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Boromir (I)
Lord of the Nexus
Lesser God
Created long time ago
Status Active
Race Elf
Hometown Loth Lorien
Classes Mage
Followed Bumblefoot
Spouse Cassandra
Areas Written Mider
Immorted AMB: 09/14/2004
Following Nexus

Mud Contributions:

  • Adjusted an Area: the Sailing Ship so the casino workers would work the casino instead of working on their tans.
  • Wrote an Area: Mider - a very nice area with a slight mage bias
  • Wrote a Quest: Malcontent Nexian Sprites ran amuck across TFC

Current Description:


You blink, wondering why that particular word leapt to mind when your 
eyes met those of the unusually tall elf before you.  His posture and
body language are relaxed and open, his hands busy with the repair of
the strap of one of several belt-pouches, not lingering by the swords
sheathed at his back. Pausing in his labors, he brushes back a silver
streaked lock of black hair that escaped the neat thick braid binding
its fellows. The gesture draws your attention to his hands; calloused
and strong, yet with the fine bone structure of his race. A soft glow
builds around the tips of his fingers, forming into a shimmering ball
of purple light. Rolling it nimbly around and between his fingers, he
plays with it much like a juggler.  A quick, easy grin flashes across
his angular features, echoed in the blue-green almost hazel eyes that
gaze back at you, catlike.
He glances back at the ball of light, its violet glow casting shadows
over his handsome face.   "Fate chose for me the fine group of people 
and the Goddess we all follow.   Where my Thread's course lies within 
the Great Pattern, only She knows. For now, I am content to wander as 
the Three guide."  

He flicks his fingertips, and the ball of light disappears.  A moment
later he withdraws it from the depths of your left ear, a wicked grin
curving his lips. With a courtly bow, he presents it to you, but just
as you reach for it, it bursts into thousands of individual sparks of
indigo light which dance over your skin, tickling you.

Immortality Petitions:

(IC) In Character

Lord Tynian *bow*
Lady Cordir *bow*
M'Lords and M'Ladys *bow*

It has been an eventful year ...
Leveling to Level 30 Thief and Level 30 Mage
Finally reaching that goal of Effective 50 !

With that accomplishment ...
I found my time to be somewhat empty aside from iding and helping others
lacking a true purpose or personally significant goal

I have spent much of the last 300 hundred years or so 
considering my place in this world and which path to follow

Which path do I follow .. 
the path of the retired Xp'er..time now spent iding for others and idly chatting in the guild
the path that some strive step into immortality.. growing beyond the mortal bounds

I have spoken with friends and foe alike ...
friends for I value their judgement because of our friendship
foes for I value their judgement because they are worthy opponents

After due consideration and comtemplation..

I hereby petition for immortality in this realm.

My background some ask...

I started as a young elf in Loth Lorien...growing into my skills and talent
first under my own standard

Then the standard of Lord Bumblefoot
Lord Bumblefoot taught me the basics of the realm survive and learn and enjoy

Next was the standard of Lord Foolkiller
Lord Foolkiller taught me the ways of the warrior.. patience .. stealth.. force.. mercy
Under Lord Foolkillers tutelage.. I became an Advisor and Battle Lord ...

And now the standard of Lady Cordir
Lady Cordir has taught me the ways of the peacemaker.. strength .. endurance .. compassion
Under Lady Cordirs' tutelage .. I became a Taoiseach .. a Councilor

As I grew in experience and knowledge, I sought to help others with what I had learned so they would not stumble as I did. 
Some listened *wry grin*... some did not 

With that being said ..

I humbly request that my petition be considered and approved.

A Mage of Fate

(OOC) Out of Character

Lord Tynian *bow*
Lady Cordir *bow*
M'Lords and M'Ladys *bow*
 (the OOC part)
well, as Lord Tynian once commented .. 
"..I thought you would never get there (eff 50).."
and at times I wondered as well *grin*

a little ooc background on me...

been playing TFC since the middle of 1995 as Boromir

My first char was a warrior .. dumb as a stump :)
but did have a hugely massive +dam of +12 and for 1.x .. that was good

Since then I have had 4 primary characters and a host of others 
that sort of fell by the wayside

I have played good, evil, neutral and ua..
I have been pked and pked others

for those that wonder about the evil... 
   Arch-Lich .. please tell Orpik .. thanks again for the xp help
in the trading post *grin*

warrior, thief, mage, ranger, shaman, cleric have all been

humans, dwarfs, ogres (holds nose), giants, elves, gnomes, half-elves, hobbits have all had their chance to entice and entreat

I was there when the Arch-Lich came into being
and when ICP got their due :)

enjoyed the last melee of 2.x *grin*

and finished leveling Boromir in 3.x

be sure to ask Lord Foolkiller about theme day *grin*

and ask Lady Cordir about my Wonderful jokes on FT

I have played on other muds but not stayed away long
and have been immortal in other realms but not an FLI :)
(didnt hang around enough..)

Boromir aka... well ... others *grin*

Character History:

The Early Years!!

Welcoming you into his house ... take a seat Boromir says .....
you look around and dont see a chair ..except for the one that Boromir was using ....
Boromir chuckles then gestures ...
a comfortable-looking chair appears sit down and realize that this has to be the most comfortable chair you have ever sat in .. its perfectly contured to your body ...
as you get settled in .. Boromir settles himself back into his chair
Boromir says " ... well what can I do for you? ..'
"I want to expand my knowledge of Loth Lorien, its residents and thought you might be able to help by relating your life's history.." you respond
"hmnmmmmm ahh... ok..'
Boromir takes a minute to think and starts out by saying " this may be a bit convoluted but I will do the best I can '
He pauses ..then continues ...
"I was born in Loth Lorien just down the branch from the Inn ,,,," he says ...
"my father fought with Lord Boromir of Minas Trith and named me.. his oldest son after him"
Boromir pauses as you jot down some notes ... then continues
"I grew up in a house of joy and merriment .. love and discipline .. chaos and order "
he grins as he stops to let you catch up
"I started out learning the ways and skills of a mage as was my Uncle and then decided to follow the path of my father ...the best ranger in LL" ..Boromir smiles proudly ..
"I took up the study of thieves on a bet from a couple of friends on mine and decided to stick with .."
a slight smile brightens Boromirs' face as he watches you scribble on your pad..
" Unfortunately .. my parents passed on in a raid by the Orcs when I was but 20 years old ... my father fighting to save my mother ... my mother from her wounds and her sadmess at the death of my father.."
Boromir falls silent as he revisits that memory...
"I was away on a trip to Nydia visiting some friends when this happened and returned to find the place empty ...I then sold everything and took to a life of wandering ...'
a long pause ensues as Boromir thinks about what has happened ...
" ... Since that time .... I have wandered thru this Realm .. looking for places yet unseen .. seeking knowledge ...
or as I have said before .. I get lost and then find myself .."
Boromir grins and continues ".. I have journeyed through many places yet always return to Loth Lorien ..more years than I care to remember have passed by .... many travels and discoveries .. yet so much more to do and see "
Boromir sips his drink as you continue to take notes ...
" Not sure what it is your are looking for .... ask questions as you wish .. I'm more than happy to answer "
Boromir finishes with a smile ...
You review your notes and ask .." what are the most vivid menories from your travels? .."
Boromir ponders the questions for a few moments .. then responds ..
"hmm good question ... nothing really stands out .. alot of little things .. nothing of a major importance ..."
Boromir falls silent .. and looks thoughtful ...
You take this moment to look around the room ... trying to get a feel for the Elf whose company you share.....
On the wall you see a broken mace hung over the chest ,,, and you mention that ....
Boromir says "hmmm ..? " and then laughs ....
"oh that " he says ....and grins " that is from the first encounter with a stone golem ... " he chuckles ..
" I had just advanced to skill level 10 mage .. and was feeling rather .... powerful '
a wry grin
" I decided to wander down to Landru's Keep to check out the golems ... well ... I felt it was time to take the Guard Golems to task" laughing Boromir continues
" .. instead .. the first blow broke the mace .. followed by the shield and most of the eq I had on ... I barely escaped with my life ..."
Boromir winks
" and came back to reality when I finally got away .."
" the boot hanging next to the mace is from my first portal attempt ... Demon Realm is a tough place for a skill level 15 mage ..level 10 ranger or not " ... " thats all the eq I got out with .. "
Boromir laughs and says " ... the other boot minus the foot that filled it ...along with the other itens I had with me .. are still there I guess and I hope the demon that has them ..well .. hope he gets little use from them " he finishes ...
You chuckle as you flip to the next page of your journal ...
"what about the those three books on the table over there? " pointing to the table next to the door ...
Your host responds " the books? " ..."those are journals I keep whenever I think about it of the Lord or Lady I swear allegiance to .." Boromir states
" the dustiest book is from Lord Bumblefoots time .. he left this Realm unexspectedly and never returned..." ..a sad expression frames Boromirs' face as he looks to the second book ..
"the second is of Lord Foolkiller ... he has also departed this Realm .. I find his departure more painfiul than that of Lord Bumblefoots' .." ...
You notice that the third book is brand new and has but a few entries ... Boromir notices your expression ...
"the third book is of Lady Cordirs time ... she has graciously welcomed Tyrall and I into her following ... to join or leave as we will ... "
You say ..." join or leave as you will? "
"yes .. join or leave .... speaking for myelf .. I am doing what I can to complete the process of joining '..
You nod slowly as you finish filling another page ...
as you look up....
you see Boromir has a look of intentness and a degree of distraction....
you wait patiently and ask as Boromirs' attention returnds to you ...
".. dreaming? "
Boromir shakes his head " no.. just responding to a tell from an old friend ...we're meeting later for a few beers and swapping of stories ... "
" I was just thinking about your question .. I have few accomplishemnts of note .. other than surviving years in the field and forest ... I was honored by Lord Foolkiller by being appointed as a Battle Lord and Advisor ...
altho I was never a really great Battle Lord and was a much better Advisor ..."
"...Battle Lord? Advisor?" You ask ...
" well a Battle Lord was one who could extract vengance with out reqeuesting permission from Lord Foolkiller . as well as initiate an action aganist someone who had wronged a fellow follower ..."
Looking serious Boromir states ' the Advisor was such that they spoke with the voice and authority of Lord Foolkiller and were to be obeyed as if Lord Foolkiller had spoken " ...
"It was a duty .." Boromir states quietly " that I took very seriously " ...he continues ... "I was ummmmm one of the last of the followers to be released by Lord Foolkiller and that release brought me to Lady Cordirs' following "
Boromir stands up .. walks over to the table ..,, picking up the first two books .. he places both of them in the chest and closes the lid of the chest ... as if to say ... the past is past ... the present is now ...
Returning to his seat .. Boromir brightens and says ' Next question? "
You think for a moment ...' how has the change from "good" to 'neutral' gone? ' you ask ...
the answer comes back quickly .."its both tough and diffierent .."
"tough in the sense of needing to strike a balance between good and evil ,, difficult because the change in aura has also changed friendships and relationships .." Boromir stands up and walks to the window and contines speaking " .. as a "Good" the lines of who to help and who not to help were clearly defined ... as a "Neutral" .. the lines are very blurred and actions or lack of .. require more thought and consideration.."
chuckling Bormir says " a memory of an adventure comes to mind .. I was accompanying a fellow mage of Lord Foolkillers Following as he wandered in and around the mines of the Dwarfs ... we were moving down a mine shaft looking for gold and equipment when we came upon a group of miners and guards .. Sicar didnt even pause and moved into the attack .. next thing I know ... the two of us are fighting 13 dwarfs ...."
Boromir chuckles . " needless to say ... I was not doin real well ... being a small elf and all ... I didn't fare well at the hands of those dwarfs ... I ended up fleeing when I became too wounded to continue .. Sicar ... well ..he finished them off and staggered over to where I was ... yelled "we won!!!" then collapsed ... "
he laughs " it took me forever to get him back to the guild "...
" I spent alot of time doin that with him .."
smiling Boromir says " and I learned alot about how to judge when to attack and when not to "
as you add to your notes chuckling .. " must be a good friend ..."
Boromir says ' yes ..but he has left this realm for other fields to travel ... I havent seen him in a couple hundred of years ..' You continue writing as you consider what to ask next .... Boromir continues " A number of friends have left to seek adventures beyond this Realm ... I miss them and sometimes wonder if I should also seek adventures beyond "
Looking thoughtful, Boromir stands up and steps to the fireplace .. picks up the nearest log and tosses it on the flames ...then grabs the poker and stirs the coals around ....the fire quickening as he does so..... Sitting back down in his chair, Boromir gestures and your drink is re-filled as is his own and he smiles at you awaiting your next question... Where do you plan to go from here? you ask ...
Boromir takes a moment to consider your question and responds
" Plans? ... I hve nothing definite at the moment ... perhaps just to wander the road less traveled ... advance the skills I have and learn new those who need it ... know .. the usual stuff "
he grins as you fill another page and continues
" maybe at some point look to find a to settle down ... not necessarily here in Loth Lorien .. tooo many memories here that are.... painful'
You nod thinking of his parents and their demise ...
Boromir continues " I have one more adventure to relate .. if you're interested .." Yes I am .. you answer smiling ..
Boromir nods and says this is a bit longer than the other ...
Boromir gathers his thoughts for a moment ...then begins his story...
"A couple of us were xpin together in Harpers and doin pretty good .. xp was accumulating at a good rate and all of us were feeling that this could be a place to stay and level...."
Boromir stands up and wanders over to the chest .. opens the chest and gets out the second book .. the book of Lord Foolkiller returning to his chair ...
Boromir sits down and opens the book ... "excuse me a moment while I refresh my memory " Boromir says
You nod as he opens the book and begins searching for the entrys ...You take this moment to look at Boromir and see an Elf ... gray tinting coal black hair .. a face tanned and relaxed ... a few lines serve to add character .... the lines around the eyes show humor .. and grief ... the ellipses running down either side of the mouth from the nose to the chin accentuate the feeling of strength and solidarity... as you glance at his apparel .. you see nothing extravagant .. a comfortable shirt ... a pair of pants and a soft pair of boots completing the ensemble.
You suddenly ask if you can look around while Boromir reads and he replies ,, "of course .. I ask that you not touch .. some of the items are .... sensitive to ... those who handle them and may react unpleasantly ' Ok .. you reply I will be careful ... Boromir smiles and returns to his reading ..
You stand up and walk over to the window and glance out at the view .... it suddenly hits you that this window looks out over the forest yet,, this tree is in the center of Loth Lorien .,,, turning to ask .
Boromir answers the question yet to be asked .. "its a glamour I have cast ...I like this view much better ,,,dont you? " ... Boromir grins and returns his attention to the book...
Moving to the fireplace, you look at hand-painted images of Boromir and friends in various places and times.... turning to warm your backside .. you see an interesting item across the room on the side table under the mirror ... you walk over to the side table and ask .."what is this? " pointing to the item ..
Boromir looks up and quickly says .. "a wand of power .... its tuned to a mage and will explode if handled by any other " your hand inadvertently moves back even tho you had no plans to actually hold the item ...
looking up, you realize that the mirror doesn't reflect an image but is a grayish colored surface .. you examine the it closer and see that its a mage's mirror ... one used to see afar and awide
as you turn, Bormir says "ah yes, here it is...I knew I had written this adventure down for it was one I wanted to remember ' ...
You sit back down in your chair and wait expectantly ...
Boromir finishes reading, closes the book and starts " as I was saying ... a group of us were xpin in Harpers and doin well .. gold and eq was gathered and we all were feelin pretty good .." ..sipping his drink He continues " we were taking a break and talking with Chaplain Grimes ... when a number of members in this group receive a request to attend to their Immortal .. and so they left .. the two of us remaining decide to press on .. " ..
Boromir grins and speaks on " so we bid farewell to the Chaplain ... leave the chapel and head south into the east end of the Village ... without warning .. we are attacked and the onslaught is furious .. .. no.. we have no idea who this is for the attacker is invisible and my spells aren't strong enough to reveal who he or they are ... I yell to my companion to flee while I stand fast for the moment ..." he stand up and begins moving around the room as if to re-enact the incident ..."
my companion quaffs a potion and immediately is whisked away to the guild .. I fight on .. knowing I will be next .. I in turn quaff the potion to escape ... and lo and behold I am not in the guild ... but out at sea ..."
Boromir pauses to catch his breath as he re-lives that moment ... He continues the story .." weakened by the effects of the unexpected transition .. I cast invis on myself and rest ..floating above the waves .. eating some bread and meat and sipping water to regain my strength ...
Again I am beset by my unseen opponent ... I can not stay for the blows are fast and furious and I have but little time to escape before I perish .. again I quaff the potion to escape .. again I am flung to a place not of my knowing .. "
Boromir stands still for a moment ... allowing you to catch up with your note taking .. he waits until you are finished and continues " I immediately move out of the room seeking a place where I can hide and regain my strength... good fortune smiles upon me for I do find a room that only has space for one .. I collapse to the floor ... exhausted beyond belief ..." a pause .. the story resumes
" I gather my strength and hear the sounds of battle near by .... I assume that is my assailant I stand ..girding myself to make the final effort to either subdue or perish .. I hear a cry and then silence...... I remain ... still ....quiet ....scarely breathing .. I hear footsteps out side my hiding place ... they stop ....a loong moment of waiting and dread passes by .. then I hear foot steps slowly wander off in seek of other prey ..."
Boromir pauses and on " I finally have regained my strength .. and have spoken with my companion .. we were talking the whole time ...I decide to leave this little room and attempt to find my way out of this place I have found myself ... I walk down the hall..every sense alert ,, nerves keyed up ... I turn the corner and run into the largest golem that I have ever seen ... I jump back ... ready to defend myself ... the golem just keeps on walking ...I sudenly realize that I am still invis ... *whew* ... a blessing ... for the golem was looked to be 2 hits from gaining another trophy for his mantle had he pressed the issue...' Boromir stops for a moment .. thinks for a moment then says
"2 hits? It hits me once .. I hit the ground ..anyway I suddenly realize where I am ... the southern side of the Sea in Altibia ... a sigh of relief is cut short as I hear the 'pop' of a mages' portal closing ... quicker than I have ever moved before ... I cast my strongest spell and flee... quaffing my last potion in a bid to escape my relentless purser "
Boromir stops speaking ... and reflects for a moent .... the story continues .. " I finally make it back to the guild ... such a feeling of relif flows over me .. a feeling I have not had before that moment .. and but twice since ... I immediately retired to Lord Foolkillers temple .... a place of sanctuary ... I relaxed ..only to be startled by a voice ... and then a mage appears.... it's Sicar ... laughing .. "
Boromir laughs as he finishes the story .. " the mage I fled from in Altibia was him ... he had marked some of my eq .. and had portalled to me when he heard I was being attacked and had failed to recall twice .. my spell had not hit him for he has recalled at the same moment I had cast it .. ...He did say that the mob standing behind him collapsed as it took effect ..."
Boromir chuckled ....
You scribble down the last of your notes ... You ask if he ever was able to identify the attacker ..Boromir shakes his head no ... "I never did " he explains ..."but I would look to a rematch as some point ..." Boromir suddenly seems darker and a nimbus dances around him as a sudden feeling of power fills the room .. Bormir smiles mm and the room brightens ... Looking at your notes ... the pad is filled with scribbles and notes and you have no more space to write ... you mention this and Boromir laughs .. saying "perfect timing for I have to go ..." Cocking his head to one side ... "Would you like a quick trip home? " Boromir asks so You think for a moment .. then nod yes ... .. Boromir grins and say 'take a deep breath .. nod your head .. and I'll send you home .." he grins ..
You take in a deep breath .. nod your head .. as you do so .. Boromir moves his hands through a set of motions as he says "Good bye and let me know how it turns out .." ..You start to reply only to chuckle as your own living room shimmers and solidifies arond you ... a voice speaks to you "it was enjoyable talking to you ..take care " a voice you recognize as Boromirs .. You nod only to think, that's real good ... I nod and he can't see me ...

04/28/2002: On Leaving The Guild

(Log by Cordir):
You ftell, '*gasp* You aren't actually leaving the guild are you, Boro?'.
Boromir ftells, '*reassures Lady Cordir* no no .. '.
Noctus ftells, '*whispers* He does that a lot lately.....we might need to call a doctor or something'.
You ftell, '*disappointed* oh.'.
Boromir ftells, 'leveling was enough of a shock .. '.
You ftell, '*laugh* '.


  • As a mortal mage, Boromir was named "Battle Lord" and Advisor while a member of Trinity
  • As a mortal mage, Boromir was known for the phrase, "Have IDs, Will Guild Sit"
  • As a mortal mage, Boromir was named Taoiseach and Councilor of War to Cordir's Chosen of Fate.
  • Boromir is mentioned in both Cordir's temple and her current office, in the diamond-white thread.
  • Boromir was once rifted for teasing Lady Bliss with chocolate cake - that he refused to share.

PK Stats 04/28/2002

PK statistics for Boromir:
Boromir has initiated 3 attacks, 3 justified, and 0 not justified.
0 attacks have been recent (0 justified, 0 not justified).
Boromir has been attacked 13 times (11 justified, 2 not justified).
0 attacks have been recent (0 justified, 0 not justified).
Boromir is credited with 0 PKs (0 justified, 0 not justified).
0 kills have been recent (0 justified, 0 not justified).
Boromir has been killed 2 times (2 justified, 0 not justified).
0 deaths are recent (0 justified, 0 not justified).

Immortal Entry & Exit:

Entry: Boromir appears amidst the mists of the Nexus: the mists swirl and are gone.
Exit: Boromir summons the mists of the Nexus: when they swirl and fade, he is gone.

10/16/2004: Ambassador
Entry: Boromir arrives and flashes you ... an offical "I'm a TFC AMBASSADOR" badge ..whats yer question?
Exit: Boromir leaves looking for someone else to flash ... his badge at

Mortal Restrings:

(Potent magic) a wicked sense of humor.
(worn) A mithril amulet surrounded by white diamonds
(on ground) A shimmering amulet, encrusted with pure white diamonds lies here.

Look Sword:
As sharp as a blade and twice as pointed, Boromir's humor lies in wait here

Look Amulet:
Cupping the amulet in your hands, you are surprised at its weight.
Mithril, one of the purest metals, is also among the heaviest.
The same could be said of the heart of he who wears this pendant:
Pure, but heavy...

Look Pendant:
Examining the pendant of the amulet closely, you marvel at the quality
of the diamonds. Bright, clear, and with a deep fire at its innermost
core. The surface of the pendant is engraved with the name of she who
causes that fire to burn so brightly: Cassandra.

Personal Timeline:

4/21/00 - In a rather impromptu ceremony, held in the Storytelling Amphitheater, Boromir and Cassandra renew their vows.
7/8/00- Boromir reaches 1000 years of age, levels to Ra:20, and completes his 25th mob mastery!
1/27/01 - Plato becomes Attendant to The Chosen of Fate and Cordir, and the two play ping-pong with Boromir (using teleport).
10/28/01 - Boromir almost goes out of the guild to EXP, but thinks better of it.
12/23/01 - Boromir of Fate actually levels AND Duals to Ra:21\Ma:21\Th:21.
03/17/02 - Bliss goes on a pinching spree, getting everyone who hasn't worn green for Saint Patrick's Day and confesses, "I do have the fastest pinch in the west!" Boromir is locked, cursed, and rifted in the temple of Fate until he hands over the choclate cake to her Divine Chocolaty-ness.
4/25/02 - Boromir reaches level 24 ranger. (Ra:24\Ma:21\Th:21)
06/16/02 - Aslan wanders into the path of the Copper Dragon, and Aster and Boromir work together to slay the beast, with Aster taking on the Dragon solo in the last bout.
09/22/02 - Boromir ascends to Ma:23\Ra:24\Th:21 and Katrana faints from shock.
November 27, 2002 - Ambrose steps down as the Taoiseach Councellor of the Wyrm, and at his recommendation, Boromir is confirmed in the Council position.
December 7, 2002 - Boromir actually leaves the guild long enough in the company of Drakar to slay Slue... and a rather big Slue Ghost.
Sunday, December 29, 2002 - Today is voted 'level your brains out day!' Boromir ascends to Ma:24\Ra:24\Th:21 and Belsambar levels to Ra:25\Ma:20. These twin miracles are heralded as being signs of the end of the world. Or something.
The week of levels begins!
Monday November 24, 2003 Boromir levels his ranger class to level 27.
Thursday November 27, 2003 - Boromir levels his ranger class to level 28.
Saturday November 29, 2003 - Boromir levels his ranger class to level 29.
December 01, 2003 - Boromir levels his mage (level 27), thief (level 27) AND ranger (level 30)!!
Thus ends the week of Levels and TFC returns to normal ...
May 6, 2004 - Boromir reaches level 50! Click to read the epic tale of Boromir's last xp to eff 50!
May 13, 2004 - Boromir celebrates his 2,400 year birthday... and is killed by the Tempest. (not the best present.)
May 24, 2004 - Boromir kills a young centaur herder for mobmastery level 40 - the minimum required to petition for Immortality for a level 50.
September 14, 2004 - Boromir is reformed from the Chosen of Fate as he is promoted to Ambassador.
October 30, 2004 - Boromir is promoted to Attendant.
November 28, 2004 - Boromir celebrates his 2601 year birthday, and gets the wonderful present of being promoted to Demigod. He creates the Nexus.
October 28, 2005 - Maja is ordained by Boromir.
December 14, 2005 - Jashon is ordained by Boromir.
November 14, 2006 - Svarog is ordained by Boromir.
December 15, 2006 - Boromir celebrates his 3200 year birthday.
October 07, 2008 - Boromir ordains Uriah.
October 18, 2008 Boromir celebrates his 3600 year birthday.
February 20, 2009 Linkin is ordained by Boromir.
December 16, 2009 Boromir celebrates his 4000 year birthday.
January 15, 2011 Korran is ordained by Boromir.
January 24, 2011 Rufus becomes the first member of the Nexus to Immort.
October 14, 2011 Hutt becomes the second member of the Nexus to Immort.
February 21, 2012 - Boromir is promoted to Lesser God.
July 09, 2012 - Uthmar is ordained by Boromir.
July 09, 2014 - Palin is ordained by Boromir.

Player Info:

Boromir the elf first appeared on TFC back in late May/early June of 1995. He is not my first character but he is the highest level so far. There were 3 characters prior to Boromir and of those 3, 1 faded in late 1994 , 1 faded in late 1997 while the 3rd is still active. There were at least 11 other characters played after Boromir appeared. Of those, only 2 remain active enough to play from time to time. For those of you who might be curious, at 1 point I had an active character in every active following on TFC (late 1990's). How did I start mudding? I logged into Primenets home page and found a link for a game. So I thought I would try it out and the rest is history!