Rededication of the Sanctuary of Fate

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Back Story: Cordir had only recently been restored to DemiGoddess and the Sanctuary of Fate re-installed. The following came together as a group to purify and dedicate the space, in a ritual led by Solaron & Katrana.

Log is on: 12-11-2001

who fate
6 players.
Aar [ Th:22 Sh:23 ] Tranquility Hand Maiden of Fate. *Ebg*Noctus*
Elf [ Cl:26 Wa:25 ] Solaron, it's not easy being green. -Fate-
Gno [ Sh:28 Wa:23 ] Katrana, Bladed Wyld Handmaiden of Fate *SA*AP*
Aar [ Sh:21 ] Drystan ep Aran, Feathery Bard of Fate.
Hum [ Demigoddess ] Cordir: Fate reborn.

The Sanctuary of Fate
[Exits: north]
The breathtaking loveliness of a midnight shadowed garden embraces you. The
night sky is filled with stars... no, not stars, but strands of light which
shimmer at the edges of sight. The soft call of unseen birds provides sweet
melody to please the ear and the low hoot of an owl echoes out of the trees.
A thick tangle of web-shrouded briar roses marks the boundaries of the area
and every conceivable variety of flower blooms within, despite the darkness.
Here and there, care has been taken to create gathering places in the glade,
from an intimate nook of soft, thick moss beneath a veiling willow tree, to
a low, gentle dell where a large group could rest in comfort. Each cardinal
point is marked by its own unique archway. Ebon flames beckon within a trio
of them, and the fourth is sealed by an enormous spiderweb. At the heart of
the clearing is a large round seal of orichalcum.
( 2) (Token magic) A magical spring flows from the ground here.
A small weaving loom is barely visible amidst the trees.
Esariston is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Sarabos is resting here.
Bronwen is here.
(Light Red Aura) Majere is resting here.
Paython is resting here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Drystan is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Tranquility is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Katrana is resting here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Solaron is here.

You say, 'Please forgive the interruption.'.

Bronwen nods.

You say, 'As you all know, our home here is new'.
You say, 'When any holy place is made'.
You say, 'it is customary to dedicate it'.
You say, 'our two Triat Acolytes were kind enough to prepare a ritual for just that purpose'.
You say, 'So I defer to Solaron and Katrana at this time.'.
You curtsey to your audience.

Katrana curtseys gracefully for you.

Drystan smiles happily.

Tranquility turns to the Acolytes.

Katrana looks to Solaron and nods.

Solaron smiles happily.
Solaron gets the Incense of Enlightenment from a bucket of ice.

Katrana gets a black lily from an ebon bag.

Solaron gives the Incense of Enlightenment to Katrana.

Katrana drops the lily, petal by petal, upon the incense.

Katrana breathes gently upon the amethyst plumes of smoke now rising from the incense.

Katrana makes a complicated-looking gesture.
This locale has been cleansed from unnatural influences.

Katrana murmurs, 'The Adversary has gained in strength during the Weaver's Absence.. hurry, Acolyte.'

Katrana furrows her brow in concentration as she attempts to hold her purifying magic in place.

Solaron nods in recognition to Katrana.

Solaron steps to the center of the room, hurriedly.

Solaron ftells, 'Solaron intones, Wyld, Wyrm, Weaver - Three. We, humble servants, entreat thee.'.

Solaron ftells, 'woops'.
Tranquility ftells, 'oopsie'.

The ghost of a museum guard shimmers and solidifies slightly.

Tranquility ftells, '*grin*'.

Solaron says (in common), 'Solaron intones, Wyld, Wyrm, Weaver - Three. We, humble servants, entreat thee.'.

Paython says (in common), 'excuse me'.
Paython stands up.
Paython opens the web.
Paython leaves north.

Solaron says (in common), 'Solaron intones, As the Weaver, Reborn of the Wyrm and Cleansed by the Wyld, returns.'.

You cough.

Solaron utters the words, 'bless'.

You hear something's death cry.

Paython arrives from the north.
Paython leaves north.

Solaron Solaron intones, Reaver, Raiser, Render, in your name, we bless this ground. May its hallowed shelter protect us.

Solaron utters the words, 'sanctify'.

Solaron nods.

Paython arrives from the north.
Paython rests.
Paython closes the web.

Solaron says (in common), 'It is done, priestess.'.

Katrana steps to the center of the room.
Katrana closes her eyes.
Katrana says (in common), 'I have released my hold upon the spell. It is holding'.
Katrana breathes a sigh of relief.
Katrana says (in common), 'Now to Bind it'.

Majere smiles happily.

Katrana glaces to the shadows.

A slender, lithe figure garbed in black steps out of the shadows.
He steps quietly to the Shamaness and bows.

Katrana murmurs, 'Weaver's Shadow, First Ordained... as with the covenants we all wear'

He turns to the Lady and bows with an inhuman grace.

Katrana murmurs, 'This ritual must be bound by blood. It is only fitting that yours be the first'

The Shadow-thief nods, and wields a dagger of ebon jade.
He slides off one close fitting black leather glove, and lays the blade against his hand.
His face is expressionless as droplets well forth and fall to the floor...
But his eyes darken as the webs within them shift...
He nods, and bows.

Solaron bows before the shadow.

Tranquility ftells, 'ok, tell me when'.
Tranquility ftells, '*got lost*'.

Wisps of shadows rise up from where his blood fell.
... and like them, he slides back into the darkness.

You ftell, 'next!'.
Solaron ftells, 'I'll have the rest do it now.'.

Tranquility steps forward.
Tranquility slices her palm, and watches the blood well up.
Tranquility lets the droplets fall to the growing pool upon the floor.

Katrana ftells, 'who is after Ty?'.

Tranquility steps back to her place.

Solaron ftells, 'Ermm...'.
Solaron ftells, 'Sarabos go?'.

Sarabos stands up.

Sarabos steps forward.

Solaron ftells, 'Then Drystan..'.
Tranquility ftells, 'Then Drystan?'.
Tranquility ftells, '*nods*'.

Drystan prays, 'I'm glad you have your rechos back'.
You [GS] tell Drystan, '*nodnod* Me, too. = ) '.

Sarabos gashes his arm with the blades on his mace.

Solaron winces at Sarabos.

As the Ebon Warrior's blood falls, it shimmers into the pattern of a serpent.

Solaron ftells, 'Now me, then Kat, then the Lady I suppose.'.

Sarabos takes his place back in the corner.

Solaron gets a long black quill from a bucket of ice.

You ftell, 'drystan'.
You ftell, 'you forgot him. = P '.
Katrana ftells, 'be patient:P'.
Drystan ftells, 'Me, now?'.
Katrana ftells, 'go Drystan:)'.
Drystan ftells, 'Right.'.
Solaron ftells, 'I'm mean after that *poke*'.

Sarabos prays, 'nice touch Lady *grin*'.

Drystan takes his violin bow from his pack.

Solaron ftells, 'heh'.
Tranquility ftells, '*laugh*'.

Drystan briefly tests its point, then pricks one claw.

A shimmering chord of notes echoes sweetly through the garden as the droplets fall.

Drystan prays, 'Feel free to drop blood. :)'.
Drystan prays, 'You rock.'.

Drystan steps back.

You [GS] tell Drystan, 'grin'.

Solaron steps forward once again.
Solaron slices his palm with a long black quill.

Solaron prays, 'I'm guessing you've got the recho?'.
You tell Solaron, 'I don't have yours'.
You tell Solaron, 'what cha want'.
Solaron prays, 'I got it.'.

Solaron watches curiously as the droplets land on the glowing pool of blood.
Solaron steps backward, slowly.

Solaron ftells, 'Kat.'.

You tell Katrana, 'my goof. I didn't have anything ready for Sol ... do you want anything specific'.

Katrana steps forward.
Katrana looks to her shears, then to her hand.
Katrana slices her palm with no expression on her face, but with emotion in her eyes.
Katrana watches the droplets fall one by one.

Katrana says (in common), 'Now for the final piece'.
Katrana says (in common), 'Lady, if you would?'.

You nod.

The web opens.
Ysild arrives from the north.
Ysild closes the web.
Ysild rests.

You create a silver weaving shuttle out of thin air!

Cordir silently holds up Her left hand, upon which are a multitude of tiny scars.

Cordir uses the shuttle's sharp edge to slash open Her hand.

Shimmering drops fall to the floor, causing a rush of light to spring up.

As the Weaver's blood joins the pool upon the floor, a bright flash of light fills the room.

When you can see again, amethyst fire is tracing its way along the floor in the shape of a triangle.

The ends shift, forming into the form of the Sigil Draktha, the Glyph Argedo, and the Sigil Draktha.

The fires flare brightly, then dwindle, leaving the glowing wards behind.

Violet fog swirls about the garden, seeking every corner.

A slight scent of roses and sandalwood caresses your senses.

And the slightest glimmer of the stars glows down more strongly for a moment...

.. then the garden is still... born anew... dedicated.

You nod.

Katrana says (in common), 'Now it is done. The Covenant shall bind it'.

Solaron nods.
Solaron rests.

You smile happily.
You say, 'Thank you, Acolytes'.

Majere smiles happily.
Solaron bows deeply.
Drystan smiles happily.
Katrana smiles happily.
You say, 'Beautifully done.'.

Tranquility smiles happily.

Katrana curtseys gracefully.

Tranquility says (in common), 'The place much more...right'.

Sarabos grins mischievously.

Tranquility smiles happily.

You say, '"ours"... not just "mine"'.

Solaron nods in recognition to Tranquility.

Ysild settles her wings more comfortably.

Solaron smiles happily.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Thank you both so very much'.