Abender Stormreaver

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Abender Stormreaver
(see Trivia below)
Created April 15, 1998
Status Deleted
Retired August 13, 2000
Race Human
Classes Cleric
Last Seen August 13, 2000
Followed Lorna
Partner Katrana

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(Written by Cordir)
Before you stands the Stormreaver. Calm. Waiting. Trusted servant of Lord Solanthas, and a member of the Council of Wardancers. In every line of his massive, muscled form, you read a history of battle and toil. In the marks he bears, the bitter lessons learned and experience gained from a life's dedication to the Good works of the Realm. His is a soul and being forever scarred by Chance and the risks one accepts when walking their Path with determination.

At over seven feet tall, he towers over you, but somehow still moves with a smooth grace that speaks eloquently of his abilities on and off the battlefield. Short-cropped copper hair frames a face too scarred to be handsome, but it is lent character by the readiness of his disarming grin. His piercing, deep hazel gaze meets yours, and in it is both welcome and warrior's assessment. Are you friend or foe? Help or hindrance on his Lord's Path? Instantly you are measured. He folds his arms across his broad chest and nods. As he does so, you notice a pair of gleaming silver vambraces protecting his forearms. They seem to glow with a gentle indigo light which smoothly blends into the bright blue aura of his alignment. You've heard they mark him as one who has Fate's favor, as the Knight-Guardian of the Weaver's Daughter, and Destined.

A stray, scented breeze stirs his garments. He closes his eyes and faces the direction of the wind. You can barely hear the murmur of a woman's voice, but his expression instantly shifts to one of quiet joy. His hand lifts, empty of weapons and marked by the crimson pattern of a spiderweb drawn in Immortal blood, to clasp that of someone unseen. Bowing over it, he reverently raises it to his lips and bestows a courtly kiss. He bows again. The breeze fades. Like a dreamer waking, he turns back to you and the brief glimpse of the gentle courtier is gone. Only the proud warrior - scarred by life, by love, by loss, by Chance - remains.

Score: August 27, 1999

You are Abender Stormreaver, Council of Wardancers* *IPS*,
1459 years old (2894 hours), created Wed Apr 15 98 16:19:14.
(Zoardryn the 5th, The Shallow Graves, year 2283, 9am.)
You live in Midgaard and your race is Human.
You are a level 30 Warrior, level 30 Cleric.
You worship Solanthas, who appears to be OFFLINE
You are slightly armored.
You are Good.

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Wa: 4 Cl:10       ] Abender the Meek, Crusader of Passions *Tel*                (April 27, 1998)
Hum [ Wa: 7 Cl:10       ] Abender the Blessed: (Healer)    *Tel*                      (April 29, 1998)
Hum [    Cl:19 Wa:15    ] Abender Stormreaver       *Tel*                             (June 6, 1998)
Hum [    Wa:21 Cl:24    ] Abender Stormreaver:Knight of Honor{Katrana}*Tel*IPS*       (July 26, 1998)
Hum [ Cl:29 Wa:25 ] Abender Stormreaver *Tiger*IPS* (January 1999)
Hum [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Abender Stormreaver, Council of Wardancers*Bliss*IPS* (February 2000)
Hum [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Abender Stormreaver, Wardancer Councilor/Taoiseach*B* (July 2000)

Character History:


  • Abender is specifically mentioned in the temple of Tripper: The Tiger Den.
  • Abender is specifically mentioned in the second temple of Solanthas: The Glade of the Wardancers.
  • Abender is specifically mentioned in the temple of Morimox: Inside the Mouth of a Dragon.
  • Abender is described but not named in the temple of Bliss: Bathed in Moonlight.
  • Abender is referenced in the temple of Cordir, in the Storm-Blue Thread: Threads of the Tapestry
  • Abender is referenced in version notes as being a tester.
  • Abender is referenced in the personal description of Melmoth of the Black Conclave.
  • Abender was mentioned in Tranquility's entry for the "What If.." Story Contest.
  • Abender held the title of "Tel's White Knight of Honor."
  • Abender served as the Ordained ("Hanta-Kira") of Lorna's Flying Tigers, and held the rank of Brigadier General in the following.
  • Abender served on the Council of Wardancers, and held the title of "Trusted Servant" of Solanthas.
  • Abender held the title of "Knight-Guardian of the Weaver's Daughter" and was personally charged with protecting Mireya An-Shalach.
  • Abender was named as one "Destined" by Cordir: this granted him the same authority as a member of the Chosen of Fate's Taoiseach Council.
  • At one time, Abender was wearing restrings created for him specifically by 6 different Immortals, including a "Big Nayr Hug," "Pyre of the Torchbearer" (which details Abender's assistance of Torchbearer in his quest for Immortality), and "(Shimmering) (Indigo Aura) engraved vambraces"
  • Abender received a large number of other restrings over the years, including, "Passion's Blade," "Passion of the Stormreaver," "the Ring of the Warric," "Band of the Stormreaver," and more.
  • Abender was a member of IPS.
  • Abender was mentioned in the BlissPolls of 2000, including "The People You'd Most Want to Take With You to Visit Scairz," "The People You'd Most Want to Take with You to Visit the Master of Magic," "Most Powerful Mortal," "Best Description of a Mortal," and "Best Looking Mortal."
  • Abender lead the group that killed Slue for Tripper's effective level 40 (allowing him to petition for Immortality).
  • At her request, Abender's blood was added to the 'ink' used to create the Covenant Ward tattoo for Tirayel upon joining the Chosen of Fate.
  • Abender's personal sacrifice for a member of the Chosen of Fate was immortalized in the shield which Cordir wears to this day: "(Bloody) A gentleman's sacrifice".
  • Abender was one of Kaern's favorite partners-in-crime for his various madcap adventures. These jaunts through the world usually involved death, mayhem and bags being burned.
  • From a August 11, 2001 Trivia contest: Cordir questions, 'From WHOM did Gup steal his "OOFS" emote?'. Gup answers (in common), 'abender'.
  • Because Tynian requires petitioning mortals to be wearing a full set of nice eq when they Immort, and Bliss died after she petitioned, Abender Stormreaver went up to the top floor of the Master's Tower, and fetched Bliss the equipment of the Master of Magic and his Lady. (This was the first known time that a single Cleric/Warrior ever solo'd the Master's Tower.)


Malin says, 'okay, what DOESNT abe know? he's rich. Speaks every language. he's "cute in boxers"'

Abender tells you (in common), 'You tell Malin (in common), 'I understand you want to see a pic of me in my boxers. All this time, I thought you were straight.'


Player Provided Information:

Abender Stormreaver was one of those people whos deeds in the name of good *demanded* recognition. There was no task too perilous that he would not undertake it on behalf of another. It was his self-sacrifice for Cordir's sworn brother, Kennet, that truly endeared her to him, such that she entrusted him with the care and keeping of her daughter, Mireya. I will admit that as Abender's player and I became close off mud, the line between character and person blurred quite a bit. Abender became Cordir's Champion, and he epitomized the strength and brutality of the holy warrior, heart given to a cause. TFC brought us together, and for that, I will always remain grateful.


(Log by Cordir)

You say, 'Do you remember Abender?'.
You say, 'that's my honey.'.

Poit gasps in astonishment.
Poit says (in common), 'Well done, nice catch :)'.

You grin mischievously.
You say, 'Woot!'.

Personal Timeline:

December 29, 1998: Abender posts "Ode to An Annoyance," a poem about Daelin's use of Gossip.
April 1999: Abender reaches effective 40th
May 1999: Abender joins Lorna's High Council.
July 1999: Abender is Ordained by Lorna.
August 1999: A group consisting of Maimer, Abender, Berrin, and Myronides completely clears the Master's Tower and defeats the Master of Magic without a single fatality.
August 7, 1999: Abender enters the realm and is simultaneously Released from Ordained service and Reformed from Lorna's following, as she has been promoted to Goddess.
August 21, 1999: The 'Sudden Death' Round of Lorna's Trivia Quest is completed. The teams repeatedly tie one another: Team Weasel consisted of: Jahiliya of Veladorn as Team Captain, Kennet D'Augustine, Nyx, and Gernoul. Team Chipmunk consisted of Berrin, Abender, Jahar, and Pan.
September 13, 2099: Bliss, the Ebon Chocoholic, slays Ugg in Og, with the assistance of Abender, to reach effective 40th level.
September 27, 1999 - Kennet finds the Dracolich of the Shadowed Valley. Fleeing for his life, he makes it to the Guild Hall, where Abender Stormreaver, Kannon, and Gunner offer to help. The battle is fought, and all are heavily wounded and their belongings damaged by the Dracolich's acid breath. The three refuse any aid or recompense for their losses. This event is memorialized in the item, (Bloody) a gentleman's sacrifice, which is carried by Cordir.
September 30, 1999: At the request (and persuasive arguments) of Abender Stormreaver, Cordir removes Berrin from the Anathema list.
October 19, 1999: Abender is named "Destined."
October 31, 1999: Abender reaches 3000 hours of play - 1500 years of age.
January 5, 2000: With aid from Abender Stormreaver, Trakker Longbow, and Rubicant, Tripper slays Slue and reaches effective 40th level! The same day, Abender enters the Demon Realm alone, to successfully fetch out Belgarion of ITK's corpse. In the journey, he slays some 28 demons, and escapes unscathed.
April 19, 2000: Abender posts an announcement of his betrothal to Bliss in the form of a series of quatrains.
July 9, 2000: Dazzle dies in the Demon Realm due to a bad Vortex journey. Khorlan and another attempt the rescue, but fail. An hour after the death, Abender walks in alone and recovers the corpse intact.
August 13, 2000: As a result of an investigation of Lorna, Abender is among the mortals deleted.

Player Information: