What Makes a Good FLI

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Notes: This log is from 2002, when Myronides was my Attendant. He was a challenging attendant, as he had the attitude that he already knew everything there was to know about TFC and being an Immortal. I set up a few round table discussions among the Chosen of Fate, other immortals, and the general mud populace to help expose him to other points of view. - Cordir

Notable Participants: Cordir, Myronides, Katrana, Solaron, Rath, Keller, Gunner, Maimer

It is 8pm on Cearn the 27th, the month of the Fool's Errand, in the year 2537.

TFC started up at Sun Jun 9 12:31:31 2002
The system time is Wed Jun 12 17:03:05 2002

You say, 'I'd like each of you to think a moment'.

Solaron nods in recognition to you.
Clue sits down and thinks deeply.

Katrana says (in common), 'might be hard for the elves'.
Katrana coughs.
Katrana rests.

You say, 'and tell me what the single most important needful attribute the Immortal of your dreams (as an FLI) would need to have.'.
You say, 'er, tell Myronides.. says, please. '.

Katrana says (in common), 'communication'.
Katrana says (in common), 'hands down'.

Keller says (in common), 'humility, first off...just because you're an FLI doesn't mean it's still not a game :)'.

Solaron nods in recognition to Keller.

You nod in recognition to her.
Solaron nods in recognition to Katrana.

You say, 'and that's an area I've failed you on... but am working on improving. :-)'.

Keller says (in common), 'a clear-cut vision for the following that doesn't change.'.

Solaron claps at Keller's performance.

Katrana says (in common), 'you need to be able to tell your followers what you want, and know what they want of you, but also how to talk without offending'.

Solaron says (in common), 'That was close to mine.'.

Keller says (in common), 'it always used to annoy the bejeesus out of me how Lorna's following changed their position and focus every week.'.

Katrana nods in recognition to Keller.
Solaron nods.

Solaron coughs Wisdom.
Solaron coughs.

Clue nods in recognition to Keller.
Solaron coughs.

Keller says (in common), 'made it very hard to work with, and I can't imagine trying to operate within it.'.

Cordir glances at Myron to see if he's taking notes.

Katrana pinches Solaron's arm.

c rift solaron
Your soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Solaron.

Solaron sighs loudly.
Solaron stands up.
Solaron utters the words, 'heal'.
Solaron utters the words, 'heal'.
Solaron rests.

Katrana says (in common), 'something else, is patience'.

You say, 'what other aspects make a good FLI?'.

Keller says (in common), 'personally, I like role-playing, so for me the vision should include that, but that's more personal preference than something necessary.'.
Keller says (in common), 'time.'.

Solaron says (in common), 'Fairness/Justice.'.

Keller says (in common), 'or followers who don't need you there all the time.'.

Clue says (in old-common), 'ability to listen objectively'.

Keller says (in common), 'at first, you're going to end up taking up a lot of time teaching them...'.

You say, 'that's a good one, Clue.'.

Keller says (in common), 'but hopefully you can eventually get them to be sort of self-perpetuating.'.

Solaron says (in common), 'When Gods aid their closest friends or first followers more than others, instead of based upon intelligence and merits, something is wrong. '.

Keller nods.

Katrana nods in recognition to Solaron.

Solaron says (in common), 'It prohibits learning, thus your new followers/insecure followers will NEVER have the CHANCE to be strong followers. '.

Keller says (in common), 'that's something else Lorna did that I never liked.'.
Keller says (in common), 'not that I'm harping on Lorna...'.
Keller shrugs.

Katrana holds back a cackle.

Clue says (in old-common), 'she did have her favorites'.

Solaron utters the words 'rift' at Keller.

Keller says (in common), 'just that she tends to stick in my mind as what I didn't like.'.

Solaron nods in recognition to Clue.

Solaron snickers with Keller about their shared secret.

Keller shrugs.
Keller says (in common), 'we're out of character.'.

You nod.
You say, 'very much so.'.

Keller says (in common), 'Keller wouldn't say anything bad about it.'.

Gunner arrives from the west.
You say, 'thanks for coming, Gunner'.

Keller says (in common), 'me, as a player...well I've got opinions. I've always been opinionated.'.

Gunner sits down and thinks deeply.

Gunner bows before you.
Gunner says (in common), 'what's going on?'.

You say, 'I'm asking experienced players to talk out loud - ooc - about what makes a good MUD FLI'.

Solaron says (in common), 'We're making a real elf outta Myronides'.

You poke Solaron in the ribs.
Solaron says (in common), 'What?!'.

Clue says (in old-common), 'teaching Myron the fine art of FLIdom'.

You say, 'I'd like to get a variety of perspectives'.

Keller whispers don't we need a goat and 3 cans of liquid latex for that? ;)

Solaron laughs at Keller mercilessly.

You gossip, 'Still looking for folks to join the discussion in the Ampthitheater'.

RagingKnight says (in common), 'lol saloron u fanily get poke by someone lol and by an immortal'.
Solaron sniffs sadly.
Katrana smiles happily.
Solaron nods in recognition to RagingKnight.

Gunner sits down and thinks deeply.

Nicolas gossips (in common), 'what's it on?'.
Frederick gossips (in common), 'Discussion of what?'.
Rath arrives from the west.

You say, 'not just _any_ immortal... HIS immortal'.
Solaron says (in common), 'Cordir is my Goddess, RagingKnight.'.
RagingKnight says (in common), 'LOL@@@@!!!!!!'.

You gossip, 'What Makes a good (adjective, not alignment) MUD FLI'.

Solaron says (in common), 'When she pokes me, it's not just a poke.'.

Keller says (in common), 'well, Tel pretty much is what I look for as an immortal.'.

Wylin arrives from the west.
Gunner raises an eyebrow.
Wylin leaves west.

Solaron says (in common), 'It's a thrust to the very core of my being.'.

Nicolas gossips (in common), 'nod'.

Solaron bursts into tears.

You pat Solaron on his back.

RagingKnight says (in common), 'lmfao'.

Keller says (in common), 'I was gooing more for generalities because what I look for isn't for everybody :)'.

You say, 'Anyone else with feedback?'.

Solaron prays, '*dance*'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Solaron says (in common), 'What were you speaking of, Keller?'.

Rath rests.

You say, 'Rath? You're one of the more experienced folks in the room...'.

Aries arrives from the west.

Nicolas says (in common), 'I only have one thing to add before I must go.. a good fli is made by complete dedication to the welfare of the following'.

You say, 'We're talking OOC about what makes a good FLI.'.

Katrana says (in common), 'another thing that I believe is nessary, is to to what is best for your following, not what you might like, your following is what makes you a deity'.
Katrana says (in common), 'necessary even'.

Rath says (in common), 'OOC: have to be organized'.

You say, 'Aries? Anything to add?'.

Solaron nods in recognition to Rath.

Rath says (in common), 'OOC: must have specific goals'.
Rath says (in common), 'OOC: "destroy evil" usually doesn't work'.

Gunner chuckles, evidently amused.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]
You are in a small amphitheater. Several rows of curved marble benches
curl comfortably around a raised dais. The high ceiling and polished
stone walls are shaped to reflect the voice of the speaker at the dais,
letting them be heard throughout the room. An open archway to the west
leads out into a small courtyard.
( 6) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
(Token magic) A magical spring flows from the ground here.
(Dark Red Aura) (White Aura) Aries is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Frederick is here.
(Dark Red Aura) Rath is resting here.
(Light Red Aura) Gunner is here.
RagingKnight is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Solaron is here.
(Invis 70) (Intense Dark Blue Aura) Solanthas is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Clue is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Keller is here.
(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Myronides is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Katrana is here.

Keller says (in common), 'someone who will listen to followers ideas and not assume that follower means dumb.'.

Katrana nods.
Solaron nods in recognition to Keller.

Solaron says (in common), 'Set limits on who you accept.'.

Maimer arrives from the west.

Solaron says (in common), 'FK was a great God.'.

Keller nods.

Solaron says (in common), 'But his requirements, as I've heard, were level 2 and breathing.'.

Maimer says (in common), 'FK was ok'.

Keller says (in common), 'set guidelines and stick to them.'.

Solaron says (in common), 'And he was going to drop the breathing rule.'.

(Somewhere, a belated semi-evil laugh is aimed at Cordir)

Keller nods in recognition to Solaron.

Katrana smirks.

You grin mischievously.

Rath says (in common), 'OOC:that's what made FK great'.

Solaron says (in common), 'Heh, a mob of newbies.'.

Rath says (in common), 'OOC: everyone was welcome'.

Maimer says (in common), 'maybe'.

You say, 'why do you say that, Rath? You seem to 100% disagree with Sol'.

Keller says (in common), 'your following might grow slowly but it'll grow more into what you want.'.

Rath says (in common), 'OOC: and he had people to train his newbie armie'.
Rath says (in common), 'army'.

Solaron says (in common), 'I was never trained very well.'.
Solaron snickers softly.

Katrana laughs.
Katrana says (in common), 'no you werent'.

RagingKnight says (in common), 'i was train by alot of Immortals'.

Keller says (in common), 'yeah, but it makes it hard to stick to a following vision when you don't instill that vision at the outset.'.

Myronides says, 'true newbies need someone to follow, it's why Plato is makin a killing'.
Rath nods in recognition to Myronides.

Clue says (in old-common), 'which is what you've got Kat for now'.

Maimer says (in common), 'FK never trained a fully mobile army'.

Solaron says (in common), 'I think we need a U/A god like IvoryTiger to be active for newbies.'.
Katrana nods in recognition to Solaron.

Keller sits down and thinks deeply.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'but doesn't that defeat the whole point of Unaligned?'.

Rath says (in common), 'first thing I wanted to do here was be in a group'.

Myronides says, '4/5's of my chars dont' need a god. a newbie NEEDS a god for guidance and followers for help and guidance :)'.

You say, 'and isn't that an Ambassador's job?'.

Rath says (in common), 'train a newbie like that and you'll have their loyalty for a long time'.

RagingKnight says (in common), 'tiax is pretty good he always messging me when i first joined'.

Solaron says (in common), 'The Ambassadors play for hours.'.
Solaron says (in common), 'Not for helping newbies.'.

You nod in recognition to him.
You say, 'sad but true.'.

Keller says (in common), 'not entirely true.'.
Keller shrugs.

Solaron says (in common), 'Sorry, that was a generalization.'.

Keller says (in common), 'depends on the ambassador.'.

Solaron says (in common), 'The large percentage.'.

You say, 'it depends on the Ambassador'.
You nod.
You nod in recognition to Keller.

Myronides says, 'when 14 out of 15 newbies you snoop aren't newbies it gets depressing'.
Myronides snickers softly.

Katrana nods.

Keller says (in common), 'someone who helped newbies as a mortal will help as an immortal.'.

Solaron nods in recognition to Myronides.

You say, 'Okay...'.
You say, 'getting back on track...'.

Myronides says, 'but the real ones are so cute!'.
Myronides nods at himself; he must be getting senile.

You say, 'Gimme a summation'.

Solaron says (in common), 'Yes, we were speaking of why I was correct.'.

Maimer says (in common), 'we should have a feedback system for ambassadors, newbs can give a positive feedback at least once and speed their hours'.

You say, 'What's the biggest pitfall that you'd warn Myronides of, for him to AVOID as an FLI?'.

Keller sits down and thinks deeply.

You say, 'And don't worry about stuff like, "Don't cheat and get caught"'.

Keller says (in common), 'don't try to be too ambitious.'.

Rath says (in common), 'better not be too strict on who you take'.
Rath says (in common), 'we don't exactly have a plethora of new players'.

Maimer says (in common), 'i second Rath's idea'.

RagingKnight says (in common), 'why am i here lol'.

Rath says (in common), 'elitist followings ain't viable anymore'.
Rath says (in common), 'it's mob vs. mob'.
Rath says (in common), 'IE Coven vs. Wisdom'.

RagingKnight says (in common), '..'.

You say, 'Ragingknight, he's not saying really new players aren't welcome... just that they are infrequent'.

Solaron says (in common), 'Strict isn't necessary. But no guidelines are just as much a death as too strict.'.

Keller nods in recognition to Solaron.

Myronides ruffles RagingKnight's hair playfully.

Frederick says (in common), 'try not to be too unpredictable on the times you're online'.

Myronides nods in recognition to Frederick.

RagingKnight says (in common), 'like him?'.

You smile happily.

Maimer says (in common), 'id have a lose set of pk rules too >=)'.

You say, 'Okay.... any final comments?'.
Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Katrana says (in common), 'remember it is only a game, have fun'.

Rath nods in recognition to Katrana.

Katrana says (in common), 'once it isn't fun, you lose everything'.

Solaron nods.

Maimer says (in common), 'how bout lets all step 1w and war? >=)'.

Solaron shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Rath snickers softly.
Katrana smirks at Maimer's saying.
Gunner snickers softly.
You say, 'thanks for your time'.

Solaron shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Katrana hops around. Perhaps she's part frog?
Solaron smiles happily.

You say, 'Myron, hope this provided some other points of view'.