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Tamar (I)
Goddess of Serenity
Greater Goddess
Created October 17, 1996
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Followed Lorna
Partner Valor
Areas Written 5: See Below
Immorted October 13, 1999
Following Dreamwalkers
Admin Duties Area Coordination (2003-present)

Mud Contributions:

Tamar is the author of Oakheart Inn, Wolftooth Gorge, Rowen Bay, Jellyfish's Garden, and The Road. She is the co-author of Rowen Docks. As a Goddess, she hosted several annual Holloween costume contests.

Current Description:

(Date Unknown)
Lost in her own thoughts, Tamar idly brushes a leaf out of her hair.
A little remote, she must spend most of her days curled among the
tree branches & roots in her hometown of Loth-Llorien. Guarded
with her affections, she is a valuable ally once you have her trust.
Ask her what she is contemplating, and she might say "Emerson, who
said that 'self-trust is the essence of heroism'."
Tamar is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Tamar is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Elf [     Ambassador    ] Tamar, only a messenger                                 December 29, 1999
Elf [    Demigoddess    ] Tamar, only a messenger                                 October 11, 2000
Elf [    Demigoddess    ] Tamar, only a messenger                                 January 18, 2001
Elf [   Lesser Goddess  ] Tamar dreams, hey                                       December 3, 2001
Elf [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Tamar dreams of clear starry nights                     Janauary 10, 2002
Elf [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Tamar dreams of fireflies in the evening sky            March 18, 2002
Elf [      Goddess      ] Tamar, mistress of her own dreams                       January 11, 2003
Elf [  Greater Goddess  ] Tamar, mistress of her own dreams                       January 9, 2004
Elf [  Greater Goddess  ] Tamar, mistress of her own dreams                       January 6, 2005
Elf [  Greater Goddess  ] Tamar, mistress of her own dreams                       January 15, 2006
Elf [  Greater Goddess  ] Tamar, mistress of her own dreams                       January 9, 2007
Elf [  Greater Goddess  ] Tamar, dreaming of a completed new continent            January 10, 2008

Character History:

(Text from the TFC Website)
Tamar, an elven cleric, was born in another age in the well-run town of Loth-Llorien. She spent most of her childhood days in contemplation, curled among the tree branches and roots of her hometown. An early worshipper of Lorna, she came to feel a need to be more self-reliant. She put her trust firmly in herself and struck out on her own. As the years went by she became more and more introspective, and was lost for a brief time to the world.

Upon her return she was struck by the knowledge that she could more fully use her skills as a cleric if she had the strength of an immortal to draw upon. She sought out Rhina, who had always impressed her as being a subtle influence upon the world.

Since that time she has concentrated her efforts on growing stronger and wiser, and has come into her own power. Steadfast, aloof, and garbed in well-maintained armor, she has been mistaken for a warrior on more than one occasion. Although she goes about reaching her goals with single-minded purpose, she is not without compassion.

Guarded with her affections, she is a valuable ally once you have earned her trust.

She encourages her followers, the Dreamwalkers, to be an example of good in the world, and to look for the good within others. In dreams and in reality, perception is everything. All things are possible. All things have been. All things will be.

Immortality Petition:

[ 18] Tamar: help rules 10(g)
Wed Sep 29 11:56:38 1999
To: immortal
... aka "dropping a hint", or, my petition for immortality

I would love to become an immortal on TFC, and hope you will make my
petition a successful one. I am a level 30 cleric, and currently have the most
mob masters of any single classer. (Ok, at least I think this is the case).
If I am chosen as an Ambassador, I promise to:
Oh wait, I'm not being elected. (Or am I?)
At any rate, I would love to help others on the MUD in a new
capacity as an immortal :)

Tamar, permanent resident of the Loth Llorien Inn


  • Tamar is specifically mentioned in the second temple of Rhina, A Stand of Hazelnuts.
  • Tamar was specifically mentioned in the mortal description of Whitehawk as the 'The Goddess of Gentleness.'

Player Provided Information / Quotes

Legolas cants, 'i know tamar would NEVER be invis in front of me, but in case she IS.. tamar you there?'. (10/04/2003)

Personal Timeline:

1996 - 2000:
10/17/96: Tamar is created.
09/18/99: Tamar levels to 30 cleric.
10/03/99: Tamar completes Mob Mastery #50 - the first single class character to do so, slaying The Instructor.
05/10/01: Tamar names Ghazkull, 'Heartbringer'.
10/13/99: Tamar is promoted to Ambassador at 508 hours.
01/19/00: Tamar completes 400 hours as an ambassador.
02/02/00: Elladan and Tamar become eligible to become attendants.
02/08/00: Tamar reaches 500 years of age.
02/17/00:Tamar is promoted to attendant of Okk by Nayr after 534 hours as ambassador. Okk is linkdead during the promotion, so has a surprise when he gets back :P 5/3/00: Tamar reaches lesser power.
03/14/00: Tamar was promoted to Demigoddess, and seconds later, Natas is promoted to DemiGod as well.
03/16/00: Tamar accepts Darkwing as her first follower.
10/24/00: Tamar gives Whitehawk "a Goddessly kiss" which leaves him paralyzed, according to the stunned fellow.

02/20/01: Darkwing makes Tamar flee by singing dwarven drinking songs in the Refuge.
05/31/01: Egar rescues Tamar after she is trapped inside an egg casing.
06/04/01: The Dreamwalkers' scavenger/leveling quest ends. Tamar announces that the winners are: Snappy, first place with 606 points. Azeworai, 2nd place with 314 points. Chee, 3rd place with 208 points. Legolas & Mentledo each get honorable mentions with 152 and 151 points respectively. Twelve people participated, earning a total of 1842 points, and reaching a total of 22 levels during the 1 week period. Congratulations to all who participated!
06/05/01: Legolas is killed in a snowball fight with Tamar.
06/20/01: Bliss speaks with Tamar regarding snowballing Legolas as punishment for the bunny-hostage situation.
06/22/01: Galaphile wins a kiss from Tamar in a limbo contest where the limbo pole was manned by demons.
06/23/01: Tamar accepts Vorax as an Attendant.
07/05/01: Tamar and Plato become allies. A Dreamwalkers quest ends, and the winner is the team of Snappy and Chee.
07/27/01: Tamar convinces Gavin to "apostatize" from Bliss.
08/30/01: A Nature Reunion is held, and Rhina is unable to login as herself, so comes back as a level 1 named Aphra instead to attend the reunion. Attendees include: Aphra (Rhina), Myronides, Theoden, Tamar, Tonto, Dalaran, Solanthas, Khore, Lorali, Tokugawa, and Clumsyfool. Kerriariadne also stops by for a little while, and Elladan sends his regards. Theoden joins the Dreamwalkers during the reunion.
08/31/01: Tamar is promoted to Lesser Goddess.
09/01/01: Whitehawk offers to be Tamar's pet when he hears she made Lesser, but Tamar thought he already was.
09/04/01: Tamar eats a Magic Mushroom that EVISCERATES, *** DEMOLISHES ***, and teleports her.
09/24/01: The Dreamwalker's Refuge is moved to the upper level, and Tamar's office is installed.
10/26/01: Tamar makes some clarifications on the Holloween Costume Contest.
10/29/01: Tamar turns 1000 years old and receives a a triple layer strawberry angel food cake with a scoop of black cherry icecream.
10/31/01: Tamar announces the winner of the Halloween contest.
11/08/01: Tamar board notes the final results of a a level/mobm achievement quest among the Dreamwalkers to inspire her people to learn and level. Those who 'placed' in the quest were granted prizes from her inventory. Tiberius came in first place and was granted three prizes. Unfortunately, only of them was useful for his current eq set, so he gave the other two prizes to needy following members.
11/14/01: Armalag is ordained Dreamguard by Tamar in a very goofy ceremony (which includes Legolas getting his own personal raincloud as a token of Tamar's appreciation).
12/25/01: Morimox and Tamar become allies.

02/28/02: Venthaladir completes mobmaster 45, and starts proclaiming his love for Tamar on gossip.
03/17/02: Tamar accepts Solanthas as an Attendant.
04/28/02: Tamar posts a note called "Last Night's Vision".
05/02/02: Azeworai is ordained "Dreamkeeper" by Tamar.
05/09/02: Tamar posts "Another Vision."
05/12/02: Tamar is promoted to Goddess.
05/31/02: Quarnel of Fate posts this board note about his former FLI: Quarnel: Tamar on fjust! - Fri May 31 22:14:40 2002 - To followers of: Cordir - She rifted me, let's get her!
06/09/02: Tamar runs the "Moving Quest." Here are the results.
07/29/02: The "unkillable" sable dragon is killed! Tamar: The sable dragon is DEAD! \ Mon Jul 29 19:23:58 2002 To: All \ Teluin, Kaltar, Mon, Agralebean, Aster, Spell, Allanon, and Vex all bravely fought the sable dragon, and actually managed to kill it. Congrats!
09/15/02: Tamar auctions a restring for the most entertaining bid, which is won by Ananasi.
09/26/02: Tynian publicly thanks Tamar for her assistance and work on the Bug List and area work.
10/31/02: Halloween / Samhain. Boo! Tamar announces the halloween contest winner. Here's the contestants showing off their stuff.
11/09/02: Tamar has a hankering for pie.

06/20/03: Tamar turns 1500 years old, having spent just under 1250 of them as an immortal.
07/01/03: Tamar is promoted to Greater Goddess.
07/14/03: Tamar posts a note about a thief contest.
10/19/03: Tamar posts a note about this year's Halloween Costume Contest. Lexie cants, 'god!'. 'remind me not to spy on immortals any more :P' after dying 3 quick deaths in a row to Tokugawa, Tamar and then Kerriariadne because she info'd them.
12/03/03: Tamar picks up the pit, and then battles Thrall and Taws for possession of it. (Bet you can guess who won :P)
12/09/03: Legolas logs in, and is quickly sent on a teleporting spree by Tamar for old time's sake.
12/25/03: Tamar passes out a few Christmas presents, including such things as killing "a skunk" and sex changing Schwartz.

01/08/04: Tamar auctions off some eq in exchange for "the best" entertainment. Mistyfier immediately "misunderstands", and gossips (in common), '*seductively takes off his platinum breast plate* *you can hear music playing in the background'. 'o wait, wrong entertainment'.
01/31/04: Tamar announces that a Mudwide quest starts Saturday Feb. 7th.
02/06/04: Tamar posts an update on the quest starting Saturday.
02/15/04: After some initial mixups, Tamar announces the finalists in the quest.
03/02/04: Tamar posts a note about the Battle of the Alignments, and here is a huge log of the battles.
03/26/04: Schwartz posts "A Visit with Tamar" to the tfc forums.
10/31/04: Tamar announces the winners (Jeda & Sabella) of the annual Halloween costume contest.
11/30/04: Oakheart Inn by Tamar is installed, and Faile is the first to find it.

2005 - Current (Incomplete):
11/07/06: Tamar celebrates her 2000th birthday.
09/08/08: Tamar announces the opening of the Outland Frontier.