A Song For Kylor

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Portobello says (in common), 'I have heard rumors of your latest work'.

You say (in common), 'Have you?'.
You say (in common), 'would you like to hear it?'.

Portobello says (in common), 'indeed'.
Portobello says (in common), 'Yes please!'.

Violaine says (in common), 'I haven't heard it.'.

Portobello says (in common), 'I am quickly becoming a fan'.

Samiyah grins mischievously.

Violaine says (in common), 'Is there going to be another performance?'.

Lore arrives from the east.
Lore rests.

Samiyah sings, 'If you dwell within these lands, you'll know of whom I speak'
Samiyah sings, 'You've seen his feats recorded, and the glory that he seeks'
Samiyah sings, 'He's capable, I'll give him that, he swings a mighty sword'

Portobello gets steak made from grave robber from bag made from avid fan hide.
Portobello gets steak made from tangle of asps from bag made from avid fan hide.

Samiyah sings, 'It's his tongue that cuts the worst, most often when he's bored'

Portobello eats steak made from tangle of asps.
Portobello eats steak made from grave robber.

Samiyah sings, 'When winning glory, he's the first, to tell you that he's best'
Samiyah sings, 'He'll take on any task or quest, pursuing without rest'
Samiyah sings, 'But the prize is not enough to salve his ego king'
Samiyah sings, 'A bard he hired - Whistler by name - his latest deeds to sing'

Samiyah sings, 'But song can cut as much as sword, and Bards can sing the truth'
Samiyah sings, 'When malice prompts his actions, then this song will bring reproof'
Samiyah sings, 'Accounting all his deeds so foul would take a day and night'
Samiyah sings, 'Of speaking swiftly, without pause, with quotes of his to cite'

Samiyah sings, 'But words of that foul nature, it is improper to say'
Samiyah sings, 'For they will earn a silence that will last more than a day'

Portobello chuckles, evidently amused.

Samiyah sings, 'His mouth is like an outhouse, and that cannot be denied'

Portobello sits back down.

Violaine raises an eyebrow.

Samiyah sings, 'His targets all who earn his ire, stretching far and wide'

Samiyah sings, 'But it was not his filthy words that earned him this bard's song'
Samiyah sings, 'It was an accusation made, a fact he got plain wrong'
Samiyah sings, 'Accusing slander, without fact, he took upon himself'
Samiyah sings, 'To interfere with this bard, that naughty little elf'

Samiyah sings, 'When corrected, he denied, she must have done that thing!'

Lore throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Samiyah sings, 'When proof was brought, he still abjured, so now this bard will sing.'

Samiyah sings, 'There's truth in song, that Whistler knew, recording deeds so great'
Samiyah sings, 'But Bards can sing of malice done, an instrument of Fate'
Samiyah sings, 'So sit, enjoy, and listen to this song of his great works'
Samiyah sings, 'For it will hold another truth, and sometimes truth - it hurts.'

Samiyah sings, 'In swaths of blue, he garbs himself, a ninja, he proclaims'
Samiyah sings, 'But it's his deeds, so often cruel, that his blue aura stains'
Samiyah sings, 'Why any god would want a man so often foul and loud'
Samiyah sings, 'Whose unkind words and disrespect swarm 'round him like a cloud'

Samiyah sings, 'He says that all are cheaters that are not one of his friends'
Samiyah sings, 'He mocks immortals in his name, time and time again'

Violaine gasps in astonishment.

Samiyah sings, 'He knows all that goes on inside the homes of other souls'
Samiyah sings, 'Somehow seeing miles away, and hearing thoughts and goals'

Samiyah sings, 'His bravery is plain to see, hidden beneath a tree'
Samiyah sings, 'His meteors a land to strip, their gear obtained for free'
Samiyah sings, 'His summon works with deadly speed, alas, sometimes too well'
Samiyah sings, 'His target not within his range, but still he casts the spell'

Portobello laughs.

Samiyah sings, 'He takes advantage when a bug allows him to see more'
Samiyah sings, 'And cackles loud to mock and jape as if he's keeping score'

Lore laughs.

Samiyah sings, 'A +5 girth, he eq swapped, but Nati, she saw all'

Violaine snickers softly.

Samiyah sings, 'When caught he mocked and laughed aloud, insulting Nati's call.'
Samiyah sings, '"Busted! Straight up! Caught red handed!" all admitted he'
Samiyah sings, '"It's Hunt's mud," he cried but he meant - "Rules don't apply to me!'

Lore throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Samiyah sings, 'And when he's caught, his flouncing off is epic in its tone'
Samiyah sings, 'Sadly though, he's always back, a dog that needs its bone

Samiyah lays a hand across her chest, modestly lowers her eyes, and curtseys.

Portobello laughs.
Portobello shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Portobello is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Violaine shows her approval by clapping her hands together.
Violaine shows her approval by clapping her hands together.
Violaine shows her approval by clapping her hands together.
Violaine is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Portobello says (in common), 'Well done, bard!'.

Lore gives you 50000 gold.

Violaine bows before you.

Portobello gets the folded scroll from bag made from avid fan hide.

You say (in common), 'It will likely get me killed and blacklisted '.

Lore says (in common), 'very nice'.

Samiyah covers her mouth with one hand as she gasps in surprise.

Portobello gives you the folded scroll.

You thank Lore heartily.

You say (in common), 'thank you!!'.

Violaine gives you 1000 gold.

You blink.

> memo scroll
It is beyond your current ability to master.

You say (in common), 'thank you!'.

Violaine says (in common), 'Wonderful. I am your newest fan.'.
Violaine shakes your hand.

Lore says (in common), 'lovely song Sam'.

Portobello gives you 2500 gold.
Portobello gets steak made from Khali from bag made from Guido hide.
Portobello gives you steak made from Khali.

You giggle.
You thank Portobello heartily.

Lore throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

You say (in common), 'Why thank you!'.

Lore claps at Portobello's performance.

Portobello says (in common), 'i have 2 more'.
Portobello grins evilly.

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