Just Like My Dad

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5/16/97: Kelton Trap D'Augustine was the son of Keller Amberlin D'Augustine and Kylera. He had many adventures as a very young boy. This is just one of them.

Madman Echos: Kelton my boy!

You gossip (in common) '*bows* Yessir?'.

Madman Echos: Want to see Ebby?

Kaern gossips (in common) 'it shows'.

Feril has left the game.

You gossip (in common) '*gulps* Ummm... will he eat me?'.

Someone utters the words, 'ghcandusiohp'.
Jyslin utters the words, 'candussido judifgz'.

Madman Echos: Your parents are upset about this...

Keller tells you (in common) 'fear is his food, child...show no fear.'.

Jyslin gets a water jug from a rattrap.
Jyslin drinks water from a water jug.
Jyslin puts a water jug in a rattrap.

Jyslin looks at you.

You gossip (in common) 'Well... my father kills demons, so I should get a good look at one, I guess, because I'm going to kill them, too, someday'.

You hug her.

You gossip (in common) 'I'm gonna be a paladin, someday, just like my dad, I hope...'.

Jyslin says (in common) 'your mother's been accused of giving you to the Lich, Kelton'.

Someone has transferred you.

The Smouldering Remains of a Temple
[Exits: west]

Keller is resting here.
Kylera is here.

Kylera says (in common) 'just a toy...'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'hmm :)'.

Someone says 'hello Kelton'.

You say (in common) 'Hello, Lord Madman.'.

Keller tells you (in common) 'the trick to dealing with gods is to grant them respect, but not much else, unless they earn it.'.

Kelton bows courteously.

Kylera looks at you.

Someone says 'say goodbye to mom and dad'.

You wave goodbye to Keller.
You wave goodbye to Kylera.

Kylera says (in common) 'NO!!'.

Someone says 'we are going exploring'.

Kylera holds onto Kelton.

You say (in common) 'OK!'.

Someone has transferred you.

The Throne Room of the King
[Exits: none]
A large chest sits in the corner. A heavy silver lock hangs on it.
(White Aura) Prince E'krie studies you carefully.
(White Aura) Prince Vordak sneers at your impertinence.
(White Aura) King Ebencaleneezer reclines on his throne.

You say (in common) 'Mother, I'm not a little boy... I"m 10!'.
Your cheeks are burning.

Someone smiles happily.

You bow before him.
Ebencaleneezer slaps you.

Keller tells you (in common) 'no fear, child...if I can, I'll come for you.'.

You bow before him.
E'krie bows before you.

Keller tells you (in common) 'tell me where you are.'.

You bow before him.
Vordak bows before you.

You feel less protected.

Someone says 'ah - dont touch eb'.

You tell Keller (in common) 'With Ebencaleneezer'.

Someone says 'now'.

You say (in common) 'Yessir.'.

The Throne Room of the King
[Exits: none]
A half circle of six shining marble pillars rise up out of the gossamer matter
forest, as if supporting the heavens above. Amidst the pillars is a throne.
Next to it hangs a banner declaring to all who the master is. After reading
it, your instinct for self preservation comes alive! Where is the exit out?
A large chest sits in the corner. A heavy silver lock hangs on it.
(White Aura) Prince E'krie studies you carefully.
(White Aura) Prince Vordak sneers at your impertinence.
(White Aura) King Ebencaleneezer reclines on his throne.

l king
Ebencaleneezer stares back at you with ice blue eyes, chilling your soul.
Ebencaleneezer is in perfect health.
Ebencaleneezer is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) the Ring of Power
<worn on finger> the Ring of Wisdom
<worn on finger> the Ring of Might
<held> a silver key

L prince
E'krie measures you with his eyes, calculating how many steaks he can make
from your carcass.
E'krie is in perfect health.

L Prince
Vordak yawns at you, and motions for you to go about your business.
Vordak is in perfect health.

Someone says 'these are your betters'.

You say (in common) 'I would not make many steaks, Mr. Prince E'krie'.

Keller gossips (in common) 'if the populace will be so kind as to excuse me, I have to go to the demon realm and gather my son. I will hece be indesposed.'.

Someone says 'king and princes of the demons'.

You say (in common) 'THey are bigger than me, that is for sure.'.

You gossip (in common) '*shakes head* I'm fine, Poppa... it's ok..'.

Kelton looks around the throne room curiously.

Someone says 'see, nothing to fear from a demon if you BEHAVE'.

You say (in common) 'I try to be polite..'.

Someone nods.

You say (in common) 'Its not nice to be rude.'.

Vordak scowls.

What's bothering you ?
You bow before him.
Vordak slaps you.

You say (in common) 'Hello, Sir.'.

Keller tells you (in common) 'it's something I said I would do...and I will.'.

Vordak says 'mortal. why are you here.'.

You gossip (in common) 'Father, I am fine, I am safe... you don't have to come for me.'.

You say (in common) 'I am here, because Lord Madman wants me to be here.'.

Someone tells you (in common) '*wave*'.

E'krie says 'safe? you think so?'.

You say (in common) 'He wants me to learn..'.

Someone says 'come kelton'.

ThePower gossips (in common) 'psst. Tells work in this version of TFC'.

You say (in common) 'If the Lord Madman wishes me to learn by dying..'.
You say (in common) 'Then I will die...'.

Someone says 'they are having a hissy fit now'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'whoa!'.
Kaern gossips (in common) 'hey that's pretty cool'.

Someone has transferred you.

The Grande Conference Room
[Exits: none]

You say (in common) 'He's an Implementor... they're bigger than demons.'.
Your cheeks are burning.

Keller tells you (in common) 'the strong rule through fear. If you are unafriad, they connot control you.'.

Someone smiles happily.

You tell Keller (in common) 'I"m not afraid... not yet..'.

You bow deeply.

The Grande Conference Room
[Exits: none]
This huge room seems as though it would adjust to any size that it needs
to, whether it be just big enough for two or three people, all the way up
to the entire world's population, if need be. The room temperature could
not be more perfect.

Someone smirks.

Keller gossips (in common) 'I will need a murky red potion, herpahs two.'.

Someone says 'tell your father you arent in the DR'.

Keller gossips (in common) 'if someone could be so kind as to give me one, I would be enternally grateful.'.

You gossip (in common) 'Milord Father, I am not in the Demon Realm any more.'.

Keller tells you (in common) 'where are you, then?'.

Kylera arrives from a puff of smoke.

Rocky gossips (in common) 'what does a mirky red do?'.

Kylera squeezes you fondly.

You tell Keller (in common) '*ponder* I don't know, but Mother is here.'.

You hug her.

Keller arrives from a puff of smoke.

Tyrall gossips (in common) 'Teleport'.

Kylera cries on your shoulder.
You bow before her.
You bow before him.

Keller gossips (in common) 'teleports you.'.
Keller rests.

You say (in common) 'And now you're here, too.'.

Rocky gossips (in common) 'why do you want to teleport?'.

You smile happily.

Keller says (in common) 'may I have the chain and mace back, Kylera?'.

Kylera looks around shaking.
Kylera gives a mace to Keller.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'cause if you're in the middle of a fight and can't flee'.
Kaern gossips (in common) 'teleporting is more reliable on gettin ya out of the situation'.

Keller stops using a club.
Keller wields a mace.

Kylera says (in common) 'I don't have chain'.

Someone patiently twiddles his thumbs.

You are carrying:
(Humming) a metal buckler shield
( 2) a huge loaf of wheat bread
a pink potion with blue swirls
a beige potion with purple swirls
a bar of silver
a white fur cloak
(Humming) a suit of ring mail
a vial of a shimmering elixir
bag made from beastly fido hide
bag made from outfitter hide
( 2) a clear red potion
a buffalo water skin

Keller says (in common) 'ah...I do.'.

You say (in common) 'Yes, Milord Madman?'.

Keller wears a suit of elven chain on his body.

Someone says 'where would you like to go?'.

You ponder the question.

Rocky gossips (in common) 'so can you use teleport durring a fight to get away'.
Valarus gossips (in common) 'it can also place you in unpleasant situations'.
Kaern gossips (in common) 'yep'.

You say (in common) 'Is there a Dragon I can see that won't eat me?'.

Rocky gossips (in common) 'cool'.

Someone says 'ahh...'.

You say (in common) 'I have never seen a dragon, though I have smelled one.'.

Keller says (in common) 'the brass.'.
Keller says (in common) 'in the great eastern desert.'.

The brass dragon arrives from a puff of smoke.

look dragon
You see nothing special about her.
The brass dragon is in perfect health.

Kylera looks at the brass dragon.

You say (in common) 'WOW!!!'.

The brass dragon bows deeply.
Keller nods in recognition to the brass dragon.

Keller says (in common) 'good eve, M'lady.'.

The brass dragon says 'hello Keller.'.

You say (in common) 'It's a Lady Dragon?'.
You say (in common) 'Hello, Lady.'.

You bow before her.
The brass dragon bows before you.

Keller says (in common) 'aye lad.'.

Your cheeks are burning.
You say (in common) 'Excuse me, ma'am... I didn't know.'.

The brass dragon says 'Hell young man. What is your name?'.

You say (in common) 'Kelton Trap D'Augustine...'.
You smile happily.
You say (in common) 'May I introduce you to my Mother and Father..'.

The brass dragon says 'Ah. Nice to meet you Kelton.'.

You say (in common) 'Lord and Lady D'Augustine?'.

You bow before her.

Someone smirks.

Kelton beams.

Someone says 'Took his last name now Kylera? *smirk*'.

Kylera says (in common) 'K...K...Kylera'.

who kylera
1 player.
Elf [ Wa: 6 Cl:15 ] Kylera D'Augustine of House Tsarran, Nature.

Keller hugs Kylera.
Kylera nods.
You smile happily.

The brass dragon says 'No need to fear me Kylera. I only attack those who seek to steal from me.'.

Kelton blinks.

You say (in common) 'How could anyone want to do that!??'.

Keller says (in common) 'ah yes, the treasure...'.

You say (in common) 'You're beautiful, Lady Dragon!'.

What's bothering you ?

Keller says (in common) 'I've heard about it.'.

You say (in common) 'It is wrong to steal.'.

Kylera moves around to the back of Kelton.
Kylera looks at you.

You smile happily.

The brass dragon says 'Oh, many think they can do so with impunity. They are wrong. I defend what is mine.'.

You say (in common) 'Oh, did I tell you about my Quest, Mother?'.

Your cheeks are burning.

Keller says (in common) 'people don't percieve creatures as the same as themselves.'.

You say (in common) 'OH, I'll tell you another time.'.

Kylera shakes her head.

You nod in recognition to her.
The brass dragon nods in recognition to you.

You say (in common) 'That's wrong....'.

Someone says 'Kelton - how is that green spot doing?'.

You say (in common) 'Everything has feelings.'.

Kelton itches his back.

Keller growls.

You say (in common) 'Its... its ok... but..'.

What's bothering you ?

Kylera frowns.

You say (in common) 'I don't like it.. I wish it would go away.'.

Keller says (in common) 'I wish to know the mages name.'.

Someone says 'looks a little puss-y'.

Kylera utters the words, 'heal'.
A warm feeling fills your body.

You hug her.

The brass dragon examines the green spot and leaps back in horror.

You say (in common) 'THanks, Mother.'.

Your cheeks are burning.

Kelton turns his back to the wall.

Kylera looks at the brass dragon.

The brass dragon says 'The mark of the Arch-Lich!'.

Keller glows a soft white.

You say (in common) 'I'm sorry to offend, Lady.'.
Your cheeks are burning.

Kylera utters the words, 'sanctuary'.

The brass dragon says 'How? HOW??!?'.

Kylera utters the words, 'sanctuary'.
You are surrounded by a white aura.

Keller says (in common) 'aye. He wants me dead, or my family if noting else.'.

Zakaera ftells (in common) 'Heya, Kelton. Nice to meet you :)'.

Kelton smiles sadly, shadows in his eyes.
You nod.

You say (in common) 'I don't like the mean smelly man.'.
You say (in common) 'Immortal, I mean.'.

Keller says (in common) 'hatred, M'lady. molo has no love in his soul.'.

Keller says (in common) 'creature would be the best term. Even demons fight with some dignity.'.
Keller says (in common) 'molo fails at even that.'.

The brass dragon curses the name of Molo.

Kelton bites his lip, and shivers.

Kelton takes a deep breath, and squares his shoulders.

The brass dragon looks again at the green spot.

The white aura around your body fades.

You say (in common) 'He scares me, but... I am learning to be brave.'.

Kylera sobs quietly to herself.
Keller hugs Kylera.

The brass dragon touches the green spot and it glows briefly.

You say (in common) 'I think... being brave... is doing what you have to do, even when you are scared.'.

Keller says (in common) 'shh...we have faith, love...'.


You say (in common) 'That feels... funny.'.

The brass dragon says 'Does the child know?'.

Kylera looks at you.

Kelton wrinkles his nose.

Kylera shakes her head.
Keller looks up at the dragon.

Kelton looks puzzled.

The brass dragon nods.

You say (in common) 'Do I know what?'.

Keller says (in common) 'nay, M'lady...nor shall he unless it becomes necessary.'.

Someone says 'nothing Kelton'.

Kelton looks confused.

Kylera tightens a few straps on her armor.
Kylera wipes her face with a cloth.

Keller sighs loudly.
Keller says (in common) 'war is a hateful hateful business.'.

Kelton looks uncertainly up at the Dragon, then over at his parents.

The brass dragon says 'Listen to the Implemntor Kelton. Don't think about it. But be SURE to tell your parents if it grows larger...or starts bleeding a lot.'.

Kelton scratches the spot on his back.

Keller says (in common) 'the more I think, the more I'm glad Tel refuses to declare.'.

Kylera puts her arm around Kelton's shoulder.

Kelton looks rather ... distressed.
Kelton gulps, and nods at the Dragon, his eyes huge.

Kylera comforts you.

You say (in common) 'It just .. itches... a lot.'.

Keller says (in common) 'M'lady, I thank you for your timely words of comfort..'.
Keller says (in common) 'if there's anything I or my people may do for you, please ask.'.

You nod.
You say (in common) 'Me too! What he said!'.
You bow before her.
The brass dragon bows before you.

The brass dragon says 'My touch only delayed the inevitable...perhaps by a few years...'.

Keller smiles happily.

Kylera curtseys gracefully to the brass dragon.
The brass dragon curtseys gracefully to Kylera.

The brass dragon says 'You MUST have it removed...as soon as possible.'.

Kylera says (in common) 'Thank you '.

Kelton says hestitantly, "Umm...."

Kylera nods.

Keller says (in common) 'M"lady, I've ridden back from death. I will not fail.'.

The brass dragon says 'the longer it remains...the harder it is to remove...'.

Someone nods.

You say (in common) 'Umm... what is it????'.

Someone says 'the brass speaks wisely...listen'.

Kylera nods.

You say (in common) 'And.. umm... can you take it off, now?'.

Kelton blinks.

Keller sits down and thinks deeply.

The brass dragon says 'No, Kelton. It is not within my powers.'.

Kelton bites his lower lip.

Keller says (in common) 'I wish Pol was still visiting.'.

You say (in common) 'Who could do it?'.
You say (in common) 'And how does it have to be gotten rid of?'.

Keller says (in common) 'he's who I turned to for this sort of knowledge.'.

The brass dragon says 'Your father knows...and will do what is necessary'.

You say (in common) 'I dont' want to grow up to be a stinky mean ole lich..'.
You say (in common) 'If that's what it's gonna do..'.
You say (in common) 'I"m not, am I?'.

Kylera looks at you.
Kylera shakes her head.
Kylera says (in common) 'no dear'.
Kylera comforts you.

Kelton fidgets unhappily.

Someone says 'be calm Kelton - what will be, will be. your father doesn't believe that, but it is the way of life'.

You say (in common) 'Father? Umm...'.

Keller smiles happily.

Kylera kisses Kelton on his forehead.

Kelton swallows, and nods in the general direction of the Lord Implementor's voice.

Someone says 'you father likes to challenge the inevitable'.

You say (in common) 'If I'm going to have something ickky happen, if this stays..'.
You say (in common) 'Then.. by what you've told me.. I should face it, now..'.
You say (in common) 'And not run from it.'.

Keller says (in common) 'Sir, it's what I live for.'.

The brass dragon says 'I must go. Goodbye Keller, all.'.

You bow before her.
The brass dragon bows before you.

The brass dragon waves happily.

You say (in common) 'It was a pleasure, Lady'.

The brass dragon disappears in a mushroom cloud.

Kylera curtseys gracefully.
Kylera looks at Keller.

Look self:

The youth who stands before you is willow thin, but with the litheness
of one who still has much of his growth to achieve. Broad shouldered
and unusually tall for his few years, he stands quietly, perhaps hoping
to not attract any notice. But the quiet calm in his grey eyes,
which speak of moments of remembered pain and sorrow all too clearly,
are a clarion call to those who would look further than his youthful
frame and notice the makings of the man he'll someday be.
At his realization of your attention, he sketches a brief, if courteous
bow, and introduces himself. "Kelton. An honor to serve."

Keller sits down and thinks deeply.

Someone says 'well, i must return to the business in the immortal realms'.

You nod.
You say (in common) 'Thank you for your time, sir..'.

Kylera looks at you.

Keller says (in common) 'it would appear the first thing to do is to contract a mage for research.'.

Someone says 'where would you like to return to the plain of mortality?'.

You say (in common) 'Perhaps we could visit again some time?'.

Someone nods in recognition to you.
Someone says 'of course kelton'.

Someone says 'i suggest you seek out the most powerful mages Keller'.

You ponder the question.

Kylera says (in common) 'the ceremonial room'.

You say (in common) 'Lord Tokugawa is so old, I bet he knows everything!'.

Someone says 'the weaker ones may do more harm than good with their "research"'.

Keller says (in common) 'a temple, please...I have much to think about and discuss and I wouldn't like to deal with the insignificance of molo's ilk at this point.'.

You say (in common) 'Can I go to Tel's temple?'.

Kylera nods.

You say (in common) 'I don't get to visit there very often.

Keller disappears in a mushroom cloud.
Kylera disappears in a mushroom cloud.

Someone has transferred you.

Tel's Temple
[Exits: west]
A crystaline sculpture of infinite beauty dazzles you.
Kylera is here.
Keller is resting here.

You say (in common) 'Good bye, sir'.

Keller says (in common) 'perhaps syrinx.'.

You bow deeply.
Kylera rests.

You gossip (in common) '*bow* Thank you, Lord Madman!'.

Keller says (in common) 'he's the eldest of the magi still active in the world.'.

You say (in common) 'May I have some mushrooms, Mother?'.

Kylera utters the words, 'create food'.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Kylera utters the words, 'create food'.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Kylera utters the words, 'create food'.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Kylera utters the words, 'create food'.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Kylera utters the words, 'create food'.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

Kylera utters the words, 'create food'.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

You say (in common) 'I am not strong enough to pick it up.'.
Your cheeks are burning.

You are carrying:
(Humming) a metal buckler shield
( 2) a huge loaf of wheat bread
a pink potion with blue swirls
a beige potion with purple swirls
a bar of silver
a white fur cloak
(Humming) a suit of ring mail
a vial of a shimmering elixir
bag made from beastly fido hide
bag made from outfitter hide
( 2) a clear red potion
a buffalo water skin

You say (in common) 'I'm really not very strong, yet.'.

Keller says (in common) 'I wish Pol were here...he'd been around since the ancient times.'.

Kylera looks at you.
Kylera says (in common) 'give me something from your inventory son'.
Kylera says (in common) 'and then eat'.

You give a bar of silver to Kylera.

Mushroom: you can't carry that much weight.

You are Kelton Trap D'Augustine, Fellowship Squire., 26 years old (18 hours).
You are a level 7 Warrior
You worship Gryphon, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have 105/105 hit, 120/120 mana, 142/142 movement, 0 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 30/33 items with weight 220/220 kg.
Str: TRN Int: TRN Wis: TRN Dex: TRN Con: TRN Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are neither very lucky or unlucky.
You have scored 35535 exp, and have 18716 gold coins.sigh
You need 65 exp for level 8.
Autoexit: yes. Autogold: yes, Autoloot: no. Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 15 hit points.
You are thirsty.
You are hungry.
You are standing.
You are Good.

You sigh.

give ring kylera
Kylera can't carry that much weight.

Kylera says (in common) 'give me another item then'.

You say (in common) 'you can't carry it'.

Keller says (in common) 'then give it to me.'.

give mail keller
You give a suit of ring mail to Keller.

Keller says (in common) 'you did well with the demon, by the way.'.

You smile happily.
You say (in common) 'I bowed... a lot.'.

You get a Magic Mushroom.
You eat a Magic Mushroom.
You are no longer hungry.

You get a Magic Mushroom.
You eat a Magic Mushroom.

You get a Magic Mushroom.
You eat a Magic Mushroom.
You are full.

You smile happily.

Kylera gives you a bar of silver.
You say (in common) 'thank you.'.

You say (in common) 'That's the magic shield I told you about.'.
You say (in common) 'I am quite close to leveling!'.
You say (in common) 'But I'm working on my quest for a while.'.

Kylera says (in common) 'what quest?'.

You say (in common) 'It's a quest that Lord Nayr gave me.'.
You say (in common) 'I have to collect a bunch of things.'.

Kylera says (in common) 'oh..'.

Keller walks over to the wall and pulls out a dusty map.

You say (in common) 'Twenty items with Silver in the name, and 5 items with white in the name.'.

Kylera says (in common) 'and what is at the end of this quest?'.

You say (in common) 'But they cannot be potions.'.
You say (in common) 'I get something nice!'.

Keller sits down and unrolls the map, staring at it.

Kylera says (in common) 'Kelton......I will give you two items if you wish'.

Kelton wanders over, and peeps over Keller's shoulder at the map.

Kylera says (in common) 'for your quest'.

You say (in common) 'I think they will go away at the quest end, so..'.

Keller says (in common) 'it's a map of molo's crypt, child.'.

You say (in common) 'I don't want you to loose anything you need.'.


Kylera says (in common) 'That's okay...I don't have a use fore them anymore'.
Kylera says (in common) 'they have done their requirements'.

Keller says (in common) 'as best I could make out from the times I've infaded it.'.

Kelton points at the sarcophagus in the lower room.
You say (in common) 'That is not in the right spot.'.
You say (in common) 'Its more towards the middle.'.

Keller frowns.
Keller says (in common) 'when were you there, child?'.

You smile happily.
Kylera looks at Keller.

You say (in common) 'Well, that would be nice, Mother.. but I can't carry anything more.'.

Kylera says (in common) 'he spent his time there.'.

You say (in common) 'I need to raise my strength.'.
Kylera looks at you.

Keller frowns.

You say (in common) 'A long time ago... '.
You say (in common) 'But.. I remember the throne, and the stone coffin..'.
You say (in common) 'And the smell..'.

Keller says (in common) 'I'm being remiss in my duties...can I get either of you anything?'.

You say (in common) 'and the grate in teh floor.'.

You shake your head.
Kylera shakes her head.

You say (in common) 'I thought my strength would go up as I got to be a bigger warrior, but it isn't...'.
What's bothering you ?

Apollo is forcably thrown to the ground!
Apollo sits down and thinks deeply.

Keller says (in common) 'these things take time...and hello, apollo.'.

Apollo leaves west.

You say (in common) 'Hello.'.

Kylera says (in common) 'Hello apollo'.

who apollo
1 player.
Hum [ Wa:25 ] Apollo Marriage? hm... Trinity O

Kylera stops using the cracked silver amulet.
Kylera wears the cracked silver amulet around her neck.


You are using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger> the dark tourmaline ring
<worn on finger> the tarnished brass ring
<worn around neck> the rusty gold amulet
<worn around neck> the rusty electrum amulet
<worn on body> a suit of bronze plate
<worn on head> a steel helm
<worn on legs> (Humming) a pair of steel plate leggings
<worn on feet> a pair of bronze plate boots
<worn on arms> a pair of plate sleeves
<worn as shield> a wooden tower shield
<worn about body> a cape
<worn about waist> a studded leather girth
<worn around wrist> a bronze plate bracer
<worn around wrist> (Glowing) (Humming) a serpent bracelet
<wielded> the Keltonian Blade
<held> a mud school diploma

Keller sits down and thinks deeply.

You gossip (in common) 'For Trade: +2 Hit, +20 Mana amulet, for a +1 strength Amulet'.

who mage
9 players.
Hum [ Wa:12 Ma:15 Th:15 ] Proven. Trinity *** E ***
Hum [ Ma:13 ] Aeriel How Sweet To Be A Cloud
Hum [ Ma:13 Ra:16 ] Ranzar Rho'teikn- Lon..Wanderer(Trin-E*Crysania)
Elf [ Ma:15 Ra:18 ] Kira weaves a heart with a Blackblade -Tiger-
Hum [ Ma:20 Th:10 ] Valin:Fire is exping....NO IDS FOR YOU!!!!
Elf [ Ma: 4 Ra:12 ] Quinn Corinna's Hero *Nature*
Elf [ Th: 1 Ra:12 Ma:17 ] Drizzt Do'Urden -{Tiger}-
Elf [ Ma:14 ] Pippin, Reformed Confidant of Trinity-=I=- *Darrin*
Min [ Th: 4 Ma:13 ] Infultraitor. TRINITY-0

Rocky tells you (in common) 'is that a +2 hit +20 mana amulet'.
You tell Rocky (in common) 'Yes, it is.. I'm looking for plus strength'.

Keller says (in common) 'well, that solves that problem...'.

Rocky tells you (in common) 'ive got a 1 str amulet'.
Rocky tells you (in common) 'it has 10 move too'.

You say (in common) 'What is that, sir?'.

Kylera says (in common) 'yes'.

Kylera says (in common) 'give me an item child'.

You say (in common) 'I am going to trade with rocky for a +strenght amulet'.

Keller says (in common) 'I was seeing if any mages were on of sufficient power to advise me.'.

You say (in common) 'you couldn't hold it, mother.'.

Kylera gives you a bronze plate bracer.
Kylera says (in common) 'wear that'.

You say (in common) 'what is it?'.
You smile happily.
You say (in common) 'that made my strenght 150'.
You say (in common) 'pardon, 250'.

Keller growls.
Keller says (in common) 'what the devil is wrong with this world...'.
Keller says (in common) 'molo's people run around with impunity...'.

You say (in common) 'Oh... I got these for you, Mother.'.
You give a bouquet of flowers to Kylera.
You smile happily.

Keller says (in common) 'adrienne is kidnapped....Tanstaafl is in tears over it..'.

Kylera smiles happily.
Kylera says (in common) 'thank you dear'.

You say (in common) 'ADRI!???'.

You gasp in astonishment.
You say (in common) 'Who has her?!!'.

Keller says (in common) 'and I can do nothing because I'm busy dealing with the fact I can't even stand up to the conclave in force.'.

Keller says (in common) 'nobody knows.'.

Kylera says (in common) 'They don't know Kelton'.

You say (in common) 'I"ll find her!'.
You say (in common) 'Who ...hmmm...'.

note list
[ 0] Tynian: Immortal Authority
[ 1] Madman: Accusations and Falsehoods: Deletion Offenses
[ 2] Tynian, Revised by Madman: GOD+ and reform requests.
[ 3] Madman: Weddings
[ 4] Tynian: Immortality and equipment.
[ 5] Madman: Checking on the TFC Status if Problems are Occurring
[ 6] Madman: Tactics Leading to Mob Killing
[ 7] Madman: Shaman/Other Classes and Staves
[ 8] Tynian: Equipment exchanges
[ 9] Nayr: Zombie bug posting
[ 11] Madman: Mud Sex
[ 12] Madman: God Temples
[ 13] Nayr: Accusations of Cheating
[ 14] Tynian: Cutting link and cheating
[ 15] Tynian: Dropping link to kill mobs in private rooms
[ 16] Madman: These Notes
[ 17] Tynian: Taxes and "over limit" items
[ 18] Tynian: Requests to _not_ be deleted
[ 19] Madman: Character Names
[ 20] Madman: Policy Change Effective November 1, 1996
[ 21] Tynian: Overlimit items
[ 22] Madman: Multi-PKs
[ 23] Madman: Area Writing
[ 24] Madman: Multi-PK's
[ 25] Madman: Promotions, 3.x, and Other Happy Things
[ 26] Madman: KILLER Flags and the PK Rules
[ 27] Tynian: Passwords
[ 28] Madman: Zombies
[ 29] Madman: revealing chat identities
[ 30] Madman: Of PK's
[ 31] Madman: Alignments
[ 32] Tynian: Casting spells on mobs
[ 33] Madman: Proper Treatment of Zombies and Pets
[ 34] Madman: Of Things Zombie
[ 35] Madman: darkness, silence, etc in the Adventure Guild
[ 36] Nayr: Re: Addition (Policy, read)
[ 37] Tynian: Alignment stuff
[ 38] Tynian: Creating "cute" bags
[ 39] Madman: Suicide Runs
[ 40] Tynian: My title
[ 41] Tynian: Mobkilling
[ 42] Madman: TYPOS
[ 43] Madman: Proper Note Use
[ 44] Tynian: Version 2.79b (repost)
[ 45] Madman: Grey Areas
[ 46] Madman: what makes a mud
[ 47] Tynian: 2.80b bug fixes, general statement
[ 48] Madman: CaptainKirk delted, Erk stripped of all eq
[ 49] Madman: Delm sentenced to 30 days in the cooler.
[ 50] Madman: Area Proposals/Submission Change
[ 51] Syla: Syla's real life interlude.
[ 52] Darkmoon: IT's Party time
[ 53] Madman: A "Master" Quest
[ 54] Madman: the "master" quest
[ 55] Madman: 3.x Beta Testing
[ 56] Madman: erols.com has SOME access restored
[ 57] Madman: Quest Master
[ 58] Bumblefoot: The Society of Warrior Poets
[ 59] Bumblefoot: Society of Warrior Poets Submission Policy
[ 60] Maxx: ID'ing
[ 61] Kestrel: The Silver Fellowship of Lord Gryphon
[ 62] Keller: Kestrels note.
[ 63] Keller: my beliefs.
[ 64] Callisto: Callisto's Calling
[ 65] Callisto: Why Love???
[ 66] Zarous: Sunrise
[ 67] Myronides: Image
[ 68] Keller: A letter to the amassed peoples of the world.
[ 69] Polnevdra: An old woman's opinion
[ 70] Polnevdra: Changing of the Guard, so to speak
[ 71] Darkside: Claire
[ 72] Faust: Claire....
[ 73] Darkmoon: GT may 24th
[ 74] Myronides: War with Evil.
[ 75] Dacryphil: Re: War with Evil
[ 76] Xantor: A Mysterious Revelation
[ 77] Madman: Quest Master Time and Rules
[ 78] Gaul: Leveling Kit Gone

You tell Raja (in common) '*poke*'.
Raja tells you (in common) 'hey'.

Keller sighs loudly.
Keller says (in common) 'when I was a kid, all I wanted was to be a blacksmith.'.

Kelton says sofly, "All I've wanted is to be like you..."

Keller shakes his head.

Kelton smiles uncertainly.

Keller says (in common) 'be your own man, child...'.

You say (in common) 'That's not what I meant, Father.'.

Keller says (in common) 'my path isn't worth the pain.'.

You say (in common) 'And my name is Kelton... why don't you ever call me that?'.
Kelton bites his lower lip.
You say (in common) 'I want to help people.'.
You say (in common) 'That is what you do.'.

Keller laughs.

You say (in common) 'I want to protect those who are little, and getting picked on, like Adri'.
You say (in common) 'There was this man who used to scare her..'.

Keller says (in common) 'everything I touch turns to ashes, Kelton.'.

You say (in common) 'I reemember him... he ... he's even scarier than the dead mean guy.'.

You say (in common) 'May I have my armor back, please?'.

Keller nods.

You say (in common) 'I am going to go make the trade with Rocky.'.

Keller gives you a bar of silver.

You say (in common) 'So I can be stronger.'.

Keller gives you a metal buckler shield.
Keller gives you a suit of ring mail.

Kylera says (in common) 'how many more items do you need?'.

You chuckle.
You say (in common) 'LOTS'.

Keller says (in common) 'are you strong enough to transport tanstaafl here, love?'.

Kylera utters the words, 'summon'.
Tanstaafl arrives suddenly.

You say (in common) 'I have three silvers, and oen white.'.
say And I have You say (in common) 'SO.. I need 17 more silvers, and four more white.'.

Tanstaafl sweeps off his helmet in an elaborate bow to Keller.

Kylera gives you a beautifully embroidered white dress.
Kylera gives you white satin ballet slippers.

You say (in common) 'And I have to help someone level an entire level.'.

Keller says (in common) 'I'll keep and eye out.'.

You gasp in astonishment.
You say (in common) 'NO!'.

give You give a beautifully embroidered white dress to Kylera.

Kylera says (in common) 'my wedding dress...'.

You give white satin ballet slippers to Kylera.

Kylera says (in common) 'I never got to wear it'.

You say (in common) 'NO!'.
You say (in common) 'I am not taking that!'.
Kelton shakes his head in distress.

Kylera says (in common) 'why not?'.

You bow deeply.

Upper Western Avenue
[Exits: north east south]
(Kelton leaves and heads to One Up One East of Pit)

Entrance to Temple Courtyard
[Exits: west up]
Stalkr is here.
Proven is here.
Pippin is here.
Drizzt is here.

You gossip (in common) 'Why are there balls of light everywhere?'.
Tori gossips (in common) 'You've got me'.
Tyrall gossips (in common) 'To help you see'.

Drizzt thinks Proven should read all FK's emails..*smiles slightly*

Someone gossips (in common) 'Gratz, Vampyric'.
Someone gossips (in common) 'way to go vamp!'.
Someone gossips (in common) 'you may now -=[ *** PLAYER KILL *** ]=-'.
Someone gossips (in common) 'although whom I wouldn't know..'.

Drizzt smiles at you.
Pippin smiles at you.

You auction (in common) 'For Trade: +2 hit, +20 Mana Amulet, looking for a +1 strength amulet.'.

You bow before him.
You bow before her.

Drizzt bows deeply.

Drizzt hugs Pippin.

Phreak gossips (in common) 'what gave you that idea, but look, see, he's a thief'.

Stalkr says (in common) 'who's there please?'.

Pippin lowers her head sadly..

You say (in common) 'What is wrong, Lady Pippin?'.

Stalkr says (in common) 'someone please tell me what's wrong?'.

You say (in common) 'I don't know..'.
You say (in common) 'But I bet it has to do with Adri!'.

Pippin says (in common) 'too much Kelton my dear..'.

Stalkr says (in common) 'i would guess'.

Proven says (in common) 'ah, rp'ing :)'.

You say (in common) 'I want to help find Adri.'.

Rocky has arrived.
Rocky leaves up.

You say (in common) 'I like her.. she is my friend.'.

You tell Rocky (in common) 'do you want to do that tradee?'.

Pippin says (in common) 'she is my best friend'.

Your cheeks are burning.
Proven pats Pippin on her back.
Pippin sighs loudly.

You tell Rocky (in common) 'I couldn't find you'.
Rocky tells you (in common) 'ok sure'.
Rocky tells you (in common) 'where shoud i go?'.
You tell Rocky (in common) 'One up, one east of pit'.

Rocky has arrived.

Pippin shivers at the thought of telling others of what happened..

Rocky bows before you.

You give the rusty gold amulet to Rocky.

Rocky tells you (in common) 'let me find it real fast'.

Drizzt says (in common) 'let others do that..you've told it enough Pippin..'.

You say (in common) 'I'm sorry if I asked a bad question..'.
What's bothering you ?
Your cheeks are burning.

Pippin says (in common) 'no dear..its ok'.
Pippin hugs you.

Pippin says (in common) 'loking at my desc. might help you understand'.

l pippin
The young lady before you has the look of someone compleatly reformed by a
frightening event. A quiet, subdued look has all but replaced the controlled
hyperactive appearance once there. A mere 5'6" with a slender, curvatious
frame and deep Strawberry Blonde waist length hair tied back with an
enchanted silver ribbon, she still gives the initial impression of a
beautiful, playful young cat. The noticable change is in her eyes - softer,
deeper, and a very dark Metallic Silver from the once bright silver. Her
eyes and expression reveal a slight fear and sadness, and the shamed
determination that brought the change about. In all, the look of reform.
Around her neck sit her two most treasured possesions. A small golden
pendant with the image of a handsome, golden-eyed young man upon it, and
a simple yet beautiful Crystal pendant given by a cherished Drow friend. :)
Pippin is in perfect health.

Rocky gives you the scorching golden amulet.
Rocky bows before you.

whois pippin
Elf [ Ma:14 ] Pippin, Reformed Confidant of Trinity-=I=- *Darrin*

You say (in common) 'Are you not Trinity?'.

Pippin says (in common) 'yes..I am'.

Kelton blinks.
You say (in common) 'I guess.. I"m sorta confused.. but I don't wanna ask stupid questions if you're hurting.. so..'.

Kelton bites his lower lip.
You say (in common) 'I'll go.'.
You wave.

(Kelton wanders off)

Pippin tells you (in common) 'Its ok..trust me dear..*HUG*'.

You auction (in common) 'WANTED : Items with either SILVER or WHITE in the names.. but not potions.. please give tells. '.

Raja tells you (in common) 'Go get a silver pendant from the graveyard'.

You gossip (in common) 'Can Someone help me get to the Midguard Graveyard?'.

Corri says (in common) 'Hello, Genome!'.

Ceremonial Room
[Exits: east]
Glittering gold inlay, black obsidian floors, and large amounts of
precious gems make this room one the richest in all the realms. What
makes it even more impressive is the room is massive, easily large
enough to hold all the heroes of the world and have room to spare for
many more. Throughout the room are various trophies from past heroes.
Sealed by a magic field is Maurice's armor from when he was a paladin,
in another alcove floating above its base is the mace Tynian used to
smash his way to immortality, in yet another display is a sculpture of
pure magical energy created by IvoryTiger. This room is for all the
special moments in a hero's life, such as honor given by an immortal,
marriage, reception of a major quest prize, or even a really special
Some beautiful flowers are growing here.
Genome is resting here.
Corri is resting here.

Corri chuckles, evidently amused.
Genome says (in common) 'Hello, Corri!'.

Corri mutters genome the gnome *chuckle*

Genome nods.
Genome says (in common) 'Kinda catchy'.

Corri nods.
Corri says (in common) 'how do you do?'.

Genome says (in common) 'I am fine. How about yourself?'.

who fellowship
2 players.

Elf [ Ra: 9 ] Zakaera Z'relendar of the Fellowship
Hum [ Wa: 8 ] Kelton Trap D'Augustine, Fellowship Squire.

Dinin tells you (in common) 'yeah mg temple'.

Corri says (in common) 'I'm doing wonderfully, thanks!'.

(kelton heads to the Temple)

By the Temple Altar
[Exits: south]
Infultraitor is resting here.
Unknown is here.
Tyrall is here.
Dinin is flying here.
Rocky is here.

You bow before him.
Dinin looks at you.
You say (in common) 'Hello, Lord Dinin'.

Unknown chuckles, evidently amused.

Dinin says (in common) 'Hello'.

You say (in common) 'I heard there are Silver Pendants there.'.

Dinin says (in common) 'follow me'.

You now follow Dinin.

(and off they go to the graveyard.)
(end log)