The Trial of Alive

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(This log was submitted by Daelin, and is from his point of view: Date unknown.)

MADMAN ECHOS:: i appoint Daelin the as the Prosecution in TFC versus Alive

You gossip (in common) 'yay'.

Morgoth gossips (in common) '*CACKLE*'.

Hornblower gossips (in common) '*cheer*'.

Valdrian tells you (in common) 'Right on! Fight fo' da cheez!'.

You gossip (in common) 'i'll win your case in 30 minutes or the pizza is free'.


Morgoth gossips (in common) '*CACKLE*'.

You gossip (in common) 'wait til i rescue this newbie first tho'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: Alive need someone to the Defense Attorney.

Kim gossips 'dangerous words there Daelin'.

Vecna tells you (in common) 'I'm here'.

Ashley gossips (in common) 'mee!'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I will'.

Viernus gossips (in common) '<laugh>'.

You tell Vecna (in common) 'im comin :>'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: who is brave enough to do it

Ashley gossips (in common) 'Me! I want to be the attorney!'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Me!'.

Someone tells you (in common) 'It is a south exit'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I deserve a good defense'.

You tell someone (in common) 'nod'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: Alive wants to defend hiself???

Someone gossips (in common) 'As a point in our "let's make the guild a friendly place" about a general "no festering in guild" rule?'.

Ashley gossips (in common) 'No, you can't be your OWN attorney, that's no FUN!'.

Hornblower gossips (in common) 'you can't defend your self, you get killed to much'.

Kim gossips 'dagerous Alive'.

Someone shouts (in common) 'can someone make me a bag of one of his corpses please'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'and no one likes me enough to defend me well'.

Ashley gossips (in common) 'I want to do it!'.

Ashley gossips (in common) 'Pllleeeeasse MM?'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: can alive defend himself, or no

Paetharan gossips (in common) 'that just ruined yer case'.

Ashley gossips (in common) 'NO~'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'I would like to, MM'.

You gossip (in common) 'a lawyer defending himself has a fool for a client...or as a general rule of thumb if any lwyer has alive for a client they are a fool'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'it's only fair'.

Ashley gossips (in common) 'NO hey CAN'T!'.

Someone gossips (in common) 'Alive needs Jimmy cochran or something...'.

Nameless gossips (in common) 'according to law, yes, He can'.

Paetharan gossips (in common) 'Alive gossips (in common) 'and no one likes me enough to defend me well.

MADMAN ECHOS:: alright alrght

Ashley gossips (in common) 'Nameless, Shh!#&^#$@'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'thank you'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: Alive can defend himself

Someone gossips (in common) 'i think hell have to his pretty much alone'.

Alive gossips (in common) '*cheer*'.

Ashley gossips (in common) 'Oh man. Hmph.'.

Someone tells you (in common) 'I have a summon scroll'.

Furious gossips (in common) 'Off with his head.'.

Hornblower gossips (in common) 'not very ewell'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: Ok, the court is now in order

You tell Vecna (in common) 'nod'.

Viernus gossips (in common) 'OFF WITH HIS HEAD! Oh..'.

Rendar gossips (in common) 'give alive a chance'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: Daelin, make your case

Tiki gossips (in common) 'delete him'.

You gossip (in common) 'shucks...we don't get some special room? :>'.

Viernus gossips (in common) 'on'.

Ashley gossips (in common) 'Nice case.'.

Basil gossips (in common) 'someone silenced the guild, did mm write a note?'.

Ashley gossips (in common) '<grin>'.

Hornblower gossips (in common) 'no do the case over gosiip for all the public to hear'.

Faille gossips (in common) 'Guilty.I am the jury.:)'.

You gossip (in common) 'ok people..for this to have the full effect you gotta pretend i have the accent of the blue haired lawyer on the simpsons tho'.

Hornblower gossips (in common) 'i love that guy :)'.

Basil gossips (in common) 'heh'.

Velkrow gossips (in common) 'lionel hutch, attorney at law'.

You gossip (in common) 'Mr Alive, can you please tell the court what level you currently are...'.

Raz gossips (in common) 'How do I turn gossip Off?'.

Alive gossips (in common) '11'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'chan -gossip'.

Nameless gossips (in common) 'chan -gossip Raz'.

You gossip (in common) 'And just HOW many months have you been this level?'.

Viernus auctions (in common) 'Looking for 1 str jewelry items. Desperate'.

Alive gossips (in common) '2'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'maybe 3'.

Someone has transferred you.

The Chambers of the Inquisition
[Exits: none]
Black curtains cover the walls behind the long raised credenza where
sit the judges of the tribunal. A single chair sits before them for
the accused, benches behind it for witnesses called to the proceedings.
In one corner is a rack, in another are some stocks and a brazier holding
red hot irons. A small banner hangs to the left of the credenza, and
after reading it, your soul is chilled and you swear to yourself that
honesty is the best policy, at least in this room.
(Red Aura) (White Aura) The executioner's henchman waits to impose the next sentence.

Alive gossips (in common) '3 at most'.
Alive arrives from a puff of smoke.

Foolkiller arrives from a puff of smoke.

Someone says 'do it in gossips'.

Nameless gossips (in common) 'suggust redirect to how many 'hours' Daelin'.

You gossip (in common) ' seems to me even the most dimwitted of people should be able to pass level 11 in 3 months, wouldn't you agree?'.

The Chambers of the Inquisition
[Exits: none]
Black curtains cover the walls behind the long raised credenza where
sit the judges of the tribunal. A single chair sits before them for
the accused, benches behind it for witnesses called to the proceedings.
In one corner is a rack, in another are some stocks and a brazier holding
red hot irons. A small banner hangs to the left of the credenza, and
after reading it, your soul is chilled and you swear to yourself that
honesty is the best policy, at least in this room.
(KILLER) Alive is resting here.
(Red Aura) (White Aura) The executioner's henchman waits to impose the next sentence.

Alive says (in common) 'woah'.

ColeItis gossips (in common) 'Off with his neck!'.
Trever gossips (in common) 'anyone do id's forwho vernus'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Well, let me explain...'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'I died 6 times at level 11'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'while in Rhina's following'.

You gossip (in common) 'And were these deaths to SLue? Perhaps?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'No'.

Vecna tells you (in common) 'I got him'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'To goblins, kobolds, etc.'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'I was a newbie'.

Someone says 'he died 6 times at level 11 tonight alone'.

You chuckle.
Someone says 'i killed em 4 myself'.

You laugh.

Alive says (in common) 'I'm talking about when I was in Rhina's following. :)'.

Someone says 'continue on gos'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'so, with 22k to level, I lost heart'.

You gossip (in common) 'But surely you could have bypassed those misfortunes in 3 months Mr Alive'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Not with my insufficient skill and disheartened mind,

You gossip (in common) ' say you were in Rhina's following...why aren't you anymore?'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: you know, have the conclave prosecute is somewhat humorous

Alive gossips (in common) 'When I became disheartened...'.

Kern tells you (in common) 'Make sure to ask him about attacking people that are 10 lvls or more higher than himself =)'.

Velkrow gossips (in common) 'true MM :)'.

You tell Kern (in common) 'nodnod'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I needed to take my rage out on the world'.

You gossip (in common) 'And you did this in the form of killing Newbies?'.

Vecna tells you (in common) 'I teleported into the newbie area after the rescue'

Someone scores a point for daelin.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I didn't think that Rhina would... appreciate that reflection on her following.'.

You gossip (in common) 'you yourself claim that at level 11 you were a Newbie..'.
You gossip (in common) 'weren't you?'.

Someone scores a point for daelin.

Jyslin gossips (in common) 'didn't think Rhina would do what, Alive?'.

ColeItis gossips (in common) 'Ack....who cast change sex on me?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Daelin, more than half of all characters that are created are created by people that have previously played this game, I am pretty sure'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Hardly qualifying them as newbies'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'no way'.

You gossip (in common) 'So Mr Alive, you admit your sole purpose in your life is to cause distress to newbies?'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'half os way too many'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Not t newbies, no'.
Alive stands up.
Alive utters the words, 'oculoinfra uizug'.

You gossip (in common) 'But didn't you just say at level 11 you were in fact a newbie?'.

Alive gossips (in common) '*I* was'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'This was my first char'.

Viernus gossips (in common) 'OBJECTION'.

You gossip (in common) 'Do you really think the skilled players of today would die to you on another incarnation?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'A majority of people that create new characters are not new'.

Someone gossips 'move on to another point daelin - your comments on this one are

Faille gossips (in common) 'Character separation! They arte all newbies.'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I do, Daelin'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'I am *sure* of it'.

Onions gossips (in common) 'Inowpronounce you man and wife'.

You gossip (in common) 'Ok have often bragged to killed those known as Cyrano and Doc, correct?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'yes'.

You gossip (in common) 'But Doc is level 30, and Cyranos effective level must be near that too'.

You gossip (in common) 'am i correct?'.

Chad gossips (in common) 'PLEASE! ONLY the members of the court speak.'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I have been notified that it is not with this char that Doc met his death'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Yes, Cyrano was level 26 when I killed him'.

You gossip (in common) 'So you now say you didn't kill Doc?'.

Doc gossips (in common) 'only 2 people have killed me'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I have been notified that it was another char. Please disregard anything I said about him'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Doc, please do not reveal any other chars.'.

You gossip (in common) 'I ask you, the court, how can we trust one who flipflops like this? There is only one possible punishment for this man! He must become the President of'.

You gossip (in common) 'the United States'.

Paetharan gossips (in common) 'HAHAHA'.

Doc gossips (in common) 'tate at level 8 or 9, and borneo at level 16 or 17'.

You gossip (in common) 'wait...we got tubby for that'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'zaphod beeblebrox!'.

Alive gossips (in common) ':)'.

who 20
30 players.
Hum [ Ra:30 Ma:21 ] Basil Zaphod. Hunter
Min [ Wa: 2 Ma:25 ] Empedocles: Nature's NUKE [CLOSED]
Gia [ Wa:20 ] Elvy the giant of Trinity{E}
Hum [ Wa: 4 Ma:15 Th:15 ] Proven Trinity ** E ** and Big Bro o' Corack
Hum [ Ma:26 ] ColeItis utters the words, 'locate beer' <Mirth>
Dwa [ Sh:30 ] Doc Demento, Grand Shaman, will RIFT for food!
Ogr [ DemiGod ] Primal, Arch-Angel of Nash, Lord of the Watchers <Inv30>
Min [ Wa:21 ] Kern, Honorable Guardian of Fire. [Pyros]
Hum [ Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Kaern: PduDLe is semi-IPS'eD off aT the clUeless|2
Hum [ Wa:20 ] Nameless demon of the FellowshIPS {Nash}
Hum [ Ma:23 ] Tiki thinks mages need a spell like sanc
Hel [ Wa:18 Cl:20 ] Jyslin Tsarran, Myronides forever [Nature]
Hum [ Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Strider Elessar. Some people call me a space cowboy.
Hel [ Wa:11 Cl:20 ] Elrond Trinity (E) for eternity
Min [ Wa:14 Ma: 9 Th:10 ] Joey says abcdefghijkl... whatever.
Aar [ Sh:27 ] Velkrow leaves a trail of shattered cloaks|Nature|IPS
Hum [ Retired ] Kim too lazy to go through tabs to get title
Hum [ Wa:30 ] Hans Ironwolf. The Knight of Passion.
Elf [ Ra:14 Ma:18 ] Tripper Tiger Tutor (closed)
Hum [ Th:13 Ra:20 Ma:20 ] Chad is the Purple Heart of VIRTUE
Hum [ Wa: 8 Cl:20 ] Hyperion has a big virtuous hyperdermic.
Elf [ Ra:17 Ma:17 Th:11 ] Fitz the Sorcerer
Hum [ Wa:22 Cl:24 ] Daelin, Priest of the Black Conclave [NASHITE][IPS]
Hum [ Ra: 1 Ma:30 ] Aringar Ironwolf
Hum [ Sh:20 ] Grizzt Stormcrow (TEL)
Hum [ Cl:30 ] Mylo Ironwolf, Tel's Scales of Justice {ScaShi}
Hum [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Hurler- jus a li'l ol Tiger
Elf [ Th:14 Ma:15 Ra:14 ] Trakker seeks shelter against the wind.
Ogr [ Wa: 5 Sh:19 ] Gore Watcher [BOC]
Hum [ Th:12 Wa:15 Ma:30 ] Vecna, Arch-Mage of the Grey Vortex

You gossip (in common) 'What are the names of some of the other characters you have killed that are now high level Alive?'.

Paetharan gossips (in common) 'Maybe a solution is alive to stop Pking, become GOOD and lead a new life!'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Tiki, Cyrano, lemme check my list.'.

Talia gossips (in common) 'hey, im neutral and i dont pk...?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'um, Frostflower'.

You gossip (in common) 'Tiki...Tiki is level 22, correct?'.

Hum [ Ma:23 ] Tiki thinks mages need a spell like sanc

You gossip (in common) 'Whoops, 23'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'nod'.

You gossip (in common) 'What level was Tiki when you killed him?'.
Alive gossips (in common) '12'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'and 9'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'killed him twice'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'then he killed me when he was 14'.

Maxim gossips (in common) 'i have a hard time believing you could kill anyone level 20+ alive. you do accel at lying dont you?'.

Someone scores more points for Daelin.

Alive says (in common) 'more points for him? why?'.

You gossip (in common) 'In your opinion Alive, was Tiki this mans first attempt at a character?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'no'.

ColeItis gossips (in common) 'I think he means "excel"'.

Maxim gossips (in common) 'you have hard enough time killing ppl in your own range'.

You gossip (in common) 'Surely he was, who else but a first char would die twice to a loser like you?'.

Romulus gossips (in common) 'thanks ColeItis'.

Someone says 'you are merely proving that you are not trying to level while others are'.

Someone gossips 'Please - no comments from the audience of the court - or the court will be sequestered - allow the officers to continue'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'many people, Daelin'.

Romulus gossips (in common) 'hey! i've pked Tiki i think'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'the fact that you are all having a hard time realizing...'.

You gossip (in common) 'Since I can't prove anything, I'll move on'.

You gossip (in common) 'Tiki is now level 23, correct?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'is that I have, in fact, developed skill in time. And thus skilled players die to me'.

Chad gossips (in common) 'Would the Judge please TELL me. '.

Alive gossips (in common) 'yes, Daelin'.

You gossip (in common) 'Yet you are still level 11'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'yes'.

You gossip (in common) 'Why is this? What force of nature has caused this to occur?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I am not as skilled at XPing'.

You gossip (in common) 'Surely one of such great skill that you claim to have should be able to level at least once'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'And had several mob deaths before leaving Rhina's following'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I have great PKing skill, not very goo XPing skill'.

ColeItis gossips (in common) 'OK....the fact that he has maintained level 11 a la ZARA has little relevance here'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'magic missiles use up mana a lot'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I can afford that for each player...'.

Strider gossips (in common) 'i havent seen ZARA die yet have you?'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'they do?'.

Alive gossips (in common) '15 a pop'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'why is that alot?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'And being that people find me such an attractive target,'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'off spells don';t get any lower'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I cannot mantain eq to xp with'.

Onions gossips (in common) 'Peoplefindyou attractive?'.

You gossip (in common) 'Mr Alive, why is this?'.
You gossip (in common) 'You can't maintain eq?!'.

Someone gossips 'hold'.
Someone gossips 'Your argument, alive, is utter horseshit'.
Someone gossips 'eq is laying all over'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Not good eq'.

Soup gossips (in common) 'what kinda feces was that?'.

Kell tells you (in elven) 'In the cooler eh?'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'no kiddin, get off yer butt'.

You tell Kell (in common) 'only for the trial :)'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'not eq that can be effectively used to level'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'gee, alive, how do people get their eq?'.

Someone gossips 'please let the curt speak...PLEASE'.

Kell tells you (in elven) 'heh, whos on trial?'.

You tell Kell (in common) 'and its the chambers of the inquisition, not the cooler'.

Someone gossips 'Court even'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'you're no different'.

You gossip (in common) 'is it my turn again? :)'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'from their followings, mob kills, and PKs'.

Maxim gossips (in common) 'a question for alive if a may lord MM?'.

Kell tells you (in elven) 'Never heard of it.'.

Someone gossips 'silence, please, kaern'.

Kaern gossips (in common) '?'.

Trakker gossips (in common) 'I have no following, and no PK's, yet I still have

Someone gossips 'daelin is currently questioning alive'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'so let him question :)'.

Someone gossips 'There will be order in the court please - The officers are questioning the defendant - not the audience.'.

You gossip (in common) 'So Mr. Alive, why is it that you can't maintain equipment to xp with? You claim you have great PK'ing skill corect?'.

Someone gossips 'its hard to follow if too many are yelling'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I can *get* good eq'.

Maxim tells you (in common) 'can i submit a question?'.

Velkrow tells you (in common) 'call people as witnesses that want to say something'.

Trakker gossips (in common) '*sorry*, that was my 2 cents worth...'.

You gossip (in common) 'SUrely one with great pk'ing skill should be able to stay "alive"' PLOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alive gossips (in common) 'It's maintaining it that is the problem'.

You gossip (in common) 'and keep their eq at level 11'.

You tell Maxim (in common) 'nod...'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I PK with reckless abandon'.

Maxim tells you (in common) 'ahh you just pretty much pointed my question out'.
Maxim tells you (in common) ':)'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'That is why I am so often successful'.

Someone gossips 'There is the KEY word. reckless'.
Someone tells you 'AHA! You got him to admit it!'.

You tell someone (in common) 'whee'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'But that angle does not work for keeping eq'.

Someone tells you 'You got your opening - now move in and close the door on him'

You gossip (in common) 'And because of this reckless pk'ing you often have to die to Slue correct?'.

Someone gossips 'then the "skill" you proclaim is imagined'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'No, because Slue does not like KILLERs'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'And because I am so often successful, '.
Alive gossips (in common) 'I frequently get KILLER flags.'.

You gossip (in common) 'That would in turn account for your loss of xps and why you can't level. It is clear to me that if Alive was given a no-pk flag'.

You gossip (in common) 'he would be ridden of his problem'.

Mylo gossips (in common) '*yawn* Basil'.

You gossip (in common) 'and would be able to level like the rest of us'.

Kali gossips (in common) 'Alive, at level 11 prolificity does not equate with skill'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'of course not'.

Someone gossips 'this is an excellent idea daelin'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'What the hell'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'did I ever do'.

Someone gossips 'The judgment of the court is this'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'to deserve a flag?'.

Jyslin tells you (in common) 'you're doing one hades of a job, Daelin'.

Someone gossips 'until Alive reaches level 12, he may not initiate a pk'.

Someone gossips (in common) 'What didnt you do ?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'holy ****'.

You gossip (in common) 'So I didn't win the case, here's your pizza'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'I have 73k to level'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'language! *grin*'.

IMMORTAL RECHO: WHAM. The judgment is sealed.

Hornblower gossips (in common) 'how much whoa'.

Someone grins evilly.

Alive gossips (in common) 'damnit'.

Ankh gossips (in common) 'give him a trans to slue! :)'.

You gossip (in common) 'Mr Jerald has had over 150k to level and done it'.

Alive says (in common) 'nice'.
Alive disappears in a mushroom cloud.

Strider gossips (in common) 'yup'.

Someone has transferred you.

Guild Hall
[Exits: north east south west]
This huge room is the meeting place for all known adventurers of the
world. Due to special magics set upon the room, going north will allow
you instant transport to your birth city, no matter what your race may
be. The room is filled with many people, most of them wannabe
adventurers, but scattered amongst the throng of people you spot more
than a few living legends. It is rumored that even immortals visit
this place upon occasion. Rust colored stains on the floor, and
chunks of missing wood indicate that this is perhaps not always a
peaceful place.
The corpse of Alive is lying here.
(Red Aura) Gore is here.
(Invis) (Blue Aura) Doc is here.
(Blue Aura) Mylo is here.
(Blue Aura) Hans is flying here.
(Invis) Aringar is flying here.

Gore leaves south.

Proven gossips (in common) 'all hail the IMP's for their wise judgement!'.

Aringar gets corpse of Alive.
Doc leaves north.

Onions gossips (in common) 'I should be good and out of his range by the time HE hits 12 :)'.

Aringar leaves south.
Mylo leaves south.
Hans leaves south.

Doc has arrived.

Joey questions (in common) 'you dont lose xp for a pk death do you?'.

You say (in common) 'i wanted to kill!'.

Poor Alley
[Exits: north east south west]

Eastern End of Poor Alley
[Exits: east south west]

The Common Square
[Exits: north east south west]
An alley cat hisses at you.

A Side Street
[Exits: north south]
(Translucent) A ghost seeks justice here.

Market Square
[Exits: north east south west up]
The sky is cloudy and a cold northern gust blows.
You see a guard's standard issue cloak here.
A deep well is here to catch the heads.
(Red Aura) (White Aura) Slue, cousin of Smee and Blogg, is polishing his blade.

Valdrian answers (in common) 'no.'.

The Temple Square
[Exits: north east south west]
The sky is cloudy and a cold northern gust blows.

Corack gossips (in common) '*CHEER*'.

The Temple Of Mangar
[Exits: north south]

By the Temple Altar
[Exits: south]
(Red Aura) Romulus is here.
(KILLER) Alive is resting here.
(Invis) Kaern is flying here.
(Blue Aura) Faille is resting here.

Strider answers (in common) 'no'.

Kali gossips (in common) 'MM is wise and just. =)'.

Bloodnet gossips (in common) 'what was the judgement'.

Romulus looks at Alive.

>Kill Alive
Your blast EVISCERATES Alive!
Alive is DEAD!!
You hear Alive's death cry.

Maxim gossips (in common) 'now you can think about getting equipment alive'.

Joey gossips (in common) 'alive how many times did you mob die?'.

Proven gossips (in common) '*hip* *hip* *huzzah*'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'Suck up, Kali'.

Romulus winces. Ouch!

Marion gossips (in common) 'Hail MM'.

Romulus looks at Faille.

You gossip (in common) 'The prosecutor just lopped off alives head *snicker*'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'oh, well'.

Maxim gossips (in common) 'though grouping for xp wont be easy since you have few friends'.

Joey questions (in common) 'what if alive breaks this judgement?'.

Faille gossips (in common) 'HAIL MM!!!'.

You answer (in common) 'I'm sure he'll be given a no-pk flag'.

Joey answers (in common) 'oh'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: if he initiates a pk in ANY way, I will delete him

Alive gossips (in common) 'how fun.'.

Bloodnet gossips (in common) 'wise judgment, and after lvl12?'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'yep, I've had 45k :>'.

Strider gossips (in common) 'always'.

You gossip (in common) 'ooo, honor system'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'like three times'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: no, he has a no-pk flag, but there are ways around it

Joey gossips (in common) 'well alive go out and start xping'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'no'.
Alive gossips (in common) 'I need to gather eq'.

You tell Jyslin (in common) 'just checking reply chain...'.

Bloodnet gossips (in common) 'how many xp do you need alive?'.

Joey gossips (in common) 'so go to MG and pick stuff up off the floor'.

Faille laughs at Alive mercilessly.

Marion gossips (in common) 'All rise'.

Jyslin tells you (in common) 'well...that was one interesting night on gossip'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'And at level 12, I can go back to destroying everyone?'.

Kim gossips 'hehehhehehehehhehehehhe'.

Paetharan gossips (in common) 'bahaah you'll give up before you get to 12'.

Faille gossips (in common) 'Let's see, I should be level 50 by then?'.

Alive gossips (in common) 'MM, can people still kill me?'.

Hornblower gossips (in common) 'demigod'.

Paetharan gossips (in common) 'I hope so'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'and lose yer eq and gather expnext cause you keep getting flags off people who are already near naked?'.

Kaern gossips (in common) 'wouldn't that be defeating the purpose of this flag right now :)'.

MADMAN ECHOS:: Court is adjourned. See the bailiff for any questions (that would be Nayr) (end Log)