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There's a whole other world 'upstairs,' in the land of the Immortals. Sometimes, things get more than a little silly. Back in 2000 - 2002, there was an unofficial game of 'tag' going on - in which immortals would use the Comment command to leave messages for one another, on each other's player-file. (It's pretty clear from sheer numbers that Bliss "won.") At one point, I captured several of these silly Comments, and with Tynian's consent, share them. They are sorted in order of the Immortal that received the comment. Shortly after I compiled this list, it was changed so that Immortals couldn't comment another Immortal of their same level or higher. - Cordir.

<By Khore, Wed Mar 01 00 18:03:13: Just a light-carryin' type of guy>.

<By Cordir, Thu Dec 26 02 22:47:25: *WARNING* He is Very Strange, and Likely to Comment on Unusual Things When You Aren't Looking.>.
<By Xavier, Sat Dec 21 02 15:49:28: Who da man? I da man!>.

<By Xavier, Wed Jan 01 03 12:03:05: Art art arty>.
<By Myronides, Fri Feb 07 03 14:23:19: Taste the rainbow>.

<By Bliss, Mon Feb 18 02 18:26:47: He's such a wise guy ;)>.

<By Bliss, Mon Jun 03 02 15:19:29: It's a bird! It's a plane?! It's Spideyman!>.
<By Bliss, Tue Jun 11 02 20:05:43: He can lick his elbow!>.
<By Cordir, Tue Jun 11 02 20:07:37: I'm commenting him simply to remove Bliss's bizarre comments about elbow licking! :P.>.

<By Khore, Mon Jun 03 02 15:28:33: A very bad person. She is being punished.>.
<By Tokugawa, Fri Oct 26 01 22:48:42: has been a bad girl! No Chocolate for two weeks.>.

<By Bliss, Fri May 24 02 17:39:30: Righteous d00d!>.

<By Bliss, Tue Jul 02 02 18:27:11: Elven Power, d00d!>.
<By Cordir, Thu Jun 27 02 16:37:32: Will he ever learn? >.
<By Cordir, Thu Jun 27 02 16:46:57: Ok to promote, I just REALLY want a Death + a steak or bag of him first. No, REALLY.>.
<By Artanis, Sat Feb 08 03 22:10:48: "Elf, Elf, Baby!" (Theme song to Elf Bowling)>.

<By Tiax, Thu Jun 12 03 03:11:09: It happened in the Grubby Inn, by Cpt. Karn, with the mallet.>.

<By Bliss, Wed Jun 19 02 13:46:02: He can't lick his elbow, but boy can he dance!>.

<By Bliss, Sat Oct 27 01 22:15:57: Yummier than chocolate :)>.

<By Bliss, Sat Oct 27 01 21:29:24: The best Attendant since Bliss!>.

<By Cordir, Thu Jan 23 03 08:44:18: Gimme a T! Gimme an E! Gimme an L! What's that spell? Tel!>.

<By Bliss, Fri Feb 14 03 13:22:03: She walks softly, but carries a biiiiiiiiiigggggg stick!>.

<By Bliss, Wed Aug 14 02 01:09:39: "You are my SUNshine...">.
<By Cordir, Thu Aug 22 02 00:35:59: "My only SUNshine!">.

<By Bliss, Fri Apr 04 03 10:39:11: *sings* It's a deadman's party, who could ask for more...>.

<By Xavier, Thu Dec 26 02 22:39:16: Oooooh! He really is dark!!! *gasp*>.
<By Khore, Sun Feb 23 03 23:49:33: Slue, Borlan, and Captain Niall all know where you live.>.

<By Xavier, Thu Dec 26 02 22:42:18: Don't you just want to hug him??>.
<By Bliss, Fri Oct 26 01 22:42:22: Oh Baby!>.
<By Khore, Fri Jun 07 02 22:38:00: Toku's not the only one who can graffiti.>.
<By Bliss, Fri Jan 11 02 19:18:29: The Tokster, the Tokmeister, the Tokarama...>

<By Xavier, Thu Dec 26 02 22:49:05: La La La La La La, they say it was fate? You sure? Never! Hrmmm, then it must have been!!! *gasp*>.

<By Cordir, Tue Jan 7 03 11:15:32: The most wonderful thing about tiggers... is that the Tigger's a wonderful thing.>.

<By Bliss, Mon Feb 10 03 01:13:35: "It's all Greek to me!>.

<By Bliss, Fri Jun 07 02 22:38:35: Finger lickin' good!>.
<By Tokugawa, Mon Nov 19 01 18:24:46: Tokugawa was here while Khore was afk.>.
<By Khore, Mon Jun 03 02 15:29:16: Thou shalt not trespass.>.
<By Clue, Sat Jan 18 03 12:45:18: Fangs for the memories>.