The Tale of the Itchy Aura

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The Story of Syla's Aura:
The Storytelling Amphitheater
September 3, 2001.

Syla says, 'Alright alright, let me tell you this story. One night, my army of Mischief was out on a long trip elsewhere. I hadn't seen any of My followers in quite awhile, and I was getting anxious. So, I began to look for a place to stir up some Mischief. This was from a long time ago. :) So, I wandered about the temples. Anyway, I wandered into Lorna's temple, and it was so so BLUE. I had at my assistance some older mortals like Szordrin and Jahiliya and I decided that because Lorna's temple was SO blue, that it needed a little bit of flashy red in it. Being at a loss for some decent paint in this realm.. I used the next best thing. My aura. :) So we stretched my aura out throughout the entire temple. It was looking quite nice actually. The blue was fading out, and there was a lovely red aura glow to the temple. Quite an improvement - it probably would have been in the Midgaard's Better Homes Magazine. However, one small problem occurred... At some point, an aura can only be stretched so far, before it well, explodes. And let me tell you - it was a huge holy mess. Szordrin and Jahiliya were pulling bits of broken red aura out of their hair for weeks to come. The temple was a huge distaster, My aura was broken, and Lorna was not too pleased.'

Syla blushes.

Syla says, 'Well, my broken aura was not very attractive to say the least. So I next had my darling followers search the realm for anything sticky to glue my aura pieces back together. Luckily, the other mortals were nice enough to pick up as many pieces as possible, but it was a hopeless mess. Well, after it exploded, there were bits of aura everywhere. It was really quite impressive. So, after exhausting all possibilities for attempting to fix the aura. I called upon our great Implementor Tynian for some help.'
Syla blushes.

Syla says, 'Tynian at that time was quite delighted in the predicament that I'd managed to get myself into. So I begged and flirted for a new shiny red aura.'.

Syla winks suggestively.

Syla says, 'For the most part, Syla has been successful in flirting for various things she would like. This however, was a much bigger challenge. So, of course Tynian lectured me about why I had been so careless with my aura. 'Do you think red auras grow on trees?' he questioned me.'

Syla blushes.

Syla says, 'I was at a loss for words, which truly doesn't happen too often.'.

Syla winks suggestively.

Syla says, 'So, finally, he reluctantly decided to help me find a new aura. Only, the problem was, there weren't any red auras left in my size in his Implementor closet. And as a side note - I have GOT to get one of those closets..'.

Syla whistles appreciatively and says, 'Very nice.'.

Syla says, 'So the only aura that he did have, which was spare - was a BLUE aura.'.

Syla shudders from the sheer thought of it.

Syla says, 'Now you have to understand, as much as I fear ducks, I was not happy with the whole blue aura thing. I realize Tynian was being helpful, and I'd gotten myself into a holy mess, but YES, I wore a blue aura for awhile. Until I broke out in hives. Those things as SO itchy. And really uncomfortable. Truly, I don't know how mortals can stand those blue auras. Red auras are much roomier and silky smooth.'.

Syla purrs contentedly.

Syla says, 'I was miserable in a blue aura. All the other immortals were making fun of me. :('.

Syla sniffs sadly.

Syla says, 'It was a trying time for me. So, Tynian saw how miserable I was. And struck a deal with me for the last red aura he had hanging in the spare aura closet. Only, it was a size 71.'

Syla frowns and says, 'And I was a size 72. Hmm. So, it was either drop to level 71 and stay with a red aura, or keep the itchy blue aura. So, you can probably guess which choice I made.' Syla grins evilly. 'So, I became a size 71 (ie, demigoddess) for ahile. Until eventually a new red aura was crafted especially for me.' (Editor's Note: There was also a quest to kill a very large number of unique red-aura'd mobs and mobs with red in the name.)

Noctus says (in common), 'You should have taken both. You would look good in purple.'

Syla says, 'Well, in that day, there were two choices. There wasn't any of this fence sitting aura colour mixes when I was younger. You chose to be blue, red or nothing at all. And we had to walk uphill in the snow, both ways to mud school. All year round.' Syla snickers softly.

Syla smiles happily and says, 'So, now you can see my lovely red aura. It still has several pieces from the old one they were able to salvage.'.

Syla struts to herself, lost in her own world.

Syla says, 'And now of course, I am much more careful in the care of my aura. Oh, and just so you know, don't bring it to get dry-cleaned either.. But that's a whole 'nother story. So, what started off as a simple ploy to stir up some Mischief really came back and got me in the end. That's okay. It was worth it just for a glimpse into the Implementor's closet.'.