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Notes: Date Unknown. Participants: Syla, Khore, Molo, Cordir

> > Syla has connected.
Syla has entered the game.


Cordir says, ‘Syla Syla Syla!! *bounce*.’.


Khore says, ‘gasp, i am really?.’.

Molo says, ‘Khore, will you tell Syla that I said hi for me?.’.

Syla says, ‘Cordir Cordir Coriddir!! *bounce*.’.

Khore says, ‘molo says hi, Syla..’.

Syla says, ‘:) Silly Khore.’.

Molo says, ‘Thanks Khore.’.

Syla says, ‘Will you tell Molo I’m ignoring him, Khore?.’.

Khore says, ‘She says that she’s madly in love with you and wants you to come back to Arizona post haste, Molo..’.

Syla says, ‘Aack!.’.

Molo says, ‘Oh, I know that. Thanks..’.

Khore says, ‘And bring a duck..’.

Syla says, ‘*whine*.’.

Syla says, ‘Oh you _knew_ that? :P.’.

Molo says, ‘Would you tell her why I am ignoring her? And that its not just her but all FLIs and below..’.

Syla says, ‘I’m not an FLI though..’.

Syla says, ‘so I don’t count for that..’.

Molo says, ‘Explain how I’m not allowed to talk to people below god+.’.

Syla says, ‘Hmmf. I’m gonna ignore you, too, then. :P
Khore says, ‘Molo has been instructed by Nayr not to interfere with FLIs by training them or infusing them with Bad Ideas (tm)..’.

Molo says, ‘thanks Khore..’.

Syla says, ‘Oh, yeah, molo has been trying to corrupt me..’.

Khore says, ‘Sure..’.

Syla says, ‘What exactly was Bad Ideas (tm).’.

Khore says, ‘I’m not sure, he didn’t tell me. I left..’.