Pol's Tale - Part 2

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"Godzilla," I chuckled, blowing a perfect ring into the air. "There was a man dedicated to his work. You would know this better than anyone Keller, but a man who dedicates himself to the fighting arts must be, by definition, simple."

Keller frowned at that. Oops, I thought. Better give him credit for picking-up on a backhanded insult on occasion. He's smarter than he looks.

"What I mean is," I said quickly, "is that there is a certain purity associated with a warrior. A lack of complications."

And, despite almost being the grumpiest person I had ever met (coming in a close third behind Slash and Madman), Godzilla was a man of few complications. Of course, I use the term "man" only in the sense of gender. In truth, Godzilla was Giant-kin, an enormous person more than twice my slight height. In his own graceful way, he danced with death virtually every day of his life.

Now, I start my tale with Godzilla for one primary reason: he might come back from the Vortex and smash me like a grape.

Many of the people I associated with during that era have a great deal of historical significance. Jaxxon, Sinclair, Madman, Slash, Jander. Names that will live forever (for better or worse) in the land for all eternity. But Godzilla made an impact on me early in my life. And since it's my story, I'm going to tell it as I wish. So nyaaah.

I never knew of Godzilla's past. I don't think anyone did. He was just fearsome, capable of inflicting great hurts, and equally capable of taking them...with a smile.

Keller grinned with anticipation as I spun my tale. I could almost hear his bloodthirsty, albeit exceptionally pure, imagination filling in the details.

At the time Godzilla was in his full power, there were far fewer factions than exist today. In fact, association between people with opposite ethical bends was common (though frowned upon by the powers that be). Saying this, no story of Godzilla would be complete without mentioning Starfire, my mentor of sorts, and Jareth.

Starfire was easily the greatest mage to walk the world of TFC, until I, and eventually Nayr, and later Sirak and Pyros, rose to power. Despite being a dedicated follower of Madman, his heart was far purer than many I know today. I think this led him, eventually, to his demise. I'll speak more of him later.

And then there was Jareth, a man of many skills. Before modern times, when men chose to follow as many different professions as they had inclination to, Jareth led the way. Being the first at something, however, has its pitfalls. As a warrior and cleric, he had few equals, but I think when he chose to follow the life of a thief, this conflicted with his priestly side. He never rose to great power, but the Goblin King shall be remembered if not by anyone save me.

These men were the prominent figures of my youth, and greatly contributed to my drinking problem.

"Drinking problem?" said Keller.

"Well," I said. "One has to do something to pass away the long hours while waiting for the strength to wield magic. Especially after a hard day at the shop."

"What shop?" replied Keller.

"Keller, why do you keep repeating everything I say as a question?" I asked, barely able to speak.

"I was repeating everything you said as a question?"

I groaned...then, thankfully, passed out.

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