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The "Inquiring Minds" interviews were an old section on Cordir's website.

> who kaern
1 player.
Hum [ Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Kaern is not a cleric..or is he? -+-iPsdtudle-->

Inquiring Minds: When did you start playing TFC?
Kaern sits down and thinks deeply.
Kaern: that's a good question because I haven't been able to solve it definitively. But... I think it was summer of '94. Or it could have been that winter.

Inquiring Minds: You are known for not worshipping anyone ... is this due to a bad experience in the past? Or simply independence?
Kaern snickers softly.
Kaern : I think it was mostly curiosity at first. Seeing how long I could go without getting wasted. Then it grew on me, kinda like that icky green stuff on trees.

Inquiring Minds: One of the other things you're known for is being solidly dual class... What is your reasoning for not Tripling?
Kaern : You make it sound holy or something . Tripling!

Inquiring Minds: Just common.
Kaern : Well it pisses Abe off, which is a plus.
Somewhere, the Stormreaver chuckles.
Kaern grins wickedly.
Kaern : hmm
Somewhere, the Stormreaver makes 'slapping Kaern's punk ass in the head!' gestures.
Kaern rolls his eyes.
Kaern: Well the real reason is
(Long pause)

Inquiring Minds: Laziness? :P
Kaern coughs.
Kaern: I've always wanted an alternative to thief.

Inquiring Minds: Bard, etc?
Kaern : Bards are scary. Well, they sound scary. Especially when out of tune. Something besides bard and thief .

Inquiring Minds: So when thug is implemented, you'll be visiting Jack?
Kaern : Depends on how I like thug, hehe. I'd like to be a fisherman... Although I'm not too sure tyn has given that one much thought.

Inquiring Minds: How does Krultan feel about you horning in on his occupation and spot on the Altibia docks?
Kaern : Krultan and I are buds, you know. I bring him news from the world, the poor recluse.
Inquiring Minds: Very kind of you. .

Inquiring Minds: How did the concept of IPS come around?
Kaern : hey, I was walking around in altibia.
Kaern : Incidentally not too far from Krultan... and was giving an entertaining public sermon on gossip. I don't remember much of what it was or what I was trying to tell everyone.

Inquiring Minds: Was anyone notable in the peanut gallery at the time?
Kaern : Only that it was entertaining for me, which probably meant it was only listened to by 3 people, who were lagging and couldn't turn the channel off in time. Peanut gallery? It would also be cool to triple to Chef.

Inquiring Minds: ie, "comments from the peanut gallery"?
Kaern : ah ha

Inquiring Minds: wouldn't Boyardee get upset?
Kaern : yes there were responses. People were excited.

Inquiring Minds: and the name?
Kaern : the name of the peanut gallery spokesman?
Kaern scratches his head.

Inquiring Minds: where did the name IPS come from?
Kaern : Ah, yes. Many say I'm senile already, so forgive me.

Inquiring Minds: not a problem.
Kaern : So in response to someone's comment, I said "you are you". Thereby conjuring the first IPS. It was momentous. A veritable Incredibly Profound Statement, of course.

Inquiring Minds : and how does one become a member? .
Kaern : you are invited by a member. Although, a few have asked to join. In which case members are notified to keep their heads up to see if they're qualified.

Inquiring Minds: could you name a few members?
Kaern : egads. There's over 130 of them. Though probably over 100 are retired. Which is perhaps telling *grin*.

Inquiring Minds: Were you keeping track of memberhip?
Kaern nods.
Kaern : I have a list somewhere. A few were even promoted to vice president, public relations director, advertising executive, and whatnot.

The Interviewer wishes she could get a copy of the list..
Kaern : thoroughly unimportant positions.

Inquiring Minds: moving to another topic... where did the term 'Dragon Tours' come from?
Kaern : well that came to me when I started dying a lot. Actually that doesn't make sense, because I was pretty much dying all the time. But there came a point where I started dying to a random dragon here or there, rather than just reveller thieves.

Inquiring Minds: was death a regular occurance?
Kaern : well not regular like the sun .

Inquiring Minds: so.. you started dying to dragons... were you by yourself? or ? where did the 'Tours' part come in?
Kaern : and I didn't really plan for them. Ah yeah. So I would encounter some dragon somewhere and be surprised to learn there was a dragon there, too. Then somehow I would manage to coerce someone to come along with me. There was a title.
Kaern : I remember when Toku started this trend of e-mail-looking titles. He was I jumped on the bandwagon and was or something.

Inquiring Minds: Could you share some of your favorite TFC moments from throughout the years?
Kaern : certainly. The big quests were the greatest, when Madman would coordinate huge ones, collecting bags of demons or whatever. Quests made me want to seek adventure, so that led to other fun things like getting in trouble in Demon Realm. Or getting teleported around a lot by MM.

Inquiring Minds: Have you ever met Bluto?
Kaern : he smells funny but really is adorable.

Inquiring Minds: what challenge have you met that was the most rewarding?
Kaern sits down and thinks deeply.
Kaern : in my whole life eh? I don't think that's possible to answer. Being here today, perhaps.

Inquiring Minds: the test of time?
Kaern : cheesy response, yes, but it's cool to have seen and lived (and died and lived unwittingly). Well, not so much the test of time, but rather that there's always gonna be more fun times around the corner.

Inquiring Minds: What inspired you to write Mystic Woods, which is, in my opinion, one of the top three best written zones on the mud?
Kaern : hey thankie. Hmm. I don't think it was so much inspired from the beginning as an project that evolved. I didn't even know anything about it when I wrote the first 1/4 of the rooms. Not until after that did I start getting ideas for puzzles and a story.

Inquiring Minds: What are a few of your favorite zones?
Kaern : ooh. Altibia. Landru's is definitely nifty. The old giant one that is no longer.
Inquiring Minds: Mountain Aire.
Kaern nods.
Kaern : The bazaar is popular, and I like it too.

Inquiring Minds: Who are some of those fellow adventurers you enjoy traveling with, and why?
Kaern : Nowadays, or in the past? Most of the adventurers that accompanied me are long gone.

Inquiring Minds: Anyone..
Kaern : A looong time ago, Laujar. We'd kill the chickens in Ofcol. I remember being small and following some big guys around, like toonse and coyul. Erond, before I was a ranger.
Inquiring Minds: Coyul was spiffy. .
Kaern : that was fun cause I got to see a bunch of the world.
Kaern nods in recognition to you.
Kaern nods in recognition to you.
Kaern : then there were MG groups and stuff.

Inquiring Minds: if you could share one bit of wisdom with newer players, what would it be?
Kaern : well I kinda like the way I grew up. So I do recommend it. Hehe. Which was, basically... "It's okay to be clueless"?

Inquiring Minds: What would you say is the single biggest change in TFC over the years?
Kaern sits down and thinks deeply.
Kaern : That players know more about the realm. Adventurers used to be a lot less knowledgeable. (There was) A lot of mystery about the world's workings.

Inquiring Minds: You've been hunted a lot, and some times you've died in PK.... Have you ever had a nemesis, or a PK'er you respected despite the 'attention'?
Kaern : the only real nemesis I've felt I've had was back in 2.x.

Inquiring Minds: Who was that?
Kaern : Ivan .
Kaern : but I kinda liked him. He taught me how to fight back a little I think. So ultimately that was good. With regards to other pkers. It's really rare that I disrespect any of em, except for that one deliberate LD kill :>.

Inquiring Minds: who was that?
Kaern : Sarelk and Darlelk and someone else.

Inquiring Minds: Any FLI really tempted you to break with tradition and join their following?
Kaern : No FLI has tempted me, Not even in the days when you weren't called FLIs .

Inquiring Minds: any questions I should ask you that you're eager to share the answers to?
Kaern : Hehe what a strange question. Nope, it's your interview *grin*.

Inquiring Minds: if you could wave your magic wand and implement one thing, or one change, what would it be?
Kaern : ooh. Yeah ask me that one!.

Inquiring Minds: if you could wave your magic wand and implement one thing, or one change, what would it be?
Kaern : what a fascinating question..hmm . I'd like to follow IT. (Ivory Tiger)

Inquiring Minds: a 'following' of unaligneds?
Kaern : That's my final answer. Hmm I dunno if I really want a following.

Inquiring Minds: a guild?
Kaern shakes his head.
Kaern : IPS is enough for that. Hehe. And since IPS is just silly, I think that says a lot, I just realized.

Inquiring Minds: a perfect note to end on... Thank you for your time!.
Kaern : welcome .
Kaern leaves down.