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Welverin Do'Urden (VI)
The Starless Night
Created pre 1994
Status Deleted
Retired 1996
Race (Drow) Elf
Classes Thief
Followed Kalten
Spouse Twinklefire
Children Dinin, Drizzt
Relatives Grandchildren:

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

*** Drow Elf ***
Welverin is slightly scratched. 

Welverin is using:
<used as light>     (Magical) (Glowing) The Banner of Holy Virtue
<worn on finger>    (Magical) Twinklefire's Promise of Love Forever
<worn on finger>    (Magical) the dark blue quartz ring
<worn around neck>  (Magical) the aged glass amulet
<worn around neck>  (Magical) the Symbol of House Do'Urden
<worn on body>      an octopus hide
<worn on head>      a snakeskin coif
<worn on legs>      (Magical) a set of mithril leggings
<worn on feet>      (Magical) a pair of mithril boots
<worn on hands>     (Magical) a pair of spiked knuckles
<worn on arms>      (Magical) some mithril sleeves
<worn about body>   (Glowing) a flaming hellhound skin
<worn about waist>  (Magical) a studded leather girth
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the iridescent ivory bracelet 
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the flickering copper bracelet
<wielded>           (Magical) (Glowing) the Sword of Benevolence 
<wielded off-hand>  (Glowing) the Special
<worn with pride>   a medallion of Holy Virtue
<worn with pride>   a Pin of Mastery

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Ra: 4             ] Welverin the Elf                 The Mortal Archives of Molo, the Arch Lich
Elf [ Ra: 8             ] Welverin Do'Urden of the UnderDark             Date unknown, 1995
Elf [ Ma:15 Ra:12       ] Welverin Do'Urden of the UnderDark.            December 31, 1995
Elf [ Ra:13 Ma:20       ] Welverin Do'Urden of the UnderDark.            January 24, 1996
Elf [ Ra:25 Ma:25       ] Welverin Do'Urden of Holy Virtue               April 16, 1996
Elf [ Ra:30 Ma:30 Th: 9 ] Welverin Do'Urden of Holy Virtue               May 29, 1996
Elf [ Th:18 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Welverin Do'Urden of Holy Virtue               June 26, 1996
Elf [ Th:29 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Welverin Do'Urden..... . Starless Night        August 23, 1996

Character History:

  • Welverin was deleted for cheating after exploiting a bug to kill Ozious: Welverin vs Ozious


  • Welverin was the third person to ever reach level 50. He did so as a Thief/Ranger/Mage, after 2766 playing hours, on 08/23/96. For this, he is prominently listed in the TFC Hall of Fame.
  • Welverin led the first group that killed Slue the Execution in Midgaard: The Executioner Falls.
  • Partook in numerous dangerous CR attempts, to areas that were otherwise too dangerous to visit at the time. This included Demon Realm and the Longship.
  • Welverin took part in A Real Quest run by Madman.
  • Welverin appears in Pol's Tale, specifically Part 4.
  • Welverin almost always spoke the Drow language.
  • Welverin was an aggressive PKer. One example can be seen here: Welverin Vs Avarice.
  • Welverin was mentioned in BlissPoll 2000A, for Most Intimidating Mortal, Best Description of a Mortal, and Best Looking Mortal.
  • Welverin appears on Asia's Who's Who.
  • Welverin is mentioned in the Room of Records on Plaque15, Section7 as being part of the group that took part in Toonse's Epic Adventure.
  • Welverin appears in the Room of Records on Plaque19, for his epic fight against Scar.
  • Welverin was the topic one of Cordir's entries for a story writing contest: A Night In Midgaard Graveyard
  • Welverin is 'buried' in Midgaard Graveyard, the name taken up by a mob so it can never be used again.
  • The first person to ever PK Welverin was Saruman.
  • Welverin was "shield-brother" to Lancelot.
  • Zarous' poem, "The Stuff of Adventure" was dedicated to Welverin, among others.
  • Welverin was present at the wedding of Nayr and Ginny, Pyros and Syla, and the vow renewal of Thaygar and Siren.

Player Provided Information:

Welverin used to say the craziest 'conspiracy theory' type stuff about TFC mud code. He used to always talk about these ideas he had about the way the mechanics of the game worked. The time of day affecting what you how you practiced, the specific names of eq affecting your character in special ways, stuff like that. I always grouped with him anyway, because he seemed to be knowledgeable. But some of it was pretty weird.
Before Welverin was deleted, it was so safe to EXP when he was on! He kept all the Black Conclave in safe. I grouped with him on occasion in the big Midgaard groups. He moved so fast (through the zone) that all us Swedes got spammed off.