Kelton Trap D'Augustine

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Kelton Trap D'Augustine (I)
(aka Caillte Sturdivant-T'Sarran)
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Warrior
Followed Gryphon
Parents Keller

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Current Description:

The youth who stands before you is willow thin, but with the litheness of one who still has much of his growth to achieve. Broad shouldered and unusually tall for his few years, he stands quietly, perhaps hoping to not attract any notice. But the quiet calm in his grey eyes, which speak of moments of remembered pain and sorrow all too clearly, are a clarion call to those who would look further than his youthful frame and notice the makings of the man he'll someday be.
At his realization of your attention, he sketches a brief, if courteous bow, and introduces himself. "Kelton. An honor to serve."

Note: Later in life, Kelton's name was changed to 'Caillte' (Pronounced "Kelty") to hid his identity from those who would bring the boy harm due to his parentage. He was adopted by his maternal grandfather, Trap.

The young, willowy lad that stands before you straightens his thin shoulders and bows carefully, using newly- learned courtly skills. He flashes you a quick, sincere grin, then recalls his proper manners. Again, a quick bow, and he murmurs, "Caillte Sturdivant, at your service..."

He brushes a lock of golden brown hair from out of storm-grey eyes, and returns your gaze with an openness and honesty seen rarely within the Realms these days. His garb is simple - that which you might expect from a novice warrior - well made and well worn, other than the gleaming silver and white Squire's belt he wears. As if catching your eyes straying towards the object in question, his smile turns even more bright, and he fingers the brightly dyed leather with obvious pride. "A gift from my Lord, Gryphon..."

As if the mention of that name was reminder enough, the lad bows once more and heads for the door. "I'd best be about my duties... but if you are ever in need, you have but to call, and I'll do my very best.. Nash's blessings!" With that, he slips quickly away.

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Wa: 8             ] Kelton Trap D'Augustine, Fellowship Squire.

Character History:

Born (supposedly) to Kylera, son of Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, Kelton was kidnapped by Molo, the Arch-Lich and held captive. When he escaped (or was released), he was given into the care of Gryphon, who accepted him into the Silver Fellowship. Madman took interest in the boy, and chatted with him several times, once taking him to visit King Ebencaleneezer and the Brass Dragon.

While much of the reasoning for the transformation from Kelton to Cailte is lost to time, it is believed that Trap Sturdivant-T'Sarran recognized the boy's lineage in his appearance: he was the spitting image of Keller. At that time, both Keller and Kylera were gone from the Realm, and Trap took the child under his guidance. It was Trap who suggested a name change, to keep the attention of the Arch-Lich from falling back upon the boy.

(*) There were some rumors of questions about Kelton/Cailte's birth: One rumor had it that his mother was not Kylera, but Cordir, still fathered by Keller.


  • Kelton was kidnapped by Molo at a young age and locked in the Arch-Lich's Mausoleum.
  • Kelton had a sickly-green mark on his back, that Madman said was the Mark of the Arch Lich.
  • Kelton's greatest desire was to grow up to be a Paladin, Just Like My Dad.
  • Kelton has been referenced in the Threads of the Tapestry in Cordir's temple going all the way back to 1998.
  • Kelton was granted the title of "Squire" to Gryphon, who had been a Paladin as a mortal.
  • Cailte, in his second incarnation, worshipped Vorax for a matter of days before the Lord of Shadows retired.

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