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Caradoc (I)
The Eldest Evil
Prime Evil
Status Retired
Retired 1998
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard*
Classes Thief
Last Seen February 10, 2012
Immorted Prior to 1995
Following Following: Caradoc

Mud Contributions:

Caradoc's Immortal Profile/Bio:

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

While he is no longer the most powerful of the gods, Caradoc is the oldest. He became an immortal when the world was young, and remains the oldest of the surviving gods (aside from the Imps, and it seems he's even outlasted one of them).

No mortal has yet determined exactly how Caradoc can appear and disappear so quickly and unnoticeably while he's wearing that great kilt. So much red and yellow should be easily visible, should it not?

As far as the gods go, Caradoc has very few rules:

  • Do whatever Caradoc tells you to do.
  • See Rule One.

Thieves could do worse than to worship this god of shadows, since he was a thief and nothing but during his mortal career.

Of late, Caradoc has been spending much time with his projects on other planes, so you might feel the need to contact him off of the MUD.

Current Description:

Are you sure you want to look? Mortals have died for less...
Caradoc is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Caradoc is in perfect health.

Caradoc is using:
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) a plaid kilt
<worn with pride> (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood

You peek at the inventory:
a newspaper
a packet of beer nuts
a solid green kilt
a sporran

Character History:


  • Caradoc lived in Midgaard because that was the only racial city at the time.
  • Caradoc was the first Thief to immort. For that, he is in the Category:Firsts.

Personal Timeline:

February 2012: The Eldest Evil visits TFC!!
As of 2001-03-04, Caradoc : flicker of Beer Nuts, the Half-Elf level 71 Demigod had played for 1164 hours
As of 1998-12-23, Caradoc the Eldest Evil, the Half-Elf level 71 Demigod had played for 1149 hours
As of 1996-11-11, Caradoc the Eldest Evil, the Half-Elf level 71 Demigod had played for 1137 hours

Player Information: