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The Bardic Circle was a tradition created by Cordir. They were held approximately once a month, usually the first Tuesday of the month. During a Circle, which were generally held in the Amphitheater, all those present were requested to actively participate in some form or fashion. This could take the form of a poem, a limerick, a silly joke, a song, a story, a telling of a historical event, and in one rare case, an interpretive dance. In each of the first several Circles, the "opening act" was by Drystan ap Aran. (This was prior to the creation of the Bard class, and his RP persona was that of a troubadour.) After the bard class was created on a Playtesting basis, it became a learning opportunity for the bards to seek each other's advice and exchange tidbits of information, as well as its original purpose of providing entertainment.

Bardic Circle Logs:

Bardic Circle Logs