Natalie Rose D'Augustine

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Natalie Rose D'Augustine (I)
Created Jun 24, 1999
Status Inactive
Retired 2001
Race Half-Elf
Hometown Safehaven
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 02/04/2001
Followed Cordir
Parents Keller, Kylera
Relatives Sister: Lauren D'Augustine
Brother:Kelton Trap D'Augustine

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Natalie stands before you reaching close to 5'10" in height. She removes her helmet revealing her dusty blond hair that is cut more to suit a man than a young lady. You return your scrutiny to her face and catch her steel grey eyes looking at you, determining your intentions. She gives you a slight smile then returns to her studies.
Natalie won't win any beauty contests.
Natalie is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hel [    Wa: 5 Cl: 9    ] Natalie D'Augustine, Priestess of Aralene.     08/24/1999
Hel [    Wa: 9 Cl: 9    ] Natalie, Child of Fate, Priestess of Aralene.  08/30/1999
Hel [    Cl:13 Wa:10    ] Natalie, Child of Fate, Priestess of Aralene.  03/07/2000
Hel [    Cl:13 Wa:10    ] Natalie, Child of Fate.                        08/15/2000
Hel [    Cl:13 Wa:10    ] Natalie, Child of Fate.                        02/13/2001

Character History:

Hello, my name is Natalie Rose D'Augustine. I was born in Lady Rhina's temple 17 years ago right after my sister Lauren (personally I think she was pushy from the start which is why she came out first). We grew up with our mother, Kylera, and Lady Rhina. Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, our father, was usually out hunting some form of evil or another (He was Lord Tel's Paladin!).
When Lauren and I were five, Madman made a war against the Elves. He didn't like my sister and I at all. That put us in a lot of danger so mother and father decided it would be best to put us out of harms way. Mother found a way to hide in some sort of alternate universe and we stayed there for quite a while. An immortal lived in this realm and she was calm and loving, she helped mother with us and taught us many things.
When we were ten we were allowed to return to our own land and see father again. Father was not very happy when we returned. He had just received news that his father was dying and we all had to return to Southshire with him. I liked Southshire. It was really pretty except that the orcs continuously attacked it! Father had to find a way to stop them so he left the town for a while in search of something. A few winters had gone by and mother went searching for him, she died. My sister and I went searching for any sign of what happened to them. I arrived in Safehaven where I found my answers. My sister is still missing.
That's all I have to say for now, I don't write very well it's not my most favorite form of communication. So please forgive my................childishness.
Natalie D'Augustine


1. Will always cure others when asked.
2. Will never eat food made from animals.
3. Will always leave food in the Temple and in the Pit.


  • Klepto and Mania were both named Rabhadh for thefts from Natalie.
  • Natalie is referenced with her father in the Threads of the Tapestry in the Scarlet thread.
  • Natalie is referenced in Look Names, in The Sanctuary of Fate.
  • Natalie took part in the restoration of Silonch's heart: Heartless No More
  • Natalie was referenced as the 'one bright light in the dark' in her grandfather, Trap T'Sarran's description.
  • Restrings worn: <worn about body> (Magical) a finely-woven gambeson of scarlet and white

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

08/23/1999: Natalie D'Augustine joins the Chosen of Fate, becoming its thirteenth member in rather unusual circumstances.
08/24/1999: Natalie is formally accepted into the Chosen, with a bit less haste than on the previous evening.

Player Information: