The Tale the Darkness Told

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The Cave of Khore:
You have entered what appears to be a subterranean cave. All around, the sounds of dripping water echo and reecho. The bounds of the cave are not readily visible; the walls disappear into the darkness. Flames, barely visible amidst the almost tangible darkness, hang suspended in the air flanking a wide sandy walkway to the apparent center of the cave. There you see rock formations jutting from wall and floor and ceiling at impossible angles, all crackling with a red lightning that leaps back and forth. The rocks form a circular enclosure around a raised section on the floor. Five great stone pillars of the gothic style melt into the floor and ceiling encircling the raised section. Each pillar has a black plaque embedded in it, glowing with blood red letters. In the center of all this, an eerie red light emanates from an ornate wooden coffin.
Fear grips you as doubts about your self worth begin to tear at your soul. Internal conflict rages nearly suffocating you... and then, there is only a dark flooding peace which overwhelms you. A voice intones, 'The Lord of this cave is the Lord of Fear. He who shall enter his chamber shall fear nothing but him.' The presence of the Vampyre Lord Khore is overwhelming here... strangely terrifying yet calming you with a foreboding and silent stillness. High above you, the ceiling seems to writhe and move...
An ornate wooden box pulsates with a dim red glow.
Sarah is here. Darwin is here. Khore is flying here. Nameless is resting here. Deamhan is here. Lena is resting here. Medea is here. Brutus is resting here.

Khore says 'What do you see?'

Lena enters the Cave and quickly walks over to the corner.

Khore says 'Hello Lena.'

Deamhan bows before Lena.

Lena curls herself up in a ball and watches the proceedings, catches herself, stands and bows before Khore, then settles back down.

Deamhan says 'No residue of bats'.

Khore nods and says 'That is correct. Lena has seen. What is above, Lena?'

Lena shivers in fear, and flattens her ears.

Khore says 'Not bats. Do not be deceived.'

Lena whispers, "The thinking place.. with the eyes..." She shivers in fear.

Khore says 'What dwells up there... Is... Him. The Remnant.'

Deamhan shivers uncomfortably.

Khore says 'The Survivor.'

Lena whispers "The Darkness..."

Khore says 'The Holder.'

Medea says 'Remnant?'

Nameless nods.

A voice intones, 'I dwell.'

Lena whispers, "Momma..."

Medea looks up with wide eyes.

A voice intones, 'I remain of the Darkness.'

Deamhan comforts Lena.

A voice intones, 'I am the last of the Purity.'

Nameless looks up with reverence.

Medea says 'mother...'

Lena weeps silently on Deamhan's shoulder.

Deamhan holds Lena comfortingly.

A voice intones, 'I am darkness.'

Nameless whispers '...mother....'

A voice intones, 'I am... no longer Pure. I am pure... in a sense. I am the Holder. The Holder of... Millions.'

A breeze picks up and caresses Lena's face.

Deamhan says 'Millions of...what?'

Lena whimpers, and hides her face in Deamhan's shoulder.

Darwin nods in recognition to Deamhan.

A voice intones, 'I remember you... I am... I have been... I will be... your mother, Wemic.'

Khore says 'Millions of lost souls, Deamhan.'

Lena keens in sorrow and loss.

Deamhan strokes Lena's head, not too comforted himself.

Nameless swallows...

Darwin gasps in astonishment.

Medea looks up, as tears slide silently down her face.

A voice intones, 'I must show them, heir of Darkness.'

Nameless shivers uncomfortably.

Medea says 'Yes, please...'

A breeze reaches out and touches Medea...

Medea says 'I have to see'.

Lena says 'I don't wanna see again, Khore... I don't wanna,' as she scrambles back into the corner.

Nameless lowers his gaze...

A voice intones, 'I have been, I am, I will be... your love, Medea.'

Medea says 'NO!'

A voice intones, 'BE SILENT.'

Khore says 'Easy, old friend.'

Medea catches her breath.

A voice intones, 'Do not mistake me for anything less than omnipotence, Khore, heir of Darkness.'

A voice intones, 'You hold me, you salvage me...But this... conscience....Is alien to me. It is confining. I am all. We, us, I am All. To confine me to ... words... to relay... me...Stifling.'

Deamhan blinks in astonishment.

A voice intones, 'Binding.'

You feel held, and bound.

Lena shivers in fear.

A voice intones, '... less... than what I am...'

Nameless gazes up...a tear rolling down his cheek.

You feel... unworthy.

Darwin shivers uncomfortably.

A breeze touches Nameless....

Nameless lowers his gaze to the floor... Nameless shivers uncomfortably.

A voice intones, 'I am, we are, Us is... your mother...'

Deamhan puts out a hand to his Uncle.

A voice intones, 'We have not forgotten... I have not remembered... us do not forget.'

Nameless whispers '...mother...'

Nameless whispers 'i...'

Khore says 'Darkness...'

Medea whispers, 'mother please...'

Khore says 'Show them the stand.'

Nameless whispers 'i am sorry...'

Khore says 'Lena, come here.'

Lena whimpers and backs away.

A voice intones, 'Wemic, go to him... he will hide your eyes.'

Nameless places a hand on his nephews hand.

A voice intones, 'You are not prepared... again.'

Lena slowly stands, and walks to Khore, shivering, but... trying to be brave.

Medea says 'Not prepared? What does ...'

Khore says 'Be silent Medea.' Medea drops her head.

Khore says 'Lena, do you wish to see it again?'

Lena shakes her head, "no" frantically.

Khore nods, lays a hand on her head and utters the word, 'blindness'.

Lena trembles like a leaf.

Khore says 'Rest, young wemic.'

Lena nods and drops to all fours.

A voice intones, 'Prepare them, Heir of Darkness.'

Nameless whispers 'this one.. wishes to see...'

Lena backs into the corner, and clings to Deamhan.

Bulldog enters, and closes the door, bowing deeply.

Khore says 'All lay a hand on me.'

Nameless swallows.

Deamhan lays a hand on Khore, and the other on Lena, holding tightly to both

Bulldog touches Khore.

Khore says 'Hold tightly, and do not let go.'

Lena says 'Don't leave me alone...'

Darwin lays a hand upon Khore. Medea puts her hand on Khore...hesitantly, then tightly.

Nameless hesitantly reaches a hand to Khore. Brutus puts a hand on Khore.

Khore says 'Even you, Nashite.'

Sarah reaches out her hand to Khore. Bulldog holds Khore's shoulder tightly.

A voice intones, 'So be it.'

Lena lunges forward and grabs Khore, blindly.

Nameless grabs ahold of Khore.. and Deahman.

Deamhan nods in recognition to Nameless.

Smoke pours down from above... It encircles, climbs, touches... you begin to breathe it.

Deamhan shivers uncomfortably.

Nameless looks up into the smoke.

It is salty... sweet... it tastes of... memories and darkness. The light begins to intensify... cold light...

Bulldog coughs and shudders. Deamhan breathes deeply of the smoke. Nameless breathes deep.

Khore nods.

Medea whimpers...

Khore grits his teeth.

Lena remembers how hard it was for Khore to shield her.. before.. and opens her soul to him, giving him all her strength.

Khore whispers, 'prepare yourself, the Darkness is not one to be subtle...'

Suddenly you feel a surge...

Deamhan tightens his grip on Khore and Lena.

Darwin steels himself.

You are in a field.

A voice intones, 'Behold Wymenia'.

The grass is a light shade of purple... knee high in all directions...

Medea opens her eyes and looks around.

Nameless looks around...squinting his eyes against the light.

The sun burns a brilliant red in the sky.

A voice intones, 'Look to the north for this sun is not your sun.'

The lighting changes to red...

A voice intones, 'Behold, the Maelstrom.'

Nameless gazes north to the red sun.

Deamhan shivers uncomfortably.

Medea winds her fingers tightly in the cloth of Khore's cloak.

You see a mass of swirling light and darkness, flooding the plain.

Bulldog frowns.

A voice intones, 'Vlad is lost... Dracul is young and weak... the Maelstrom grows...'

Nameless gazes in wonderment at the beauty before him.

A voice intones, 'Khore is not yet heir, Lestat... lost to the maelstrom.'

Medea says 'it's wrong...'

You see the image of Lestat in the coming tornado of light and energy... It swirls powerfully, dark and light, intermixing tangibly.

Darwin gasps in astonishment.

Deamhan swallows, frightened by its beauty.

Medea shudders and turns her face away from...that.

Bulldog grumbles.

A voice intones, 'You witness the perversion of purity.. order destroyed by destruction ..'

Deamhan shivers uncomfortably.

The maelstrom screams in a soul-flinching keen.

Deamhan winces.

Khore shudders visibly.

Medea shivers uncomfortably.

Nameless flinches slightly.

Lena shivers, and clutches more tightly to Deamhan.

Deamhan holds tightly to Khore.

At the base of the maelstrom, a million dark forms begin to appear...

Nameless looks closer at the forms. Deamhan glances at his uncle, and looks too.

The forms begin to grow... your perception rushes toward them.

Nameless's red eyes widen in understanding.
Deamhan sways slightly, and glances again at his uncle.

Medea forces herself to look onward.

You are close enough to see the face riding in the front.

Medea shivers uncomfortably.

A voice intones, 'Behold the traitor...'

Deamhan shivers uncomfortably.

A voice intones, 'Behold what, had Vlad and Dracul seen... they would have known....Behold!'

The warriors behind Lestat stand in perfect rank. Head to toe, clothed in midnight black armor. Energy crackles from the maelstrom down to them, feeding them.

Medea glares angrily at Lestat.

Deamhan shivers, and looks around at the field, now so changed.

Apparitions fly back and forth between the warriors, spells flying...

Nameless whispers 'the Army of Chaos...'

The Maelstrom feeds them...

A voice intones, 'The army of Chaos....'

Lena whispers to Deamhan, "Its the bad men, now...the hellwarriors... huh?"

Bulldog wonders how to attack the Maelstrom.

Suddenly there is darkness.

Deamhan murmurs, 'Yes, Lena...shhh...'

(There is a brief pause while plague is dealt with)
The Cave door opens. DarkClaw has arrived.

DarkClaw whispers, 'Nameless...why are you here?'

Nameless whispers to DarkClaw 'Lord Khore...requested this one's presence'

Lena raises her head.

Khore says 'Yes Lena?'

Medea hold on to Khore's arm again.

Khore tells the Kindred: 'Darkness above, is the voice.'

Nameless re-grabs a hold of Lord Khore...

DarkClaw looks to Khore with intense curiosity.

Deamhan retakes his grip on Khore's cloak and Lena's back.

Khore tells the Kindred: 'We are being played a scene from it's memory'.

Lena whispers, "I'll be brave....... let me see..."

Khore says 'Come here, Lena.'

Lena drops to all fours and pads over towards her Lord.

Bulldog holds Lord Khore's shoulder with a gnarled hand.

Nameless holds Deamhan with a wing.. and DarkClaw with his other arm.

Khore hugs Lena and says 'This may be difficult.. .are you sure?'

Nameless whispers 'grab hold, DarkClaw' and nods toward Lord Khore.

Deamhan says 'we are with you, Lena...'

Lena says 'Kindred... give our Lord your strength.. this is hard on Him..'

Lena nods, and whispers, "Yes, Khore. I'll be brave."

Khore utters the words, 'cure blindness'.

Medea says 'You know we'd never let anything happen to you...or Him if it's in our power'.

Deamhan nods in recognition to Medea.

Lena shivers.

Khore says 'Rest on my lap, Lena.'

Medea hugs Lena.

Lena leaps gracefully into Khore's lap.

A voice intones, 'Behold!'

You see the hovel... your perception enters...At a table are seated two figures...

A strong voice, 'I must. It is the duty. It is the covenant and contract...'

A soft voice, 'I know. I know... but... please...?'

Lena twitches, flexes her claws, and mewls sorrowfully.

A strong voice, 'Stay... guard the young one...'

Deamhan reaches a comforting hand around Khore to stroke Lena's back.

A soft voice, 'She needs a father too!'

Nameless looks around the hovel...focusing on ..a babe?

A baby cries... mewling softly in the distance...

Medea bits her lip, and looks at Lena...

A strong voice, 'See to her... I must depart.'

A soft voice, 'At least hold her one last time?'

Lena shivers, her ears flat to her head in misery.

A strong voice, hesitant, 'If I do... I may never be able to leave...'

Bulldog frowns.

Nameless steps back...showing respect.

One form stands up, and walks over to the corner of the room. As he does so, you focus in on his face. Covered with fur... aging slightly gray, big brilliant eyes... His is the face of nobility... a small smile plays across his lips...

Deamhan murmurs, 'Uncle! Hold tight!'

Medea reaches out towards Lena's hand. Medea whispers softly, 'we love you Lena. We will always love you'

Deamhan blinks, recognizing Lena in that face.

He looks with love upon the small furry bundle he picks up. He hugs it closely to him. There is a contented purring. The female steps over and hugs them both. She wipes a tear from her eye... and from the eye of the male.

Lena howls in anguish. She shudders, weeping softly.

The male says, 'I must off. The army is almost here...' He reaches up, grabs a helm from atop a humble fireplace... and leaves. Darkness seeps in as the soft sobs of a mother are heard fading...

Your perception shifts...

Deamhan kneels next to Khore, holding him and Lena tightly.

Lena stuffs her fist against her mouth to stifle her sobs.

You see the wemic, proud and noble wearing armor on a field where winds blow. His eyes are filled with pain... Tears seep silently behind the mask of his helm. But there is fierce pride and fiercer courage in them.

Deamhan recognizes Lena in that, too.

DarkClaw glances sideways to Nameless, then back to the scene.

The general shouts, 'Vivo et morior pro gloria Ordinus Nosferatus!!!'

Lena whispers, "Vivo et morior pro gloria Ordinus Nosferatus"

Nameless leans closer to DarkClaw, feeling a little out of place...

A thousand thousand voices joins his.

Deamhan murmurs it to himself, a comforting ritual, but more than that as well.

Your perception shifts to face him... and you see... An army of wemic-kind, armed and armored... standing in unison behind their general. The shouts do not die down... 'Vivo et morior....'

Medea squeezes Lena's hand in comfort, though she knows it cannot help what will come...

You stand on the field... you feel... feet touch the grass beneath you. You stand in front of the Wemic General, but he sees right through you. You turn around. You see the Maelstrom.

Nameless looks on, his features emotionless.

Lena stares, numbly.

Deamhan glances at his uncle.

You see the Maelstrom and an army a thousand times the size of the assembled Wemic.

Bulldog shifts his grip on his sword.

Nameless sighs sadly...

Deamhan flexes his grip, hackles rising.

Lena whispers, "Now you know, Nameless... why."

Nameless nods in recognition to Lena.

They advance slowly... lightning exploding from the maelstrom, encasing each and every chaos deathknight. Winds and storms billow, gales buffet the field. You turn around.

Nameless whispers to Lena 'this one...has seen it before'

Every wemic eye cries. Every wemic eye sees the destruction of their homeland.

No wemic leaves.

No wemic turns.

No wemic takes their eye off the advancing army.

Lena sobs softly, but will not turn away from the tableau.

No wemic turns, save for one. The General turns around and faces his assembled.

Medea chokes back on her tears...

DarkClaw shifts uncomfortably, leaning against Nameless.

Nameless does not tear his eyes away.

The General speaks, 'We will die. Go, those of you who seek their families for one last time.'

Deamhan takes comfort from his Kin gathered around him...but not much.

The wemic says, 'There is no need to die now... it comes eventually... '.

Not a wemic moves.

A voice from the crowd: 'One moment earlier to our grave is one moment our families live longer!'

A shout from the crowd: 'We stand with you!'

A voice from the crowd: 'Vivo et morior pro gloria ordinus Nosferatus!!'

Lena whispers, "poppa...."

Medea whispers to herself, 'such proud, beautiful people'

A thousand shouts answer that one. The general's eyes mist... Pride. Courage. Acceptance. He turns to face the Maelstrom.

Deamhan glances at Lena, and a tear falls from his eye onto her fur.

Nameless whispers 'fearless...'

Lightning strikes the field between the armies. Great leathery wings explode into the sky.

Lena tenses, knowing what comes next.

Bezil hovers in the air above the armies.

Deamhan blinks.

Nameless continues to watch, knowing what comes next.

Bezil faces the Army of Chaos.

The guardian vampire says, 'Halt in the name of Eternal Darkness!'

Medea whispers softly, 'Bezil?'

The guardian vampire says, 'Halt in the name of Order! In the name of Purity, Halt!!'

Nameless nods in recognition to Medea.

The Maelstrom advances.. You notice that Lestat has disappeared... Bezil does not see him... never knows he was there... You look at Bezil. You see see... youth... where you have never seen it before. You see youth... in what you know to be ancient...

Medea whispers bitterly, 'betrayed, unknowing...'

Bezil shakes his head. Bezil flies down before the Wemic General.

The guardian vampire says, 'Do not do this thing. Run, there is time. Dracul builds Sanguinna, there may be time... rush to him!'

The general replies, 'No. There is no time. We must provide Time.'

Bezil shakes his head...

The guardian vampire says, 'There must be a CHANCE... He has sent me... do not do this thing. The Covenant does not require this!'

DarkClaw looks to Nameless sadly and nods.

The general replies, 'The covenant does not require this. We give this. For Darkness and Order... and the Order.'

The guardian vampire says, 'Reconsider... '.

Nameless shakes his head.

Bezil looks softly into his eyes.

The guardian vampire says, 'They will destroy you.'

The general nods.

Deamhan bows his head.

The general says, 'We know.'

Lena whispers, "WHY? Why did you take me away, Bezil..."

A voice from the crowd, 'Bezil, tell Dracul not to let us die in history!'

Lena whispers, "Why couldn't I die with them..."

A voice, 'Yes! Yes! We do this for the Order!'

Medea whispers, 'No Lena...don't you know that we need you now?'

Deamhan murmurs to the long-dead heroes, 'You are not dead in history...'

Bezil looks at the crowd and says 'You will not be forgotten!' He looks at the General, and promises, 'Your name will not be forgotten.'

Bezil fades into darkness. The Maelstrom charges. The Wemics charge to meet them.

Nameless sighs loudly. Nameless shakes his head.

Your perception shifts. In a hovel... a female wemic holds a child close to her.

Lena whispers, "momma...."

Bezil appears.

The guardian vampire says, 'Gather the children'.

DarkClaw shivers, holding herself, her eyes shifting to Lena briefly.

The guardian vampire says, 'Gather them and I will show you to Sanguinna.'

Lena growls, "Go 'way, Bezil..."

The guardian vampire says, 'Dracul builds it, there may be time.'

The wemic, beautiful, turns to Bezil, saying 'I see the storm approach...'

Nameless whispers 'consuming all...'

You see darkness on the horizon...

Darwin shivers uncomfortably.

She says, 'The Maelstrom comes... there is not enough time.'

She picks up a hastily made weapon. She pauses then says, 'Vivo et...' She begins to cry, then rushes out into the street. In the street, a thousand females and young adult wemics gather. All armed with kitchen utensils and makeshift weapons. They march slowly toward the coming Maelstrom.

Medea closes her eyes, buries her face in a sheath of black cloth beneath her.

Lena turns her face away... she cannot watch... not again..

DarkClaw runs a hand over one of Nameless' clawed hands, then holds it tightly.

Deamhan comforts Lena.

Nameless squeezes DarkClaw's hand tightly.

Your perception shifts. Bezil gazes out the window. You feel helplessness, remorse.

Nameless whispers 'sorrow'

Lena whispers, "HATE you, Bezil... hate you..."

Bezil, whom you have never seen cry, begins to sob. The guardian vampire says, 'I have failed you... I have failed you all...'

A voice intones, 'No.'

Lena sobs.

Bezil reacts, whirling around. He hears the is from the past....

A voice intones, 'No. You have not failed them. You have saved them. We, us, I will.. hold them.'

Nameless watches in awe.

You hear the cry of a small child... mewling softly.

Deamhan glances up, up, towards the ceiling..

Nameless turns and finally looks upon Lena.

Bezil stares down at the child Wemic. He picks her up. He turns to look at the darkness. His gaze turns ... and... out of time... He rests his gaze on Lena.

Medea murmurs, 'one carry on...'

He stares back at the child in his arms. He stares at Lena directly.

The guardian vampire says, 'How...?'

Lena whispers, "Why?"

A voice intones, 'The strands of fate are not woven end to end... but side to side also... Hear me Kindred. Not end to end... but side to side also...'

Deamhan listens in awe.

The guardian vampire says, 'Kindred?? Who are you talking to?'

A voice intones, 'I exist... not bound by time... or place... I ... we... us... are all.'

Bezil continues to look at Lena until it appears he looks right through her. The guardian vampire says, 'I saw a wemic! It is this child, is it not??'

Medea murmurs to Deamhan, 'Can he hear us?'

The guardian vampire says, 'ANSWER ME?'

Khore says 'No, he cannot.'

The guardian vampire says, 'THE TRUTH!!! give me the TRUTH!!! THEY DIE FOR YOU! TELL ME!!!'

A voice intones, 'Truth.'

Nameless whispers 'truth is a shadow...'

A voice intones, 'Truth... is shadow.'

Bezil screams, 'NO!!!!!!!! SAVE THEM!!!'

Nameless sighs loudly.

A voice intones, 'I... we... us... already have.'

Lena twitches her ears. Lena raises her head.

The guardian vampire says, 'What??'

Medea looks up again.

Bezil stares down into the bundle in his arms... Bezil nods... understanding.

Khore says 'yes, Lena?'

Lena trembles, not speaking, trying to understand fully.

The guardian vampire says, 'Is there nothing else ... you can do?'

A voice intones, 'Nothing.'

Khore pets Lena softly, and murmurs 'Shhh.'

A voice intones, 'Go. The wemics have held the Maelstrom. Return to Dracul.'

Bezil nods.

A voice intones, 'Do not forget what you have promised.'

The guardian vampire says, 'What?'

Lena whispers, "Remember his name.."

A voice intones, 'He whose name is never to be forgotten. We ... us... I... will remember... when you are ash.'

Lena whispers, "I want to know his name..."

Bezil nods. The image fades. You find yourself falling back through time. Suddenly, you are back in the cave of your lord Khore.

Medea murmurs, 'we were never told... What is his name?'

Lena shivers on Khore's lap.

A voice intones, 'Know.'

Khore shudders.

A voice intones, 'Understand. Remember.'

Deamhan blinks, and shakes himself all over.

Nameless does not flinch...but remains staring at where the image was.

Medea bows her head.

A breeze blows through the room...

Lena claws her way under Khore's shirt to nestle hidden under his garment, against his skin.

Bulldog just growls and ponders what just happened.

A soft voice, 'I love you Lena...'

Deamhan glances down at Lena.

A strong voice, 'Show pride, my daughter.'

The breeze fades away... The stars above seem to glare down at you... shifting and moving in turn.

Lena peeps out a rent in the shirt, and whispers, "poppa? momma?"

DarkClaw removes her hand from Nameless' holding herself and rubbing the chills away.

Nameless whispers 'the Maelstrom is coming again, is it not Lord Khore?' Nameless gazes up at the eyes.

Darwin shivers uncomfortably.

Bulldog releases Lord Khore's shoulder and rubs his hands together.

Voices... millions of voices, 'Vivo... et... morior... pro...gloria... ordinus Nosferatus.'

Khore says 'I Live and Die for the Order Nosferatus.' The Lord Vampyric appears lost in thought.

Khore lands softly on his feet, and says 'Bezil.'

Bezil appears from the shadows, eyes moist with tears. The guardian vampire says, 'My lord?'

Deamhan bows deeply to Bezil.

Nameless turns his gaze to Lord Khore...

Lena climbs out of Khore's lap and garments.

Khore says 'Be still Nameless, your answer comes in time.'

Nameless bows before Khore.

Khore bows before Diaemon.

Lena growls softly at Bezil.

Khore says 'Have you seen, Bezil?'

The guardian vampire says, 'I have, my lord.'

Khore says 'Have you forgotten?'

The guardian vampire says, 'Not one moment in all the aeons.'

Deamhan whispers, 'Bezil...what was his name?'

Lena trembles at the asking of the question she could not bear to ask.

Deamhan puts a comforting hand on Lena's shoulder.

Medea whispers softly, 'please tell us.' Medea bows her head with respect.

The guardian vampire says, 'Tyrphus. Tyrphus Draukhnight.'

Lena blinks.

Nameless nods in understanding.

The guardian vampire says, 'I must go my lord. There is... Much thought for me.'

Lena whispers, "And momma...?"

Khore says 'The mother...'

Lena begs, 'Wait..'

Lena says 'Momma...?'

The guardian vampire says, 'The lady Rhynewyl.'

Khore nods.

Medea whispers softly, 'What a lovely name...

Deamhan nods in recognition to Medea.

The guardian vampire says, 'Please...'

Khore nods. Khore says 'Go.'

Nameless looks up at the mention of the name.

Bezil fades into darkness.

Medea drinks water from a buffalo water skin.

Khore says 'Your mother, Nameless, is another story. But you needed to know this first.'

Deamhan blinks and says 'My...aunt?'

Nameless nods.

Khore says 'Because I know her...Yes, your aunt, Deamhan.'

Nameless looks up quickly.

Medea looks over at Nameless curiously.

Khore says 'Your great-aunt.'

Bulldog grins evilly at Deamhan.

Khore says 'Now begone from my temple, Nashite.'

Nameless whispers 'you...'know' her?" At Khore's dismissal, he bows deeply, and nods acquiescence.

Khore says 'I do.'

Deamhan bows before Nameless.

DarkClaw looks up, confused.

Nameless says 'thank you Lord Khore'.

Khore nods.

Nameless extends and sweeps his massive wings, lifting him off the ground.

Deamhan says 'Go well, Uncle'.

DarkClaw whispers, 'Nameless...'

Nameless sighs loudly, and turns to Lena, who growls at him. He whispers 'your people fought more bravely than any who have faced the Maelstrom'

Khore says 'Go in peace, Nameless Demonspawn.'

Nameless bows deeply. Nameless leaves south.

Deamhan leaves south.

Khore says ' Fool. Step outside and look. The Maelstrom is all around.'

Medea sighs loudly and says 'He doesn't really understand'.

Khore says 'He will. He will when the darkness reveals of his mother.'

Khore tells the Kindred: 'End scene.'