Morgaine's Pain

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### Morgaine has connected.

Morgaine tells you (in elven), '*curtseys deeply* Lady Cordir, has my love come and gone already this eve?'.

You tell Morgaine, 'He was not present during the hour and a quarter I have been present.'.

Morgaine tells you (in elven), '*nods* Thank you, Lady Cordir.'.
Morgaine arrives from the north.
Morgaine curtseys gracefully.

You smile happily.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'My heart aches, Goddess...'.

You say, 'What is wrong?'.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'I miss my Tien dearly... unbearably.'.

You say, 'When was the last time you saw him?'.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'Yesterday..'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'I think it has been several hundred years since I saw my husband last.'.

Morgaine sighs loudly.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'I could not take it... I would rather take my own life then to live it without him.'.

Cordir smiles gently.
You say, 'Would you die to protect him?'.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'I would... I would die so he would not have to hurt ever.'.

You say, 'Then why would you not live in his memory? Would it bring him joy to know you dead? No? Then it would be silly to die for that reason.'.

Morgaine sighs loudly.
Morgaine says (in elven), 'I am selfish again..'.
Morgaine says (in elven), 'But you must know how I miss him...'.

You nod.
You say, 'Aye. I know loneliness.'.

Morgaine kneels down to the ground, hiding her face in her open hands.

Cordir lays a comforting hand lightly upon your shoulder.

Morgaine raises her eyes to look up at you, lines of tears running down her cheeks.

Cordir hands you a hankie.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'It has only been a day, yet I cry like it is forever...'.

You say, 'Dear... loneliness is miserable. But it will not kill you.'.
You say, 'Else I would be dead a thousand times.'.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'Why do I do this?'.

You say, 'Because you are young. And you are in love.'.
You say, 'And these things allow sense to fly out the window.'.

Cordir smiles wryly.

Morgaine , after several minutes of thinking deeply, begins to speak again.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'I am young and in love...'.

You nod.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'Lady Cordir... I want nothing more than to serve you. No longer because I love Tien, I do, but not because of him.'.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'But because you are my guiding light, and because I feel this is now my destiny.'.

Cordir tilts her head and regards you, a serious expression in her eyes.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'I will try so hard, my hardest ever to attain the level you require, and all other requirements as well.'.

You say, 'I am not a guru, Morgaine... I do not have all of life's answers.'.

Morgaine sighs loudly.
Morgaine bursts into tears.

Cordir comforts you, with a light hand on your shaking shoulders.

Aodh arrives from the north.
Aodh bows before you.

Aodh says (in common), 'Greetings M'lady, your tales of your Greatness travel far'.

You smile happily.
You say, 'hello, Aodh'.

Aodh says (in common), 'even upon the tales of the Giants does your name ring true'.

You blink.
You say, 'Well. Um. Thank you.'.

Aodh gracefully performs a sweeping bow.

You curtsey to your audience.

Aodh smiles at you.

Morgaine stands, drying her eyes, and gives a weak curtsey.

Aodh beams a smile at Morgaine.
Aodh bows before Morgaine.

Morgaine sniffs sadly.

Aodh says (in common), 'M'lady'.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'I am sorry you must find me in such a state.'.

Aodh wets a silk handkerchief and hands it to Morgaine to help her eyes.

Morgaine gives a weak smile, but returns it.

Aodh says (in common), 'ill shall return, im being given some equipment'.
Aodh bows deeply.
Aodh leaves north.

You ponder the question.
Cordir tilts her head to one side, watching him depart.

You say, 'Now.. that is an interesting Thread.'.

Morgaine says (in elven), 'Am I an interesting Thread?'.

Cordir allows her eyes to drift slightly closed, and seems to look... through ... you.

You say, 'An interesting shade..'.
You say, 'A shade of rose I have not seen before.'.
You say, 'Almost a silvery rose color.'.

You say, 'I'm afraid...'.
Cordir bites her lip.
You say, 'I see much sorrow for you.'.

Morgaine looks up to you, then away, her eyes beginning to tear up again, and she walks out swiftly.
Morgaine leaves north.

You tell Morgaine, '*comfort* Little one, life IS pain. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.'.

You tell Morgaine, 'it is how we grow from that pain, that shows the metal we are made from.'.

Morgaine tells you (in elven), 'But to see sorrow in my future..'.

You tell Morgaine, 'Or perhaps, it will be some small sorrow, that you will grow and blossom from.'.

Morgaine tells you (in elven), 'Thank you for helping me through my time of sorrow *dries her eyes, and curtseys* Goodnight'.

You tell Morgaine, '*comfort* good night'.

### Morgaine has quit.