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Ghazkull Mahsong
The Heartbringer
Created 1998
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Ranger
Last Seen 2015
Followed Torchbearer
Spouse Evelyne
Partner Deyanira
Relatives Sister: Camisra
Sister: DarkClaw k'Treva
Ghazkull Mahsong

Mud Contributions:

  • Ghazkull created the first incarnation of the following website for the Dreamwalkers, led by Tamar.
  • Ghazkull won second place in a Virtual Bardic Circle, hosted by Cordir, in August of 2015.

Current Description: 10/20/14

(written by Cordir)

There are few things in this world with the grace and beauty of an Elf -- as if
the distant stars themselves had come to life. The man before you is such a one.
He has the height of many of his kind, but his frame bears more muscle than the
norm for the children of Loth-Llorien. Perhaps it is due to a life of adventure
or from the unlife he was reborn into as one of the Kindred. His full lips are
curved in a wry smile, the points of his fangs visible, but his eyes are gentle
hazel, not the angry crimson of a vampire in need of sating. With a courtly bow,
he acknowledges your notice. He murmurs a polite greeting in his native tongue.
As he brushes back the well-groomed and artfully braided silvery tumble of knee
length hair that cascaded forward when he bowed, a vivid, ugly scar is revealed
upon his brow. It is an eternal reminder of the terror that led to his Embrace,
and all that has passed between then and now. A subtle shift in the air nearby
causes his eyes to briefly close, an intimate smile curving his lips. He seems
to have a brief moment of communion with some unseen creature and then his eyes
meet yours once more.

Dressing Up for the Kindred Masquerade: 12/20/2014

<worn on finger>    a silver band set with moonstone
<worn on finger>    a silver band set with moonstone
<worn around neck>  a white silk cravat   
<worn on body>      a snowy white poet's shirt 
<worn on head>      a crescent moon mask of white leather
<worn on legs>      fitted trousers of snowy white sueded leather
<worn on feet>      white leather boots, laced to the knee
<worn on hands>     silver-filigree edged gauntlets
<wielded>           the silver radiance of the moon
<worn about body>   a white cape  

Description by DarkClaw: 02/15/13

Eyes swirling with the hazel colors of the Earth regard you calmly as the elf before you meets your gaze. A charming grin graces his full lips and he lowers his wiry frame in a deep bow, causing his river of long, silvery hair to fall forward and frame his face as it drops to the floor. Straightening after a moment, he reaches up and flicks it back over his shoulders and notices your troubled gaze focused upon the scar that runs the width of his forehead. His hand moves to his weapon reflexively and his smile falters, as if a certain memory haunts him. His lips curl in a restrained snarl and you finally notice the razor-sharp fangs hiding behind them. Flexing the fingers of his weapon hand he finally relaxes it and his mood lightens again, his gaze dropping in an apologetic gesture. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm sure we all have a story to tell." As he turns to move away, the sun catches on a blue peridot tucked into a fold in his clothing and you wonder if there is a tale to that as well. Ghazkull leads a charmed life.

Description by Cordir 06/08/2002

Magical auras of warding and protection swirl around the topaz-eyed elf who stands silently before you. but not the crimson aura of evil that you were expecting, seeing him. Instead, the soft, subtle blue reveals his allegiance to the Dreamwalkers of Tamar. What could change a man so completely, to sway from one side of the path of life, to its polar opposite? Unless you somehow become of his closest friends, you may never learn this very private secret. He wears the trail-worn leathers of a man of the woods, but the sigils and mystical symbols that glow upon them clearly reveal his love and dedication to the sorcerous arts. Tall, slender, but with broad shoulders, he has the typical grace and fluidity of his race. Hair the color of moonlight upon the snow tumbles down his back in a silvery torrent. With a friendly smile upon his expressive face, he bows slightly in the elven style, causing the perfect, clear peridot bound to his brow to flash in the light. The flawless jewel reminds you, oddly, of the spirit of a woman not seen in these lands for many years - his beloved wife Evelyne... surely the reason he wears it. The loneliness her absence brings wells up in his eyes for a moment, and he turns his head slightly, allowing his hair to fall forward and hide his face for a brief second while he composes himself. When his gaze lifts once more to meet yours, only the undying curiosity and compassion that is his nature is shared.


The first thing that is noticeable about this elf is a strange scar that seems to run right the way around his forehead, as though someone had removed his brain, the thought of someone doing this makes you shudder. He looks at you in a friendly sort of way but you can't help but notice his hands nervously twitching towards his weapons, you can only assume this is a result of actions by whoever made the scar.
He lowers his body in a deep bow causing his long silvery hair to cascade around his head and onto the floor before he flicks it back behind him as he straightens up. his hazel eyes focus on you for the first time and his face breaks into a wide grin. Noticing your eyes flicking up to the scar on his forehead he smiles.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'maybe i'll tell you the story at some point'
Ghazkull says (in common), 'now is not the time for that story'
he turns to leave, and as he does so, u catch sight of a blue peridot tucked into a fold in his clothing, a memento of a past love maybe? only he knows. Ghazkull has a special twinkle in his eye.

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Ra:11       ] Ghazkull Dark Elven Angel of ARCANES                           03/09/2000
Elf [    Ma: 5 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull would like to speak with Nayr *Dreamwalker*           10/25/2000
Elf [    Ma: 6 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Little Mage, *dreams* [Evelyne]              01/30/2001
Elf [    Ma: 8 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Little mage of dreams *Evelyne*              07/12/2001
Elf [    Ma: 8 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Birthday boy of the dreamwalkers             11/07/2001
Elf [    Ma: 9 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer of the Dreamwalkers             03/18/2002
Elf [    Ma: 9 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Walks the path of the Wyrm.                  05/18/2002
Elf [    Ma:12 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Dreaming Attendant of Fate                   07/20/2002
Elf [    Ma:14 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Dreaming, Fated, *Heartbringer*              08/27/2002
Elf [    Ma:14 Ra:11    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, wishes to speak with Tamar *FATE*            12/11/2002
Elf [    Ra:12 Ma:15    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer *FATE*                          01/17/2003
Elf [ Th: 6 Ma:15 Ra:12 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer of Fate *Deyanira*              12/06/2003
Elf [ Th: 8 Ma:15 Ra:12 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer of Fate *Deyanira*              01/17/2004
Elf [ Th:10 Ma:15 Ra:12 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Apprentice Blade/HAND of Fate. *Dey*         06/20/2004
Elf [       Ra: 4       ] Ghazkull Mahsong                                               08/09/2005
Elf [       Ra: 8       ] Ghazkull would like to speak to Tynian                         01/14/2007
Elf [    Ma: 4 Ra:10    ] Ghazkull, Reborn Soul of Fate *Sir*                            01/21/2007
Elf [    Ra:10 Ma:15    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer, Fated, Lost, Ebrithil          02/25/2013
Elf [    Ma:19 Ra:15    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer, my Fate is with Wisdom         04/15/2013
Elf [    Ma:23 Ra:20    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer. Peace, Fate, Almond            04/23/2014
Elf [    Ma:23 Ra:25    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer. Fate, Wisdom, Almond.          12/20/2014
Elf [    Ra:28 Ma:28    ] Ghazkull might just about manage to pk himself                 06/03/2015
Elf [    Ma:28 Ra:28    ] Ghazkull has a Bog he'd like to sell                           06/04/2015
Elf [    Ma:30 Ra:30    ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer.  Almond, Fate, Wisdom          06/05/2015
Elf [ Th: 1 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Chosen to Dream of Almonds                   6-16-2015 
Elf [ Th: 7 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Chosen to Dream of Almonds                   6-17-2015
Elf [ Th:11 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Chosen to Dream of Almonds                   6-18-2015
Elf [ Th:16 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Chosen to Dream of Almonds                   6-19-2015
Elf [ Th:17 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Chosen to Dream of Almonds                   6-20-2015
Elf [ Th:23 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull is where it's at                                      6-21-2015
Elf [ Th:23 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull is where it's at                                      6-22-2015
Elf [ Th:26 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer. Fate/Almond                    6-24-2015
Elf [ Th:28 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull: sleep. medically necessary. Who knew?!               06/25/2015
Elf [ Th:30 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Ghazkull FINALLY DID IT!!!! *15years!*                         06/26/2015
Elf [ Ra:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Triat Initiate                               07/04/2015
Elf [ Ra:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Triat Initiate. *Almond* *CBS: 1072*         09/11/2015

Character History:


(Written for his entry into the Chosen of Fate. Not updated since that time.)

A gentle breeze gently feeds the flames in the firepit, as ghazkull sits back after a hard days exploration. He calls out for some more wine and the barmaid brings it over. He focuses on the small child sitting patiently in front of him.

“So, little one, you wanted to know my history?” he said, the faint touch of a smile playing across his lips as he spoke.

“Yes please Mr Mahsong” replied the small boy earnestly.

“It’s been a long time since anyone has called me ‘MR’ Ghazkull, I must say” chuckled Ghazkull to himself. “Very well then, let me see……”

Ghazkulls’ eyes seem to lose their focus slightly as he recalls memories long since past.

“I was born in Cillidellia a fair few years ago. My earliest memory is of myself running along the beach that separates Cillidellia from Safehaven. I lacked discipline and the only skills I had at that time were very basic, I spent the time killing sandpipers and crabs that scuttled back and forth. My teacher showed me how to fillet a corpse to make an edible steak, which would ensure that I never went hungry, My Teacher is a funny old elf by the name of Savah, if you should ever meet her please send her my regards.”

“Now you might think that a small boy playing on the beach would have contented me, but you’d be wrong. My life lacked direction and as my mother had died giving birth to myself and my twin sister Camisra (who incidentally died while I was still young) I had no family. I wandered the temples for hours on end and I decided that I wanted to join the Chosen of Fate. I spoke to Lady Cordir regarding this at the time, I still look back on that memory as it makes me laugh. I was clinging for dear life on the cliffs overlooking the beach when I spoke to Lady Cordir, at the time I did not have the required experience to join the Chosen so, sadly that was the end of that decision.”

“I spoke with many people regarding the many faiths of the realm. One person I spoke to at length was Tamar, an immortal who at this point in time held the position of Ambassador to the realm and while I was walking through the temples one day, I happened upon the temple of Torchbearer, the Dark seraph of the Arcanes. As it happens, Torchbearer had chosen this day to visit the realm and as I just happened to walk into his temple, I decided that it must have been some form of fate, so I joined the Arcanes.

“My time in the Arcanes was not a good one, I had joined them looking for Discipline and a sense of family, instead I got a group of very experienced people who didn’t have time for an inexperienced young whelp ( as I was referred to once) also, I discovered that becoming an arcane meant that I was immediately the target of a lot of people.”

“After a while, I tired of the disorganized (in my humble opinion) rabble that was the Arcanes and petitioned to Torchbearer for my removal from the Arcanes. My request was granted and I was back where I started.

“Upon reflection I should have stuck to my original plan which was to join the chosen, but I had just left the Arcanes, and although I hadn’t felt a part of me, the sudden cut off from other people had left me feeling empty. I also discovered that people still distrusted me due to my previously red aura.”

“That evening, I spoke with Lady Tamar, who had recently been promoted from Ambassador to Demigoddess. Tamars’ following was called the Dreamwalkers, and I happened along Tamars’ temple (which incidentally used to be the site of Torchbearers old temple. He had since retired. Maybe it was fate for me to join the Dreamwalkers as well). I spoke with Tamar and she agreed to let me join the Dreamwalkers. I accepted, and I will admit now, that I did have misgivings at the start of my relationship with the Dreamwalkers. But let me explain. I had gone from the arcanes (an evil following - which as I said before, in my opinion, were a disorganized rabble) to the Dreamwalkers (a good following). This was a problem because in the Arcanes we were allowed to attack whomever we chose to, and I learnt the hard way that sometimes it is best not to attack just because of alignment. The Dreamwalkers however, weren’t allowed to attack someone unless we were justified against them or in self-defense. However, although we were allowed to attack under certain criteria, it was still generally frowned upon.”

“This placed a restriction on me that I hadn’t had before, already I was getting the Discipline that I craved. I started to be nice to people and to offer them assistance and people began to take notice that I wasn’t the same as the Ghazkull who was a member of the Arcanes.”

“One day while I was sitting around the adventurers guild, I heard a voice call out for help in Safehaven. As it was only around the corner from my hometown, I went to the assistance of the person and saw one of the most beautiful half elves I have ever seen. She introduced herself as Evelyne, and told me what the problem was. I helped her complete her troublesome task and made my way back the guild, with the picture of her face forever imprinted on my mind.”

“A few months later, I was again sitting in the guild, when Evelyne approached me and, because she had gained a lot more experience since I had last met her, asked if I fancied joining her on an expedition. We worked well as a team, she and her clerical abilities, and me and my skills as both a ranger and a mage. It was on this expedition that I asked Evelyne to marry me. She said yes -- but we both had to gain some more experience before we were wed. So it was with a renewed sense of life that I set out in the realm again.”

“About a month later I received word from one of my messengers that Evelyne had joined the Dreamwalkers. This pleased me greatly for I was now able to speak to Evelyne telepathically using the powers of my goddess, Tamar.”

“A few months down the line, I was having trouble getting the amount of experience that I needed, and Evelyne hadn’t visited the realm for quite some time, so it was with a heavy heart that I cancelled the wedding. About 2 months later, Evelyne contacted me saying that she heard about the cancellation and supported it. Like a lovesick puppy I wrote back to her saying that I would still be willing to marry her, even if she could not visit the realm regularly. Evelyne responded by saying she would love to marry me.”

“The wedding was held in the little chapel in Harpers Landing, I remember we had to get all sorts of permission from the mayor of the town as it is a human city and I was an Elf and Evelyne was a Half-Elf. Tamar presided over the wedding, and afterwards in private, Evelyne gave me a clear peridot jewel as a token of her love. I still wear the jewel today in the band around my forehead.”

“I spent many a year just wandering after that, I explored areas previously unknown to me, I spent many a day helping new adventurers in the realm and one day, Tamar bestowed the greatest honor I have ever received. She named me HeartBringer of the Dreamwalkers, and immortalized me in her temple.”

“I had not been active in the realm for about a month and all my means of communication with the realm broke down. I returned to the realm a few weeks ago, to discover that Tamar had been promoted to Goddess. This meant that the Dreamwalkers were no more. For the first time in my life, I felt completely and utterly empty. I had had some misgivings at the start of my relationship, but a few years down the line, I had grown to love each and every member of the Dreamwalkers as a member of my family. For a few years at least, I had had everything that I was searching for: the love of a family, and discipline. I loved Tamar like my own mother, she had effectively raised me from a child and then left me.”

“I spent a few days considering my options and then one night while I was asleep my subconscious mind brought the image of me as a young elf, clinging onto some cliffs and talking with a goddess. Now experienced enough to join the chosen I sought out a friend of mine by the name of Noctus, who was in the Chosen already, and asked him to sponsor my entry to the chosen. Noctus agreed to Sponsor me, and I started my quest to join the Chosen.”

“As I tell you this now, I have 7 of the 8 quest items required, I have a sponsor, and I have enough experience. May The Lady be generous when my day of judgment arrives.”

The scene changes back to the fireside in the inn. The little boy is still sitting there gazing at Ghazkull with quiet admiration.

“Tell me of your quest to join the chosen!!” Begged the little boy earnestly.

“That is a story that has yet to be closed. Maybe when it is finished, I shall write it all down and send you a copy of the book for being such an attentive listener. For now though, it is time for me to sleep.”

And with that, Ghazkull stood up and crossed the room to the stairway that would lead him to his sleeping quarters for the night. He absently touched the peridot softly with his hand and whispered something inaudible as he made his way upstairs.

The scene changes to the little boy asleep in his bed with a contented look on his face. In the room next to him lies Ghazkull, a troubled look on his face as he sleeps, probably forming his plan to complete his quest when he wakes.


  1. I will explore an unfamiliar area at least once a month and draw a map of the area along with instructions of how to get there.
  2. I will only ever eat food that I have created myself.
  3. Unless I am aiding a newbie, if someone is in need of spells I will immediately go to their aid.


  • Ghazkull was sponsored into the Chosen of Fate by Noctus.
  • Ghazkull is specifically mentioned in Tamar's Refuge.
  • Ghazkull was named by Tamar as being the member of her following that most exemplified it. For this reason, he appears as her representative in the Hall of Memory.
  • Ghazkull was the 20th person in TFC history to be granted a Trial of Triat Mastery.
  • Ghazkull is the topic of a bardic work by Samiyah, his Blood-Bonded, titled, His Changing Shores

Ghazkull Gateau a l'Orange

[ 46] Crunch: Ghazkull Gateau a l'Orange
Mon Jul 25 18:06:48 2016
To: all


2 cup Ghazkull elf oil; 1 Ghazkull toe zested; 1/2 cup superfreak
sugar; 6 tbs. soft butter; 2 eggz; 2/3 cup flour; 1 tsp. baking
powder; 1 orange; 2 tbs. Cointreau; 5 tbs. orange juice; 8 tbs.
confectioner (not superfreak) sugar


First track down a merchant that has Cointreau.  Eatz him.  Next
gossip that you have surplus blood supply.  Ignore responses from
Venom.  Wait for Ghazkull at Mish.  Grovel, if you must.  He is
skeptical but so nice he agrees and follows you to Temple Courtyard.
Let him bite you, squeez him tightly!  Rip a toe from him, and flee,
quaff red!  He thanks you for the snack, you thank him for the toe.
What a gentleman.  Heat the oven to 350 degrees.  Beat the sugar and
butter together until creamy.  Beat in the eggs.  Sift the flour and
baking powder over the mixture and fold them in.  Grate the Ghazkull
toe, and squeeze out the juice. Stir Ghazzest, orange juice, and Cointreau
into the batter.  Then grease a 5-cup bread pan and spoon in the batter.
Knock the pan (not Ruby) against the countertop to settle the contents.
Bake for 50 min, until the cake is firm but bouncy to the touch 
(the cake not Ruby) and the blade of a knife inserted into it comes
out clean (the cake not Ruby).  Leave it to cool for 10 to 15 minutes,
then unmold onto a dish.  In a small saucepan, gently warm the Ghazkull
and Cointreau. Stir in the confectioners' sugar, more orange juice. 
Using a pastry brush, paint the glaze over the cake--some of the glaze
will seep in, the rest will form a light crust.

Serve cold, like revenge....

Servz:  1  Ogre, 2 Dwarf, 3 Gnome
Bone Appetite!

From Crunch's Alphabet Soup
Soon to be in a bookstore near you!


a black linen sash, stained with blood

Long Description: This simple black sash is woven in the elven style, but bears the stain of blood.
Worn Description: <worn about waist> (Moderate magic) a black linen sash, stained with blood

Look Sash:
The texture of this sash is slightly wrinkled, as if it was grasped
in the hand and pressed against a wound. A scarlet stain still mars
the cloth, as if it - and the associated memory - were too precious 
to be washed away. The faint scent of desert almond upon the fabric
can only be discerned by the keen senses of a Kindred or a God. 

Look Blood:
Running a fingertip over the bloodstains, a memory washes through you:
Her voice: "I need you." "Do you need me now?" "Yes - tomorrow, too. 
And the day after that as well..." The wind brushing your face as you
race to her side, the moon casting a silvery glow over the amphitheater.
She stands, coming into your arms with a quiet grace, reaching up with
one slender hand to sweep her hair to the side. "Wind.. please?"  You
answer hoarsely, "As long as you are sure?" Her assent is breathless.
You drop a kiss upon her head, then your hand guides her neck to the
side, and your mouth traces the pulse beneath her dusky skin. That 
blood that first awakened you, that Changed you, is there, calling to
you. Your lips touch her skin, your fangs pierce, and it fills your 
mouth with a richness that is beyond describing. As her blood flows
into you, so your awareness slides into her mind, sensing her arousal
and pleasure, the trembling wonder within her as your pleasure feeds 
her own. The light of her aura flares as the bond takes hold, trust
in you expressed in word and deed.

Look Almond
The exotic scent of desert almonds still clings to this sash, the faint
perfume bringing to the mind's eye the image of a doe-eyed girl of the 

a hooded onyx cloak with an ebon rose clasp

long description: Sapphire embroidery ornaments this hooded cloak, held closed with a rose clasp.
Worn description: <worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a hooded onyx cloak with an ebon rose clasp

Look Cloak:
This cloak has a deep hood that conceals the features of the wearer, then 
falls in thick, rich folds of warm onyx-colored wool about their body, to
keep them protected from inclement weather, be it rain, or snow or biting 
wind. A wide border of bright, sapphire blue embroidery stands out boldly
against the dark cloth, running around the hood, down the front and about
the hem.  It is an Elvish interlace pattern, intricate and beautiful, and
it seems to draw the eye, as if crafted with enchantments to draw hostile
attention away from the wearer, to be bound within the complex knotwork. 

Look Rose Clasp:
While the denizens of Skull Spire cultivate lovely blooms, they cannot
match the ebon roses that grow within the garden of the Lady Weaver. A
perfect example of that species, captured at the moment of full bloom,
serves as a clasp for this cloak. The petals are as velvet-soft as the
day it was plucked and the midnight scent of its perfume is as calming.
How this rose remains so pristine and fresh can only be sorcery of the 
strongest sort.

Look Embroidery Patterns
The bands of embroidery are that of Elvish interlaced knotwork. Within
the repeating patterns, runes of protection and warding have been set,
to guard the wearer. Some bear the indigo aura of the Weaver.  Others,
shimmer with the light of Dreams. Still others, the crimson of blood-
magic, the enchantment cast by the Queen of the Kindred.  The wearer 
must be truly remarkable, for three deities to have granted him such
favor and protection.

Look Keywords:
Object Keywords: Onyx Cloak Ebon Rose
Extra Description Keywords:  Cloak | Rose Clasp | Embroidery Patterns 

Crafted for the Heartbringer by Cordir, with the assistance of DarkClaw.

the light of a reclaimed soul

Worn: <used as light>     (Powerful magic) (Glowing) the light of a reclaimed soul
Long Description A glowing bit of light wavers here, holding all the colors of a desert opal. 

Look Soul:
When the winged God of the desert Tribes, an Immortal she still feared and did 
not worship, was broken and dying, Samiyah willingly offered up a piece of her 
soul to help him live, despite of his past cruelties to her.  It was the right
thing - the good thing - to do. Her gift restored him.  Over time, he won over
the bard, gaining her trust, faith and loyalty, and her vow of worship when he
regained his prior place among the gods. For a long time, she was his pride, a
bright star amongst his Fallen Angels. But a day came when their paths were no
longer one: a choice made between honor and obedience. The bright spark that a 
desert girl had given to sustain a God was cruelly cast upon the floor, kicked
away as trash and named worthless. Despite the ill-treatment, here it steadily
glows, reclaimed.  It determinedly shines a light on all around it, a reminder 
to her that a message she gave to another -- that hope and joy last as long as 
they are given the chance to - is just as true for herself, as well. That what
has been discarded by one, is still treasured by another. And that despite all
that has been, and all that is, only she can choose what she will be.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

07/27/2000: Ghazkull petitions to leave the Arcanes, posting the following board note: "It is with great sadness that I must request my release from the following. Since Joining you, I have been mercilessly hunted and killed by Bruce on Numerous occasions and it pains me to say it but once strong faith has failed me. It is with a heavy heart that I do this but I feel that it is needed to further my enjoyment of this already excellent MUD. If Torchbearer can see fit to grant me my release, then any punishment he deems necessary will be graciously accepted. Farewell Arcanes, and thank you for your help and support throughout my time here with you." Shortly after that, Ghazkull joins the Dreamwalkers.

03/22/2001: Ghazkull and Evelyne are wed.

06/05/2001: Ghazkull completes mobmastery 5 by slaying a goblin guard.

06/20/2001: Evelyne makes an appearance in the realm, wanting to say hello to Ghazkull.

10/05/2001: Ghazkull is named Heartbringer by Tamar.

07/17/2002: Ghazull completes 8 location quests and 3 mobmasteries.

08/13/2002: Ghazkull of Fate ascends to Ma:13\Ra:11.

08/16/2002: Ghazkull posts a note about Roleplaying.

08/18/2002: Ghazkull posts a note about his website.

08/25/2002: Ghazkull of Fate reaches 14 Mage today, learns portal, and casts it for the first time (bad portal, of course, winding up soggy in Loch Raven).

12/11/2002: Ghazkull ascends to Ma:15\Ra:11.

12/13/2002: Ghazkull ascends to Ra:12\Ma:15.

09/03/2012: Ghazkull returns to the realm again, after purging and starts to regain lost levels.

04/13/2013: Ghazkull receives a release from the Lost.

04/15/2013: Ghazkull joins Wisdom.

10/16/2013: Ghazkull becomes blood-bonded to Samiyah

10/18/2014: Ghazkull reaches Effective Level 30! [Ra:21 Ma:23]

06/05/2015: Ghazkull reaches Effective Level 40!

06/26/2015: Ghazkull reaches LEVEL 50!!!

07/03/2015: Ghazkull acknowledges his understanding and acceptance of tasks in the name of the Weaver, Wyrm, and Wyld: Triat Mastery

07/04/2015: Ghazkull begins his quest, giving up his rose into Shilea's keeping, and his Bonded's soul-spark into Cordir's hands.

800 Years Old...

08/02/2015: Congratulations on having the top veneration score! You have been awarded the Platinum Veneration Star!