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Zarous (I)
Lord of Adventure
Lesser God
Status Retired
Retired Dec 7, 1999
Race Elf
Last Seen July 22, 2010
Followed Cerebus
Areas Written Elven Homestead
Immorted Between 1995 & 1997
Following Adventure

Mud Contributions:

Wrote the Elven Homestead.

Poetry by Zarous

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Current Description:

WHO Lists:

03/14/2002  Elf [      Retired      ] Zarous God of Shuffleboard. phd, cpa, ips

Character History:

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)
In mortal life Zarous wandered wide and far in the land of TFC seeking adventure and hidden look descriptions back when the world was much smaller and impler. Zarous took time out of his busy schedule of getting mob killed, and fleeing playerkillers to help out newbies and do corpse retrievals. After 300 years of mortality, and one too many blows to the head, Zarous chose to serve another 200 years as ambassador before becoming the shining example of pure wholesome goodness that he is today.
Do you seek out new places to explore? Do you like to help others to enjoy the realm as much as you do? Seek out Zarous' temple and gaze into the still waters of the pool and see if you have what it takes to be a true adventurer.

Zarous' Immortal Profile/Bio

When asked for a description, he had these things to say about himself:
Zarous likes to explore the world.
Zarous does not like greedy or random player killing.
Zarous likes making friends, and helping others to discover the secrets of the world for themselves.
Zarous does not like cheaters, liars, or evil.


Zarous had a website for his character on TFC that featured a funny photo album of various characters. Thanks to the wonders of the internet the pictures have been preserved and can be viewed on the Zarous Photo Album page.
Written by Zarous is the Story of Zarous's Paladin
Also written by Zarous is a little story called Concerning Vikings featuring Tokugawa, Jaator, Daris and Zarous himself.

Personal Timeline: