Khorlan's Quest

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(This quest was written by Tranquility. It was not completed)

You value equipment above all else, besides your companions within the Chosen. The Wyld therefore demands that you sacrifice the greatest item in your inventory at the onset of your quest. (With the exclusion of the item to be restrung.)

You will find it difficult to not immediately replace the sacrificed piece of equipment. The Wyrm therefore demands that you do not do so for a period of 3 weeks, or until you are able to attain another ascension in your mage class, whichever comes first.

You believe your writing is not the equal of some. The Weaver therefore demands that you disprove this to yourself, by and with your own words, crafting what is to be known among us as "The Alchemist's Guide". Submitted to Cordir, for posting to our list for general knowledge.

Tell us, with your apothecary knowledge, what each class should carry. Potions, ungents, salves, and ingestible items. Each class has its own weaknesses and strengths, so you must craft a guide usable by all, containing the information for each individual class. Reveal locations if you know them (and if you are not bound by an oath to not do so). Also tell us which potions that are best used to prevent/avoid death (by pk specifically, as mob deaths-well-they happen).

These 3 completed, you will have earned your restring.

I would say I wish you well, but I have no doubt that you will succeed. Therefore, I look forward to seeing you in your new belt.


(worn about waist) (moderate magic) The golden Apothecary belt
Created For Khorlan by Tranquility Rose

Long Desc: Adorned with shimmering vials, a golden belt lies here.

look apothecary:
Suspended from the belt, by delicate golden chains, shimmer a multitude of vials. Among them, three pulse with exceptional brilliance, one of Blood Red, one of Orange, and one of Purple.

look red:
The Wyld races through your veins as you stand over the body of a slain friend. The blood pools beneath the body, before it seems to cover your eyes with a veil of the same color. You know anger.

look orange:
The Wyrm seeks its path. You follow the tracks, the hunt begins. You lay in wait, observing, your prey does not even sense you. You then turn, and walk away. You know the excitement of the hunt, and the thrill of changed purpose.

look purple:
The Weaver enfolds you as you are surrounded by those who love you. You find yourself at rest in a place you call home. You know peace.