Memories of an Assassination

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5/23/2002: Notes - Keller had recently returned to the mud, and he and Silonch had been speaking a great deal of the past. Molo had slipped down to DemiPower, with the stated intent that if he fell to Cult status, he would retire. After one of their many chats, Silonch needed to ask Cordir about something she had been told. Technically, Cordir had been 'ordered' by Molo not to speak to any of his followers, so every conversation between she and Silonch was something of a risk. - Cordir

Silonch tells you (in common), 'forgive my earlier departure...'.

You tell Silonch, '*smile* of course.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'If I might inquire, Keller, he...said that your ordered the murder of his family...'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'this shocked me, and I couldn't imagine why you would do such a thing.'.

You tell Silonch, 'Because I wanted him to hurt.'.

You tell Silonch, 'And it was his wife, not his entire family. The childred are sacred to me. I'd never wish them harmed. They are innocent.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'I see..'.
Silonch tells you (in common), 'so a desire to see someone hurt is...cause?'.

You tell Silonch, 'Do you recall what happened to me at that time?'.
You tell Silonch, 'How he and I came to be seperated?'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'Yes'.

You tell Silonch, '.... and you wonder why my heart was bitter, hurt, and angry?'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'that whole thing, when I first heard about it - upset me.'.

You tell Silonch, '... how I could hate so much that I would lash out at what he loved?'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'Oh, I understand more then you know.'.
Silonch tells you (in common), 'there is a deep bitterness living within me, but I have yet to let it ..turn me so. Of course, perhaps, you just are more passionate then I am..'.
Silonch tells you (in common), 'or have more courage'.

You tell Silonch, 'I tend to let my emotions rule me. Moreso then than now.'.

You tell Silonch, 'But yes. I hired Alecto to assassinate Keller's wife, Kylera.'.
You tell Silonch, 'And Alecto was quite successful.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'were the children murdered? Or did I misunderstand?'.

You tell Silonch, 'They were not touched.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'I see. *ponder*'.

You tell Silonch, 'in fact, Keller's daughter became Chosen upon my Ascension.'.
You tell Silonch, 'And Kylera and I made peace .... eventually... and she forgave me ... eventually.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'and you ..him?'.

You tell Silonch, '*smiles quietly* Aye. It was I who sent him the dreams encouraging him to return to this realm, though he knows it not.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'I see.'.
Silonch tells you (in common), 'He and I have been talking alot though I'm not sure exactly why. He has told me many things of the past. That was the only one I questioned.'.
Silonch tells you (in common), 'you know how much I love history..*smile*'.

You tell Silonch, '*nods*'.
You tell Silonch, '... '.
You tell Silonch, 'I should say no more.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'my lady?'.

You tell Silonch, '... I do not wish to speak for Keller. And I am forbidden to speak to you of that which I would.'.
You tell Silonch, 'Truth be told, I am forbidden to speak to you at all.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'I am sorry my lady, it was not my wish to cause trouble, I only wished to know the truth.'.
Silonch tells you (in common), 'thank you for your time.'.

You tell Silonch, '*nods, troubled*'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'don't fret my lady, I have no intentions to harm anyone, in any way, ever again. *smile*'.
Silonch tells you (in common), 'now I'll take my leave, thank you again.'.

You tell Silonch, 'that was not my fear.'.
You tell Silonch, 'You are not the type to ever deliberately cause another pain unless forced to do so by the Lich's will.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'I ..don't understand the fear then.'.

You tell Silonch, 'Not fear. Sorrow, more truthfully.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'Nod.'.

You tell Silonch, '... while your loyalty belongs to the Black Conclave of Nashite and it's Arch Lich...'.
You tell Silonch, 'The entire realm knows that you do not have the soul of a Conclave. You simply have an undying loyalty that knows no reason or bounds.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'these words are my own and bear no witnesses, my soul does indeed belong to the Conclave, my faith is the root of my being.'.

You tell Silonch, 'It belongs to Molo. And whatever baggage comes with him - that being the Conclave. '.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'it is not my wish to bring you unhappiness or sorrow, forgive me.'.

You tell Silonch, 'Tell me that individuals such as Valo have your respect and give you a sense of belonging? Can you speak so truthfully?'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'Valo? I know not of any circumstances regarding him'.

You tell Silonch, '*blink* His .. mannerly departure... his general demeanor... his foulness. Can you truly feel brotherhood towards such as he?'.
You tell Silonch, 'The entire realm knows what you do not. Your devotion is to the Lich. Unreasoning, unending. And you do not belong in the Conclave.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'The realm as such has decided much for me, but not this. It is my own choice. Freely made, daily given. In the end - it is only in the mind of o'.
Silonch tells you (in common), 'it is only in the mind of one that I need belong.'.

You tell Silonch, '... *smile* ... and in that, we will ever disagree. For in that, your sight is utterly and completely blindered.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), '*nod* forgive me my lady, it seems every time we meet I distress you. Unintenioned, but just the same'.

You tell Silonch, 'There is nothing to forgive, Silonch. You are, as you have always been. And will ever yet be, until the foul Lich is no more.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'I'll be going, I did not wish to bring a damper to your day...*curtsey* Be well my lady.'.

You tell Silonch, 'Yet I fear you so bound to him that with his passing, you, too, would die.'.

Silonch tells you (in common), 'aye...'.

(log ends)