The Wedding of Cordir & Keller

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(Back Story: Cordir & Keller had been involved for some time, but for various reasons, they had decided to end the roleplayed relationship. However, Keller wanted to be true to his character - he wouldn't simply dump Cordir - that wasn't in his nature. There had to be some sort of overwhelming reason to do so. Only if she went evil, would he, a Paladin, break his vows to her. So... she did. This RP was pre-arranged with the three primary parties: Keller, Cordir and Molo... but no one else knew what was going to happen. (This later came back to haunt Cordir, as it was felt by some of the God+ staff that the RP had 'bent' the rules by implying something via emote that couldn't actually happen within the code. Note: the log has been heavily edited, and is from Cordir's point of view.)

A Peaceful Spot
[Exits: south]
Singing birds soothe your spirit and invite you to rest your weary bones in this quiet place. You are tempted to throw away the worries of the world and take a nap.
Cordir is here.
Etris is here.
Spayde is here.
Keller is here.
Polnevdra is here.
Salef is here.

Keller says 'but can't portal 3..'

Keller smiles at Cordir.

Strider utters the words, 'wizard mark', and draws a funny looking rune on Cordir. Strider bows before her..

Viceroy says 'Why the congregation, folks?'.

Cordir blushes, and says softly, "A wedding"

Polnevdra says 'Are we expecting anyone else?'.

Keller shakes his head.

Strider utters the words, 'wizard mark' and draws a funny looking rune on Keller.

Cordir says 'Well... Some immortals said they might attend.. But they may wish to be invisible..' She pauses and thinks a moment, then says 'So.. I would say go ahead..'.

Spayde smirks and shakes his head.

Viceroy says 'Who are the newlyweds to be then?'.

Polnevdra nods in recognition to Cordir.

Spayde takes a seat in the back...

Polnevdra says 'All right, from this point forward... NO SOCIALS, NO EMOTES, NO EATING, NO DRINKING!'.

Cordir says 'Not even me?'.

Polnevdra says 'Show proper respect for the bride and groom'.

Spayde nods.

Keller says softly, "OOC: Jahiliya just walked into the room where I am.. Do you want to wait?'.

Polnevdra says 'Keller and Cordir are exempted from that'.

Cordir says 'YES. Please.. give her a moment to get here..

Polnevdra says 'We'll wait then'.

Keller nods and rests.

Spayde nods.
Spayde looks over his shoulder to see if Jahiliya is watching :)

Keller says 'Strider... what do you hit like?'.

Strider says 'mostly maim and mutilate'

Strider says 'Who is the Pastor at this fine wedding?'.

Polnevdra nods in recognition to Strider.

Tel sits down and thinks deeply.

Keller pokes Tel in the ribs, Viceroy shakes Tel's hand.

Spayde says 'Greetings, Tel.

Polnevdra bows before Tel.

Cordir gives a deep courtesy to the Lord of Passion.

Tel grins happily.

Spayde bows before Tel.

Keller says 'sure...don't show up for DAYS... worry us all sick...'.

Tel says 'yeah, so?'. Tel giggles.

Jahiliya tells Cordir 'got here as soon as I could...'.

Cordir says 'Your timing is amazing, Tel'.

Keller says 'then make a last minute appearance like it doesn't matter.'.

Jahiliya tells Cordir 'is the wedding still ongoing?'.

Strider says 'TEL!!!!!!!!!!'.

Polnevdra smiles slightly.

Cordir says 'Lord Tel, Polnevdra was going to be your stand in..'.

Tel wonders why no one tells him about anything.

Keller says 'oh, I'm getting married, by the way.'.

Tel pokes Keller in the ribs.

Keller says 'what?'.

Tel says 'nice to say something'.

Keller says 'you weren't around to ask.'.

Cordir says 'We wanted you to do the ceremony... But.. Would you mind if Polnevdra does it?'.

Tel says 'doh'.

Polnevdra says 'I will of course, defer to Tel if it is his desire to continue the ceremony...'.

Cordir says 'She was kind enough to drop everything..'.

Keller pokes Tel in the ribs, saying 'Yeah you're never here. See what happens when you don't show up for days on end? :)'.

Spayde scoots over and offers Tel a seat.

Tel says 'Go ahead, Polnevdra. I am not too good with speeches, I mostly B's in my public speaking class'.

Jahiliya tells Cordir 'Still at glade?'.

Cordir tells Jahiliya 'Nod'.

Tel grumbles about not being around for the bachelor party.

Cordir says 'WHAT bachelor party???'.

Keller says 'shhh....'.

Someone laughs

Keller pokes Tel in the ribs.

Spayde says 'Don't worry Tel, we had fun FOR you :)'.

A Peaceful Spot
[Exits: south]
Singing birds soothe your spirit and invite you to rest your weary bones in this quiet place. You are tempted to throw away the worries of the world and take a nap.
The sky is cloudless and a cold northern gust blows.
Viceroy is here.
Tel is here.
(Invis) Strider is here.
Etris is here.
Spayde is here.
Keller is resting here.
Polnevdra is here.
Salef is here.
Tel sniffs sadly.
Spayde comforts Tel.

Keller says 'M'lady Polnevdra, M'lady Etris..'.

Jahiliya bows deeply.

Viceroy kisses Jahiliya's hand. How continental!

Spayde scoots over and makes room for Jahiliya.

Tel beams a smile at Jahiliya.

Cordir says 'We're ready, then?'

Huge, liquid cobalt blue eyes gaze back at you, clouded with thoughts both terrible and beautiful. There is depth in those eyes now, and a lack of the madness that - until recently - was all too easily seen there. Her once glorious long blonde hair is short now, hacked off haphazardly at the shoulders, and has changed to an unusual smoky grey color streaked with glints of silver. Old scars delicately crisscross most of the pale skin that is visible on her slim and lithe body. A slight wound on her neck remains unhealed, the place where she received a vampire god's kiss, and her right arm is permanently marked with the stigmata where a Lich once touched her. Her garb is still simple, similar to what a peasant would wear, but with one exception. Basic woolen trews, linnea, and tunic woven in shades of brown and green are covered by a rich cloak of superlative weave, the clasp finely worked gold with a heraldic insignia. Pinned on the cloak is a sigil, which writhes and moves of it's own accord, the details of it escaping your eyes. Bizarrely, a black iron shackle with the same insignia as the cloak clasp is locked around one thin wrist. Her head lifts as she notices your gaze, and one eyebrow lifts in silent inquiry as to why anyone would want to be looking at one such as she.
Cordir is using:
<used as light> a bright ball of light
<worn on body> a red dress
<worn on legs> red stockings
<worn about body> a golden robe
<held> a bouquet of roses
<worn with pride> a beautiful orchid

Polnevdra says 'Ready?'.

Spayde looks at everyone.

Cordir smiles happily.

Cordir nods.

Polnevdra says 'I will repeat my earlier instructions'.

Etris takes her seat.

Tel casts Bless on Keller.
Tel says 'there, now ya have my blessing'.
Tel throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Strider throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Spayde snickers softly.

Polnevdra says 'No eating, drinking, talking, emoting, or socializing during the ceremony. Please show respect for the two gathered here today'.

Cordir smiles shakily and takes Keller's hands.

Cordir says "Lord Tel, may I have a Sanct?"

Tel shakes his head, saying 'the whole non- follower thing ya know'.

Cordir says 'That should change... and soon.. Like right after the wedding! Keller? Would you?'

Keller stands up and utters the words, 'gaiqhjabral'.
Cordir is surrounded by a white aura.
Jahiliya utters the words, 'qhiat ay sfainfrauai'.
Cordir is surrounded by a magical cloak.

Polnevdra says 'If you need anything, do it now!'.

Strider bats his long eyelashes at Tel.

You hear something's death cry.

Polnevdra says 'I will now begin. Ladies and Gentlemen.. We are brought here together this day to be witness to a holy event. The joining of this woman and this man in the sacred state of matrimony'.

Cordir looks up at Keller, her eyes glowing with joy.

Keller smiles at Cordir.

Polnevdra says 'Brought together in love, even though separated by a seemingly vast gulf of station and religion. Cordir and Keller have come together today to start a new life...together. Cordir, please step forward'.

Cordir steps forward.

Polnevdra says 'Cordir, know that from this day, from the moment you say that you will take this man, Keller, as your husband... That you are a new woman, reborn in the sight and blessing of the universe'.

Cordir smiles softly and nods.

Tel utters the words, 'gjwwai'.
Jokulhaups arrives suddenly.

Jokulhaups smiles happily.
Jokulhaups shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Tel grins happily at Jokulhaups.

Spayde says 'shh, sit down...' and pulls Jokuhaups down in a seat.

Polnevdra says 'Renewed, reawakened to the illumination, to the passion of your potential. Do you have a token of your love for Keller? If so, give it to him now'.

Cordir smiles happily. Cordir gives a finely made gambeson of scarlet and white to Keller.

Polnevdra beams a smile at Keller. Polnevdra says 'Keller, please step forward'.

Keller wears a finely made gambeson of scarlet and white about his body.

Polnevdra says 'Keller, you too should know that in joining yourself with Cordir as her husband, your life begins anew. This is a new opportunity, a new beginning for growth and self-realization. Look deep within your heart, for the truth of your love is a comfort and joy to you there. Do you have a token of your love for Cordir? If so, please give it to her now'.

Keller nods. Keller whispers 'forever and always, world without end'. Keller gives Cordir the splendid zircon ring. Cordir wears the splendid zircon ring on her left finger.

Tel utters the words, 'gjwwai'.
Anomius arrives suddenly.

Tel beams a smile at Anomius.

Polnevdra says 'Very well, all here know see the love you hold for each other. Let us all stand as witness. Keller, do you accept this woman to be your wife and Baroness, and promise to protect her, cherish her, and hold her above all others... For as long as you both shall live?'.

Keller nods.

Polnevdra says 'Say I do'.

Keller says 'yes, I do. Forever.'.

Polnevdra beams a smile at Keller and turns to Cordir.

Cordir smiles, her eyes brimming with tears of joy.

It begins to rain.

Cordir giggles, and says 'How ironic.. Rain.. on my wedding day'.

Spayde snickers softly. Keller smiles at Cordir.

Polnevdra says 'Cordir, do you accept this man to be your husband, Baron, and promise to protect him, cherish him, and hold him above all others... For as long as you both shall live...'.

A storm starts to brew overhead

You have an uneasy if

The Arch-Lich coughs and says 'Vile paladin, do you actually love this wench?'.

The Arch-Lich folds his arms across his chest and looks at Keller.

The Arch-Lich says 'I told you before...she IS mine and you can not have her'.

Cordir says 'I DO!!!'.

Molo waves his hand over Cordir's eyes.
Molo utters the words, 'charm person'.
You now follow Molo. Isn't Molo just so nice?

Keller says 'With all my heart, forever and always, world without end.'

Tel pokes Molo in the ribs.

Molo orders Cordir to worship Molo.

*** Cordir now worships Molo! ****

Keller growls. Tel growls. Anomius growls.

Molo says 'Foolish paladin. You are no match for an immortal arch-lich.'.

Cordir says 'GET ME OUT OF here, Keller'.

Keller's slice *** DEMOLISHES *** you!
Your cloak is shattered! That really did HURT!

You dodge Keller's attack.

Molo orders you to 'recall'. You failed! You lose 50 exps.

Keller's slice *** DEMOLISHES *** you!
That really did HURT!

You attempt to flee! You failed!

Keller's slice *** DEMOLISHES *** you!

That really did HURT!
You sure are BLEEDING!
Keller's slice *** DEMOLISHES *** you!
You have been KILLED!!

By the Temple Altar
[Exits: south]
You are by the temple altar in the northern end of the Temple of Midgaard. A huge altar made from white polished marble is standing in front of you and behind it are statues of Mangar and Gata. Jahiliya tells Cordir 'Want me to get corpse? never mind, Anomius did'.

Keller has arrived. Keller rests.

Cordir weeps.

Keller hugs his lady, and whispers, 'it's ok...' She weeps hysterically, as he says 'I promised you..'.

Cordir weeps, but nods, answering brokenly, 'I know... thank you... but.. It was too late...'.

Keller says 'you can appeal to the Imps. It wasn't by your will.'

Cordir nods

Spayde tells Cordir 'where are you?'

Cordir tells Spayde 'At the temple Altar'

Cordir shakes in fear

Keller kisses Cordir. She returns the kiss, shakily.

Keller says 'do you want to?'

Cordir says 'Do I want to what?'.

Jahiliya tells Cordir ' there anything I can do for you?'.

Cordir says 'I did say I do....'.

Keller says 'appeal to the imps.'

Cordir says 'I will..'.

Someone ftells 'Welcome to my Black Conclave Cordir'.

Cordir Ftells: 'YOU BASTARD!!!!'.

Someone ftells '*cackle*'.


Cordir shudders and weeps, saying 'He... he can't nullify the wedding, can he?' She holds him desperately.

Keller says 'I don't know,' as he kisses Cordir.

Cordir gives Keller a long and passionate kiss.

Keller gives Cordir a long and passionate kiss, saying 'I swore forever and always... and I meant it.'.

Cordir says 'So did I..'.

Molo grits his teeth and fumes with rage. Molo says 'go'.

Cordir says 'NO!'

Cordir has been transferred.