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Nyx (I, III)
Weaver's Shadow
The Ebon Messenger
Faileas Dhan
Triat Master
Created (I) - Prior to 1997
(III) - November 17, 1998
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Classes Thief
Last Seen January 24, 2009
Followed Daliah
Areas Written The Ruins of Ofcol
Living Lands
with Jahiliya:
Temple of Isiira


Mud Contributions:

Nyx began playing TFC in 1x, and participated for over a decade. Nyx wrote the revised The Ruins of Ofcol and The Living Lands (which replaced the old Elemental Canyon) and co-authored two zones with Jahiliya of Veladorn: the Temple of Isiira and The Cymraeg River. He was a regular participant in mud wide and following specific quests, especially those that involved writing or mud lore/history. He was a creative role-player, with a depth of character development that was remarkable. Nyx requested and was granted a Triat Mastery Quest, and was successful in completing it.

Current Description:

The shadows twist and shift before your sight, like a midnight fog touched by a light breeze. There is something out there, a deep purple glow, that seems to float about. Ah, yes... you can make it out now. Its a sprite, but how can she be moving and sitting at the same ti- She is sitting upon a shoulder... a very darkly clad shoulder. Your gaze slides up to where you know the face must be, and is met by piercing grey eyes. Ebon strands dance within them, forming and reforming - a web, a sigil, a name forever lost...
There is only one person this can be...

Triat Mastery

During his Triat Mastery Quest, Nyx was forbidden to be sneaky. It was the only time he changed his personal description:

You notice a half-elf standing off to one side. He returns your gaze unflinchingly, but
you can see sadness in those piercing grey eyes, mixed between the midnight strands that
shift within them. He nods slightly in your direction.
There is only one person this could be...

WHO Lists:

Over the years, Cordir had fun being silly with his class title:

Hel [ SneekyDudeSupreme ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate.
Hel [   Goth Superhero  ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate.
Hel [...  Ebon Duck  ...] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate. Triat Master.

Hel [ Th:29             ] Nyx: dark eyes in shadow, flickering with fire     December, 1996
Hel [Th:27              ] Nyx walks the shadow lands once more...            Date Unknown
Hel [ Th:22             ] Nyx, Shadow of the Ebon Hand                       03/20/1999 (at Cordir's wedding)
Hel [  Weaver's Shadow  ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate.  (Taoiseach)          10-16-2000
Hel [  Goth Superhero.  ] Nyx: Ebon Shadow of Fate.                          10-25-2000
Hel [    Faileas Dhan   ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate. (Taoiseach)           10-11-2001
Hel [    Or:25 Th:30    ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate. (Taoiseach)           1-7-2002
Hel [    Faileas Dhan   ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate.        (Cordir)       1-29-2002
Hel [       Th:30       ] Nyx: Faileas Dhan, Ebon Hand of Fate.              12-2-2003
Hel [       Th:30       ] Nyx: Faileas Dhan, Ebon Hand of Fate.              05/02/2005
Hel [       Th: 1       ] Nyx the Half-Elf                                   01/24/2009


As a member of the Chosen of Fate, Nyx took on several vows that mandated or forbade certain actions. Three were required by following law. Nyx, of course, had to take it further, and bound himself by nine. These included:

In the Wyld's name:
I will not hunt those who are half-elven in search of worldly experience.
I will not eat of the flesh of any sentient creature.
I will never consume alcohol, which leads to lack of self-control, discipline and decorum.

In the Wyrm's name:
For dignity - I will never raise my voice in speech, disavowing use of gossip, yell, or shout.
Marking growth, I will learn the Geasa of each sworn to Fate.
I will sacrifice sleep, never giving up the alertness and wakefulness that allow potential growth.

In the Weaver's name:
I have sacrificed my Name to N'Kai in the past, and renew my geas never to speak my new name aloud.
For those worthy who ask it, I shall watch the Shadows of the world, as guard and guide.
I will set aside lusts of the body, remaining pure and dedicated, celibate always, so as to focus on those goals set before me.

Character History:

Seeking Night

Some say he's lived a hundred lives, some say he's lived but one,
ebon shadow,
fire master,
hidden weaver,
whisper tracker.

Some say he's borne a hundred names, some say he's borne but one,
son of darkness,
midnight watcher,
twilight runner,
silent hunter.

Some say he's shown a hundred faces, some say he's shown but one,
thief of ages,
lesson teacher,
unseen prowler,
treasure stealer.

Some say he's nothing but a myth...
....Somebody's wrong.


There are tales only told under pale moon light, when the world is dark and the night is right. They are told by none but the whispering wind, and are heard by none but the shadows themselves. They are memories of beginnings and ends, and all that takes place between, of power, and need, and the shifting of lives...

These are some of them.

I do not know when I was born. Such things were not important then. What I do remember is running through the forest of Haon'dor as fast as my young legs would carry me. Sometimes it was for pleasure, and sometimes for survival. There were creatures there that would occasionally try to make a meal of a small half-elf. Which is to say nothing of the older children who took great delight in tormenting the younger ones. It was early that I learned to run first and ask questions later and it is a skill that has served me well ever since...

My parents were kind folk with a strong desire to explore. It is my belief that they stayed in the half-elf camp as long as they did only because of me. I think they wanted me to have a place to grow up in, to call home. My father continued to make little trips now and again, never more than a few weeks at a time, to find new things. When I was old enough, we would all go on such travels and I would revel at the variety in the world...

Over time I learned from others in the camp... A thankful woman, Magda was her name, asked the owner of the Shanty to let me work for him. Valdek taught me many things while I was there, like how to read and write, and how to use numbers. I also learned how to cook. Pretzels mostly. I have since expanded my repertoire...

My mother and father both worshipped the goddess Daliah, so it seemed only appropriate that I do so as well. I was afraid, at first, because the goddess was known for her rather strict policies on those who did evil deeds, and I had picked up part of the trade that was so common among the children of the camp: thieving. It was not something I did often, and my targets were always other children who were a bit too satisfied with themselves for having swiped something nice. I never took from the adventurers that would wander through, or from the families that lived there. In fact, after a while, there were a few adults in camp who, upon finding something missing, would quietly ask me to look around for it. But I was still worried that Lady Daliah would see my activities as wrong. I need not have worried. In fact, the goddess had been watching me, and had hoped that one day I would join the others who worshipped her. It turned out that she needed someone with my talents, for there were many in the world who were little more than self-satisfied children in need of a lesson...

I aided Lady Daliah's cause as best I could for many years as a thief, and then, suddenly, all changed. As I leapt into the swirling vortex that hovered over the Altar of S'mierc, in an attempt to cross the realm as I had so many times before, I was grabbed by something. It was dark, and powerful, and it swept me away. It was not the vortex I entered that day. I still do not know what it was, save that it was terrifying. A void surrounded me, so complete that I could see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing, not even my own self. I had no way of knowing how long I floated there. In such a place an instant could feel as eternity, but eventually something, an Other, touched my mind. To escape that place, I had to make a sacrifice. The Other wanted something of mine, of me. I argued that I had nothing to give, but then It made me see that I did... my name. For such a thing, It would grant me freedom. At first I refused, and in response It simply left me. When It returned, I still refused. The third time It came to me, I agreed. My thoughts were torn and I knew pain, then the world solidified and I found myself curled up in a ball at the base of the Altar.

I was home...

I was alone.

My parents were gone. They had left nearly a century before, after I vanished from the realm. My goddess was gone. None knew where she had traveled. My world was gone. In my absence, cities had emerged, forests had grown, and deserts had spread. My name was gone. I was alone...

I took a new name, Nyx, and began to travel. I was drifting, lost, in hopes of finding a place in this realm I did not know. I found little joy, even in my explorations. I had no purpose. I had no meaning. And then I was Found. One I had known prior to being pulled from the realms had become immortal, and He saw me. His name was Thaygar, and He asked me to join His following, and to become a member of the Ebon Hand. I did so, and I again found purpose...

My time with Lord Thaygar was an exciting time, a time that brought me alive and kept me moving. I learned much under His tutelage, becoming strong in my skills. Eventually, however, He made the ascension beyond his followers, and we were disbanded. And then He, too, left...

In search of the purpose I had felt worshipping Lord Thaygar, I joined Pyros and His following of Fire. It was then that I completed my final ascension within my chosen profession. Shortly thereafter, I became lost. I had been exploring the cliffs along the north shore of the sea when a thick fog settled in. As I tried to make my way back out of the fog, something attacked me. It was roughly man-shaped, and seemed bent on my destruction. I fled, but could not see where I was going. Suddenly, I pulled up short, standing on the very edge of the cliffs. Though I could see almost nothing, I could feel breezes of the sea, and knew the earth had opened up before me. And then something slammed into me from behind and I fell. Tumbling end over end I dropped, frantically trying to grab hold of something on the way down, but to no avail. I crashed into the water and lost consciousness in the turbulent seas. As my vision went black, I did not expect to ever wake...

I awoke, coughing up seawater and feeling damp sand pressed against my face. The sun was bright, so bright, I just stayed there with my eyes clenched shut. My entire being was sore. I did not know if I could move, and I didn't want to find out. Eventually night came, and the world cooled. My eyes opened to reveal unto me a beach, but a beach I had never seen before. I rolled over and brushed away an inquisitive crab. There seemed to be no one else around, so I slowly stood and began to explore. Imagine my surprise when I found a city of half-elves. It was nothing compared to the surprise of discovering that I was on a southern continent. Somehow I had been carried across an entire sea... and it had taken hundreds of years. My world had again changed without me. Many of the people I had known were gone, Pyros was nowhere to be found, and my skills had deserted me. My mind knew how to be a thief, but by hands did not. It would take time to match my previous abilities. And so, with that as my goal, and a new world before me, I began...


The air is chilly against your skin as you run lightly across the rooftops. You stop briefly to survey the area. Harper's Landing is laid out before you, lit by the slivered moon and darkened by the thickening cloud cover. It will rain soon; you can smell the tang in the air. You need to complete your night's work quickly. You beginning running again, your feet landing surely with every step. Your pace matches the tempo within your body as you cross wood, rope, and empty air, driving you on, faster and faster.

Soon you near your destination and you allow yourself to slow. The building before looks the same as all the others, but it isn't what interests you. Not this time. You move quietly to the edge and peer down in the gloom of the alley. There are two humans below you, hunched over a fresh corpse. You recognize the face on the body and pain fills your heart. You knew it would be her, for her death is the reason you are here, but that knowledge doesn't stop the pain. For someone innocent to die so young- Enough. You have a job to do.

The men do not notice you. They are too interested in what new baubles they can pry off their kill. You feel a twitch of anger deep within you as they paw the corpse. They call themselves warriors and clerics, and yet they are no better than the thugs and murderers of Midgaard. No, these men are worse, for at least the thugs and murderers admit what they are. With a deep breath you push your feelings aside. Now is not the time.

Quickly you assess the men. They are dirty, oblivious, and cowardly hidden within layers of metal. It is clear that they are not the sharpest arrows in the quiver, as they only carried the body this far before deciding to divvy up the loot. Speaking of which, they are getting rather excited about who gets what. You smile coldly. Soon they will have other things to get excited about.

You stand up smoothly and step over to the length of rope that runs over the alley. You are pleased to see that it is still in fine condition. The thieves in this area are quite good about keeping their runways maintained. You walk out onto it, your balance perfect. You stop directly above the men. They have begun to bicker about who gets her ring. As you look down upon them, memories surface...

The tree branch you are perched upon sways slightly. Even an eight-year-old half-elf weighs something, and it's about all this branch can take. You hope that the gaggle of children below you don't look up.

They are all older and would probably make fun of you. Again. But they aren't going to look up. They are to busy with the carving. One of them stole it from Magda. Everyone says it has magic powers, and that it grants wishes. You don't believe it. Not really. Even if Jacek did carve it, and even if Magda is a witch, she wouldn't have left it someplace where it could get stolen. Probably.

"I get to use it first!" someone shouts. "I took it, so it's mine!" The children grow quiet. The air seems too still, and too hot.

"I wish... I had... a whole bunch of candy!" The silence below is amazing. You've never heard them be that quiet before. You wait. No candy appears. "You did it wrong!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"My turn!"

"Give it to me!"

The screaming match turns into a wrestling match as all the children fight for the little piece of wood. You watch, nervous. Your pulse is racing. Your throat feels thick. Yet you wait. You will not turn back. Not now. You will wait until-There! The carving has fallen to the ground, momentarily forgotten by the combatants. You half-jump, half-fall from the tree, almost landing on the very thing you've come to rescue.

You snatch it in your sweaty hands and tear off into the underbrush. You don't hear any sounds of pursuit, but it is only a matter of time. One of them must have seen you, and they will try to make you pay for it later.

If they catch you. If.

Suddenly, you find yourself before Magda's tent. Worry plays in your mind. What if she thinks I stole it from her? What if I get in trouble? What if-

"Come in." The voice soothes some of your fear, and you walk, trembling only slightly, into the tent.

Magda looks at you, a quizzical smile on her face.

You gulp. "I... Some of the guys... They... " You take a deep breath and try to steady yourself. "Here," you say, holding the carving upward in your cupped hands. "I... I think this is yours."

She takes the carving from you and brushes it off with her fingertips. "Where did you find it?" she asks.

"One of the guys had it. He said it granted wishes, so he stole it. That's what he said."

Magda laughs. It's a sweet sound that rids you of what fear was left in your body. "Oh my, no. If this small thing could grant wishes, I would be a much happier woman, that's for sure. I'm afraid it's merely a keepsake of mine, and its true value is only in what it means to me... "

She places the carving up on a shelf, chuckling lightly. "Wishes," she says, though mostly to herself, and shakes her head. "But I must thank you for returning it to me. I had just now noticed it missing and couldn't think for the life of me where it might have gotten to. Might I give you something as a reward?"

You feel a loathsome blush wash across your cheeks and up onto your ears.

"No, ma'am," you say quickly. "I just wanted you to have it back." You realize that you need to leave soon. The other children will probably come here first when they start looking for you. In fact, you think you hear them now, coming closer, bellowing your name. As if that would make you come out of hiding.

I have to go now, you say, and dash from the tent.

You hear Magda's voice behind you as you leave: "Thank you, Night."

The memory passes in an instant and leaves your mind. It has been long since anyone has called you that. And now you are He Who is Thrice Named.

And you have a duty to perform. It is time. With one last glance downward you take in the scene. You see where the men are standing, where they are looking, where they will not be, and where they will not see.

Your arms stretch out, and for a split-second you hang there, almost floating. And then you let yourself fall backwards. As your feet leave the thin rope instinct honed from years of practice and use takes over. Your body flips of its own accord and you land, silent, directly behind the larger of the two men. You cannot help but to notice that he reeks of sour wine and onions. Wasting no time, your gloved hands dart out, alighting here and there like two black butterflies testing a curious flowerbed. Your numerous pouches and hidden pockets fill quickly with the ill-gotten gains of the would-be plunderer that stands there, ignorant of your very existence. He shifts himself over, but you are ready and shift with him.

With a second fluid movement you place yourself behind the second killer. Soon he too is lightened of a great deal of his inventory. Finally, satisfied that you have done what was necessary, you slip up against the wall of the alley. You feel a pang of regret that you cannot take all that is here, but you refuse to leave it. Your hands move in a complicated gesture and the body lying upon the cluttered ground bursts into flames. The two men cry out and scramble backwards, reaching for weapons and shields that are no longer there. They look around fervently, but do not see you. Few do.

As you effortlessly glide from the alley you allow yourself a tiny humorless smile. You do not kill. It is not your way. But the world is a harsh place, and those who you have just left behind will find it to be much harsher, unprepared for it as they now are. You leave the alley just as the first raindrops begin to fall. You look up and feel the moisture against your face.

Yes, now you may mourn.


  • Nyx was the fourth single-class thief ever to reach level 30. (The others were Darkmoon, Caradoc, and Pixel.
  • In BlissPoll 2000(a), Nyx received several mentions, including Most Elusive (1st place with 16%), Most Enigmatic (1st place with 11%), Friendliest (mention: less than 3% of the voting), and Best Description of a Mortal (2nd place with 6%)
  • Nyx had some remarkably fun bags, including:
    • the surrounding darkness
    • the shadows
    • a bag of flesh-eating weasel hide

Emotes & Rechos:

  • Nyx was adept at creating emotes to add depth to his character:

Nyx looks grim and his eyes narrow. Someone is in trouble...
Nyx looks around, a trace of a smile flickering over his face.
Nyx pulls a small piece of wire out of his hair. Deftly, he bends it into a lockpick.
Nyx uncoils a long, thin wire from his glove. Slowly, he pulls it taut.

Nyx pulls a small black book from the recesses of his cloak.  A quill appears in his hand.
Nyx opens the book. Carefully, he writes in it, using black ink to spell out a name: Boromir.
Nyx closes the book and slips in back into the folds of his cloak.

Nyx pulls a small black book from the recesses of his cloak.  A quill appears in his hand.
Nyx opens the book and draws a very thick, black line through the name "Boromir".
Nyx closes the book and slips in back into the folds of his cloak.
  • Nyx also had custom spell triggers created for him for all major spells he received from Cordir, as well as room entry and exits, including:
The shadows seem to swirl and deepen at the corners of the room.
Within them, a glittering appears, like moonlight on spiderwebs.
A midnight sprite glides out of the glittering darkness, and pauses, hovering.
The ebon gloom shivers for a moment, and thin, dark-clad figure emerges.
Nyx steps silently from the shadows around you.

The light of the room ebbs, as if suddenly overwhelmed by nightfall.
The Weaver's Shadow silently melts into the growing gloom.
The darkness seems to flicker eerily, like a spiderweb in moonlight.
A faint purplish light dances within the shadows for a moment, then is gone.
The room slowly returns to a normal level of light.

These were sometimes monkeyed with by Cordir, when Nyx would least expect it, into things a bit less serious, one of which prompted the quotable by Ananasi below:

The Weaver's Shadow gets a pretzel from the shadows.
He inserts it firmly in his nose.
As he does so, he seems to fade from view... 
You hear the scolding chitter of a midnight sprite, fading into the distance.

Teh Creepy Shadowy Stuff: 02/12/2002

Nyx prays, 'I think I've got Esariston's quest figured out.'.
Nyx prays, 'Was just in the process of checking a few last details before sending a draft your way'.

You [GS] tell Nyx, '*bounce* Yay!'.
You [GS] tell Nyx, 'think it could be ready for tonight's fateful hour?'.
You [GS] tell Nyx, 'and can you attend?'.

Nyx prays, 'That was kind of the hope :)'.
Nyx prays, 'It is a bit, shall we say, public though *ponder*'.

You [GS] tell Nyx, 'Chosen only, tonight'.

Nyx prays, 'Shadows should be sneaky-like'.
Nyx prays, 'There will need to be creepy shadowy-ness nonetheless'.

You [GS] tell Nyx, '*nod* Agreed... but... it would help to remind the Chosen who don't know Nyx well, since he was gone for so long, just what his essence is'.

Nyx prays, '*nod*'.

You [GS] tell Nyx, 'of course. Just tell me what you want for special effects'.
You [GS] tell Nyx, 'also, don't forget, I have Teh Creepy Shadowy entry and exit rechos'.

Nyx prays, 'Yay! My own personal Recho-monkey(tm)!'.

You [GS] tell Nyx, '*nodnod* You got it *grin*'.

Urky Lurky Even When Not Logged In: 01/20/2002

Nyx's presence was felt (implied), for special events, even when he wasn't logged in...For example, at Nobbs' joining ceremony:

One of the shadows upon the Cavern walls shifts slightly...
A tiny spark of midnight light dances in the darkness, and you hear the rustle of parchment.

(Nyx had a Geasa to collect and record the Geasa of all the Chosen of Fate.

Quotables By/About Nyx:

Ananasi isn't going to lick Nyx's nose to find out. (09/02/2000)

### [Nyx tells Tranquility (in common), 'the woman says, you're going to begin submitting? how kinky :P'] (08/16/2005)

Immediately followed by: Nyx is the picture of ebon innocence.

Tripletriztz giggles.
Tripletriztz says (in common), 'con nyx: Nyx is a pacifist'.
Tripletriztz says (in common), 'Death will thank you for your gift'.
Tripletriztz says (in common), 'you are NOT justified to attack nyx. Nyx would never unjustifibly hurt a soul'.

Player Provided Information:

Nyx was my first follower. His worship was literally a keystone to the entire structure of Fate. He epitomized the essence of what I wanted the following to be, both in his service to the Realm at large, his roleplay, his intelligence and contributions. Fate would have been an entirely different following without him. He was the gentle voice in my ear via prayer reminding me to calm my temper and follow my chosen path. He was an active participant in quests, roleplay sessions, and following leadership, as my first Ordained and first Taoiseach. I deeply enjoyed his presence. I had the pleasure of meeting Nyx in person at several GTs, and consider him a personal friend.


(sitting on shoulder) a midnight sprite

long description A strange shape lies here. A bit of jewelry? But then it trembles, and you note gossamer wings... how odd.

Look sprite

A tiny creature, glowing with a dark indigo aura, perches alertly, scanning
the area.  As one figure passes too close for comfort to the one she guards,
she trills a defiant warning.  One wing flitters weakly, its beauty mangled 
beyond use.  She looks at you curiously, then whispers something softly in 
a language you do not understand to he whom she guards so fiercely.

She smiles as you peer closely at her tiny form and tilts her head to one side,
looking back at you.  As your attention falls on her injury, she nods sadly.
She whispers (in old-common), ‘The storm-place.  He fell blind, and deaf,
when the lightning struck.  Then the bad one came, and attacked... We 
ran, tried to get away... but the bad one follows, and hit and hit and hit...
I tried to help, but he swatted me away...’  
She gestures at her wing, then continues. ‘I was knocked back up into the 
windy place of storms, and blown to ... somewhere... beyond the range of 
my wings journeying before.  I  tried to find the windy place and get back 
to the Shadow, but he was gone and I could not find him, though I looked 
and looked.. my wing was broken and I could not fly...’  
She pauses a moment, then continues. ‘Then, the playful cat-friend found 
me, and she brought me to the Lady... and then the Lady brought me back
to him. She worked a magic so no matter what, I’ll always be able to guard 
him...’   She smiles, content.

Personal Timeline:

08/95: The character known as Night returns to TFC after an absence and finds that a mob has taken his name. He gives up the name Night, and becomes known as Nyx. Soon thereafter, he joins Thaygar, Master of the Ebon Hand.

6/96: Nyx disappears into the shadows and is unseen for a time.

8/96: Nyx returns to the Realm, and discovers that Thaygar has been promoted to God, and the Ebon Hand disbanded. He is reformed for the second time. Shortly thereafter, he follows Pyros.

11/30/96: Nyx reaches 30th level Thief, the fourth ever to do so. (The others being Darkmoon, Caradoc, and Pixel.)

Late 1997: Nyx disappears once more from TFC, his third departure. His whereabouts are unknown.

11/17/98: Nyx returns, a 1st level thief

5/17/99: Nyx, Shadow of Balance, gathers 123 randoms to win a quest run by Tokugawa.

6/9/99: Nyx, Shadow of Balance, reaches 28th level.

6/20/99: Nyx reaches 29th level.

6/21/99: Nyx is the first to worship Cordir upon her elevation to DemiGoddess - though he is momentarily tempted otherwise by the reinstatement of Thaygar as a Lesser God. <LOG>

6/28/99: Nyx, Shadow of Fate, reaches 30th level for the second time.

7/9/99: Nyx, the Ebon Shadow, is Ordained by Cordir. <LOG>

7/21/99: Nyx reaches 3rd level Ordained.

7/23/99: Nyx, Ordained of the Chosen of Fate, accepts a Trial of Mastery from the hands of Cordir. <LOG>

7/28/99: Nyx slain by a member of the Conclave while the Chosen's Ordained is blinded and cursed in the Vortex. His Mastery Trial continues unabated.

8/11/99: Nyx completes his Triat Mastery Quest. <LOG>

8/21/99: Nyx participates in Lorna's Trivia Quest and along with his Team Weasel members, make it to the 'Sudden Death' Round versus Team Chipmunk. After three rounds, the score is still tied and Lorna declares them co-winners. Team Weasel consisted of: Jahiliya of Veladorn as Team Captain, Kennet D'Augustine, Nyx, and Gernoul. Team Chipmunk consisted of Berrin, Abender Stormreaver, Jahar, and Pan. During this quest, an unprecedented event occured... The Death of the Tempest. Team Weasel wishes to specifically thank Dinin, the Ebon Lorebringer of Death, for his aid on the Quest - without whom, they could not have done nearly so well.

8/25/99: Nyx, the Ordained of the Chosen, bad recalls to the Demon Realm, where he is promptly slain. A number of noble heros attempt a rescue of his corpse, some for more noble purpose than others. In the process, Flutter dies twice (losing a level and falling to 29th) and Blystur dies twice as well. Abender Stormreaver successfully recovers the corpse of Blystur only minutes after his death in Demon Realm. This second death of Blystur was apparently a planned event… the corpse containing his equipment was recovered by Abender intact and returned unscathed. Flutter declined a second corpse retrieval attempt, as she felt it didn't really contain anything significant. Five hours after the death of Nyx, Vecna, the Arch-Mage of the Grey Vortex and Destined, undertakes the task. After slaying well over 40 demons over a three hour period, Vecna is able to recover a few of Nyx's artifacts, earning the personal gratitude of the Lady of Fate and Her Ordained.

9/3/99: Nyx attends the GT at Grandma Tony's in Tucson, Arizona. In attendance are: (Mortals) Kamil, Elistan, Majere, Rubicant, Nydus, Gaul, Rocky, Marisa, Trap, Kennet D'Augustine, Jahiliya, and (Immortals) Cordir, Syla, and Thaygar, with Asia arriving just as the GT was ending.

10/23/01: Nyx is affected when Cordir is forcibly retired for rules violations. He leaves the mud until she is restored.

12/3/01: Nyx finds that he is still Ordained when Cordir regains Demi-Goddess rank.

3/19/02: Nyx requests that Cordir release him as Her Ordained out of fairness to the other Ordaineds who lost their status upon her retirement. This is done as part of a special "Fateful Night." <LOG>

2009: At some point, Nyx's player file purges. He comes back for a visit on 01/24/09 as a 1st level thief, to be present for Corri's Trial of Triat Mastery.