Huey Fails Mastery

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[ 55] Thaygar: Huey: Mastery Failed
Mon Apr 15 17:35:35 1996
To: all

The Triat sing the call to power, the pull of higher deeds.
Huey rose to Last Ascension, yet felt still greater needs.
Down and low, he asked the Three, 'A Master may I be?'
Triat nodded and replied: Complete the Quest of Three

Weaver: Give us Sacrifice, at costs too great to ask.
Wyrm: Offer Tribute, the Lore to be thy Task
Wyld: Do Tribulation and so earn the Master's Mask

Weaver: You may not slay others until this Quest be done.
Wyrm: Tell us of the Chthoni lore, of lands devoid of sun.
Wyld: Bring us Skulls and Treaties, and thus your prize be won.

Huey hunted cross the land, the Skulls did he acquire.
In meeting twix both he and Szordrin did Treaty then transpire.
He searched and fought and learned the Lore, his task nearly complete.
But before Quest's end did he attack ... failure most replete

The Triat now rebuke thee, Huey, Three to the Threefold wroth
Weaver sends you flames of faerie, the Web of Gol-Goroth
Wyrm now speaks the Curse of Urat to thus weaken your attack

Wyld prepares the spirit rift, your soul with it to wrack
Each shall speak these unto thee, three to power three.
When all are cast the Three desist, and let your spirit be.
Until then know Their great displeasure, and die most frequently.

(Notes: When one who had accepted Triat Mastery from Thaygar's hand failed in their quest, they were actively punished for their failure. Thaygar cast the following spells on Huey: Faerie Fire, Curse, and Rift. Each spell was cast separately, and each was cast nine different times, at a moment in which they would do Huey the most harm.)