In The Top Three

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Notes: The time frame was July, 2010. I was considering coming back and requesting reinstatement as an FLI. Jet logged in; he had been a member of the Chosen of Fate and seemed pretty excited about the idea of me coming back. The conversation started up on Cant, and got .. well.. a little weird pretty quick. - Cordir 07:11, 7 June 2012 (MST)

Jet cants, 'CORDIR!!!!'.

You cant, 'Hi Jet :)'.

Jet cants, 'whats up girl!'.
Jet cants, 'news on the street is you coming back'.

You cant, '*gasp* says who?'.

Jet cants, 'hehe'.
Jet cants, 'hey you was a damn good god'.
Jet cants, 'top 3 on my list'.

Ink cants, 'Don't make her head explode!'.
Ink cants, 'I'd say Cordir was #1, I don't have to generalize with "top 3" nonsense'.
Ink cants, ':D'.

Jet cants, 'hehe'.

You cant, 'Awwwwwww.. flattering fibber'.

Anduin cants, 'Solanthas was #1, stfu INK'.

Ink cants, 'Oh yeah'.
Ink cants, 'okay, C was #2'.

Anduin cants, ':)'.

Ink cants, 'oh wait, Solaron'.

Anduin cants, 'lol'.

Ink cants, '#3 then'.

Anduin cants, 'top 3..'.
Anduin cants, 'haha'.

You cant, 'WHAAATT?!@?!@?!'.

Ink cants, 'crap, Katrana, Cerebus'.

You cant, 'Solaron?!?!'.

Ink cants, 'omg, and jerald'.

You cant, 'You are SO DEAD MEAT when I get my little hands on you, swarf!'.

Anduin cants, 'Sol was ok, Kat was way better'.

Lycron cants, 'woot lycron!'.

Jet cants, 'lol'.

Ink cants, 'Ironbrain, Masher, TB *sigh* the choices'.

Jet cants, 'plato was a realy good one'.

Anduin cants, 'lol TB'.

Isolas cants, 'Lich 1, undisputed. Cordir 2'.

Jet cants, 'molo diffently has to be in the list'.

Ink cants, 'I miss Lorna'.

Anduin cants, 'lol I don't miss Lorna'.

Jet cants, 'nod Phantom'.

Ink cants, 'then you are dumb!'.

Isolas cants, 'Isolas 3'.

Anduin cants, 'Lorna produced jack-asses like Skeeve and that warric'.
Anduin cants, 'ughh what was his name'.

Isolas cants, 'Grismal?'.

Anduin cants, 'yes!'.
Anduin cants, 'G-al haha'.

Anduin cants, 'I didn't like Abender as a tiger either'.
Anduin cants, 'YEAH I SAID IT'.

Jet cants, 'maimer was a cool cat'.

Anduin cants, 'yeah, he was'.

You cant, 'but what Molo achieved, was unmatched.'.
You cant, 'And what he gave in support of his followers, was unparallelled.'.
You cant, 'I agree - He was a better immortal than I.'.

Anduin cants, 'I just saw ftell logs and thought he came off as a control-freak'.

You cant, 'Molo was not a tea and crumpets and pillows for your comfort kind of guy.'.

(end Log)