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Notes: I was searching my files for Bardic Circle logs, and this one popped up. I thought it was an interesting viewpoint on the use of diplomacy and tact. In it, Ananasi truly shows why she was named Taoiseach (a council member of the Chosen of Fate) for her wisdom and reason. The log starts from my point of view, and moves to Ananasi’s. – Cordir

Primary folks in the log: Schwartz, Ananasi, Valas.

Log is on: 5-24-2003-9-58-am

Abe ftells, 'valas prolly about to join hunt'.

> who valas
1 player.
Elf [ Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Valas, Monokian Sentinel of the WarDancers

### [Seraph tells Valas (in common), 'u should come see about sin']
### [Seraph tells Valas (in common), 'man I seen u play I'm not stupid']

Lexie cants, '[Valas tells Seraph (in elven), 'whoever said I'm a good player?'.
Lexie cants, 'I don't know...'.
Lexie cants, 'wasn't me!'.

### [Valas tells Seraph (in elven), 'naw, it goes fast']

Schwartz ftells, 'ok valas just summoned me'.

Abe ftells, '?'.

Schwartz ftells, 'one sec'.

Schwartz ftells, 'valas just tried to mobkill me i think'.

Abe ftells, 'what room?'.

Pitt ftells, 'where did he summon you to?'.

Cordir ftells, 'how so?'.

Schwartz ftells, 'summoned me into mg hq'.
Schwartz ftells, 'was locked and he was invis'.

Kaldred ftells, 'Really really'.
Kaldred ftells, 'Let him do it again'.
Kaldred ftells, 'I'm coming'.

Schwartz ftells, 'then when nothing happened he sniffed and left'.

Pitt ftells, 'more likely he just wanted the mob to keep you busy while he got over summon lag'.

Schwartz ftells, 'oh he wasnt invis he was sancted'.
Schwartz ftells, 'and the door was locked'.

Schwartz says (in common), 'sigh'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Schwartz says (in common), 'this valas thing'.
Schwartz grumbles.

Cordir ftells, 'Ananasi, would you be willing to diplomatically discuss with Valas what he's doing summoning my followers?'.

Ananasi ftells, 'oh i was gonna help peek solaron...then sure'.

Kaldred ftells, 'hehe'.
Kaldred ftells, 'come on in Ana!'.

Valas arrives from above.
Valas leaves east.

Garland ftells, 'Hehe, everyone just runs in and starts looking at him'.

Ananasi ftells, 'i'm here, say when'.

Kaldred ftells, 'lol'.

(Log from Ananasi:)

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
Ananasi was last here, traveling north.
(White Aura) Abe is here.
(Invis 72) (Intense Light Cyan Aura) [GS] Cordir is here.
Valas is here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

Abe leaves up.

You smile happily.

Valas utters the words, 'cure critical'.
Valas utters the words, 'judicandus qfuhuqar'.
Valas smiles happily.
Valas smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'Evening, Calas'.
You say (in common), 'er'.
You say (in common), 'Valas, even'.

Uriel arrives from the north.
Uriel softly nuzzles Valas's neck.
Uriel leaves north.

Valas snickers softly.

Pitt arrives from the north.
Pitt leaves up.

Schwartz arrives from above.

% l
The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
This hallway must have been built by giants! It is huge! Then
again, there are more than a few giants that belong to The Guild, so
it may just be so. A stairway leads up to another hallway above.
There are lots of indistinct tracks that seem to lead nowhere.
Schwartz is here.
(Invis 72) (Intense Light Cyan Aura) [GS] Cordir is here.
Valas is here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

Valas says (in elven), 'Evening, Ananasi'.

You ftell, 'schwartz, take off a sec, i need to talk to valas without you in room i think'.

Schwartz says (in common), 'so what's up?'.

Vex arrives from above.

Uriel arrives from the north.
Uriel rests.

Vex looks at Valas.

Valas says (in elven), 'not much'.

Vex leaves up.

Cordir ftells, 'Schwartz, step out of the room for a few?'.

You ftell, 'Schwartz. Out.'.

Reggie arrives from above.

Valas cuddles Uriel.

You throw a snowball in Schwartz's face.

Schwartz ftells, 'yes ma'am'.

Schwartz leaves up.

You ftell, '*grin*'.

Schwartz ftells, 'grumble'.

Pitt ftells, 'want some company going to jill, Schwartz?'.

Schwartz ftells, 'sure pitt'.

Abe ftells, 'I can take him'.

Kaldred ftells, 'Man people must think Schwartz's mom is nasty'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Could I get your perspective on what's up with Schwartz? He was a little concerned to get unexpectedly summoned'.

Abe ftells, 'unless you want to pitt'.

Kaldred ftells, '"Schwartz! Zip it!"'.

Schwartz ftells, 'snicker'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I was hoping to pk him and anger your imm'.

You pray, 'you snooping?'.

Cordir [GS] tells you, 'am indeed.'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'but the range thing stopped the whole attack lol'.

Cordir ftells, 'please relay that repsonse on Ftell, Ananasi'.

Ananasi ftells, 'Let me talk to him a minute first'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*grin* Well, I think it would have been a very effective way to do that if it'd worked :>'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'naw, he was sanced'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Is there an issue between you and the Lady, or is it something with the following?'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'heh, it's me and her ;)'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'All right. Granted that killing, or attempting to kill, her followers is a pretty good way to get to her. :>'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'but is there another way to resolve your issue with her?'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'naw, our arguments get pretty heated and annoying as it is'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I'm tired of those'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'But this way you drag a number of other people into it. Then we have yet one more person we're supposed to remember to be ticked off at. :>'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'heh, you guys don't like me anyway, nor would I expect you to'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'I don't want to know what your arguments with her are about. It's none of my business. But please don't use us to get to her.'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Well, I can't speak for the others. I frankly just hardly know you :> so I don't have any particular reason to dislike you'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'well I'm sure if you'd listened to Cordir's side of the story you'd be with her, a teller has the opportunity to change what they see fit ya know'.

Cordir [GS] tells you, '*grin* that's the whole point. I *havent* dragged Fate into it.'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*nod* Probably true. Cordir and I have been friends for a long time, and sure, if I asked her to tell me her side of the story'.

You tell Cordir (in common), 'nod'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'then I would be more likely to take her side, because I know her and care about her'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'but I haven't asked her and don't intend to'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'nor has she ever brought it up, or asked any of us to take her side in whatever the matter is'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I never expected her to start conversations with "ya know who I really hate on TFC...?"'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'My point is, two of my friends, or one friend and one person I have no reason to be angry with, can have a disagreement and I don't have to get ticked'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'I _have_ heard her, ah, ...express opinions...about things and people here :>'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'heh, I think we all have ;)'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*grin* And we all know that when she is angry, she is not diplomatic. But none of that means she would be right to drag us into an argument with you'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'or that we appreciate it when you try to use us in an argument with her'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'well it's not just that, I don't like how she uses her following, I don't mean use in the bad sense, I mean how she runs it'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'they way you guys "RP", which I use the term loosely, I find annoying to no end'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'If you liked it, you'd try to be in it :>'.

Valas grins wickedly at you.

You grin mischievously.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Well, ya know, there are people whose RP style I like, and people I think are amazingly, stupidly overblown, and people I think couldn't RP to save th'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'their butts'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'The ones I don't like, I don't hang out with'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*shrug* And that's that.'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'ya, but that means you like Cordir's, I'm sorry but Bardic Circles, they just plain sicken me'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Often I enjoy Fate RP, when I participate which isn't all the time. Some of Oook's songs I think are damn funny. That doesn't mean I like every momen'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'every moment of what goes on'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I never chilled wit Oook, you're the first Fate I've had a convo with in quite some time'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'But you don't have to like "the Fate style of RP" or "the Cordir style" or whatever, any more than I have to like PKing'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*snicker* Sometime when you're feeling like subjecting yourself to a new experience, ask Oook to sing you his ogre love song'.

Schwartz ftells, 'ok so anything come from the discussion with valas?'.

You ftell, 'The discussion is still going on'.

Schwartz ftells, 'k'.

You ftell, 'I think we might get somewhere. Possibly.'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'What style of RP works for you?'.

You pray, '*chuckle* I feel so like I'm playing Nyx's role here... (makes me miss him! sigh)'.

Cordir [GS] tells you, '*smile* *nod*'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'just to a minor extent, like having a unique title and following your alignment basically'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*nod* Fair enough'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'you don't have to talk like a dork from renaissance y'know?'.

You cackle gleefully at Valas.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Nay, prithee, fair sir, an thou talk'st not thusly, art not a true role-player, sirrah!'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I'm afraid this conversation must end if you do that again'.
Valas snickers with you about your shared secret.

You tell Valas (in common), '*cackle* Yes, and it'll end because I slit my own throat :>'.

Valas throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

You are Ananasi Aleitros of Fate
533 years old (1042 hours), created Wed Apr 28 99 18:35:46.
(Marisae the 12th, The Shallow Graves, year 2346, 11pm.)
You live in Cillidellia and your race is Elf.
You are a level 29 Thief, level 29 Mage, level 28 Ranger.
You worship Cordir, who appears to be ONLINE
You have 505/505 hit, 324/324 mana, 738/738 movement, 109 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 36/39 items with weight 407/500 kg.
Str: MAX. Int: MAX. Wis: MAX. Dex: MAX. Con: MAX. Chr: MAX. Luc: AVG.
In increasing order: LOW BAVG AVG AAVG HIGH MAX.
MAX stats and luck are untrainable.
You are very lucky!
You have scored 394273 exp (1374854 total), and have 109703 gold coins.
You need 18269 exp for level 30.
Autoexit: yes. Autogold: yes. Autoloot: no. Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 100 hit points.
You are standing.
You are somewhat armored.
You are Lawful Neutral.
You are a pacifist.
The linkdead combat command is set to:
<quaff 2.recall>.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'detect invis'.
Spell: 'invis'.
Spell: 'shield'.

% c 'detect magic'
Your eyes tingle.

Someone squeezes Valas fondly.

Valas snickers with someone about their shared secret.

Someone pinches Valas's arm.
Someone scolds Valas.

Someone says, 'I sowwy'.
Someone pouts.

Someone hugs Valas.

Valas sits down and thinks deeply.

Valas says (in elven), 'grope is gone'.
Valas sighs loudly.

Someone laughs.
Someone says, 'It's been gone awhile'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Short version is, a number of us are perfectly willing to be friends or friendly acquaintances or at worst...gasp...neutral!'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'so don't make your argument with Her into one with all of us :>'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Frankly, I'd prefer the friends version'.

Valas says (in elven), 'so have I'.
Valas grins wickedly at someone.

Someone smiles happily.
Someone nods.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'what if I don't try and pk you?'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'I think a lot of us have become too withdrawn and mistrustful'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'That would be an excellent start :P'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'done'.

Valas grins wickedly.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Great.'.

Cordir [GS] tells you, 'does he mean you specifically or you collectively?'.

You tell Cordir (in common), 'I will check, hold your horses :>'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'If it would be...politically difficult :> for you to post a note to all saying you won't attack Fate, then you need not'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'But if you will give me your word, I will relay that to the Lady and the following'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'whoa, wait, I meant you as in Ananasi'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Ah, sorry, misunderstood'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'hehe it's all good'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Well, that's cool for you and me'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'But I didn't start talking to you just to save my own skin :>'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'I got little ones to look after *grin*'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'heh, I know, I doubt I could pk you if I wanted'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*grin* I have years of experience not getting pk'd'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'unless I used tricks, but I never agreed with that shit'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'Alex-style pk I mean'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*nod* I'm not fond of the pk game myself, but I don't mind people trying when they try honorably or fairly'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'trying to take unfair advantage ticks me off :>'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'ya'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Are you willing not to attack other Fate as well? If you are, there's no argument between the following and you'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'depends which ones'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I like Noctus and Nyx'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'And you and Cordir can hissyfit at each other or ignore each other as you like *grin*'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'Trakker's cool'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*grin* We agree there'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'hrm, who else'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'Kethran'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'he's chill'.

You tell Cordir (in common), 'well, this isn't _enough_ progress, but it's at least progress'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I can't think of others though'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'Abe I wouldn't but he's such a Coven supporter which I hate'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Well, they are our allies, and we're oathbound to support them - within the limits of more overriding oaths, of course'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I know, but I hate that following to no end, and I dis-like what they're allowed to get away with 'cause of their friends or whatever'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'not that I would dare accuse, nor have I ever in the past *shifts his eyes*'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*eyebrow* *grin* Uhhuh.'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'you got msn?'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Does it aid your dislike of Coven if you attack Abe, though? They're not going to change their behavior at all because of what you do or don't do to '.

You tell Valas (in common), 'icq only'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'to him'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'Abe helps Coven fight goods, screw him'.

You tell Cordir (in common), 'could you repost your board note about how much aid we are allowed to give allies, participating in pks etc'.

You tell Cordir (in common), 'i think i need to be able to quote things at valas'.

Cordir ftells, 'Ana... would it help, in your estimation, if I told him I don't hold anything negative towards him?'.

You ftell, 'Mmmmm...I will tell him you've said so if a useful point comes up'.

Cordir ftells, 'Okay.'.

Schwartz ftells, 'ok now i'm interested to know how it works out'.

[ 17] Cordir: Policy On Pk / Spellups / Etc.

Sat May 24 21:28:50 2003
To followers of: Cordir

Quoting from an email I have sent to the topica list at least 3 times:

"Unless we are dealing specifically with an ANATHEMA... Chosen should
NOT get involved in combat. If a friend in Dark says they're gonna go
whack a Telite and they want spells, tell them "I'm sorry, but we are
allies with you both. Per my Goddess's direct command I must stay NEUTRAL."
Blame me if you like, I don't mind. If a combat between a FoLK you like
and a Coven you Do Not like occurs, don't get involved. Don't spell
folks up, don't grab weapons, STAY NEUTRAL. That's our alignment, and we
need to stick to it."

IN case this isn't clear:
If someone asks you for spells, ALLY or NOT: ask if it's for a PK.
If they are hunting other players, ALLY OR NOT, the answer is NO.
(The SOLE exception is if the target is an ANATHEMA. Then, you're OK.)

IF they tell you it’s a spar, LOG IT with a TIME STAMP. And watch the
fight if you can. If they lied, tell me and the other Chosen.

If this is in any way unclear, tell me.
I'm holding the following to this policy. Break it, and I will break you.

Addition: This includes things like giving potions, grabbing weapons,
stealing potions, etc. If you have to ask yourself if I would want to
see a log of you doing whatever it is you are about to do..
... don't do it.


You tell Valas (in common), 'If Abe was helping Coven against another Ally of ours, good or not, then speak to the Lady about it. That is against Her rules'.

Ananasi tells you (in common), 'what about abe fighting with coven against a nonally? that is up to him? your note doesn't address that'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'she knew, it was against someone she didn't like though ;)'.

Ananasi tells you (in common), 'and i need to be careful how i talk about the situation to valas since i don't know anything abou it :>'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'and he's someone she does like, that counts too y'know'.

You [GS] tell Ananasi, 'The situation was someone who attacked Abe's group, from what I understand. He was grouped with Coven.'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*grin* Yeah, like we said at the beginning, we more easily side with people we know and like'.

You tell Cordir (in common), 'ok'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'the Lady gives us some options. If we're grouped with an ally and a non-ally attacks the group, we have the option to stay and fight'.

You tell Valas (in common), '_my_ choice would be to stay out of it'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I know, it's not an option though, it's more of an excuse'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'at least that's what I think anyway'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'but who am I'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'Do you mean in that particular case or in general?'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'in general'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'You're a player with your own experiences who's got a right to an opinion :>'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'It's true that those of us who don't like the pk part of the game choose the option of staying out of fights even when an ally group is attacked'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'right'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'and those who do give chase and don't let up'.

You tell Valas (in common), 'and the more...belligerent of us choose the option of staying in'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'I'ma go seepies, my nap didn't take earlier today'.

Valas tells you (in elven), 'lata'.

You tell Valas (in common), '*nod* Later. Have a good evening'.

Valas has left the game.

Schwartz ftells, 'so what did valas have to say?'.

Ananasi ftells, 'Writing a board note about Valas now...gimme a few and I 'll post it'.

Schwartz ftells, 'k thanks'.

Schwartz ftells, 'Lady i'd like to offer you a pair of ac3 3int sleeves'.

Ananasi ftells, 'you have to take em, Lady, or he'll feel utterly pointless - every other random he's given me has sucked :>'.

Schwartz ftells, 'beyond sucked, actually'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Hehe'.

[ 13] Ananasi: Valas

Sat May 24 21:54:26 2003
To followers of: Cordir
This evening Valas summoned Schwartz with the intent of trying to pk him. He didn't succeed since Schwartz was out of his range. I have spent some time talking to Valas, and _may_ be able to get him to agree not to attack Fate in the future - the conversation is going well, mostly, but he had to leave with several issues unresolved. I would ask that all of you treat him with courtesy. Don't trust him yet - so far there are only a few specific people he has agreed not to attack - but work with me on this. :> The Lady's Shadow has set an example for us before of using patient diplomacy to turn potential enemies into friends or at least to get them to stand down. I think the potential is there for the same with Valas, if we treat him as we'd like him to treat us.

Ananasi, apparently Fate's new diplomat :>