (Gag, Boggle, Bah, Praise) and submitted three that were not (Thwap, Tipcap and Tkiss).
  • Created over 60 pieces of clothing and equipment for the Snowman Wars.
  • Revised/Updated the Bunny Quest mobs, rooms and objects for 2011.
  • Created the Tarot card reading performed by Bethany of the Adventurer's Inn on the Mountain of Knowledge.
  • Created all of the unique clothing for the mobs in the Adventurer's Inn on the Mountain of Knowledge.
  • Created a set of "Good" and "Evil" +Charisma clothing for brides and grooms - see her on Mud for use!
  • Wrote well over 200 documented restrings for both following members and others, including 'full sets' for Mordith, Ink, Clue, Katrana, Boromir, Kethran, Kaldred, Isolas, and others. For some examples, visit Cordir's Favorite Restrings.
  • Wrote well over 150 documented player descriptions (See her TFC Forum post for more information on how to get one).
  • Special Mob Descriptions written: Bethany, Lanae, Vinnie, Phraustea, and Frothy
  • Author of 18 of the Dream sequences brought in by version 4.40
  • Created composite maps of the Southern Continent and Outland Frontier from maps made by Soloban and Corri.
  • Author of the Final Edition of the TFC Daily News, brought in by version Pre-5-4.43.0
  • Updated the World Map available for sale from Rentch, brought in by version Pre-5-4.43.0
  • Member, Beta Testing team, The Apprentices Workshop, new online area writer created by Gwyrdain.
  • Currently working with authors to update existing zones with Area Header 2.

Bardic Works:

Area Writing

  • In Progress / Planned:
    • Glitterbone Fortress & Glitterbone Sands - High level EXP zone. Taking partially written zone through completion. Original author Borneo. Approved, In Progress.
    • Paranoid Gnomes - low level EXP Zone
    • Aramat's Camp - Mid level exp zone. Taking partially written zone through completion. Original author Borneo.
    • City of the Damned - Co-written with DarkClaw - HARD!-rated racial city concept
    • Trouble Creek - Sort Of Co-written with Belsambar -- low level EXP zone. Area proposal submitted 04/29/18.
    • The City of the Open Gates - HARD! rated EXP zone
    • The Garden - High level EXP zone
    • D'or D'Terraithe - HARD! rated quest zone
    • The Tunnels of the Ankheg -- EXP zone
    • The Were Rat Den -- EXP zone
    • The City of the Open Gates -- EXP/ Quest Zone - HARD!

Temples and Offices Written or Co-Written:

Current Description:

Slim and pale as a shaft of moonlight or the bared blade of a sword, the Weaver
stands before you. Ancient flames of sable black, first called  by Lord Thaygar
Himself, flicker about Her person, causing Her waist-length silver hair and Her
gown to stir as if in a light breeze. As you dare to meet Her star-touched ebon
gaze, you find yourself dissolving into the abyss of Her eyes.  Time shatters -
moments and eons swirling in the wind - your soul overwhelmed by a kaleidoscope
of existence - eternal instants of joy, anguish and wonder.  She grants release
from the madness of Her gaze and your head bows, purely of its own volition.  A
slight, knowing smile plays about Her lips, for a single glance told Her it all:
your past, your present, your future. Hopes, fears, dreams, all bare for Her to
witness and to know.

Historical Descriptions and Titles

For 13+ years of Mortal & Immortal Descriptions & WHO list titles, visit Cordir - Descriptions.

Cordir - Deamhan - Mireya

Character History:

(Additional history items/logs found on her Timeline.)

Historical Snippet: 11/01/2003 - "Or Something"

Tynian says, 'If anything else, you're dedicated'.
Tynian grins mischievously.

You grin mischievously.
You say, 'Or something clinically diagnosable, but .. somethin. :-)'.

Tynian snickers softly.
Tynian says, 'You crack me up'.
Tynian smiles happily.

You say, 'I'm glad to be an amusement, and not a cause of displeasure.'.
You say, 'I don't want to end up a gnome or something.'.
You grin mischievously.

Tynian smiles happily.
Tynian snickers softly.
Tynian says, 'Indeed!'.

Player Provided Information:

I remember Cordir trying to stop me from stopping DarkClaw's wedding! She sicced all those bloos and neutrals on me, but it didn't work! Darkclaw is my pet forever. and ever.

Jaerith gossips (in common), 'Marisa's timeline is like "The Globe". you know it's trash, but you can't look away. Cordir's is like the sunday paper you get on your front step.'. (December 3, 2001)

Damien tells DarkClaw (in common), 'well.. You have Cordir.. she's like... the female thaygar..but better :P'. (DarkClaw, December 28, 2001)

Solaron ftells, 'I need some sidekicks.'.
Solaron ftells, 'Cordir, how opposed are you to dressing up like a bottle of syrup?'.
(January 15, 2002)

Kerson gossips (in dwarven), 'Trivia: How do you know when you're in a zone written by Lady Cordir? When there is the word 'immolated' in a room desc'. (October 6, 2002)

Duvel tells you (in common), 'that just jogged my memory: you were the first mage to ever ID for me, years ago :)'.
You tell Duvel, '*smile* Thank you for that memory :-)'.
(November 2002)

Nyx says (in common), 'Yep. The Lady is all peace and balloon animals compared to Thaygar'. (January 24, 2009)

The memory of good times in the Chosen and my good memories of times spent with Cordir and her Chosen (in various forms) are what brought me back to TFC on multiple occasions.

Mortal Trivia:


  • Partner: Gwyrdain was engaged to Cordir when she was a mortal member of the Silver Fellowship (Approximately 1997: An Engagement). For various reasons, the wedding never occured. (This information is not common knowledge and is currently obscured from Gwyrdain's memory. No reference to such should be made in-character unless the PC in question has direct knowledge and cruelly intends to start a cascade of events that could result in the restoration of Gwyrdain's memory - and incurring Cordir's wrath.)
  • Children: Cordir may (or may not) have had a second child - prior to Mireya - named Kelton Trap D'Augustine. There are rumors that during the time she was captured by Molo and forced to join the Black Conclave, that she was pregnant with Keller's son. She has no memory of this time, but strongly suspects that the child raised by Keller and Kylera was her own, taken from her by the Arch-Lich during the Week of Madness (a period in which the mud player files got corrupted and everything went topsy turvy). This has never been confirmed.
  • During her quest (given by Khore) to gain permission to wed Deamhan An-Shalach, Cordir completed certain of the tasks while carrying "a small infant" instead of wielding a weapon, as Mireya An-Shalach had just been born.
  • During an evening of drunken excess, Sirak proposed to Cordir (because, well, she was unwed at the time, female, and Nashite). When Cordir pointed out that his marriage to Darkmoon was still in effect, he declared that it didn't make any difference. Eventually, however, he decided to marry Borneo instead and instructed her to arrange a time for Darkmoon to kill Borneo properly.


  • Cordir was the 6th person to ever be granted a Triat Mastery Quest and the fifth to complete one.
  • When Thaygar was promoted to God, during the span of time between when the Ebon Hand was disbanded and his office was removed, he gave Cordir the key to the temple and his altar. She was able to unlock it and obtain the holy symbol of the Ebon Hand at will.
  • While she was a mortal member of the Silver Fellowship, Cordir served as its Silver Witch. Because of her dedication, Gryphon gave her the informal title of Paladin of the Silver Fellowship, as he said she was doing more for the following than their (actual) paladin, Wren.
  • Cordir was informally named the Mud Secretary by Madman for events during At Your Service.
  • Cordir was referred to as the Mad One by Khore. She was also the topic of a poem by him: The Question and it's follow up, The Answer.


  • During the last brief moments of 2x (on October 27, 1997), everyone was free to PK like crazy, if they so desired. Half the mud had a (KILLER) or (THIEF) flag, including Cordir. ### DarkClaw killed by Cordir at By the Temple Altar ### Sadow killed by Cordir at By the Temple Altar. It was the only time in which she PK'd anyone who did not volunteer for it. :)
  • Cordir was PKd as a mortal voluntarily, more than she was involuntarily. She was involved in several RPs in which she either took a life, or gave up her own. She was PK'd in Seaside by a member of Zarous's following, Adventure, on a day in which their normal following rules (including allowed targets) was suspended.


  • As a mortal who was known as the "Ebon Bard," Cordir was more than a little irritated that Jerald took "Bards" has his following concept. Her irritation was such that he declared to his followers that she was to be treated as if she was Evil aligned, in a board note. [ 2] Jerald: Cordir. \ Fri Jun 19 17:12:21 1998 ] To followers of: Jerald \ Since Cordir has made it clear that she feels I am a 'farce' and takes exception to my existance and sphere of influence, you are to treat her as though she were evil, or better yet have nothing to do with her.

Immortal Trivia:

  • Cordir was the second (prior) follower of Thaygar to reach FLI status, preceded by Jerald. (Raistlin, Mekt and Malkav immorted prior, but never reached Demigod.) This can be seen on Thaygar's Immortal Line of Descent.
  • Cordir had every intention of being a Nashite Immortal, and had permission from Sirak to do so. However, she was Excommunicated (by Molo) as an Ambassador when she wed Deamhan An-Shalach, a non-Nashite.
  • Cordir gave her following many internal quests. For one, she challenged them to write of how their life would have been, had they not joined Fate. She joined them in this task, writing of an alternate life, had one decision been made differently: Weaver Embraced
  • In 2002, Cordir made an entry for Tamar's Halloween Costume Contest, and was the winner. The subject? Cordir, the Evil PK'er.
  • Cordir's Avatar (for Avatar Wars in 2004 & 2006) was Lanae, based on Lanfear. Her Snowman, for Snowman Wars, was Phraustea.
  • Cordir received mentions in BlissPoll 2000: Most Enigmatic Immortal, Most Lovable Immortal, Best Immortal Entrance to a Room, and Best Immortal Departure from a Room.
  • Cordir was mentioned by Kerriariadne in An Interview With The Booga. As thanks for his accepting her as an Attendant, Cordir crafted a second restring for him. (The first was given to him at his Ascension, when she was a Lesser Goddess.)
  • Cordir was not allowed the privilege of an immortal 'pet' her first time as a Lesser Goddess as a sign of Nayr's disfavor.
  • When Cordir was promoted to Demigoddess for the second time (post punishment), it was, very fittingly, the month of the Testing of Fates,in the year 2505.
  • Cordir won two categories in Lycron Poll 2011: Most Helpful Immortal and Scariest Immortal.
  • With the installation of Riverhold, it was revealed that Cordir had another child - fathered by Abe, named Boreal.

General Trivia:

  • There are four mobs named after Cordir's player - one, using her legal name (zone written by Molo), another two using her nickname (zones written by Foolkiller & Molo), and a fourth using a youthful version of her legal name (zone written by Cordir).
  • Cordir loves Swarfs. (So Sayeth Ink)
  • Cordir's daughter (Mireya An-Shalach) was in Isolas' following, and Isolas' son (Delan) was in Cordir's following. This was as much from the rebellion of the children as it was the deep trust that the immortals had in one another to safeguard each other's progeny.
  • Cordir is one of the top 10 Eldest active characters on TFC (for number of hours played). She hit the venerable old age of 9,000 years old on May 16, 2016.


Cordir is a participant in, a catalyst for, and a mentor in, roleplay. She welcomes RP with virtually anyone. (Yes, there are exceptions.) In interactions with mortals, she does tend to be distant - physical touch activates her Aspect of Weaver, and she 'Reads the Thread' of the individual with whom she is in contact. It is for this reason that she rarely, if ever, touches anyone - generally only past members of the Chosen of Fate, who's Thread is is well familiar with. Additionally, Cordir has taken an oath of celibacy (see Geasa below). (Flirtation with Cordir or unwelcome contact HAS been known to result in a very sudden and painful death.)

  • What is her Aspect of Weaver? Cordir is an incarnation of the Triat known as the Weaver. As such, she has the ability to 'read the Thread' of anyone who touches her (unless, expecting it, she acts to prevent that knowledge) - instantly seeing their life, their past thoughts, passions, hopes and dreams - and their present and future as well. This is one primary reason that she avoids physical touch. However, some have sought her out, asking her to do just such a Reading of their Thread: to provide direction or clarity when it is needed.


Cordir has deeply ingrained respect for those who are Kindred. This is as much due to her regular interactions with Khore (who bit her twice), and with her marriage to Deamhan An-Shalach, to whom she was fully blood-bonded. The presence of Kindred is both delight and torment to her, as her Bonded has been gone from this world for several thousand years. As a Goddess, Her blood is *particularly* potent, and has been known to cause near-instant addiction for Kindred and week-long hallucinations and temporal shifts for non-Kindred. In diluted form, it has extremely powerful restorative properties, and has been used to Heal vampires that were starving themselves to near destruction, or to calm a frenzy. (Khore, Deamhan, Cirth the Pale, Ghazkull Mahsong, DarkClaw, and Clue are all Kindred who have tasted of her blood at one point or another.) It is partly due to her respect for the Kindred and the long interactions she has had with them, that she always publicly acknowledges and greets Nicholai as The Eldest.


Prior Geasa

  1. The Lady of Fate will never take the life of one She has Chosen. (Geasa removed upon Demotion/restoration at follower request)
  2. The Lady of Fate will never hide from Her own people, unless administrative duties of Immortality require it.
  3. The Lady of Fate will always Read the Pattern whenever an individual asks to know of their own Fate.
  4. The Lady of Fate will always grant aid when it is asked of Her, if it is within Her power to do so.
  5. Temporary: Will speak not a word aloud, save to Her folk or immortals.
  6. Temporary: Will accept no offerings of any kind from Her folk.
  7. Temporary: Will accept no Oaths of Service.
  8. The Lady of Fate swears to always hold true to her vows to Deamhan An-Shalach, never marrying again. (For this reason, Cordir never wed Abe but did take his name.)

(#4-6: 2/26/00 - 3/5/00) Taken for killing Trakker, and thus breaking #1)
(#4 & #5 taken again 10/2/01 - 10/11/01 for killing Tranquility)

Current Geasa

See: The Weaver's Geasa

  1. To take no husband, save Deamhan An-Shalach, and no lover, save Abe Stormreaver.
  2. To seek out three teachers, one for each Aspect of the Triat, and reconnect with mortality through their instruction. (given by Katrana)
  3. To write, of the past and the present (given by Aoide)
  4. To open herself up to others, becoming emotionally vulnerable, rather than distancing herself (given by Wish).


Cordir has the dubious privilege of a variety of 'firsts'...

  • First TFC bride slain at the wedding by the groom
  • First player to simultaneously complete a mob mastery and gain a level of the same number (MM#30 for level 30 mage).
  • First Immortal petitioner to have prior roleplay raised as a potential problem/warning flag
  • First Non-God+ Webmaster for TFC's home page
  • First immortal retired/denied as punishment but allowed to go back through the Ambassador/Attendant promotion cycle to regain her position as an FLI. (Cordir has been promoted to an Immortal rank a record 8 times, has been honorably Retired once, and punitively Demoted once.)

Immortality Petition(s)

  • Petitioned for Immortality twice, once in 1997 and once in 1999:

[112] Cordir: Immortality Petition (Part 1 - sorry)// Sun Feb 16 20:40:31 1997 // To: Immortal
Long have I known that Fate held a strong hand in my life, and that nothing is truly "chance" - from fleeing my home in Southshire, hearing the voices of the Triat in my mind and heart, and subsequent service to Lord Thaygar, to my being taken by the Arch-Lich, to Gryphon's acceptance of my service. Now, much of who and what I am to be has been made clear to me, and I can see the fullness of that potential just out of my grasp, waiting for one last bridge to be crossed before its full bloom. Therefore, I, Cordir, would hereby petition to be granted Immortality to pursue what I believe is the destiny and purpose of my life - the service and protection of others and the tending of the Tapestry of the Pattern Web of Fate. I respectfully await your decision. - Cordir

[113] Cordir: Petition Part II: Out of Character // Sun Feb 16 20:45:57 1997 // To: Immortal
OK.. here's the nitty gritty stuff... what the heck I"d like to do "upstairs". (Just FYI, I plan on having very strong links to the following of another individual who is seeking Immortality, and more will be added if/when she applies and is accepted, as well)
Order Name: The Strands of the Web
Order Alignment: Good
Aspect/Sphere of Influence: The Life Aspect of Fate
Title : The Weaver of the Web, also "The Grey Lady"
Nashite Title (if accepted by the Council) : The Oracle of Nash
Holy Symbol : (tattooed)(writhing) The Sigil of the Web
Follower Title Keyword : Web
Order Dictates: Service to all. Honor in all things. Forgiveness and Growth.
My temple description is complete, as are the requirements for entry, personal description, web page info, entry/exit strings, you name it. All of these can be submitted for approval whenever you wish. Once more, thank you for your consideration of me as an Immortal Applicant. I can be emailed at (email address removed) or paged at (pager number removed) with any questions. (RL name removed)

[14] Immortality Petition
From: Cordir
Subject Immortality Petition
Date: sun Jan 3 l0:50:l7 1999
To: Immortal
Long have I known that Fate held a strong hand in my life, and that nothing is truly 'chance' - from fleeing my home in Southshire, hearing the voices of the Triat in my mind and subsequent service to Lord Thaygar to my being taken by the Arch-Lich, to Gryphon's acceptance of my service. Now, much of who I am and what I may yet be has been made clear to me, and I can see the fullness of that potential just out of my grasp, waiting for one last bridge to be crossed before its full bloom.
Therefore, I, Cordir, would hereby petition to be granted Immortality to pursue what I believe is the destiny and purpose of my life the service and protection of others, through leadership and guidance of a following. I am aware that it is both an honor and a burden, a great responsibility and trust, and feel I can shoulder it with grace.
I respectfully await your decision.

Personal Timeline:

Cordir - Timeline
Cordir's News Page

TFC Website Immortal Page Description:

If ebon flames writhe at the edges of your vision, or a single black widow spider watches you as it weaves its web, you may have caught the notice of the Lady Cordir. It is She who spins the Tapestry of Fate, tending to the weaving of each Thread within that metaphor of existence. Each and every life is known to her: watched and observed, and when the time comes, a whisper to Her Sister, and it is cut and rewoven.

In Her wakening to Goddesshood, Cordir serves as the Patroness of Bards, playing close attention to each and every one of them, listening to their songs, and presiding over Bard Councils whenever possible. It is said that music and rhyme have always been a great treasure to the Ebon Bard as She was known in her mortal days, and it is rumored She has even accepted poetry as a form of payment in one of Her equipment auctions.

The Lady is also active in the running of quests, and nary a week goes by that Her spidery minions do not assault some poor racial city, a mud-wide Scavenger Hunt is offered, or Arch-Mage Mobs unleashed. As the Triat Weaver, She watches for those who may be worthy of the greatest of quests: A Trial of Triat Mastery.

Her interaction with mortals ranges from quiet, formal reserve to warm, caring mentor-ship. All, however, can seek her out and receive equal measure of attention and focus to their issue or need, with the caveat that She is still learning the fullness of Her new role, the many changes in the Realm since Her retirement, and the subtle changes in the atmosphere of the MUD.

Cordir also is a high-volume contributor to the TFC Wiki (with well over 2,000 edits in her first three months alone) and serves on the Administration Staff, reviewing and moderating entries for accuracy.

In the past, Cordir served as the leader of the Chosen of Fate, a Neutral following, for a record nine years (the only Neutral following to reach that longevity). During that time, she accepted the worship of some one hundred and sixty-eight souls, ranging from the newest of players to some of the most ancient players/characters in the world. Eight of those Chosen later went on to become Immortals in their own right. Certain words became part of the Final Challenge lexicon due to Cordir's Chosen: Anathema. Geasa. Destined. Initiate. Blade. Taoiseach. Still to this day, three years after its disbanding, there are those who walk in solitude, refusing to give any other Immortal their oath of worship, in honor of what they had in Fate, and still others, who yet observe each of their Geasa. This legacy, perhaps more than any other, is one that Cordir cherishes.

Current Immortal Entrance and Exit:

A ebon light appears, and expands into a shadowy web-like Pattern before you.
Cordir fades in from the shadows.
The Pattern fades into wisps of darkness, scattered about the chamber.

Cordir raises her hand in a graceful gesture of summoning.
An ebon light appears, and expands into a shadowy web-like Pattern.
Cordir gathers the shadows around herself, ebon flames outlining her for a moment.
The Pattern fades into wisps of darkness, scattered about the chamber.


Entry: Cordir steps quietly into the room, almost unnoticed but for the glimmer around her.
Exit: Cordir steps through the Pattern Web, disappearing from the chamber.

Player Information:

Abe & Cordir's Wedding, 2004

I've been playing TFC since Summer of 1995, with an intermittent break after Retirement in June of 2008. My ex-room mate Gryphon introduced me (and several of our friends, including Ivarr the Disenchanted, ZARA, Nameless Demonspawn, Yvon, Polnevdra Zrelendar, Taffron and others) to mudding. My first character was Kestrel Loriah a cleric in Coleman's Mirth, and my second, Lena, a Kindred Vampyric under Khore. Not surprisingly, I have never played an active PK'er, although some of my mortals HAVE gotten debt through one mad-cap roleplay or another. It was meeting Thaygar in the winter of 1995 that inspired me to create Cordir, who would become my primary (and highest level) character. When granted the privilege of Immortality, my deepest enjoyment of TFC blossomed. I had the joy of leading the Chosen of Fate for nine wonderful years; a better group could not be hand-picked from the heavens. Each and every one of them have my thanks for the contribution they brought.

I've had the delight of meeting several dozen TFC'ers from all over the USA at multiple GTS in Los Angeles and Arizona, and spoken to some on the phone (and video) from across the globe. (I love to communicate, and can be followed on Twitter @lady_cordir or on Facebook ) Several meetings of folks from the MUD bloomed into friendships that I treasure still today - and one became the love of my life and my husband. :)

I live in the Midwest, and am generally online in the evenings during the weekday (6 PM-ish CST through 11 pm-ish), and weekends, on and off most of the day. (Yep: Nerd.) For further information, please visit User:Cordir.

Added Just To Make The Swarf Snicker:

<201hp(201) 187ma(219) 100mv(100) > sc
You are Bethany isn't really working (but should be)
46 years old (15452640 hours), created Fri Oct 31 97 21:49:31.
You were born before birth records were kept.
You live in Oklahoma and your race is Human.
You are a level 73 Nerd.
You worship Darren, who appears to be OFFLINE.
You have 201/201 hit, 187/219 mana, 100/100 movement, 2 practices.
You have 3 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 20/25 items with weight 91/100 kg.
Str:  BAVG. Int: AAVG. Wis:  AVG. Dex:  BAVG. Con: BAVG. Chr:  AVG. Luc: BAVG. 
In increasing order: LOW BAVG AVG AAVG HIGH MAX.
MAX stats and luck are untrainable.
You are Neutral Good.
You are a pacifist.

<201hp(201) 187ma(219) 100mv(100) > Prac
       data collection   (impressive)             speed reading    (impressive)  
                typing     (moderate)                 PK Skillz   (not learned)  
           log editing       (superb)                   cooking     (very good) 
           restrings        (perfect)


  1. Please Note: Cordir was NOT a god+ when she served as the TFC Website Admin - but rather a Lesser Goddess.