Ebon Hand

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The Ebon Hand
Led By Thaygar
Created April 1995
Disbanded July, 1996
Holy Symbol The Ebon Sigil Odegra
Alignment Evil
Future Immortal Followers Raistlin
Allies Siren
Temple Thaygar's Temple

Following Description / FINFO:

The Ebon Hand, an evil order based on the Triat, was led by Thaygar. The core following concept of the Triat was that of three entities or forces of nature: the Weaver, the Wyrm, and the Wyld. Most within the following aligned themselves with one of the three Aspects of the Triat, with the majority of them taking the Wyld's path.

Requirements for Entry

  • Varied, based on Thaygar's whim at that particular moment. An Ebon Challenge is the quest he set to Cordir for her entry.


(NOT all-inclusive. Based on existing WHO lists.)

Gia [    Lesser God     ] Thaygar: Ebon Ruler of Death and the Soul 
Min [ Th: 2 Sh:25       ] Europe, Ebon Assassin of the Seeker [C]
Hum [ Cl:21 Wa:17       ] Ivan Thidobeau.  Ebon.  You stab em, I slab em
Hel [ Ma:10 Th:12       ] Illusion is no longer and Ebon...
Elf [ Ma:19 Wa: 9 Th:25 ] Ivarr the Disenchanter [Triat] [Ebon Master]
Hel [ Th:13 Wa:10 Ma:15 ] Val Watches an endless Ebon night.
Hum [ Th: 3 Sh:30 Wa:10 ] Typhon, Ebon Shaman
Hum [ Cl:24 Wa:18       ] Ivan Thidobeau.  Ebon Soulskinner of the Seeker
Elf [ Cl:30             ] Pestis: Ebon Succubus of the Sender
Hum [ Sh:30             ] Huey, the torture is eternal...for you *ebon*nash
Hum [ Th: 4 Wa:15       ] Leaf holds true Ebon power
Ogr [ Wa: 7 Sh:17       ] Corsendonk is a lion. ebon
Elf [ Wa: 3 Ma:11 Th:11 ] Valenfor Ebon with low experience 
Elf [ Th:14 Ma:15       ] Lorel: Mistress of the Ebon Hand
Hum [ Ma:18             ] Raistlin has found Fistandantilus (ebon)

Other followers: Nyx, Cordir


Additional Notes

  • Thaygar was temporarily demoted to Demi God for (unknown) infractions. He was restored to Lesser God in January of 1995 (the same day that Cordir worshiped, exact date unknown.)
  • The following was disbanded when Thaygar was promoted to God+, on 07/17/1996. See his people page for more info.
  • When Thaygar un-retired and became a Lesser God again (06/21/99), he chose to create a new following, Servants of Death rather than rebuild the Ebon Hand.