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The Sneak
Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Thief
Last Seen July 16, 2008
Followed Khore
Partner Corri

Mud Contributions:

Rampant hiliarity. A wholehearted embracing of all that is Thief. Boring holes in temple and bath walls. Pestering Cordir ( Playing with Palmer).

Current Description:

You see before you a tall, thin thief with black hair and blue eyes. When you look in his eyes, you realize he knows more about you than you thought. Palmer is totally trustworthy in every way.
Palmer is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

(Collection of undated Titles provided by Corri)

Hum [ Vispilio Sanguis ] Palmer it means, dont hate me cause i'm beautiful.
Hum [ Vispilio Sanguis ] Palmer cast his first spell in 480 years. 
Hum [. .. . Th:23. .. .] Palmer innocent, but feeling guilty. [KindRED]
Hum [ Th:23. .. .. .. .] Palmer will gladly carry your bags for you.
Hum [ Th:23. .. .. .. .] Palmer Repo-Man of the KindRED.
Hum [ Th:23. .. .. .. .] Palmer taxes your limiteds.
Hum [ Th:23. .. .. .. .] Palmer, it wasn't me, it was my evil twin.
Hum [ Th:23. .. .. .. .] Palmer Corruption Inc.
Hum [ Th:23. .. .. .. .] Palmer takes the 5th.
Hum [ Th:23. .. .. .. .] Palmer's hands start shaking uncontrollably
Hum [ Th:23. .. .. .. .] Palmer Bag Man of the Kindred.
Hum [ Th:24. .. .. .. .] Palmer is that my hand in your pocket, or...
Hum [. .. . .Th:24.. ..] Palmer, the pest you hate to love.. .[Kindred]
Hum [. .. . .Th:24.. ..] Palmer Inventory Adjuster.. .[Kindred]
Hum [ Th:24             ] Palmer bites your ear [Kindred CoY]             (July 4, 1997)
Hum [ Th:24             ] Palmer shows you a nifty card trick. {Kindred}  (early 1998)
Hum [       Th:24       ] Palmer, Rogue of the Black Conclave             (October 16, 2000)
Hum [       Th:24       ] Palmer, Rogue of the Black Conclave             (January 23, 2001)

Character History:


  • Palmer was obliquely referenced in Cordir's temple, as the source of a small hole drilled in the temple wall. Though he did not worship her, she had a very friendly and joking relationship with him, usually conducted over Cant. Eventually, he was named "Anathema" for his repeated thefts from members of the following, something she scolded him often about.
  • Palmer is directly referenced in a Corri-emote: Corri flashes her innocent grin *tm Palmer*
  • Palmer was also rumored to have drilled holes in the walls of The Baths, to peep in on those bathing, however, Rath swore in a conversation with Cordir (oct 29, 2001) that Palmer was, in fact, a "saint" and would "never commit a crime."
  • Palmer was mentioned in the BlissPoll 2000, receiving votes for 'Most Elusive Mortal'and 'Most Annoying Mortal'
  • Palmer was a member of IPS.
  • Palmer was mentioned in Cirth's 'What if'... story entry.
  • Back when one could use a 'leveling eq set' and gain the effects/bonuses from the equipment worn at the time of the level, rather than the whole time exp'ing, Palmer stole the bag containing the Silver Fellowship's leveling set.
  • Palmer was mentioned in Marisa's "How To Get PK'd" primer.
  • Palmer gave Tokugawa his condolances on having to accept Cordir as an Attendant, and Palmer further offered to 'help out' if Cordir gave Toku any trouble.
  • Palmer was specifically mentioned in Kerouac's retirement note.

Player Provided Information:

Palmer was 'Steal-Fail-Die'. But, to his credit, he was utterly impossible to kill if you didn't have the ability to destroy him immediately. You would be light bags if you were around Palmer and you were not prepared.
The problem of being a thief back then was that there were only a handful of them, and usually only one or two online at a time'. So you pretty much knew Palmer was your trouble.
There's only one person who's gotten me into more trouble than Palmer. That's Corri.
He used to find people I wanted to play with... then I'd invis us both up and we'd go visit and ventriloquate their mobs.
Palmer and I traded so much EQ via steal.. it wasn't funny...
Palmer could steal ANYTHING. People would sit in safe, just avoid getting their stuff stolen by Palmer, in the same way people safe sit today to avoid being PK. You'd get an ftell saying Palmer was on and people would immediately start checking their bags.

Personal Timeline:

March 1996: Palmer is created.
May 1996: Palmer joins the Kindred Vampyric and is later Ordained by Khore.
January 13, 2000: Cordir sets Ptarchyzk and Palmer to a contest to see which is the 'cooler' thief. Neither fulfills all aspects of the quest. Craving one of the quest items - a chocolate eclair - she lays a challenge to the whole mud: The first to gain her a chocolate eclair within 2 minuets to gain a special mention on the Time Line. Within 15 seconds, Tylorn had one in his inventory, but couldn't get it to her. Palmer slid in under the wire with 3 seconds to spare, and gained her the pastry she was seeking. = ) Gratz, Palmer!

Snippets, Quotables, and Infos:

Palmer cants, 'hello Webmistress'.
Cordir cants, 'Hello, Sneak'.
Palmer cants, 'this is the point where you say how much you've missed me'.
Cordir cants, 'Why, Anathema, I've missed you. Terribly. Horribly. I have been bereft. (was I convincing?)'.
Palmer cants, 'why YES!'.
Cordir cants, 'Good. I've been taking lessons at the DarkClaw School of Drama.'.
Palmer cants, 'i got chills, you're a good learner apparently'.
Cordir cants, 'Why thank you.'.

Palmer cants, 'hi Webmistress!'.
Cordir cants, 'Not webmistress any more, Palmer.'.
Palmer cants, 'awwww, i liked that name, esp when its said with just the right inflection'.

Pasmin questions (in common), 'bliss if u are online can i get a tell thanks'.
Palmer answers (in common), 'gossip that you have Chocolate and you will find out if she is here'.

  • ### [Palmer tells Rubicant (in common), 'i love it when people say "i thought you were cool, then you did <blank>"']